5 Best Lenses for Wedding Photography for All Budgets

By Tati Taylor 7 days ago, Cameras & Lenses

In order not to miss any magical moment of the wedding ceremony and celebration and not spoil the pictures of one of the most important events in life, it makes sense to purchase the best lens for wedding photography. You should not immediately run after the most expensive Canon RF600mm and Canon RF 100-500mm models, sometimes reaching a cost of $13000, thinking that their quality will definitely not disappoint.

In this article, I have described the most reliable and suitable options for this purpose, which will satisfy the requirements of each wallet. Do not neglect lenses, as they can not only ruin your shots, but also lead to the loss of customers, and as a result your business.

1. 70-200mm - For Candid Shots

70-200mm lens for wedding photography

If you are looking for something universal in terms of the zoom range and focal length, then I advise you to take a closer look at 70-200mm lenses. They perfectly set your models or subjects apart from the background, and also give you reasonably sharp shots at any focal length. This is what you need if you like to shoot close-ups.

The main feature of such a wedding photography lens is a softly blurred background. This wedding photographer’s accessory will help you become invisible. There is no more need to be underfoot of the groom, bride, and guests to catch the most sincere and genuine emotions.

70-200mm lens for wedding photography

You can take a comfortable position somewhere in the distance, against a wall or in a doorway, and take wedding reception photographs from a distance sufficient not to interfere with the ceremony, capturing the decisive events.

Thus, capturing the most touching moments of the ceremony, including the first kiss and the exchange of rings, will be a no-brainer task. However, not everything is perfect with this lens. All its advantages have caused too much weight. Frame stabilization also suffered. If you have the opportunity to upgrade your camera and lens, then it will be a reasonable decision to focus on proper stabilization.

FixThePhoto Recommended 70-200mm Lenses for Wedding Photography:

2. 24-70mm Lens - For Confined Spaces and Wide Shots

24-70mm lens for wedding photography

This type can be your best lens for wedding thanks to its large focal length coverage, medium to wide size, and bright aperture. If you are after something suitable for shooting in tricky spaces, then this type is what you need. Among other things, it is versatile – this telephoto lens can be adjusted for both close-ups and portraits, so capturing a whole group of people or objects individually will not be a problem.

24-70mm lens for wedding photography

It’s the perfect accessory for family events and wedding party pictures as it’s capable of capturing great shots of both guests and the scenery that surrounds them. All this is available thanks to a proper focal length of 24mm, which is great for tight spaces.

Under such conditions, other configurations such as 70-200 and 50 mm will not work well, as the former will emphasize the tightness, and the latter will not have enough free space. Photographers often prefer this lens for group shots that do not require proximity to the model, but they do an excellent job with such a task as well.

FixThePhoto Recommended 24-70mm Lenses for Wedding Photography:

3. 85mm Lens - For Portraits

85mm lens for wedding photography

If you want more brightness for the aperture than 70-200 mm lenses provide, then you might like prime lenses. Among these models, you can find your best wedding lens, featuring improved autofocus and photo quality. If you’re willing to give up the benefits of such zoom components, you can count on the smaller weight and cost of such a photo accessory.

85mm lens for wedding photography

This lens provides the perfect focal length and when combined with a full-frame camera for wedding photography will allow you to capture eye-catching wedding portraits. This is a real godsend for portrait photographers because unlike wide-angle 24 mm and 35 mm lenses, it won’t ruin your shots with distortion around the edges. By setting the aperture to a wider one, you can get softer background blur and compressed photos.

FixThePhoto Recommended 85mm Lenses for Wedding Photography:

4. 100mm Macro Lens - For Close-Ups

100mm lens for wedding photography

If you like to pay attention to details during a photo shoot, then it makes sense to think about macro lenses. This will be especially appreciated by the bride, who has put a lot of effort into ensuring that everything is at the highest level. With this best camera lens for wedding photography, your macro shots will be in no way inferior to professional item photos from the covers of magazines.

100mm lens for wedding photography

It will also greatly improve your beautiful wedding ring photographs and photos of all the details of the bride and groom’s wedding look.

To forget about any limitations in macro photography, take a closer look at the bright macro lens. With it, you can switch to another mode that will allow you to take high-quality non-macro photos. What’s more, it will also help you save some money, since such a lens can act as an excellent portrait prime.

FixThePhoto Recommended 100mm Lenses for Wedding Photography:

5. 50mm Lens - Universal Lens for Most Scenarios

50mm lens for wedding photography

50mm lenses are the best lenses for wedding in terms of versatility. They perfectly play out in a variety of conditions and genres and are notable for the capture of those scenes that the human eye perceives. Whether it’s a portrait, a candid, or a night shot, this lens will meet all your wedding photoshoot needs. If you’re bringing multiple cameras with you, it’s a great idea to mount the lens on one of them for the whole wedding party.

50mm lens for wedding photography

The 50mm lens will come to your rescue in any light condition, making it a favorite of wedding photographers, as getting the right lighting for a wedding can be tricky. What’s more, it will not be difficult to find such a lens from your favorite brand - Canon wedding lenses, Nikon lenses for weddings, Fuji lenses and many others come with this configuration.

After the wedding, you have thousands of photos to overview and edit. Save your time and money and entrust this task to professionals from the FixThePhoto team. They will select the best shots, improve colors, and retouch portraits at an affordable price promptly.

FixThePhoto Recommended 50mm Lenses for Wedding Photography:


  • • Can you shoot a wedding with one lens?

If you have enough experience, then yes. At the same time, it is important that your wedding photography gear is comfortable and meets all your needs, as well as versatile, that is, it can be a 50 mm best lens for wedding photography, for example. Photographers prefer it for its stability in all light conditions. Whether indoors with natural light or outdoors at golden hour, this lens delivers superb results.

It would be perfect. It’s no secret that it’s hard to take care of lighting properly at a wedding celebration. Since a full-frame camera excels at pulling every pixel of light out of your frame, it’s a great companion for fancy-lit wedding parties. You will also benefit at the editing stage by getting more data.

  • • Why do wedding photographers need a second shooter?

This will ensure that the ceremony is captured from different angles. You can also split up and film the preparation of the bride and groom. Ceremonies often take place in spacious rooms, which means it will be easier for the two of you to cover them. During the wedding vows or exchange of rings, one of you can take close-up shots of the spouses, for example, with a Nikon portrait lens, while the other captures the surrounding guests and scenery.

It may be difficult for you to handle it during the holiday, but there are benefits from it. When shooting outdoors in the bright midday sun, you can add some light. In a dark room, it will also help create interesting and original scenes.

  • • How do you carry multiple lenses when shooting weddings?

Most often, photographers prefer a camera bag to carry their gear. It comes with dedicated compartments for the camera and the best lenses for wedding. An alternative to a bag can be camera holsters with their quick and easy access to cameras. Also, the most convenient option for you may be sling bags, because it is very simple and quick to put the lens into it when it is in your hands.