James Miller Luts Overview 2021

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James Miller LUTs were created by a professional photographer and videographer who has been working with color for over 35 years. After working with printing and reprographics, he created a design studio that he later turned into a video production company. Using these LUTs, you can make your videos look better without quality loss.

James Miller LUTs Overview with Examples

These LUTs will make your video look more natural and professional. The collection includes 9 packages of LUTs, which work with such video editing software as Vegas Pro, Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve. They come in .CUBE file format.

James Miller LUTs: Finishing

james miller luts finishing

These James Miller LUTs are perfect for portrait and event videos shot in poor lighting conditions. They will transform the atmosphere in your videos and smoothen the skin tone.

James Miller LUTs: Red

james miller luts red

Price: $22.94

They will help you create a special vibe in your videos and make them look like Hollywood films. If you recorded a video on a sunny day and it looks overexposed, these LUTs will fix this problem perfectly. You can adjust the saturation of blue shades, add warmth to highlights, and make black tones rich. The results will definitely impress you.

James Miller LUTs: Arri

james miller luts arri

Price: $22.94

With them, you can make your footage more detailed and adjust different parameters. You can use grain LUTs to create a film look. If you need to edit your footage quickly and at an affordable price, you can contact a professional video editing service.

James Miller LUTs: Sony

james miller luts sony

Price: $22.94

If you are looking for a vintage effect, these James Miller LUTs are exactly what you need. They are suitable for wedding, event, landscape, sports, and all other types of videos, which makes them very convenient to use.

James Miller LUTs: Canon

james miller luts canon

Price: $22.94

These LUTs highlight blues hues and even out the skin tone. You can use them for any kind of video, including wedding and urban footage. With them, you can add a vintage or cinematic effect to your footage in a few clicks. They add warmth to colors, make them richer and more appealing.

James Miller LUTs: Panasonic

james miller luts panasonic

Price: $22.94

These top-quality effects are suitable for wedding, travel footage, nature documentaries, etc. They do a great job at color grading, adjusting exposure and white balance, adding brightness to colors. With them, you can fully implement all your promo video ideas.

James Miller LUTs: Fujifilm

james miller luts fujifilm

Price: $22.94

If your clips feature people in various environments, these LUTs will help you smoothen the skin tone and make it look natural. There are different filters in this bundle so you can make other colors more vibrant or muted.

James Miller LUTs: Blackmagic

james miller luts blackmagic

Price: $22.94

Use these professional tools to make your footage look like a classic film look. With them, you can make colors warmer and highlight yellow tones. If you want to add a retro vibe, this is the best option for you. They are perfect for seascape and landscape videos as they make blue tones deeper.

James Miller LUTs: Zcam

james miller luts zcam

Price: $22.94

If you are looking for ways to make colors more saturated while keeping them natural, try using this package of James Miller LUTs. They will make the colors colder and increase the contrast to highlight the subject. These filters are ideal for action videos with good lighting.

James Miller: Instagram

james miller instagram

Username: @jamesmiller72
Genre: Videography
Followers: 3K

James Miller shares his works and some useful information on social media platforms. He also spends a lot of time traveling and posts videos enhanced with the help of his LUTs. Sometimes, he tells about parameters and tools that he used to create particular works. This will help you learn something new and enhance your footage. Thanks to his professional approach and advanced editing skills, he always creates top-quality videos.

James Miller LUTs Alternatives

james miller luts alternatives

If you can’t afford to buy James Miller LUTs, you might be interested in their alternatives. They allow you to create high-quality videos. Besides, they are simple to install and use. If you have some issues, you can learn how to install LUTs in Adobe Premiere by using a step-by-step guide.

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