Adobe Express vs Pixelied: What to Use in 2023

Adobe Express vs Pixelied comparison will be of interest to those who are looking for resources to create amazing content. Both products have their fans but are aimed at slightly different things.

Adobe Express is a godsend for creating all kinds of graphic content, be it brand-building components, infographics, promotional items, and even small video clips, just by dragging and dropping. Here you will find many photo and video templates created by real professionals to help you get inspired or stick to a certain style. The focus of Express falls more on social networks, while the functionality for working with graphics is somewhat limited.

Pixelied is an amazing image editor that has everything you need to create super-quality pictures to promote your brand. The product is very newbie-friendly, so all you need to produce your masterpieces of graphics is to be able to drag and drop. The focus of this resource falls precisely on working with graphics, unlike its opponent.

What is Adobe Express?

adobe creative cloud express logo

Adobe Express has been designed specifically for non-professionals to make it much easier and faster to create compelling designs for any type of content. However, the UI might be a bit confusing at first, even if you’ve used Creative Cloud before. Also, switching to CC Express from the Creative Cloud app will not work.

A nice bonus is that there are many collections of stock pictures and photos that can help you decorate and complement your project. In the application, you can search and add paid images from Adobe Stock and free ones from Unsplash. If this is critical for you, then I advise you to opt for CC Express, because here it outperforms its competitor in the battle of Adobe Express vs Pixelied.

This does not change the fact that you can use your own images, fonts, and other graphic assets. You can upload them through various integrated platforms, including Lightroom and Dropbox to name a few.

  • adobe creative cloud express interface
  • adobe creative cloud express interface

    Adobe Express: Pros and Cons

    Large template collection. The choice of stunning templates in CC Express will impress absolutely everyone with its variety and will surely give you what you are looking for. If you already have an idea for your project, check out the sidebar to find the template that best suits your concept.

    In case you don’t have any ideas yet and want to get inspired, scrolling through the templates will definitely help you. As for the size of the project, you can adjust it to the requirements of any social network or platform and give it an arbitrary one.

    Comes with handy quick actions. They will help you edit images and video clips at record speed. With just one touch, your photo’s background is removed or your project resized to suit your needs. What’s more, cropping, rotating, and merging video clips are also available here, after which you can turn them into animation using the built-in video to gif converter.

    Intelligent resizing. It will quickly change the project size if you need to produce material for a certain internet platform. Yes, things aren’t always seamless here, but you’ll only need to make minor adjustments at most. It is definitely simpler than performing it manually.

    Diversity of fonts and images in libraries. You can refer to a huge and regularly updated collection of fonts and graphics for free while working on your project. You can access the 175 million images and 20 thousand fonts in the Adobe catalog if you get a premium membership. Along with access to an almost limitless number of features, you can feel free to edit photos without worrying about copyright issues.

    Easy background removal. This photo background app allows selecting the object on your image and creating a transparent backdrop to overlay it further on any other image with a compelling background. This way you can transfer your model or object in every place in the world to achieve the necessary effect.

    Robust collaboration options. Creating, managing, and sharing projects with your friends or team is a breeze in CC Express. This makes it easier for your colleagues to work on their area of responsibility in your common business. You and your team can also count on easy access to your corporate identity so that its fonts, brand colors, and more are always at hand.

    Simple template customization. Adding any graphic or non-graphic asset to your project is a no-brainer task thanks to dragging-and-dropping. It comes with plenty of eye-catching pre-made templates which makes it one of the best text editors. All you need to create a beautiful project is to drag a suitable template and adjust it with text, images, audio, and anything else you want. Additionally, you can add flair to your project using pre-made text samples with unique textures and brushes.

    Handy UI. The user interface of the product is very clean and clear. However, if you have previously used the desktop version of the program, then you may not have enough hotkeys. Don’t worry, just a few minutes and you will quickly get used to this interface.

    Poor video editing tools. Comparing CC Express to dedicated video editing tools, you might be saddened. Here you can only create something like a slideshow, and as for ready-made templates, there are only seven ones. Your inscriptions cannot be placed arbitrarily, but only in the middle or on the sides.

    What’s more, here you also do not have to rely on font changing. However, if images are your focus, and video features like this are a nice bonus that you will sometimes turn to, then this gives it a slight advantage in the Adobe Express vs Pixelied battle.

    Limitations in the free version. By using the free version extensively, you may find that you are missing some features. However, even in this version, you can add stock audio.

    What is Pixelied?

    pixelied logo

    With the help of this cloud-based graphic design tool, companies of any size can brand graphics for websites or social networks, retouch photos, change the background, and so on. It comes with pro-level editing tools like resizing, flipping, merging, or brightening as well as removing noise or adding branding elements and frames to images.

    There is a useful feature that will come in handy for project managers – they can create separate spaces for them. There you can add corporate colors and other necessary assets to make it easy team to collaborate. Here you can also create mockups and use embedded images to decorate your online platforms. This online graphic design software allows customizing the background with filters and shadows, as well as rotating, blurring, and cropping it.

    Designers can protect photos by watermarking using Pixelied, which allows them to customize the watermark with text, borders, and an opacity slider. The solution is one-time use only, and e-mail support is provided.

    • pixelied interface
    • pixelied interface

      Pixelied: Pros and Cons

      Compelling templates. The collection of templates contains ready-made options that meet the requirements of the most popular resources and social networks. Here you can even find templates for platforms that are rarely found in similar programs, such as Twitch and other photography marketing templates.

      However, if the number of templates is important to you, and you are thinking about what to choose – Adobe Express or Pixelied – keep in mind that the latter is inferior to its rival in this.

      Seamless background removal. The background removal process here is no worse than that of СС Express. With Pxelied, you can forget the hassle of manual background removal in Photoshop. To get excellent results, you only need to press 1 button and wait only 10-30 seconds depending on how big your photo is.

      Plenty of mockup designs. Pixelied provides mockup templates if you want to demonstrate your project to a supervisor or client. You will be able to perceive your design in its whole context as a result. Now, mockup designs are concentrated on screens, such as those seen on laptops, tablets, and TV displays.

      Trendy images. A wide variety of graphics are available at Pixelied. You can choose from a collection of 700+ freehand pictures created in various styles. An illustration can have all of its colors changed hassle-free. Additionally, you can use these images in your software, apps, and landing sites.

      Try also adding vector assets from Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop to your project. Changing their color palette, background, and other components is also available here.

      Advanced image editing features. The set of features and tools of the product is very extensive – here you can find eye-dropper, layer lock, light correction, trending filters and effects, and many others. All this makes it possible to easily improve any photo exactly as you need.

      Instant image effect applying. If you want to apply visual effects to your images online, Pixelied is the ideal answer. With it, you can apply filters and effects to a photo and modify it to make it look like you want, whether you’re seeking to improve an image or make a stunning design for your account on social networks.

      Easy photo conversion. This full-featured product offers you everything you need to convert your images. Its advanced conversion technology enables lightning-fast format changes. With this free image converter, you can benefit from a wide range of image editing features to give them the look you want after conversion.

      Workspaces for businesses and projects. It is very convenient that here you can launch separate workspaces for your businesses and projects, accompanied by different corporate identities and parameters. What’s more, here you can add any design or content artist to each individual project to work together even more efficiently.

      Quick designs for social networks. Working on a high-quality image for your account on a popular social network will take you no more than a couple of minutes. They, in turn, have a positive effect on the ranking of your profiles, especially on photo-focused social networks.

      However, on other top platforms like Twitter, you can make your audience move with just one good photo. Design stunning images for all your profiles at once with just a few clicks.

      Poor image sources. Pixelied cannot boast such a variety of stock graphic assets as its competitor in Adobe Express vs Pixelied comparison.

      Adobe Express vs Pixelied: Prices

      adobe creative cloud express vs pixelied prices

      Adobe Express is included in CC packs. If it is not available to you, you could consider making a Free account with some restrictions.

      With it, you will have access to many compelling ready-made templates and various assets. Benefit from the Adobe Stock Image Library, a core set of image and video editing features, apply stunning filters, replace backgrounds, or animate them. Plus, you can store your projects in 2GB storage.

      A nice bonus is that you can count on a free 90-day trial here. So, you can not buy a full subscription, but enjoy all the benefits and functionality of the free version to understand which package you will need to work in the future.

      The premium package will cost you $9.99/month or $99.99/year and in return, you will get a lot of exclusive pre-made templates and graphic assets. With it, resizing, cutting out objects, branding, and changing colors and fonts with one touch becomes available to you. The package also includes PDF conversion and export.

      Pixelied is also available in a free version, where you can use the core feature set of the product. It includes 3 downloads per month, 1 workspace, 1 GB storage, and no priority support.

      A Lifetime license can be purchased for a $97 one-time payment and you can forget about any extra payments. For this amount, you will get more than 4 thousand exclusive templates, more than 4 million graphic assets, 100 bg credits removal per month, 5 workspaces for projects, up to 2 team members, no limit on the number of downloads, unlimited storage, and many other benefits.

      Adobe Express vs Pixelied: Who Wins?

      If you have not figured out what to choose – Adobe Express or Pixelied – let’s summarize. Adobe Express is incredibly newbie-friendly, even someone who has never edited a photo can handle it. Just a few minutes – and you have an attractive image for your social media profiles without much difficulty.

      It will come in handy for all those who create content for Instagram and similar social networks, as well as materials for brand promotion. The interface is very simple, which is why bloggers and other influencers often turn to it for decent quality content.

      Pixelied is the perfect companion for anyone looking for basic graphics functionality. If you need something fully functional, then look elsewhere. However, this product is capable of creating neat images for your social networks.

      Among the tools and functions, you will find cropping, resizing, light correction, filters, and more. Pixelied has everything you need for discreet editing, no frills, but high quality.

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