Koji LUTs Review

Koji LUTs Review

Koji LUTs is a collection of professional 35 mm video editing LUTs for giving clips and videos a dramatic, old-fashioned look in several clicks. Designed by filmmakers who really know what they do, these Koji LUTs will add a professional touch to your videos.

koji luts review

With the participation of the famous film color expert Dale Grahn (Saving Private Ryan, Gladiator, Apocalypse Now Redux), Koji was the first one that created an impressive color of true 35mm film for digital filmmakers.

In this article, I’ll review the whole Koji LUT Pack and share freebies inspired by Koji LUTs.

Koji LUTs Pack REview

What are the benefits of using Koji LUTs? Personally I like these LUTs for color grading because they are really professional and let me add vintage vibes to my clips in several clicks.


koji dslr cinematic luts Download Professional LUTs

Excellent video editing tools for the material recorded with a DSLR. It also supports different formats, like Panasonic DSLRs, Canon DSLRs, and Blackmagic cameras (video mode).

Koji Log

koji log luts

Price: $299

Koji LUT Log is great for log videos. It was primarily created to work with REDlogFilm, Arri Log C, BMDFilm, BMDFilmV2, Canon C-Log and Sony SLog3. Amazing vintage look is guaranteed.

Koji Studio

koji studio luts

Price: $799

Koji Studio is a qualitative video editing toolset for real pros. It includes Koji DSLR and Log. Moreover, it offers technical versions of the Koji film stocks with complete color separation and DCI-P3 output for Cineon.

Koji Advance Plug-Ins Review

Koji Advance was developed to create an impression as if the video was recorded on film camera instead of a digital one. It aims to reduce a “digital” effect and make clips vintage. Having applied these video plug-ins, you will see that by means of exposure, color and film grain, you easily create your own antique video look.

Koji 2383

koji 2383 lut Download Film Inspired LUTs

This Koji LUT makes your video deeper. Applying the filter, you will get footage with cold shades. It looks like a screen from the famous dramatic films, doesn’t it?

Koji 2393

koji 2393 lut

As for me, it is the best Koji LUT for travel videos with vintage tints, perfect for landscape videos and portrait clips as well. It adds a slight blue shade to the movie.

Koji 3514

koji 3514 lut

It is quite an interesting Koji LUT for enhancing videos with nature/landscape backgrounds. It adds saturation and makes the clip more expressive. Therefore, the video is not bleak and looks a little deeper.

Koji 3521

koji 3521 lut

It is a cool Koji color LUT which has auto white balance, temp control, lift/gamma/gain, density, printer points. Besides, this video editing tool is taken from real 35mm negative stocks and is very adaptive.

Koji 3523

koji studio 3523 lut

This Koji LUT is focused on the cold blue color. Like other Koji film LUTs from this collection, Koji 3523 gives the deepness of color. It is very visible in clear and white-dominated video clips.

Koji 2302 (Black and White)

koji 2302 lut black and white

If you are a fan of noir film colors, Koji Color has created such an effect for you. As for me, it greatly enhances the clip. Perhaps, the highlights are too strong but the overall impression is nice. The details are clearly seen. Good for videos with harsh sunlight.

FilmConvert vs. Koji Advance Comparison

filmconvert vs koji advance comparisonfilmconvert vs koji advance comparison

Speaking about FilmConvert, it is not a newbie, actually. Koji Advance is famous for one of its creators Dale Grahn, a popular film color expert in the US.

Applying FilmConvert, you emulate film through a trimmed down interface. If you are a beginner, you will probably like this video plugin. You may download a great number of camera profiles, GoPro Protune, for instance.

As for Koji Advance, you may also install camera plugins, but the list is shorter. However, you instantly get all of them. Unfortunately, Protune is not on the list, but soon it will be available. So, it’s not the reason to reject Koji LUTs.

FilmConvert gives you insignificant color wheels which are rather useless, to my mind. Koji LUT Advance is a tool that may boast of unique printer point controls. These tools are necessary for video editing plugins.

Applying them, you correct the results by color pair. Moreover, I want to mention one more advantage of Koji Advance ‒ Advance’s Auto White Balance. I tested it on various videos and the results impressed me. Frankly speaking, my own adjustments are left behind. Moreover, being adaptive to contrast, Koji Advance’s grain looks differently in different zones (dark or light ones).

To sum up, I prefer Koji Advance plugin rather than the FilmConvert one. Koji is better for film emulation, it has great options, Dale Grahn’s experience and printer point controls. By the way, according to my tests, it is 20.28% faster than FilmConvert is.

Dale Grahn and Koji LUT

dale grahn portrait

Dale Grahn became popular due to his work in “Predator” (1987) and now he is one of the most successful film color experts in the world. Then, he also worked on “Saving Private Ryan”, Francis Ford Coppola’s “Dracula”, “Apocalypse Now Redux” and many other films.

He needed nothing besides simple RGB, density controls, and understanding of how colors reflect emotions. Equipped only with these means, he created the color look of the film.

Dale usually worked in a dark room and used a hand-cranked “comparator” projector to enhance each shot. He usually sat only with a director and cinematographer and they evaluated his work.

As a rule, he got positive reviews and soon became the only color expert whom Steven Spielberg invited to edit his films. Soon, studios stopped working with films and brought video technicians instead of film color timers. Grahn decided to create his own digital project of film look plugins ‒ Koji.

For the first time, the notion “timing” in the film industry appeared in the “black and white” period. The term meant the amount of time which a negative should spend in the developing solution to achieve the best image based on the exposure of the film. Therefore, the Timer is a specialist working with B&W negatives.

Then the color entered the industry. It changed everything, moving “timing” into the world of history. Now, skilled technicians started creating something that had never been seen before. However, these technicians were skilled only in black and white. They clearly understood that they had to improve their skills and there were no trained professionals to teach them. Color was a completely new brand. It brought many opportunities but required much effort.

Dale Grahn believes that the best way to master this occupation is to use all your experience and knowledge in black and white. You should apply everything you know and appeal to it.

It was his approach to digital color timing: he used all his film color experience and applied it in digital film editing. That was the start. The digital world provides completely new impressive tools that have not been accessible before. Using them, you fix the problems which were impossible to fix earlier. They are like a miracle.

However, it is very important not to change your attitude to the look of the image. Digital tools give you more possibilities and more creative ideas. Again, they are like a magic wand.

Koji is a great opportunity to learn something new about color timing. You will also see that digital and film timing have very much in common. Both of them have pros and cons. The modern world is a digital one and all Koji’s improved pictures are corrected with digital tools. However, Koji LUTs are created from the point of view of a film color timer. Perhaps, they took the advantages of the both worlds ‒ film and digital ones.

Koji LUTs Freebies

If you want to get this beautiful effect for video editing completely free of charge, download the following video freebies to do fast color grading.

Canon Blue Balance

free koji lut inspiredfree koji lut inspired

This LUT is perfect for those who need black and white in the video. Details are clearly visible, the overall picture is beautiful, deep. Check out this LUT if you want to achieve "2302 Black and White" effect.

Color Grading Moment

free koji lut inspiredfree koji lut inspired

Color Grading LUTs Moment is perfect if the colors in the video a bit dull and simple. This is the perfect alternative to "3514" by Koji.

Cinematic Flavin

free koji lut inspiredfree koji lut inspired

Applying this LUT you get a beautiful picture with the effect of a film. This option also adds a bit of saturation to the clip. Check out this LUT if you want to achieve "2383" effect.

Film Blue Night

free koji lut inspiredfree koji lut inspired

This is a cool color LUT that has automatic white balance and temperature control. This LUT is perfect alternative to LUT "3521" as it creates dramatic and mysterious atmosphere.

High Tide

free koji lut inspiredfree koji lut inspired

This is a pretty interesting LUT. This adds richness and makes the clip more expressive. The contrast and saturation remind the effect of "3514" Koji LUT.

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