120 Free Gopro LUTs

Each GoPro user has a huge number of adventurous videos but they don’t get around to enhancing these movies manually. To make your life easier, FixThePhoto team created Free GoPro LUTs. These are video filters for fast and easy color grading. Download these GoPro LUTs that are supported by various video editing apps and softwares (Premiere Pro CC, Sony Vegas, FCPX, After Effects CC, DaVinci Resolve, and more). Our GoPro LUT Pack includes 120 color grading filters in .CUBE and .LOOK formats for amateurs and professional extreme videographers.

Gopro LUTs #1 "Action Day"

gopro luts

Gopro LUT #2 "Shadow Tone"

gopro lut

Free Gopro LUTs #3 "Blue Hawaiian"

free gopro luts

Free Gopro LUT #4 "Matte"

free gopro lut

Gopro LUT Free #5 "Aura"

gopro lut free

LUTs Gopro #6 "Contrast"

luts gopro

Best Gopro LUTs #7 "Soft Purple"

best gopro luts

LUTs for Gopro #8 "High Tide"

luts for gopro

Best Gopro LUT #9 "Old Movie"

best gopro lut

Best LUT for Gopro #10 "Night Vision"

gopro lut download

LUT for Gopro #11 "Saturation Skin"

best lut for gopro

LUT for Gopro Videos #12 "Purple Tint"

lut download gopro

Best LUT for Gopro Videos #13 "Cold Shadows"

gopro lut pack

Download Gopro LUTs #14 "Cinematic"

free gopro lut pack

Best LUTs for Gopro #15 "Soft Beige"

lut for gopro

Best Free Gopro LUTs #16 "Tinted Shades"

lut for gopro videos

Gopro Free LUTs #17 "Retro Matte"

best lut for gopro videos

LUTs Gopro Free #18 "Black & White"

free lut pack gopro

Best Gopro LUTs Free #19 "Nature Contrast"

download gopro luts

Free LUTs for Gopro #20 "Deep Color"

best luts for gopro

Gopro LUT #21 "Blockbuster"

best free gopro luts

Free Gopro LUTs #22 "Cool Mist"

gopro free luts

Free Gopro LUT #23 "Forest"

luts gopro free

Gopro LUT Free #24 "Breeze"

best gopro luts free

LUTs Gopro #25 "Craft"

free luts for gopro

Best Gopro LUTs #26 "Depth"

gopro luts free download

LUTs for Gopro #27 "Contrast"

gopro luts download

Best Gopro LUT #28 "Tropical"

gopro luts

Best LUT for Gopro #29 "Sharpen"

gopro lut

LUT for Gopro #30 "Art House"

free gopro luts

More Free LUTs by FixThePhoto

Action cameras are used during vacations, sports events, concerts, etc. You may use GoPros all year round. That is why our professionals designed free GoPro LUTs suitable for these particular genres of filmmaking. All LUTs provide qualitative video editing paying attention to all the details and lighting. Color correction is very important. It’ll make the video brighter and more vibrant. You’ll get pleasure from watching it again and again. 

LUT for Gopro Videos #31 "BMPCC"

free gopro lut

Best LUT for Gopro Videos #32 "GH5"

gopro lut free

Download Gopro LUTs #33 "DJI"

luts gopro

Best LUTs for Gopro #34 BlackMagic"

best gopro luts

Best Free Gopro LUTs #35 "After Effects"

luts for gopro

Gopro Free LUTs #36 "Photoshop"

best gopro lut

Description of Gopro LUT Free

  • GoPro LUTs from our collection will save the day when your video is dull and boring. It brightens the colors making the movie eye-catching. This LUT is suitable for outdoor adventurous videos
  • Use GoPro LUTs free not to lose important details and draw attention to the people in the video.
  • If your video is unattractive and spoils the impression of the whole vacation, you absolutely need this GoPro LUT. It adds an old movie effect making the clip very bright.
  • Free Gopro LUTs will change your perception of a green color forever. It will make the picture very bright and colorful. Apply it to outdoor movies shot somewhere in the forest or in the field.
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