6 Visually-Arresting Aesthetic Vloggers to Watch on YouTube

When you're stuck at home doing housework repetitively, you long for a break in the monotony. Yet ironically, YouTube recommends us with more videos of cleaning and cooking at home. These content creators, however, don't just cook, clean, and organize things. Instead, they make it seem like domestic work is fun with multi-angle shots and Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response aka ASMR-filled sounds amid idyllic rooms and houses.

Top 6 Aesthetic Youtube Channels to Watch

I've scoured YouTube to find the best aesthetic YouTube channel names. They're a growing body of creators who choose a simple life away from the city and decide to film their daily routine. Their vlogs are different from the videos of famous vloggers like Casey Neistat and Sawyer Hartman. Instead, their videos are more of a documentary, with themselves as the subject, the camera's stable and zeroing on their activity, and we're spectators of their everyday lives.

These aesthetic YouTubers use only the best video editors for YouTube and use LUTs for better color correction of their videos.

1. Hamimommy

hamimommy aesthetic youtube channel cover

Subscribers: 1.5 million

There's a growing trend in South Korea's cooking and cleaning ASMRs. And Hamimommy is one of the channels thriving in that niche. Nude colors, minimal home furniture, clean tables, and living rooms are common themes in her videos.

She has lived in Korea's countryside for years after moving from Seoul. She has filed an indefinite leave to take care of her four-year-old daughter. On the side, she films everything she does as a Korean housewife. She cooks tasty dishes with the pleasing sounds of sautees and the clanking of metals and frying pan.

And then she cleans. Her cleaning videos have racked up millions in views. She tidies up like no other. She uses organic cleaning detergents and swipes even the tiniest crack of dirt in her kitchen appliances. According to her followers, her multi-angles and HD pixels are more like a documentary film made by a production team and not of a single Korean mom. Yet, she alone manages to film and edit such visually pleasing videos.

If you happen to crave the down-low life with someone else, say a partner and a kid, Hamimommy's videos are perhaps your inspiring destination. She's a testament that a beautiful home is a result of tidying up, cooking good food, and sharing it with family.

2. Haegreendal

haegreendal aesthetic youtube channel cover

Subscribers: 2.19 million

With over two million followers, Haegreendal leads the pack of aesthetic video creators. Her videos have inspired thousands of international audiences to live a quiet and domesticated life.

Ms. Kim is the creator behind Haegreendal. It's the alias she created referring to her childhood nickname and her career as an illustrator. Ms. Kim lives in the village with her daughter and her husband. She films her daily routine of cooking, cleaning, and playing with her kids.

Her cleaning videos have averaged two million views and more than 7,000 comments. In fact, a particular video entitled "Vlog That Makes You Want to Clean" was featured in a New York Times article. "This makes me want to get my life together," says one of his commenters.

If you are into intricate cleaning routines, ASMR cooking styles, and just living a plain ordinary life, Haegreendal is your best respite. Her simple housewife activities are ironically delightful to watch, with clean color palettes, stable camera panning, and multi-angles. Her aesthetic might be something you doze off watching or something you would rather replicate in your life.

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3. Sueddu

sueddu aesthetic youtube channel cover

Subscribers: 942 thousand

Bak Hae Ri features her life as a freelancer in her Channel, Sueddu. Most of her videos portray her independence, living alone in a spacious apartment with her dog, Bebe.

She has a cool, toned-down apartment in the suburbs, where she films most of her subjects. She cooks and cleans too. She films herself writing down notes or busy typing on her Macbook Pro while her favorite beverage sits beside the table.

Her aesthetic content features a beige, minimalistic image of a quiet home filled with exquisite homemade food, a cozy bed, and a tidied kitchen. She often depicts an upper-middle-class life with an updated car, spacious apartment, and modern kitchen appliances. According to her Q and A video, she loves to save a good portion of her income because she has an inconsistent salary as a freelancer.

If you're planning to live alone soon, Sueddu can be your guide to live a complete life. That despite being apart from family, you could still find solace and wonder in the people-empty space of your house.

If you are inspired to take on the ride of aesthetic video creation, welcome to this growing group of creators. You might want to leave your place and get settled in the far-flung places where stress doesn't reside. Then you will share your enviously simple life.

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4. The Cottage Fairy

the cottage fairy aesthetic youtube channel cover

Subscribers: 736 thousand

Some people dream of cottage life, free from the hustle of the metro and the loud noise of endless cars. But some people truly live that lifestyle. And it's evident in the vlogs of The Cottage Fairy.

Paola M. is the name behind the aesthetically pleasing country-life videos. She started the channel just last year at the height of the pandemic, but she's been living in the cottage for more than two years now. Previously brought up in the same place, she left the country life to transfer to various places in Europe and Latin America. And then she settled in this idyllic mountain-side cottage in Washington State.

Her videos have inspired people who long for a serene and slow-moving life in the village, surrounded by thousands of stars in the evening and the most dazzling mountain flowers during the day.

She makes her living as a painter, selling prints on Etsy. Her arts are what drove her to make videos. People often ask how she comes up with her painting. So she started her Youtube channel first to share her artwork behind the scenes. Then her channel evolved to featuring her cottage life.

Being a tea connoisseur, she often displays her vast collection of dried wildflowers and herbs. She has foraged those tea arsenals everywhere near her house: by the mountain, beside the lake, near her barn, and along with the deers of the deep forest.

If, for a moment, you want to escape the anxiety-inducing life of the city, watch one of her videos and be prepared to be amazed. She and her videos never disappoint.

5. Sisu Simple Living

sisu simple living aesthetic youtube channel cover

Subscribers: 3.39 thousand

Sisu might be new among the aesthetic YouTube channel names, with just more than 3000 subscribers, but her videos are still very pleasing and well-crafted. Nude colors, cream, and beige, often paint her video themes. And like others, she delights in being a homebody. Living with her partner in a spacious apartment gets her to be a creative vlog filmmaker with cinematic panning, calming ASMR, and relaxing musical scores.

Sisu is an aesthetic YouTube channel produced by a Korean couple in the United States. They said they were inspired by Sueddu, Haegreendal, and Hamimommy, the leading aesthetic video creators of the same genre.

Her clean white space is a perfect background for an aesthetic ASMR vlog. Everyday routines, which often fade in the background, are the subjects of Sisu's videos. Cleaning the grimy kitchen and rowdy bedrooms was no longer a chore but inspiring and delightful past-time videos for her hundreds of followers.

For those who love being a homemaker, Sisu's channel, perhaps, is a fun place to be. You can follow her chores and how she tends to her partner with mouth-watering Korean meals in videos spanning 10-minutes or more.

6. Fairy Land Cottage

fairy land cottage aesthetic youtube channel cover

Subscribers: 346 thousand

Fairy Land Cottage is a walking dream. This channel displays the countryside life on the outskirts of the village. Her dainty barn-like house is filled with sustainable clothes, trimmed grass, flowers, and vegan food. Her life is a testament to the beauty of minimal waste and less-is-more lifestyle.

Her website boasts recipes for vegan baked goods, salads, and puddings. She also shows her craft of sustainable products like shampoos, mouthwash, and toothpaste. And in her videos, she forages the deep forest searching for bountiful grass, fruits, flowers to be recipes for her delightful vegan dishes and homemade ornaments.

If you live in a city heartland, where the noise of buses and factories are your alarm clock, why not transport your mind to idyllic places like those of Fairy Land Cottage. Her high-quality videos and beautiful angles are like a movie in its own right, capable of evoking emotions, making you feel calm and serene in an otherwise rowdy place.