James Miller Luts Review 2022

By Tata Rossi 17 days ago, Video Editing Tips

James Miller LUTs are amazing filters created by this experienced photographer and videographer to enhance footage easily. James has been working on colors for several decades. He studies all the characteristics of each camera color carefully. This collection of plugins allows you to fix small imperfections and make your videos eye-catching and unique.

James Miller LUTs Collection

In this review I will cover 9 filter packs for high quality and fast color grading. You can use these LUTs in various video editing software including Premiere Pro, Vegas Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve. The entire collection consists of multiple files in CUBE file format. Various minerals such as palladium or diamond became a source of inspiration for James Miller when he was creating his plugins.

James Miller LUTs: Finishing

james miller finishing lut

Number of LUTs included: 20

This collection of LUTs works well with portrait and event videos that have some imperfections caused by a lack of lighting during the shooting. They will give the skin a smooth, appealing look and add a special mood to your clips.

These plugins can be combined with standard manufacturers REC709/REC2020 LUTs to achieve the desired results instantly. You will get a flawless video of incredible quality. You can also apply these finishing LUTs over REC709/REC2020 profiles.

James Miller LUTs: Red

james miller red lut

Number of LUTs included: 3
Price: $36

This pack of James Miller LUTs will help you create an atmosphere reminiscent of the best Hollywood movies. These filters are great for working with overexposed footage filmed on a sunny day. You can boost blacks, adjust the saturation of blue shades, and make highlights warmer to let your videos look more natural and balanced. As a result, you will get fantastic clips that your viewers will definitely love.

James Miller LUTs: Arri

james miller arri lut

Number of LUTs included: 3
Price: $35

This bundle contains a variety of filters that will allow you to make your ordinary footage more breathtaking. James has meticulously crafted every tone and setting to provide you with a powerful tool for lightning-fast video enhancement. You can add sharpness and detail to your videos with these LUTs. Also, you can adjust the necessary parameters for more subtle results. The grain LUTs from this collection work well for creating a film look.

If you are short on time or unsure of your video editing abilities, you can turn to professional services to improve your footage. FixThePhoto has a video editing team that consists of experienced professionals who know how to enhance videos in various genres, including wedding, product, corporate, drone, vlog, and travel footage. They can replicate the style of any cinematographer, YouTuber, or follow your own video editing style.

James Miller LUTs: Sony

james miller sony lut

Number of LUTs included: 20

If you are a fan of Sony cameras and want to get an effect that imitates them, this package is for you. You can use these James Miller LUTs to enhance wedding, event, landscape, sports videos, and others. They are very easy to use, and you will be able to give your videos an amazing vintage feel without spending a lot of time and effort.

This collection contains a filter that gives a mid-1970's vibe to your videos thanks to warm, desaturated tones. You can also get an outstanding film-noir look using LUTs with the stark black-and-white aesthetic. What's more, this set has several other impressive filters, such as a washed-out & faded film look, a poppy and colorful 1960s effect, and others.

James Miller LUTs: Canon

james miller canon lut

Number of LUTs included: 20

This bundle stands out for its complex color grading. All the filters in this collection allow you to achieve subtle color accents and imitate the color schemes created by the best Hollywood colorists. If you don't have Canon cameras for video but want to capture similar footage, then this set is just for you.

These filters are suitable for smoothing skin tone. Also, you can use them to highlight the blues in various types of videos, such as wedding and urban footage. Just a few clicks, and you will make the colors more saturated, warm and eye-catching. These Canon LUTs will give your clips an amazing cinematic effect.

James Miller LUTs: Panasonic

james miller panasonic lut

Number of LUTs included: 3
Price: $36

These plugins are a good solution for videos shot in various lighting conditions. They adjust color grades, make saturation more balanced, and keep the highlights perfect. Using this pack, you can implement your promo video ideas and create awesome content.

Your footage enhanced with these James Miller LUTs will look like it was shot on a Panasonic camera. These top-notch filters will help you improve your travel, wedding, nature documentaries, and other videos. They will brighten colors, correct exposure, and adjust tones in the best possible way.

James Miller LUTs: Fujifilm

james miller fujifilm lut

Number of LUTs included: 4
Price: $36

These Fujifilm LUTs are great for videos with people in the frame. They add a natural look and make the skin smooth. The set contains several filters. You can apply both brighter effects and muted tones depending on your style and needs.

This collection was created to make the process of color correction as fast and convenient as possible. It doesn't matter if you were shooting at night or during the day, indoors or outdoors. These LUTs will provide high-quality results in a few clicks. Thanks to these plugins, your footage will resemble videos taken with a Fujifilm camera.

James Miller LUTs: Blackmagic

james miller blackmagic lut

Number of LUTs included: 5
Price: $36

Give your videos a classic film look by applying the James Miller LUTs from this pack. They will come in handy if you want to emphasize yellow tones or add warmth to your footage. This is a good solution for fans of retro vibes. By boosting blue tones, these LUTs do a great job with seascape and landscape videos.

These filters are suitable for footage shot in different light conditions. They will cope with all the issues caused by high saturation levels or lack of lighting in the natural environment.

James Miller LUTs: Zcam

james miller zcam lut

Number of LUTs included: 3
Price: $36

This bundle of LUTs strikes the perfect balance between a rich and saturated color palette and a natural look. Your subject will stand out in the picture by increasing contrast and enhancing cold tones. If you shoot with an action camera in good lighting conditions, this collection is perfect for you.

Zcam LUTs pack brings cool, calming blues to your footage. You can adjust the brightness and intensity of colors while maintaining their original tones. These James Miller LUTs will give your videos a sharp and modern look thanks to their cool, steely hues.

James Miller LUTs on Instagram

james miller instagram

Username: @jamesmiller72
Genre: Videography
Followers: 3K

James Miller regularly posts his work and some helpful tips on social media. You can find lots of videos that he has enhanced with his unique LUTs. Moreover, he shares information about parameters and tools applied to particular works.

By visiting his blog, you can learn more about his filmmaking techniques and effective ways to enhance your video. James has a professional approach to video editing. This attitude combined with amazing editing skills allows him to create high-end videos.

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