16 Best Graphic Design Blogs to Follow in 2024

If you are after the best graphic design blogs for inspiration, read my detailed review below. Here you can find the most popular platforms for designers, which cover branding and design topics in different fields, the latest news, tutorials, analyses of the styles of famous designers, and software reviews.

Top 16 Graphic Design Blogs

  1. Adobe Creative Magazine - High-end graphics blog
  2. AIGA Eye on Design - Operated by the Professional Design Association
  3. Creative Bloq - Favorite platform for creatives
  4. Canva Design School - A bunch of tricks and tips
  5. WebDesignDev - Quick article search
  6. Graphic Design Junction - Great design articles compilation
  7. PicsForDesign - Huge picture gallery
  8. Site Point - Expert portal with educational content
  9. Creative design blog - Delivers latest tips and advice
  10. Downgraf - Includes helpful tips
  11. Inspiration Grid - Tons of pre-made designs
  12. Decolore.net - Shares information on premium deals and freebies
  13. RJDesignz - Technology-focused content
  14. WP Daily Themes - Theoretical and practical content
  15. Smashing Magazine - Plenty of practical guides
  16. Abduzeedo - Highly-rated graphics blog

Also here you can be inspired by the work of colleagues and create new articles of your own and even share them in the comments. Whether you’re new to the world of graphic design or have been in these circles for years and are ready to share your experience, there’s something special for you on this list. Such blogs can help you find inspiration, define your own style, or stay up to date with the latest news and trends.

1. Adobe Creative Magazine - Our Choice

High-end graphics blog
  • Can be used in the app
  • Tons of posts and articles
  • Handy information structuring
  • Comes with illustrations and videos
  • Articles from famous designers
  • No search provided

Verdict: This graphic design blog will meet the needs of all creative people for inspiration, guides, and tutorials on Photoshop and more, as well as following current trends. You can take part in various competitions here to test and improve your skills, as well as learn new tips and tricks. It covers a wide range of topics, from a collection of unusual fonts to stories about how emojis were invented.

Like everything Adobe does, this blog is all-encompassing – trying something new with illustrations, audio, animations, or branding elements is a piece of cake. Unlike most analogs specializing in visuals, Creative Magazine also offers you interviews with famous graphic designers. Each article contains colorful screenshots or videos so that you can immediately see the process and the result of the work.

adobe creative cloud magazine graphic design blog interface

2. AGIA Eye on Design

Operated by the Professional Design Association
  • Created by expert designers
  • Offers a lot of topics
  • Up-to-date information and history
  • Real cases from all over the world
  • Font is too large

Verdict: This graphics blog highlights the details and peculiarities of visual content in everything from retro to ultra-modern. This is not only a great platform for aspiring creators to share their masterpieces and stay up to date with current trends but also the management hub of a non-profit organization aimed at protecting the interests and rights of creative people.

This is a unique place where you can chat and discuss all types of graphic design with like-minded people and share your tricks. Since it is curated by a professional design association, it focuses on the history and development of graphic design but also highlights the current issues and challenges that most artists face in their careers as they strive to bring something new to the culture of the modern era.

agia eye on design graphic design blog interface

3. Creative Bloq

Favorite platform for creatives
  • Expert interviews
  • Regular update
  • Active social networks
  • Easy site navigation
  • Interface could be better
creative bloq graphic design blog logo
Creative Bloq

Verdict: If you’re looking for something special with daily updates of helpful and inspiring content, then Creative Bloq is the place to be. Whether you specialize in 3D, illustration, or animation, you’ll find tons of practical advice for any type of design. Here you can also explore the software of interest, and read about updating the logos of top companies and expert interviews.

What’s more, by becoming a subscriber, you can benefit from various freebies that the team releases frequently so that you can develop and hone your skills.

creative bloq graphic design blog interface

4. Canva Design School

A bunch of graphic design tricks and tips
  • Covers a lot of fields
  • Comes with tutorials
  • Clear presentation of information in articles
  • High traffic
  • Complex section structuring
canva design school graphic design blog logo
Canva Design School

Verdict: The well-known design school from Canva recently introduced its blog, which will come in handy for many graphic designers and other creative professionals. Get inspired by the work of like-minded and well-known artists on everything from book illustrations to interesting web page designs. This is the perfect community for sharing ideas and experiences for both those new to the design world and mature experts.

The articles have useful links and videos, graphic design ideas, colorful pictures and colors, all to make the information easier to understand.

canva design school graphic design blog interface

5. WebDesignDev

Quick article search
  • Frequent updates
  • Lots of topics
  • Great content for designers
  • Abundance of free materials for various projects
  • The UI calls for improvement
webdesigndev graphic design blog logo

Verdict: WebDesignDev contains lots of different materials that can come in handy for aspiring designers. Here you can find detailed recommendations on how to choose and apply graphic design templates, what graphic design schools are worth trusting these days, which programs are most suitable for novices, and more.

Visitors can also find out how to create beautiful designs and even see samples of the most popular options. Finding particular info is a no-brainer task thanks to an intuitive search. Besides, all articles are divided into thematic categories. If you are looking for a reliable source of data and original ideas, this website can fully satisfy your needs.

webdesigndev graphic design blog website

6. Graphic Design Junction

Great design articles compilation
  • A great expert articles archive
  • Comprehensive categorization
  • Simply written
  • Freebies for newcomers
  • Website lacks updates
  • Info is not always up-to-date
graphic design junction graphic design blog logo
Graphic Design Junction

Verdict: Graphic Design Junction is a blog dedicated to graphic design which contains a great number of the articles created the spheres’ experts. You will find here information concerning various design types, including logos and icons development, and the font selection.

The blog also contains a section with free materials, which you can employ in your visual projects. Thus, you will find a lot of free fonts, mock-ups, templates and other actives here. There is also an Inspiration section, which includes references, and you can get inspiration from other designers’ work.

graphic design junction graphic design blog website

7. PicsForDesign

Huge picture gallery
  • Intuitive pics filtering
  • Exclusive club subscription
  • Lots of materials in the archive
  • Tag cloud options
  • Site requires updating
  • Free content is watermarked
picsfordesign graphic design blog logo

Verdict: PicsForDesign is an extensive blog with graphic assets where designers and other creative specialists can find pictures for their projects. Locating a suitable option is easy thanks to filtering by category, color, date, author, and other parameters. Besides, all pictures contain detailed descriptions with such data as format, tags, etc.

The blog is replete with interesting and useful information, as well as pleasant bonuses and offers. In addition, you can purchase an Exclusive club subscription to get access to unique content such as gifts & tutorials, which is missing in many other stock photography sites.

picsfordesign graphic design blog website

8. Downgraf

Includes helpful tips
  • Useful tutorials
  • Provides a wide range of articles
  • Offers tech updates
  • Up-to-date with industry news
  • Not updated as frequently as some other blogs
  • Can be frustrating to navigate
downgraf graphic desigb blog logo

Verdict: Downgraf is a design inspiration platform that caters to all your artistic senses. It offers a wide range of articles, including tech updates, informative pieces, and how-to guides.

This variety is great because it keeps you updated on the latest trends in the industry while providing valuable tips and tutorials. Just be prepared to spend some time navigating through the vast amount of content.

downgraf graphic desigb blog website

9. Creative design blog

Delivers latest tips and advice
  • Frequent updates delivered
  • Covers extensive subject areas
  • Website includes search functionality
  • Improved interface needed
  • Annoying ads present
creative design blog logo
Creative design blog

Verdict: Creative Design Blog, established in 2018 by VS Creative Design, has solidified its reputation as one of the premier graphic design blogs for inspiration and valuable resources. Catering to beginners, designers, and developers, this WordPress resource site is a treasure trove of quality tips, tricks, hacks, deals, and a wealth of WordPress and design-related content.

What sets Creative Design Blog apart is its diverse range of categories, including Affiliate, Google AdSense, Marketing, SEO, WordPress Themes, Web Hosting, WordPress Tips, and Web Design. Whether you're seeking insights on affiliate marketing, SEO strategies, or the latest WordPress themes, this blog offers it all.

creative design blog graphic design blog

10. The Inspiration Grid

Expert portal with educational content
  • Convenient filtering
  • Thousands of projects for inspiration
  • Search by category
  • High attendance
  • Interface could be better
the inspiration grid graphic design blog logo
The Inspiration Grid

Verdict: In this design blog inspiration, you’ll find a lot of cool and eye-catching projects in all kinds of aesthetics, even industrial ones. Scrolling through the blog, click on the illustration that aroused your interest, and you will see the entire series of projects from this creative. This is a godsend for those who like to browse vibe boards and collections of different styles in one place.

Here you can conveniently filter topics so that you can see the works that interest you the most. What’s more, there is a lot of material here that can be useful in creating a corporate identity or stylish inscriptions.

the inspiration grid graphic design blog interface

11. WP Daily Themes

Tons of pre-made designs
  • Absolutely free
  • Clear UI
  • Professional designers-authors
  • Lots of tutorials
  • More focused on working with WordPress
wp daily themes graphic design blog logo
WP Daily Themes

Verdict: WP Daily Themes is a great resource for top-quality themes and plugins collections for graphic and web designers. This is often used on WordPress as a basis for building websites. That is why this blog gained popularity among newbies and specialists.

Since the authors of the blog are developers and designers who face the challenges of graphics every day in their work, they know exactly the latest news and trends in the world. In the free blog, you will find articles on design trends, infographics, as well as many useful tutorials about HTML and WordPress.

wp daily themes graphic design blog interface

12. Decolore.net

Shares information on premium deals and freebies
  • Large library of graphical assets
  • Manually curated web design resources
  • Useful tutorials
  • In tune with current trends
  • UI would benefit from some improvement
decolorenet graphic design blog logo

VerdictDecolore.net covers various web and graphic design assets that can help you complete stunning visual projects. I appreciate the platform’s dedication to following all current design trends while offering a single-stop solution that will be of use to web designers, digital artists, and enthusiasts.

Another benefit of turning to this website is that it’ll direct you to an immense selection of fantastic web platforms that offer enticing premium deals and high-quality freebies. The information on Decolore.net is conveniently structured and I appreciate the provided estimated read time that is required to finish the article. I also like the high rate at which they add new posts, as there’s always new content waiting for you to explore.

decolorenet graphic design blog interface

13. RJDesignz

Technology-oriented content
  • Technology-aimed
  • Easy content organization
  • UI/UX designing articles
  • Consulting and analysis
  • Extremely diverse content at times
  • Not very convenient search filters
rjdesignz graphic design blog logo

Verdict: RJDesignz is a graphic design blog which also includes web design, development and analytics. Here you can find plenty of topics connected with design and split into categories: Logo Design, Mobile Apps, Photo, Technology, Websites, WordPress, and more.

The blog is constantly replenished with new content, so the followers may always be confident in the info being up-to-date. Despite a lot of technical content, the articles are written in a comprehensive language, thus RJDesignz will be an option for both beginners and pro.

rjdesignz graphic design blog website

14. Smashing Magazine

Theoretical and practical content
  • Long and short articles available
  • Timer for reading
  • Authors’ photos
  • Handy filtering by category
  • Pictures in articles are rare
smashing magazine graphic design blog logo
Smashing Magazine

Verdict: Among all the best graphic design blogs featured here, Smashing Magazine stands out for its focus on UI/UX, Digital Marketing, and other features of design projects. It’s full of articles of all kinds, from short but informative advice on why it’s best not to name your link as Click Here, to extensive and detailed ones like the basics of technical Digital Marketing and mobile design specifics.

It assists solo designers and companies, e.g., Pixel Productions Inc., in establishing networks and contacting businesses, by providing job boards and meetups. It is a great source of information if you’re seeking seminars, courses, or networking events. It’s wonderful for learning new things, reviewing case studies, and gaining useful advice. You can easily fit an interesting article into your hectic schedule because each one has a reading time estimate. If you are also searching for an inspiration source to start a new web design project, you should visit the Line25 website.

smashing magazine graphic design blog interface

15. Site Point

Plenty of practical guides
  • Handy sharing to social networks
  • Useful infographics
  • Detailed information about authors
  • Provide an opportunity to submit an article (become an author)
  • Comes with ads
site point graphic design blog logo
Site Point

Verdict: Site Point differs from other blogs in its presentation of information. You can notice a lot of effort put into each article, as they are detailed and without fluff. Each article contains pictures, screenshots, diagrams, and other infographics explaining the principle of operation of a particular tool in graphic design software or explaining the process in detail.

The blog is filled with thousands of articles, information about the authors, and even links to their platforms and social media accounts. For example, you can learn about the Master Bundles team, how these guys create their unique packs of graphics materials, and what makes them so popular. Here you can find clear parameters for web designers, as well as pixel-by-pixel sizes for print and digital layouts. Some articles even contain ready-made pieces of code for styling objects through HTML and CSS. Site Point also includes a subscription service that gives you access to e-books and the latest content.

site point graphic design blog interface

16. Abduzeedo

Highly-rated graphics blog
  • Search by words
  • Convenient sorting of information
  • Readable articles
  • Regular updates
  • Difficult to find contact information
abduzeedo graphic design blog logo

Verdict: This graphic design blog is a collaborative effort of several talented editors who deliver compelling and educational content about web and graphic design, photography, and graphics that you can’t help but get inspired by. With it, it’s easy to stay up to date with the latest trends in the world thanks to daily updated articles with some focus on 3D.

The blog does a lot of reviews on software that may be useful to the designer and makes step-by-step tutorials and clear guides. What’s more, those wishing to promote their business can also learn a lot of new information, such as how to create a portfolio and how to expand your online presence.

abduzeedo graphic design blog interfave