How to Change Fonts in Adobe Acrobat: 2 Methods

Changing fonts in Adobe Acrobat is not too difficult. Adobe Reader does not have the necessary tools to work with fonts in PDF files. You can easily customize the size and type you need by switching to Acrobat. Below, I will share clear guidelines on how to work with fonts in Adobe Acrobat Acrobat. Now it will not be difficult to set the desired size and style, even if you previously used only Adobe Reader.

Method 1. Choosing the Default Fonts

Typically, Acrobat uses nearby font attributes by default for all newly added texts. The same thing happens when editing existing texts when the font is unavailable on the system. The program then replaces it with a specific font in a particular script automatically.

As a result, the text with these Adobe Acrobat fonts may look inconsistent in a PDF document. To avoid this, you should apply a specific font for both the fallback and Add Text options in edit text features instead of using the default settings. You can do this through the Font Options located under the Content Editing section.

STEP 1. Open File and Go to the Edit Mode

how to change fonts in adobe acrobat content editing

To start with, open your PDF document. Then, move to Edit mode and follow this path: Preferences > Content Editing > Font Options.

STEP 2. Change the Default Fallback Font for Editing Text

how to change fonts in adobe acrobat fallback

Click on the Font Option and wait for a drop-down list. Look through the Fallback font for editing options and choose the right font. Then, you should decide whether to confirm changes or go on working with settings.

STEP 3. Choose the Default Font Properties for Add Text

how to change fonts in adobe acrobat default

If you added the text and want to alert its font, click on Default font for Add Text drop-down list. It contains a good choice of font types and sizes to choose from. Then, you click the OK button to confirm your changes.

Method 2. Changing the Document Font

As a PDF editor, Acrobat has a wide range of tools for manipulating the content of a PDF document. You can change fonts both in the standard version of the program and in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

Although the UI seems a little cluttered, you'll quickly figure out how to change the font size or adjust other settings such as color, type, etc.

STEP 1. Open PDF and Choose Editing Options

how to change fonts in adobe acrobat edit pdf

Open your PDF document. Then find the "Edit PDF" option on the right sidebar and click on it to move to Edit mode.

STEP 2. Select the Part of Text

how to change fonts in adobe acrobat select

First of all, select the text that you want to edit. Then, you can specify the desired parameters for the font, including size, type, color, and so on.

STEP 3. Save the PDF File

how to change fonts in adobe acrobat save

Choose Save File to confirm the changes. It's all! Now you know how to change fonts in Adobe Acrobat in two methods. Both are very simple and you can use whichever you like best.

Although the interfaces of the professional and standard versions of the software are slightly different, all manipulations are the same: Open>Enter Edit Mode >Select Text >Change Font.

Bonus Tools

how to change fonts in adobe acrobat bonus

If you want more fonts for texts, you can add some. You can go to the Adobe Fonts website and choose additional fonts there, or save this set from professional FixThePhoto graphic designers.


  • • Can I import fonts to Adobe Acrobat?

Actually, you can't, since this program is a document reader app. The fonts are not a part of the software, they are embedded within the PDF file itself. Even the Pro/DC version with more extensive editing capabilities doesn't include fonts. In fact, you are not importing fonts into the application itself, but adding them to the Fonts folder in your System folder. If the new fonts are not visible in the program, close it and relaunch.

  • • How to add my fonts to a PDF?

After converting to PDF, you should make sure that the document contains all the fonts. Open your PDF file. Then, select File > Document Properties. Open the Fonts Tab to see the list of all fonts. They are either Type 1 or TrueType fonts.

  • • Can free Adobe fonts be used for commercial needs?

There is no restriction in this regard. You can create PDF, EPS, JPEG, PNG files and use them for any purpose including commercial.

  • • Is Acrobat available offline?

An Internet connection is only required for activation when you run Acrobat DC for the first time. Further, all manipulations are available offline. Subscription-based users must log in to validate their credentials (every month or 99 days for an annual subscription) so they need the internet for this purpose. If you need to share a file or submit a document for e-signature, you must be connected to the Internet.