120 Free Cinematic LUTs

Download these free Cinematic LUTs and create amazing videos easily and effectively. They work with any footage type, be it a low-light clip or daylight videos. These filters help you grab viewers’ attention and wow them with harmonious and cinematic colors. These Cinematic LUTs in .CUBE and .LOOK formats were created and tested by our experts, use them to level up your video projects. They are adjusted to improve shadows and highlights, while preserving details in mid-tones. Free cinematic LUT pack creared for Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, FCPX, Resolve, DaVinci, etc.

Cinematic LUTs #1 "Shine"

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Free Cinematic LUTs #2 "Matte"

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Cinematic LUT #3 "Deep"

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LUT Cinematic #4 "Frosted"

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Free Cinematic LUT #5 "Dimension"

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Cinematic LUT Free #6 "Enchanted"

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Free LUT Cinematic #7 "Flavin"

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LUTs Cinematic #8 "Evolution"

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Best Cinematic LUTs #9 "Ultra Water"

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Download Cinematic LUTs #10 "Wipe"

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Free LUTs Cinematic #11 "Beige Colors"

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Cinematic LUT Download Free #12 "Cross Process"

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Download Free Cinematic LUTs #13 "Violet Midlight"

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Cinematic Color LUTs #14 "Dramatic Light"

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LUT Pack Cinematic #15 "Orange&Teal"

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Free Cinematic LUT Pack #16 "Matte"

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Cinematic Free LUTs #17 "Film Emulation"

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Best Free Cinematic LUTs #18 "B&W"

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LUTs Cinematic Free #19 "Cold Noir"

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Free LUTs for Cinematic #20 "Vintage City"

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Best Cinematic LUTs Free #21 "Dusty Light"

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LUTs for Cinematic Look #22 "Vintage"

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Cinematic LUTs #23 "Warm Light"

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Free Cinematic LUTs #24 "City Film"

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Cinematic LUT #25 "Foliage"

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LUT Cinematic #26 "Retro Frame"

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Free Cinematic LUT #27 "Fade Look"

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Cinematic LUT Free #28 "Blue Night"

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Free LUT Cinematic #29 "W&B"

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LUTs Cinematic #30 "Tinted Shades"

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More Free LUTs by FixThePhoto

Any Cinematic LUT from this collection is designed to simulate the effect you typically get with top-quality film color grades. If you understand that your footage looks dull or lacks vibrant colors, just choose any LUTs from this pack and get those Hollywood color grades in a quick and free way.  

Best Cinematic LUTs #31 "Film Emulation"

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Download Cinematic LUTs #32 "VSCO"

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Free LUTs Cinematic #33 "Premiere"

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Cinematic LUT Download Free #34 "Orange&Teal"

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Download Free Cinematic LUTs #35 "Canon"

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Cinematic Color LUTs #36 "Film"

Vintage LUTs

Tips for using Сinematic LUT Free

  • This Cinematic LUT increases contrast and makes shadows colder. You can notice that skin tone gets warmer, while overall tones become more saturated.
  • We recommend using this LUT for videos recorded outdoors in daylight, so you can add a warm and cozy feeling to your footage.
  • If you want to bring depth to your videos, just use such a Cinematic LUT. It mainly influences blue shades, making them more saturated. So, use this filter for videos recorded near the river or at the seaside, as the fore- and background will be harmoniously merged into one frame. Mind that this LUT will be almost useless if your video was recorded early in the morning or late in the evening when there isn’t enough sunlight.
  • Be careful when applying this LUT as videos recorded at the sunset or in gloomy weather become somehow depressed.
  • If you want to bring accent to the sky in your videos, hurry up to download and apply this free Cinematic LUT.
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