What Should A Photographer Wear To A Wedding

What Should A Photographer Wear To A Wedding

Once you have arranged the date of the wedding photo session and discussed details and customer’s requirements, chose your photography camera, here comes the question: what should a photographer wear to a wedding?

 If you want to become a top professional, you should certainly be aware of the wedding photographer dress etiquette. Your clothes should be suitable, that's why clarify whether it's a formal ceremony or an informal wedding in a family circle. Strict standards of dress are essential for maintaining the decorum of a formal event. But it will look weird if it's a casual wedding photoshoot. Our article will help you not to put yourself into an awkward position and help with the choice of wedding photographer attire for any season. 

Wedding Photographer Attire Tips

  • Consult the Bride & Groom
  • Don't stand out
  • Look sharp
  • Don't dress like a guest
  • Be modest
  • Ignore the dress code
  • Wear prints and bright colors
  • Dress like a bridesmaid
  • Draw too much attention

Though a photographer plays an important role in the wedding ceremony, don’t forget, that you are NOT the main attraction of the celebration, so don’t draw too much attention to yourself. Try to stay in the background and follow our tips to save your reputation. Wedding photographer outfit must be elegant but comfortable, suitable for performing your professional duties. 

What should a photographer wear to a wedding
Photographer: Anna Wu

First of all, when you dress like a pro, you feel like a pro, your clients will have more confidence that they work with a real photo expert. Alas, but it's true to say that people treat you according to your clothes at first. Secondly, it's not a secret that there are a lot of people at weddings who can be your potential clients. You must try to make a good impression on them.

In brief, don't wear shorts, the tops that say how sexy you are or a Mickey Mouse T-shirt, flip-flops or sweatpants (they are perfectly acceptable for the boxing gym or when you are walking your dog). The colors are extremely important too. It won't be appropriate to use the glaring colors if you don't intend to look like a traffic light, of course. Pastel, warm colors are good, dark colors are even better because they are really practical.

We'll offer you some wedding photoshoot outfit ideas for men and women, but first, let's talk about wedding photographer dress etiquette. Everyone wants to find the aesthetic, fashionable and practical uniform. The question is how to do this? Well, we’ll try our best to help you look your best.

Consult the Bride & Groom

  • Time of the ceremony
  • Photography style
  • The overall style and dress-code
  • Bridesmaid's colors
  • Cultural and religious requirements

So, what should a photographer wear to a wedding? First of all, ask your clients what kind of wedding it will be. A formal wedding requires formal clothing, the informal one allows wearing more casual clothes. Secondly, pay attention to cultural, traditional, and religious aspects. In Poland, for example, pink color brings bad luck to newlyweds and you may greatly offend your clients if you wear a pink dress. Remember, that some types of religious weddings require very strict clothing. Thirdly, ask your clients whether it's obligatory to abide by the dress code. And what dress code means exactly for them.

If there is no dress code, the best choice for the wedding photographer attire will be black clothes. Why black? A real professional will have to work all day, it demands physical job, because a photog must shoot in different «acrobatic» positions, so black clothes are exactly what you need. 

Don’t Stand Out

wedding photographer outfit

The photog must not merge with all the guests dressed in blue/pink/or other outfits, he or she must differ from everybody, but at the same time, she or he must not attract much attention. In any case, the wedding photographer uniform must be decent and neat. It must not be slovenly or too pompous. It’s easier to choose the clothes for a woman tog. But what wedding photographer attire male should be? 

what should a photographer wear to shoot a wedding
Photographer: Roz Skinner

Well, if you are dressed in an expensive suit, you will cause confusion. It's better to wear a usual vest rather than a jacket. And now ladies, a piece of advice for you. Choose neutral colors and please, forget about white, leave this color for the bride only! 

Look Sharp

wedding photographer outfit

We offer you some photographer costume ideas if you don’t know what to wear as a wedding photographer. It's very important to look sharp! Of course, you won't be seen on wedding photos, but guests will definitely notice a scruffy guy or a girl running around with a camera in his or her hands. A rumpled, tarnished shirt and pants won't do any good for you. Your reputation will be tainted the way as your shirt is. Iron everything! Simple, neat and ironed clothes will create a good, positive image for you.

Don't wear jeans, shorts or anything too frivolous. Photographer outfit must not be too dressy. Find your middle ground and remember that wedding photographer outfit must be comfortable and practical and nice.

The photographer's image is created by his works, manners, appearance. The professional photographer's appearance should not be sloppy. Looking modest but elegant and beautiful is a real art that you have to study. Don’t be afraid, you’ll have our support on this issue.

Don’t Dress Like a Guest

wedding photographer outfit

What should a photographer wear to a wedding not to look like a guest? Don't adorn yourself as if you are a Christmas tree. Your task is to blend in with the environment. Modest, dark clothes will be a perfect choice. Avoid bright colors and terrible animal prints. You are not going on safari, aren’t you? So, leave those poor animals in peace and let’s continue developing your decent, elegant style.

Don’t Dress Like a Bridesmaid

wedding photographer outfit

Make sure that the colors of your outfit differ from the wedding event colors. Looking at you, people mustn't say:" Oh, what a cute bridesmaid!" If you have no time to check up on bridal colors, choose black or dark clothes. Little black dress is always trendy. Our photographer costume ideas will help you to understand what to wear as a wedding photographer. Many pro photogs choose nice, dark, practical clothes and look perfect during the bridal ceremony.

Be Modest

wedding photographer outfit

The photographer comes into view of the photo-video cameras of guests and the operator, that’s why it’s necessary to know how should a photographer dress. Tops, tight-fitting clothes, short skirts are good for nightclubs and discotheques but not for a wedding event. Your clothes must be functional, don't try to impress people with your dress, impress them with your work and good manners! 


what should a photographer wear to shoot a wedding
Photographer: Johanna Hietanen photography

Your clothes must give you freedom of movements. You must feel comfortable when you walk, bend or climb the stairs. Wear minimal make-up. We don’t think that blue eyeshadows and bloody red lips will be good for a wedding event. It will be crazy, tasteless and vulgar. And, of course, a good hairstyle is also very important.

Comfortable Shoes for Wedding Photographers

wedding photographer outfit

The most essential part of your attire is your shoes. Don't forget that you'll be on your feet all day, so comfortable shoes for wedding photographers are strongly recommended. Think about the area where you are going to shoot and the weather. What should you overcome to get a perfect angle – grass, sand or, maybe, gravel? If you are sure that your shoes can bear all these tortures and will still look good – put them on!

Buy Comfortable and Quality Shoes

Cheap shoes will be a bad investment. Just imagine, the bride and groom are going to pronounce their wedding vows and you are going to capture this touching moment. You are approaching them ... with a squeak, squeak sound, produced by your cheap shoes. The moment is ruined. Your professional reputation is ruined too. So don't make a mistake, wear good, quality shoes.

Ballet shoes and shoes with a round toe will be a good choice. Avoid heels, sandals or flip-flops (though they will be appropriate for an informal beach wedding). You can wear dark ankle boots with good support, for example. They are trendy and most importantly, comfortable. 

And never, never in your life put on the new pair of shoes. Nobody wants to see a photog with the pain-ridden face and the reason for that is your new pinching shoes. You must do your work instead of thinking –“Wish I should have worn comfortable shoes.”

Add a Personal Touch

wedding photographer outfit

What do photographers wear? The answer is – simple, dark, practical clothes and comfortable shoes. Sounds not very exciting, doesn’t it? But there is always a way to express yourself – elegant accessories, such as necklace, earrings, watch, tie, belt or bag. They will help you to look simple but refined and will emphasize your individuality. Think about a beautiful hair accessory which can make your image elegant. Your accessories must not be too voluminous and shiny if you are not going to shoot a wedding of a king of the gypsies, of course. Remember a golden rule – don't attract too much attention! You are not the main character in this event, you are a professional who knows how to behave, how to shoot the incredibly wonderful pictures and how to look stylish. Your character and individuality are your main accessories.

What Should a Photographer Wear to a Wedding in the Summer

As mentioned above, the wedding photographer outfit should correspond to the theme, place and time of the wedding. Before shooting, you need to clarify the dress code. However, in summer, you need to be more careful about choosing clothes to keep a balance between the style, comfort, and protection from the sunlight.

Natural, Breathable and Lightweight Fabrics

wedding photographer outfit

The primary condition for survival in the heat is to wear natural, breathable and lightweight fabrics. In polyester, you will experience all the shortcomings of the summer. Of course, there is a special sportswear, but hardly you will wear it for the wedding.

Everything that concerns fabrics equally applies to jackets, to shirts, and to trousers. Perfect materials for the summer are flax and light cotton. Wool will do fine if it is so-called tropical wool - a very thin and light woolen fabric. Also, of course, no tweed and flannels. Flax is the best in the heat, but it has one minus - it crumples so much. Therefore, if you are not ready to constantly walk in folds, then you will use mixed fabrics - flax in half with cotton. They are not hot, and they look a little more decent.

Light, Pastel Colors

wedding photographer outfit

Speaking of the colors, the main rule is: the lighter the clothes are, the less is the consequences of the heat. Black clothing warms the fastest, white - on the contrary. However, this does not mean that you need to walk in white constantly. Beige, khaki or light pastel colors are quite fitting.

After sunset, it is appropriate to wear something darker. Remember: if it's not a suit, it's better to have a slight contrast between the top and bottom.


wedding photographer outfit

The headdress does not only keep your head warm when it's cold outside, but it can also save you from a heatstroke. For this purpose, any baseball caps and panamas will fit, but the most gentlemanly option is undoubtedly a panama hat or optimo hat.


wedding photographer outfit

The perfect summer comfortable shoes for wedding photographers are light leather or suede loafers that can be worn without socks, as well as topsiders, loafers, canvas sneakers and espadrilles. However, wearing good leather shoes on the leather soles you won’t also be too hot, even in thin socks. In this case, it is better to choose a lighter leather.

In summer we highly recommend to avoid black and dark colors. Short and too short skirts or dresses as well as T-shirts are not always acceptable, especially if the dress-code requires formal closing. In this case opt for light-colored short-sleeved shirts or blouse with light pants or light dress. Don’t forget about a hat and sunblock, safety always comes first. 

Photographer Costume Ideas from Amazon 

Looking what to wear as a wedding photographer? Here you will find some comfortable and universal photoshoot outfit ideas. The ability to dress appropriately and stylishly is as essential as the ability to photograph.

Comfortable Summer Jumpsuit

wedding photographer outfit

Lightweight and comfortable overalls that do not constrain movements. Thanks to the free cut it is perfect for warm days. In the cold season, add a stylish cardigan or jacket - and the elegant look is ready.

Casual Style

wedding photographer outfit

An excellent choice if you like to take pictures from a variety of angles. In this suit, you can quickly make a comfortable position to catch a good shot. This outfit is a good answer to what should photographer wear to a wedding.

Elegance & Comfort

wedding photographer outfit

An excellent solution for official ceremonies. Restrained, elegant, but at the same time, a practical photographer outfit is an ideal choice for weddings and other long-lasting photoshoot with a lot of possible angles.

Feel Confident Wearing Dresses

beautiful wedding photoshoot outfit ideas

If you like wearing dresses, we advise you to choose middies or maxis. Midi skirts are quite versatile because they can easily complement any set, both in casual and smart casual style and in an elegant and refined romantic style.

Casual Style

light wedding photoshoot outfit ideas

This wedding photographer attire is suitable for celebrations in both casual and semi-official style. Free cut and comfort, as well as neutral colors, make this set suitable for weddings in various colors. Light pants are a good option for warm and hot days.

Official Style

male photographer outfit

At weddings in the official style, a suit with a tie is a significant attribute. In this case, choose a suit with a vest, because if the jacket restricts the movement, it can be removed, while still adhering to the official style. 

Wedding Photographer Attire Female

Good Choice+
  • Dark or neutral colors
  • Long or medium skirt
  • Free silhouette dresses
  • Classic pants
  • Blouses of breathing fabric
  • Blazer or jacket
  • Flat shoes
  • One-color jumpsuit
Bad Choice-
  • Bright colors and prints
  • Short skirts
  • Low cuts
  • Jeans
  • Yoga pants
  • Flip-floppers
  • High heels
  • White dress

Despite the desire to be beautiful always and everywhere, a female photographer should be able to create such an image to remain invisible to the guests at the wedding. For this, trousers with a single-colored shirt of light shades are perfect.

Choosing new trousers for work, recreate all those poses that you plan to use at the wedding - and make sure that everything is sitting well. Choose cheaper pants and take two pairs. If shooting weddings, you climb trees and jump into bushes, this advice will be handy to you. It is necessary to have pockets for the phone and other small things that may be needed during the work.

A female wedding photographer should prefer trousers and shirt instead of a spectacular dress or skirt, so as not to miss a lot of successful shots because of the impossibility of taking some simple poses. Also, no bright details! It's better to forget about heels too.

Winter & Fall Wedding Photographer Attire

summer spring female wedding photographer outfit
One Button Blazer
  • Material: Polyester and Spandex
  • Fashion elegant OL style blazer suits
  • Machine wash or hand wash cold water
Low Wedge Flats Shoes
  • Man Made Material
  • Ultra Flexible Rubber Outsole
  • Ultra Soft Lining For Best Comfort
Cross Body Handbag
  • High quality synthetic leather
  • Decorative strap with metal buckle at front flap
  • Adjustable crossbody strap
3/4 Sleeve Blouse
  • Chiffon 100% Polyester
  • Stylish Design
  • Soft and lightweight material
Length Necklace
  • Italian-Inspired Design
  • Rhodium-Plated Sterling Silver
  • Measures 19 Inches
Black Skinny Pants
  • Material: 65% Rayon, 32% Nylon, 3% Spandex
  • Style & Comfort
  • Pants for casual and formal occasions

An excellent choice will be black trousers with a stylish, low-key jacket and a light shirt. This image is universal for any style of celebration. Dark stretch pants provide freedom of movement, and a light shirt does not emphasize you among guests. Also, you can hide the caps from the lenses and spare cards in the pockets of the jacket. A bag over your shoulder makes your hands free. Light shoes without heels take care of your feet. 

Spring Wedding Photographer’s Outfit

fall winter wedding photographer outfit
Light 3/4 Sleeve Blouse
  • Material: 97% Cotton, 3% Spandex
  • Classic style 3/4 sleeve collar shirt
  • Hand Wash Cold
High Waisted Skirt
  • Material: 95% Rayon 5% Spandex
  • Highest Standard Material
  • Washing in the cold water
Flat Ballet Shoes
  • Rubber sole
  • Comfortable
  • Good Quality
Teardrop Necklace
  • Material: Base Metal, Acrylic Beads
  • Perfect to drape over your outfits
  • Limit exposure to water

In the spring we want to relax from dark tones. For warm spring days you can choose knee-length skirt instead of black pants. We offer to try on the look of neutral colors. A light blouse of free cut makes it easy to move. The length of the skirt is appropriate to take pictures from different angles without thinking. To make the image look not so dull, add a necklace.

Summer Wedding Photographer’s Outfit

summer wedding photographer outfit
Light Hat
  • Material: 100% High Quality Natural Paper
  • Elegant and practical
  • Foldable and crushable
Light Sleeveless Top
  • Material: 95% Rayon 5% Spandex
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Washing in the cold water
High Waist Streitch
  • Material: Polyester fabric
  • Style with a pair of high-heels
  • Soft and comfortable
Breathable Flat Shoes
  • Synthetic sole
  • Manmade Material
  • Floral Lace
Leather Backpack
  • Fashionable Design
  • Enough Space
  • Never go out of style

As we have already said, the summer wedding photographer attire should be lightweight and light-colored. We offer you to wear cotton light trousers with a loose cut and lightweight top. An excellent choice will be breathable soft shoes without a heel. Working in the sun on a hot summer day, do not forget about the hat.

Wedding Photographer Attire Male

Good Choice+
  • Classy suits
  • Dark solid colors
  • Shirt&blazer or vest
  • Comfortable shoes
Bad Choice-
  • Shorts and t-shirts
  • Sneakers
  • Flip-floppers
  • Sport suits

First of all, male attire should be comfortable and practical regarding performing the tasks of the wedding photography. Because it is necessary, in a literal and figurative sense, to run around the newlyweds, climb to all kinds of natural and architectural structures, lie down on the ground.

However, despite the need for comfort, you should stick to a specific dress code. What should a photographer wear to a wedding? A tracksuit, t-shirt or shorts are not the correct answers.

Firstly, dressing up this way you may, at least, look disrespectful to the newlyweds. Secondly, do not forget that the photographer can sometimes get into the frame, for example, in a wedding video. 

Therefore, you should try to find a middle ground between good-looking and convenient clothes for a photographer at a wedding.

Some things you should avoid would be too expensive suits, long ties or hot clothes as they are not practical and comfortable for a long use. I find that in my area clothes is a right mix of fashionable, cool enough attire. As for shoes, they have to be able to take a beating and give good traction in wet conditions.

If it is a formal wedding, then your choice is a suit and tie. If it is less formal, then smart casual. The best thing, however, is to ask the bride and groom. Just don’t turn up in jeans and trainers if all the guests are going to be in morning suits. 

Winter & Fall Wedding Photographer Attire

winter fall male wedding photographer outfit
Knitted Cardigan
  • Material: 65% RAYON, 35% WOOL
  • Design: Button closure
  • Washing: Dry Cleanning
Classy Blazer
  • Material: Polyester and Cotton
  • Design: One-button closure
  • Washing: Machine wash cold separately
Shirt and Vest
  • Material: High quality soft satin
  • Design: Fit style V-neck
  • Washing: Hand Wash or Machine Wash
Classy Dark Pants
  • Material: 71% Polyester, 27% Viscose
  • Design: Zipper closure
  • Washing: Machine wash cold
Classy Shoes
  • Rubber sole
  • Pointed-toe
  • Durable and comfort

The suit must necessarily be in the wardrobe of a male photographer. Appearing at the wedding with a complete set, you can later take off your jacket, remaining in the waistcoat, so that the jacket does not obstruct the movements. For a less formal style, choose a knitted cardigan. It not only looks stylish but also warms up during the outdoor shootings in the cold season.  

Summer Wedding Photographer Attire

summer spring wedding photographer outfit
Casual Blazer
  • Material: Cotton Polyester Blended
  • Design: Button Fly closure
  • Washing: Machine wash cold separately
Short Sleeved Shirt
  • Material: 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester
  • Design: Stylish fitted dress shirt
  • Washing: Machine wash and hand wash
Cotton Trousers
  • Material: High quality soft satin
  • Design: Fit style V-neck
  • Washing: Hand Wash or Machine Wash
Breathable Shoes
  • Flexible and Comfort oxfords
  • Fabric-and-leather
  • Great Shoes for Work or Casual Shoes

Summer is a time for light trousers and light, elegant shirt with a short sleeve. If it becomes cool – put on a one-buttoned blue jacket. The main thing here are, perhaps, shoes. Lightweight and made of breathable materials, they will allow you to spend the whole day in motion without much discomfort.

No one wants to work with a photographer who ignores wedding photographer dress etiquette, because there are doubts about his or her professionalism. We hope, that following our advice, you will prove your skills not only by working with the camera but also by the appearance.

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