How to Crop Image in Circle Shape in Photoshop: 7 Steps

By Tata Rossi 24 days ago, Photoshop Tips

If you, like me, are tired of the same type of photos in the form of a square and a rectangle and want something new for your content, then in this tutorial I will teach you how to crop image in circle shape in Photoshop while maintaining a transparent background. Such images look good on social media pages and as any other design components.

STEP 1. Open Your Image in Photoshop

how to crop image in circle shape in photoshop open

To get started, open the photo you want to crop in Adobe Photoshop. This can be done by clicking Open at the bottom of the screen or by pressing the Ctrl + O hotkeys.

STEP 2. Unlock the Background Layer

how to crop image in circle shape in photoshop layer

When you open the image, you will see it as the Background layer in the Layers panel. First of all, convert it to a normal layer to make a crop circle in Photoshop. This needs to be done because the background layer cannot be transparent, and we need transparency around our future circle.

Just click on the lock on your background layer. Alternatively, you can do it holding down the Alt/Option key and double-clicking on the Background layer.

STEP 3. Select the Elliptical Marquee Tool

how to crop image in circle shape in photoshop marquee tool

As a rule, everyone is used to clicking the Crop Tool to crop an image in Photoshop. However, in our case, this is not suitable, and we will act differently.

Find the Elliptical Marquee Tool in the toolbar. If you’re using the default settings, you might not find it right away, as it’s hiding behind the Rectangular Marquee Tool. Once found, Right-click/Control-click on the Rectangular Marquee Tool. A menu will appear in front of you, in which you should select the Elliptical Marquee Tool.

STEP 4. Draw a Circular Selection Outline

how to crop image in circle shape in photoshop outline

Next, you need to make an elliptical shape selection by clicking on the photo. Don’t worry if your circle is jagged – just press Shift while dragging and you’ll see a perfectly shaped circle.

At the end of this step, release the mouse button and then press the Shift key. Everything must be done in this sequence because otherwise, your selection outline will return to the shape of a hand-drawn circle.

STEP 5. Invert the Selection

how to crop image in circle shape in photoshop invert

Now you need to invert the selection, as you will be cropping your photo, and what you want to crop is around the circle, not the circle itself. To do this, find the Select menu in the menu bar and choose the Select Inverse function there.

STEP 6. Delete the Image Outside the Circle

how to crop image in circle shape in photoshop delete

After you’ve inverted the selection, press Backspace/Delete on your keyboard to delete everything around your circle. Now this area is transparent and checkered – this is how Photoshop determines transparency.

Next, you need to crop this transparency as well. Go to the Image menu and find the Trim option there. A dialog box of the same name will appear in front of you, in which you need to select the Transparent Pixels option. Done! Now you know how easy it’s to crop photo in circle shape in Photoshop.

STEP 7. Save the Image as PNG

how to crop image in circle shape in photoshop save

If editing seems boring and complicated to you, contact our talented and highly qualified retouching specialists. They can make real masterpieces from your photos that will meet your expectations and instructions. What’s more, you won’t have to wait long – everything will be ready in no time.

In case, you need the corners of the image to remain transparent, for example, if you need to make logo transparent in Photoshop, then the project must be saved in the proper format.

JPEG is not suitable, unlike PNG. What’s more, the latter is the most comfortable for working in browsers, which means the choice is obvious. Go to the File menu, and click on Save As > PNG. You did it!

Bonus Tools

how to crop image in circle shape in photoshop bonus

You can follow the individual editing steps outlined in these Photoshop tutorials and use other tools and functions to achieve different looks for your photo.

Since round photos are often used in social networks, it is worth thinking about high-quality retouching before publishing. This set will help you quickly edit a bundle of photos and pick up a cool effect. Try these actions and you will see how natural your photos will look without any lighting defects.


  • • Where can such an image be useful?

Such photos help to cut off the excess to focus the viewer’s attention on the main object. You can use it on your social networks or put it on business cards later. Also, such images with different colors and patterns will look interesting as design components. 

  • • How to crop a photo correctly?

Guided by the rules of cropping in photography, the most important thing is enough space in front of the face of the subject. If the model is facing the left, leave plenty of space in that direction. Thus, you will get rid of the claustrophobic effect and your picture will look harmonious due to the absence of any bounding boxes.

  • • How to give an image an unusual shape?

Press “F7” to open the Layers panel. When you click on the lock icon on a layer, you will see a prompt to double-click on it. Find the “Lasso” icon on the toolbar, and click on it to select the “Polygonal lasso tool” which will help to create an irregular shape.