Indian Wedding Photography Tips To Document Traditional Wedding

Indian Wedding Photography

indian wedding photography

Indian wedding photography is the riot of colors, artful dances, and magnificent outfits. If you’re going to document Indian wedding ceremony, read these wedding photography Indian tips about what are the main wedding photography styles, average prices, poses, and the most demanded Indian wedding photographers.

Indian Wedding Photography Styles

Indian culture, in general, is very diverse, so weddings aren’t an exception. That’s why you need to understand at least the basics of this style to fulfill photography work successfully. The best Indian wedding photographers in USA are always ready to create the right mood for every wedding. We suggest learning about five most frequent Indian wedding photography styles.

Indian Wedding Photography Styles

  • Traditional
  • Candid
  • Artistic
  • Dramatic
  • Documentary

Traditional Wedding Photography Style

traditional indian wedding photography

Many people associate the traditional style with something obsolete and not interesting, but, in fact, it does not mean simple or boring. Such Indian wedding photography style is focused on the classic, which makes the celebration unforgettable – the people-oriented event, which is slightly more formal than the rest of the styles. Here the main focus is on the newlyweds, as well as their relatives and friends. 

Classical Indian wedding photography poses and staged wedding portraits are typical of the traditional style. Also, it implies fairly standard shooting angles. It means a lot of staged photos, as well as the main moments of the wedding (the first kiss, the exchange of rings, the first dance), which are photographed in the same manner. Such photos always look great, which suits most couples.

Candid Wedding Photography Style

traditional candid wedding photography

This Indian wedding photography style can be called the most soulful and sincere since the focus is on the genuine emotions and feelings of the newlyweds and guests of the wedding. 

traditional candid wedding photography

For the citizens of India, a wedding is not an official event, but a real feast of the soul. The main task of the photographer is to capture every smile, tear and sincere look that will tell more than dozens of the posed photos.

Artistic Wedding Photography Style

artistic indian wedding photography

In the artistic style of Indian wedding photography, details and decor play one of the most important roles. With the help of the details, a photographer tells a story and demonstrates its uniqueness.

Flowers, ornaments, calligraphy, decorative trifles, fabrics, and tapes - all these things become the primary sources of inspiration. Technical support is also used to highlight the artistic appeal. Various angles and creative shots provide an artistic edge and are typical for the artistic photography.

Dramatic Wedding Photography Style

dramatic indian wedding photography

The main purpose of this wedding photography style is to take photos that express sensuality. Create a bright and spectacular image, in which the newlyweds openly show their desires and feelings. The photographer needs to pick the proper lighting and exalted Indian wedding photography backgrounds to get a real Bollywood atmosphere in every picture. Use drone wedding photography for this photography style to make the bird eye view photos.

Documentary Wedding Photography Style

documentary indian wedding photography

The documentary style of Indian wedding photography is based on creating the stories, paying more attention to the real-inspired photography than posed images. In India, wedding photography has always been focused on documenting the wedding, rather than "catching" classical moments of the ceremony. 

documentary indian wedding photography

This is done to make sure that every significant ritual is documented, and every key member of the family, friend or guest is included in the photo album. To realize this style of wedding photography you need the second shooter’s help, because it’s very difficult to document so many guests.

Indian Wedding Photography Prices

Indian wedding photography implies higher pricing since most often it takes several days with different events. Experienced Indian wedding photographers have special wedding photography prices packages that include events such as Mehndi Parties, Sangeets, and the Wedding Day. 

indian wedding photography

Mehndi party is a traditional pre-wedding ritual, on which the bride's skin is tattooed with patterns from natural henna. Sangeets is a musical party, which is organized not only for the newlyweds but also for their families. Usually, this party is held the day before the wedding. The final event is, of course, the Wedding Day. Indian wedding photography prices depend primarily on the location and your experience, but often the prices start at $4,500. It seems to be very expensive, but considering the amount of the work, it's not so much. Also, the cost can vary because of the additional events and activities. We have created an approximate wedding photography price list below:

Average Indian Wedding Photography Prices

  • Pre-wedding event / Engagement session (from $600)
  • Wedding album (up to $1,000)
  • Second Photographer ($500)
  • Guest Book ($250)
  • Parent Album ($600)
  • Additional hours ($200 per hour)
  • Travel Fee ($400)
  • International Travel Fee ($800 + travel expenses)

Indian Wedding Photography Poses

indian wedding photography

Every photographer works hard to capture the beauty of the wedding event, but the key to the success is in the proper preparation for the shooting. You are lucky enough to get ten best Indian wedding photography poses that you can use in your work to take beautiful pictures. 

1. Romantic Embrace

romantic indian wedding photography poses

Among the best poses for Indian wedding photography, a hug is definitely very popular. Such a shot is practically the must for any wedding album. There are several variations – when the couple faces each other or the groom stands behind the bride and embraces her. Anyway, the pose looks very romantic. 

romantic indian wedding photography poses

The pose when the bride lays her head on the groom’s chest has a special gentle mood. All in all, if you look for romantic Indian wedding photography poses, a hug is a win-win option. 

2. Twirling Bride

poses for indian wedding photography

Twirling movements are typical for Indian wedding photography, and, generally, for this culture. The outfit of the bride enables her to dance and pose from different angles. Actually, such photos are taken with the woman only, but you can experiment a little and harmoniously add her groom to the frame. For example, he can hold her hand and rapturously marvel at her grace.

3. In the Groom’s Hands

indian wedding photography poses bride and groom

This one belongs to the classical wedding couple photography Indian poses, though old people think that it’s somehow immodest. Still, these pose is popular among many couples and the photographer can capture their sincere feelings. The couple can look either in the camera or into each other’s eyes. Anyway, the photo will be marvelous. 

4. The Classic Sitting Pose

indian wedding photography poses bride and groom

The biggest advantage of the poses for Indian wedding photography is that they are aimed to relax the couple and make them feel comfortable. Sitting pose is really popular in Indian wedding photography. The couple sits near each other and chooses the position they both like. They may face the camera or look into each other’s eyes; the bride can bend her head on the groom’s knees or simply hold his hands. You may place them in the arm-chair or on the sofa, but if they sit simply on the carpet, you can get some really interesting shots. 

indian wedding photography poses bride and groom

5. Kiss on the Forehead

indian wedding photography poses bride and groom

Is there anything more sweet and touching that a groom kissing his future wife on the forehead? In the Indian wedding photography poses book, this one is marked as classic, and mainly every couple has such a sweet picture in the album. You can ask the couple if they want to try “forehead to forehead pose”, which also looks very romantic. 

6. Royal Standing Pose

indian wedding photography poses bride and groom

The simplest of all Indian wedding photography poses is the standing one. Though it is a traditional pose, it always looks graceful and beautiful. The groom stands behind the bride, with his hand on her shoulders or waist. The gorgeous clothes serve as an ideal framing of the pose, so you will probably get a perfect sample of the royal Indian wedding photography.   

7. Lifestyle Walk

indian wedding photography poses bride and groom

It isn’t obligatory use only stationary Indian wedding photography poses, as you may try to photograph the couple while they are walking. Thus, the pictures will look more natural and dynamic. They may chat and smile, so will have a variety of shots. You can choose any surrounding the couple like, but you have to control the lighting conditions. 

8. The Veil Shot

indian wedding photography poses bride and groom

The national Indian attire is extremely beautiful, so why not some parts of clothes for Indian wedding photography. In fact, there are many creative Indian wedding photography ideas of how to use the bride’s clothing. For instance, you can place the bride in front of the groom and ask her to lift the veil. Make sure you can perfectly see the groom through the veil. As a result, you will get an admirable photo. 

9. Facing Opposite Directions

indian wedding photography poses bride and groom

There are lots of Indian wedding photography poses when the couple faces the camera, why not try something different? You may place the bride and the groom in such a way, that you will see only their profiles. The bride may gently hold her future husband’s shoulder. Thus, you will get a photo where two people look at each other and sincerely smile. 

10. Showing Rings

indian wedding photography poses bride and groom

A ring is the most traditional attribute of the wedding. Let the couple use their rings to create lovely photos. They may hold them together or place them on the palm. The couple poses for Indian wedding photography aren’t really important in this case, as the background is typically blurred to draw the attention to the engagement rings.

Tips for Indian Wedding Photography 

You may have worked as a wedding photographer for many years, but Indian wedding ceremony surely differs greatly from all you’ve have seen. So, before starting to work at such a wedding, you’d better learn more about this culture and think Indian wedding photography ideas over. Actually, there are 6 “rules” to pay attention to, while getting ready for shooting Indian wedding. 

indian wedding photography

Tips for Indian Wedding Photography

  • Discuss the clients’ requirements/restrictions;
  • Learn more about the wedding process;
  • Ask for a photography coordinator;
  • Pay attention to the lights;
  • Make a detailed schedule to capture both planned and candid photos;
  • Find a second shooter.

Discuss the Clients’ Requirements and Wishes in Advance

indian wedding photography

According to the Indian wedding photography traditions, the photographer is hired not by the bride or the groom, but by their relatives. Actually, this people may know little about the tastes of the couple and absolutely nothing about the photography, but they will get in touch with the shooter. So, your task is to talk to the couple and you will have to satisfy their demands.

Learn More About the Wedding Traditions

Indian wedding photography is like a separate genre and, besides, each wedding has its own peculiarities. You need to clarify all the details, even the nitty-gritty ones, not to screw anything up on the Big Day. You may talk not only to the couple but to their relatives as well. The parents usually have some additional wishes, which you must respect. Your task is to understand what the important moments are and when they will happen, so you won’t miss them. At first, this may seem confusing but you’ll grasp everything and will be able to realize the bravest Indian wedding photography ideas. Remember to respect their culture and they will help you feel comfortable at the celebration. 

Ask for a Photography Coordinator

indian wedding photography tips

Still, you may need somebody to guide you at the ceremony. Is there any better person that a member of their family or a close friend? The truth is that even at the small Indian wedding you may see hundreds of guest, so there are chances that you’ll get lost and confused. But having a coordinator, you’ll be able to get to the important family members and photograph them, as well as to take wonderful pictures of the newlyweds. Besides, a coordinator will help you to quickly place the visitor for group shots. In fact, Indian wedding photography is much about your ability to arrange the photo session professionally. 

Pay Attention to the Lights

Wedding Photography Lighting Kit

amazon wedding photography lighting kit View Prices on Amazon

It's better to have a mobile photography lighting kit – a small photo studio for your wedding portraits. You’d better arrive at the venue several hours before the ceremony and check the lighting. Indian weddings are typically very bright and colorful, with many flashes and light sources, so you’ll need to adjust your equipment properly. Mind to bring enough portable lights, as they are super useful if you need to photograph in the room with many people. Having a wireless trigger may help you avoid lots of inconveniences. 

Make a Detailed Schedule to Capture Both Planned and Candid Photos

wedding photography indian

In most cases, there is no post or pre wedding Indian photography shooting and all the pictures you have at the end, are taken mainly at the wedding. You won’t have the additional time to pose each guest and the newlyweds, so you need to do your best when the celebration is happening. But, if you manage to develop an elaborate plan, you may have half an hour for shooting the couple only. Try to do it! Besides, you’d better take as many shots as you can at the very beginning of the ceremony when the couple is still cheerful and buoyant. 

Hire a Second Shooter

indian wedding photograph

In fact, Indian wedding starts long before everybody gathers at the wedding venue. There are some traditions that have to be photographed and added to the photo album, but you can’t furcate and be at several places at once. That’s why it is really reasonable to hire the second shooter. Besides, this person will help you to carry and adjust the equipment, organize people for the group photos and retouch a huge number of pictures. To be fair, you are expected to present no less than 600 photos. So, the second photographer will be really helpful at such an event as he/she may also share some useful wedding photography Indian tips.

Make Professional Wedding Photo Retouching

Retouching Indian wedding photos, don’t be afraid to make colors too bright or vivid, because Indian wedding images are full of different colors and tints. Professional skin retouching, background improvement, stray hair removal and color correction are the main steps in this kind of wedding photo retouching.

Best Indian Wedding Photographers in USA

The theory is good, but photography is primarily the art of depicting emotions, not pure facts. If you have doubts about Indian wedding photography, then a photo shoot of the more experienced photographers can be your source of inspiration. Where to find the good Indian wedding photographers? In fact, there are many cool professionals. But every photographer has his/her own style, and therefore his/her methods of shooting and image editing. So, here are eight professional Indian wedding photographers whose works are worth looking up to.

Indian Wedding Photography Los Angeles

Dina Douglas

Dina Douglas indian wedding photography los angeles

Dina Douglas is an unrivaled master of Indian wedding photography from Los Angeles, famous for her competence to work with different religions and many national cultures. Especially she is famous because for South Asian weddings, known for their special temper, rich decor, juicy and bright colors. To express the live atmosphere of the wedding and keep emotions, Dina Douglas carefully thinks over the upcoming shooting and all the events. Sometimes it takes even more time than the shooting itself. The deep study of Asian culture, accumulated knowledge and experience allow Dina Douglas to be a real master of Indian wedding photography.

Indian Wedding Photography Chicago

Shan Kapoor

shan kapoor indian wedding photography chicago

Shan Kapoor belongs to the top Сhicago wedding photographers. His studio, Shan Photography, is based in Chicago and specializes mainly in Indian wedding photography. The newlyweds and their parents are always happy with the work of Shan. Sometimes the couple wants fashionable and dynamic pictures, but parents are more inclined to traditional photos of the whole family and important moments of the marriage. Shan Kapoor, the best Indian wedding photographer Chicago, manages to successfully combine these two directions and satisfy the desires of both sides.

Indian Wedding Photography NJ


abhishek indian wedding photography nj

People treat the wedding photography in different ways. Most often, at first it’s an uncomplicated part-time job in your spare time, and then it becomes a full-fledged and rather profitable business. However, when a successful and recognized glamor photographer suddenly moved into a wedding photo - it's a great rarity. But there is such a person, Abhi and his Pandya Photography studio. Once he was a star of fashion and glamor photography, and now he is among the best Indian wedding photographers in USA. A successful mix of glamorous and Indian wedding photography, as well as a careful approach to every wedding, proves his status again and again.

Indian Wedding Photography Dallas

Vinod Elsie Kuruvilla

vinod elsie indian wedding photography dallas

Vinod Elsie Kuruvilla has proven that a style can and should be universal. Such a style allows you to capture the most diverse moments of the wedding in the best way. Customers of VEK Photo, Vinod's studio, always admire the magnificent combination of his creative Indian wedding photography ideas with photo-journalistic unobtrusiveness, which result in the quality and natural images. Vinod has extensive experience working at South Asian weddings, but most of all he prefers Pakistani and Indian wedding photography.

Indian Wedding Photography Atlanta

Akbar Ukani

It's great when your father is your life mentor. However, it's better when your father is also your professional teacher. Akbar Ukani continued the work of his father, developing the La Bella Studio, founded in 1964 in Mumbai, India. Due to their professional growth, they have opened a studio in Atlanta, USA. Now the Atlanta photography studio is pleasing its clients, applying the experience accumulated in more than 50 years. Perhaps Akbar is the case when the Indian wedding photography is really in your blood.

Indian Wedding Photography Houston

Murtaza Siraj

murtaza siraj indian wedding photography houston

Murtaza Siraj is a Houston based international award-winning photographer WPPI. Available for weddings and engagements worldwide. He has an extensive experience in Indian wedding photography. With his storytelling approach, he captures the “magic” when it’s present, and creates it when it’s not. He truly cares for every couple.

Indian Wedding Photography NYC

Manish Mavani & Sung Kwan Ma

manisn mavanii indian wedding photography nyc

Manish Mavani and Sung Kwan Ma are friends who have become creative collaborators. Having studied photography at college, they have worked on a variety of creative projects in South Asia countries. They are based in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Their style is artistical, unique and thoughtful. Manish and Sung show Indian wedding photography in a creative, photojournalistic way. They are known to treat wedding events with professionalism and individual care.

Indian Wedding Photography Orlando

Mona Chaudhry & Stephana Ferrell

mona chaudhry wedding photography orlando

Mona Chaudhry and Stephana Ferrell have a joint project called Sona Photography. They have been working together for years; with their vast experience, they have a great understanding of Greek and Indian wedding photography. Although they are based in Orlando, Florida, and Virginia, they are always ready to travel wherever they are asked, expanding the horizons of their knowledge and experience.

All in all, you have understood what the Indian wedding photography is and how you can cope with all the tasks. Use the information above to master your skills and become a real pro.

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