Dirty Wedding Photography — 15 Fails

A dirty wedding photographer is an amateur photographer who can’t shoot sensual photos well and makes them funny, embarrassing, and awkward. These photos are hilarious to look at and are a great example of how not to shoot weddings. Below, you’ll find a compilation of my favorite naughty wedding photographer fails.

1. Showing Off the Underwear

dirty wedding photography example

This is the most popular type of wedding photography created by a naughty wedding photographer. The bride and her friends line up and raise their dresses to show off their underwear.

Some even wear their underwear in one color. Not sure what the purpose is, but this sort of behavior looks very out of place, and results in funny wedding pictures.

2. Displaying the Garter

dirty wedding photography example

Some couples just can’t miss the opportunity to show off the garter. Seems like this is one of the most popular wedding photography poses. The bride is turned away from the camera, while the groom lifts her dress, exposing the garter.

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3. Up in the Air

dirty wedding photography example

If a real dirty wedding photographer takes dirty pics intentionally, the creator of this picture probably just caught a funny moment. The guests probably miscalculated their strength and threw her higher than expected. Let’s just hope that among these men below is the groom.

4. Runaway Groom

dirty wedding photography example

At first, I did not even understand why this photo was placed on many lists of dirty wedding photographer pics. Weeping bride with many people around. It seemed to be the most ordinary picture at first.

If you also didn’t see it on the first try, just look at the background. There’s no way to know whether these people are guests or “casual” passers-by, but there are only associations with the escaped groom in the head, who only found out about how much his tuxedo costs.

5. Taking a Swim on a Wedding Day

dirty wedding photography example

There is nothing more pleasant than to cool off on a hot wedding day. The groom of this beautiful bride either forgot to take a shower or just tried to swim away from the responsibilities. And the dirty wedding photographer managed to capture this perfect moment.

6. Inappropriate Bite

dirty wedding photography example

It’s best to abstain from biting the partners’ private parts during a wedding photography shoot, but some naughty wedding photographers like to pose the couples like this.

7. Zombie Apocalypse

dirty wedding photography example

This couple tries to recreate a zombie movie scene, although it’s unclear why the guests in the background had to be half-naked for this photo op.

8. Eating the Watermelon

dirty wedding photography example

While this picture doesn’t depict any naked body parts, the groom eating a watermelon alludes to explicit sexual acts. Dirty wedding photographers should be careful, as watermelon can spoil the dress and ruin wedding dress photography.

9. Body Art

dirty wedding photography example

These couples decided to use body art to save money on wedding costumes and dresses. Any photo from such a wedding is bound to end up in a dirty wedding photography compilation. 

10. Spell It Out

dirty wedding photography example

Some people take showing off underwear one step further, by wearing custom underwear. These bridesmaids decided to spell out the new surname. Signs with letters would look more appropriate for the occasion.

dirty wedding photography example

These groomsmen along with the groom decided to clearly state their status at the wedding, wearing underwear with inscriptions “Groom”, “Best Man”, “Groomsmen”.

11. Bridesmaids Photobomb

dirty wedding photography example

The bridesmaids decided to photobomb the bride’s photo, and the wedding photographer seemed to like the idea. I feel like this photo was better off being cropped.

12. Dirty Slap

dirty wedding photography example

This photo is dirty in every sense of the word. I wonder if the bride knew her dress was about to be ruined.

13. Wedding Party Got Out of Hand

dirty wedding photography example

Seems like the newlyweds got too excited when dancing. This photo is definitely not the one you would like to see on your wedding album or show to your kids.

14. Leg Raise

dirty wedding photography example

Grabbing a bride’s leg while pressing her against the wall, is not the most tasteful pose to capture the passion and love of the couple.

dirty wedding photography example

Some brides also like to raise the leg themselves to show off the garter.

15. Don’t Look

dirty wedding photography example

This dirty wedding photographer decided to incorporate some humor into their shots. The bride is covering the eyes of a younger bridesmaid to protect the girl from her other dirty bridesmaids.

Vulgar vs Sensual Comparison

dirty wedding photographer vulgar
dirty wedding photographer sensual
dirty wedding photographer vulgar
dirty wedding photographer sensual
dirty wedding photographer vulgar
dirty wedding photographer sensual
dirty wedding photographer vulgar
dirty wedding photographer sensual
dirty wedding photographer vulgar
dirty wedding photographer sensual
dirty wedding photographer vulgar
dirty wedding photographer sensual

10 Poses to Avoid Dirty Wedding Photographer Pics

Let’s be honest, almost all couples do not want their special day to be spoiled by dirty wedding photographer pics, they want beautiful and interesting shots, filled with love. There are some poses for wedding portraits that can help you avoid taking dirty wedding shots. I'll show you what poses you need to incorporate into your shoots, so the photos from the wedding look attractive, and sexy, but not vulgar.

1. Kissing the Neck

dirty wedding photography kiss neck pose

I recommend this pose precisely for photographing a couple. Ask the groom to gently kiss the bride’s neck, while she arches her back.

2. Wearing the Stockings

dirty wedding photography stockings

Make beautiful photos not only of the process of putting on the veil but shoot other parts of preparation for the wedding, for example, putting on stockings, attaching them to the suspender belt.

3. Cover the Bride with Veil

dirty wedding photography veil

Nothing can convey wedding elegance better than a veil. Covering the bride’s body with a veil will also add another layer of mystery. Using dreamy, flowing texture results in ethereal images.

4. Putting on a Garter

dirty wedding photography garter

Often naughty wedding photographer urges the bride to show off the garter in every picture during the wedding. It looks vulgar and not very nice. Do it differently. Just shoot a couple of sensual pictures of putting it on that will become a wonderful memory from the personal archives of the newlyweds. Choose a pose where you can also see the bride’s engagement ring.

5. Incorporate Mirrors

dirty wedding photography mirrors

The most important part of any boudoir photo is artistry. Let the bride use the furniture in the room or play with the curtains while trying elegant boudoir poses. My personal favorite is to incorporate mirrors. This adds more depth and visual interest to the image.

6. On Bed

dirty wedding photography on bed

To take photos in the bedroom is the dream of every naughty wedding photographer. He/she can take a lot of provocative photos there. I advise you to play a little in anticipation of this time. Use the bed, pillows, and bed linen, to capture elegant shots.

Pro Tip

We work in a country with many diverse national and cultural minorities, so it's very important not to be a dirty wedding photographer who hunts for provocative photos at a wedding while disrespecting the cultural aspects of it. Your goal is not to make the couple uncomfortable, whether you are shooting Indian wedding photography, or Asian wedding photography.

7. Focus on Legs

dirty wedding photography legs pose

Most often, brides choose a princess dress. A long wedding dress is a traditional attribute of a wedding celebration, which many couples can not refuse. So it's a good idea for boudoir photographers to show their slender legs. Ask the bride to playfully place her hand on her leg, or the garter.

8. Shoot Photos Outdoor

dirty wedding photography outdoor pose

Take a sneaky boudoir photo outdoors. All of us are used to seeing such photos captured against the monochrome background, this will help you make your boudoir photography more eye-grabbing. Make sure that the area where you will be shooting is closed to other people.

9. Putting On the Wedding Dress

dirty wedding photography dress pose

Who would have thought that this process could be so sexy and addictive to look at? While a sneaky dirty wedding photographer makes pictures of how a drunken bride takes off her dress, make gentle and sexy photos of how the bride puts on a dress.

Pro Tip

Always give your bride a choice. For example, I always ask the bride if I need to leave the room so she wears a dress. Some girls ask to leave them alone, while others allow them to stay and continue shooting. You always need to show respect for the intimate moments.

10. Incorporate the Wedding Bouquet

dirty wedding photography bouquet pose

The bouquet is a symbol of the femininity and tenderness of the bride. In combination with beautiful lingerie, it helps create one of the most popular boudoir photo ideas, which can not be turned into dirty wedding photography.

Pro Tip

The key to successful photography is the client's trust in his/her photographer, which is built before the wedding day. The more you talk with a couple, discuss the wedding photography checklist, listen to their ideas, and share your own know-how, the greater will be the confidence in you and your professionalism on the wedding day.

11. Capture the Moment Before the Kiss

dirty wedding photography kiss

Let's confess to each other that usually, the kisses are sexy and beautiful only in Hollywood movies. The kisses often look awkward and strange in photos. However, a kiss is one of the most important manifestations of love. How do you shoot the process to convey it? I'll tell you my secret. I like to shoot that moment before kissing when there is still a little space between the lips. Such pictures look like a promise of a pleasant continuation and are very attractive.

12. Use Shadows

dirty wedding photography shadows

I really love to take pictures of the bride in the shadows. A slight turn of the head, a left leg, a seductive silhouette. There is absolutely no vulgarity, which is inherent in most dirty wedding photographer pics, but the photo looks sexy and interesting. Try several options, for example, hide the body in the shadows completely, playing in contrast to the window, or create a shadow partially by opening the foot or the intimate gesture of the hand.


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