Adobe Express vs InVideo: What to Use in 2023

By Eva Williams 23 days ago, Software Reviews

Comparing Adobe Express vs InVideo, it becomes obvious that both editors are designed to produce impressive content, but for different fields of application.

In brief, Cloud Adobe Express is a mobile application and web platform for creating visually appealing digital content and online assets like simple web pages, social graphics, videos, and presentations. Adorable templates and graphic design features are specifically developed for producing eye-catching posts for social media platforms.

In its turn, InVideo is a fully-featured video production platform for making videos in a few clicks. With a range of ready-made templates developed for various video types, you can turn a tiresome video production process into a pleasing and intuitive procedure. No matter whether you need technology or sports clip, or some eye-grabbing posts for Instagram, this program will get you covered.

What is Adobe Express?

adobe creative cloud express logo

Developed for unseasoned users, Adobe Express is a powerful yet straightforward tool for creating eye-catching online content in a blink of an eye. However, the interface and performance can appear a bit confusing even for Creative Cloud users. Another drawback is that the Creative Cloud app does not provide the access to this editor.

Tight integration with the stock image library is another benefit. Browse the app to find images to add to your projects, selecting among Adobe Stock paid stock images, or free pictures from Unsplash.

Besides, thanks to a flawless integration with Creative Cloud, Adobe Lr, Dropbox, and other services, Adobe Express also allows importing your own assets from these resources as well.

  • adobe creative cloud express interface
  • adobe creative cloud express interface

    Adobe Express: Pros and Cons

    Multiple templates. You can produce various projects for printing or publishing on social media platforms. Besides, the developers created a handy search filter to find the required file with ease. Moreover, by looking through all the templates, you can find some interesting ideas for new projects. There are both standard content sizes and custom ones to provide you with more flexibility when producing publications.

    Intellectual size customization. If you need to create a publication for a specific online platform, the program will automatically adjust its size to it. Of course, you will need to fine-tune some details, but your involvement will be minimal. Anyway, manual alterations will require more time and effort. So, this feature makes the Adobe editor a more fitting option for newbies.

    Huge library of fonts and pictures. A free library of fonts and images, which is regularly updated, is another advantage. Premium subscription embraces 20 thousand fonts and 175 million images taken from the Adobe library. Moreover, there is no need to worry about copyrights when enjoying the design process, which is simplified by an array of handy tools.

    Background erasing feature. Background removing option offered by this photo background app allows focusing on the subject of a photo and creating a transparent backdrop to use images in other projects. In such a way, you can easily put your subject in a different environment producing a completely unique design.

    Stress-free collaboration. CC Libraries are where the users of Adobe Express can produce, manage, and collaborate on a project. Assign a specific part of the design to a particular team member, providing full access to it. Besides, when working on your design you will always have a logo, main color palette, and fonts at hand.

    Adjustable templates. Considered as one of the best text editors, Adobe Express offers multiple ready-to-use templates that can be customized to your taste. This process is fast and easy thanks to the drag-and-drop function that allows adding various types of assets in just a few clicks. Moreover, ready-made text templates featuring stunning textures and brushes can also enhance your design.

    Clear interface. Another argument in favor of this editor is a straightforward and handy interface.

    Only a few video editing options. This Adobe Express vs InVideo comparison shows that the Adobe product offers a more limited video editing functionality. There are only seven templates for designing a slideshow available. The text can be only placed in the center or edges. Unfortunately, it is not possible to customize the font.

    Limited free version. A free version does not provide such an array of functions that are enough for advanced editing. Though the ability to stock music tracks is a considerable benefit.

    What is InVideo?

    invideo logo

    InVideo is a web-based editor, which can help you design eye-catching publications for your social media accounts, YouTube, etc. This platform is great even for newbies as it boasts a low learning curve and does not demand some sophisticated video editing skills to create stunning content. Such a straightforward functioning allows concentrating on video production itself rather than spending hours figuring out how to use this editor. Unlike professional video editing software, this InVideo functions in the network.

    Like its competitor, InVideo boasts an extensive collection of ready-to-use templates. Besides, a variety of royalty-free photos and videos allow producing attractive and eye-grabbing content for viewers. For those who prefer creating designs from scratch, InVideo offers a set of blank templates with the most common formats: wide, vertical, and square.

    Use an automated text-to-speech to tell a story through your videos. Besides, the platform boasts extensive collaboration options to involve team members in a project design.

    • invideo interface
    • invideo interface

      InVideo: Pros and Cons

      Impressive collection of templates. Like its competitor, InVideo offers a myriad of pre-made templates that are easy to adjust using drag-and-drop functionality. They will come in handy for producing various types of content. A set of social media templates for Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook are worth special attention. Tweak the design and publish it on your account to promote your brand and induce its growth.

      Royalty-free images and videos. The array of royalty-free images and videos offered by InVideo is really impressive. Not only you can use these assets to improve your projects, but also post them on your blog or social media feed to capture the attention of potential clients.

      Text-to-speech option. An embedded automatic text-to-speech converter is another argument in favor of this editor. It will come in handy if you want to add voice narration to your articles and blogs or narrate a story using your videos.

      Moreover, there are multiple text optimization options that allow tweaking fonts, animations, etc. Selecting a voiceover accent for your video can improve your interaction with an audience, and make it more personalized and effective.

      Vendor support. Comprehensive video tutorials can also help you figure out how to use the platform's functionality with ease. This type of content is available on the official website as well as on the vendor’s social media platforms.

      Ability to produce intro and outro. To make your content more attractive to viewers, take advantage of InVideo YouTube intro maker and produce engaging intro videos. A rich collection of end screens can spice up your video to make it more captivating for users of social media platforms.

      An embedded Instagram editor. Instagram fans will appreciate the InVideo Instagram editor, which boasts an extensive selection of video templates. With it, you can either produce short and appealing IGTV clips or create impressive videos for your Instagram feed. It would be also a great idea to add some melodic sound to make your content even more engaging.

      Tiresome audio splitting. To tell the truth, InVideo is not an optimal option for those who need to tweak audio files regularly, as this procedure is far from intuitive. Many users complain about the lack of a shortcut for splitting audio and video, as it would simplify and accelerate the process considerably.

      Video creation routine could be quicker. The image and sound in an exported video are not synchronized, meaning that you need to re-edit a file anew.

      Adobe Express vs InVideo: Prices

      adobe creative cloud express price

      The developers of Adobe Express included Adobe editor in CC packages. However, people who have not used Express yet can create a free but limited account.

      It embraces a rich collection of impressive templates, design assets, and fonts. Other advantageous features are a library of Adobe Stock images, a basic editing toolkit, a range of stunning photo effects, the ability to erase backdrop, etc. 2GB of storage is another pleasant bonus.

      I also like that the developers offer a free three months trial. Such generous offers allow combining free and paid options to save money.

      If you want to get a more sophisticated editing toolkit and professional options, purchase the Premium package, which costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 yearly. Beyond a rich selection of premium templates and impressive design elements, this type of subscription allows resizing and cutting out graphic and brand elements, logos, customize colors, and fonts quickly and easily. Conversion and export of PDF files are also included.

      invideo price

      The developers of InVideo offer both monthly and yearly subscriptions. However, there is also a Free plan that allows trying the editor’s functionality. This package allows the creation of 60 watermarked videos per month.

      The cost of the InVideo Business package is $30/month. If billed annually, you will be charged $180, so one month costs only $15. This subscription provides the access to 300 premium photos and videos per month, premium templates, and allows exporting 60 HD videos every month.

      The price of an Unlimited package is $60/month. If billed annually, you will be charged $360, so one month of use costs only $30. As the name suggests, this type of subscription offers unlimited images, videos, templates, HD video outputs, etc.

      Who Wins?

      Adobe Express is a great option for creatives in various niches. The comparison has shown that the editor’s developers have a user-friendly experience in focus and simplify the video editing workflow allowing users to devote more time to realizing original and creative ideas.

      An extensive collection of templates allows producing unique content in a matter of seconds. The procedure is very intuitive: you need to choose the desired template, customize it by inserting pictures and text, as well as adjust its size so that a final design will fit your social media channel.

      In its turn, InVideo is a video creation platform for various types of businesses that require customized and branded content for its further sharing. Its pluses are a range of editing options, pre-made templates, and a rich collection of images and videos to refine your designs.

      With more than 1500 pre-designed video templates, the process of video production is a breeze. This collection allows you to create marketing, promotional, branding, and other types of content. Opt for InVideo, and you are sure to design exclusive videos.

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