Free Cloud Brush Photoshop Collection

Either you intend to improve a street photo, making it more interesting and eye-catching or want to add an element to an empty sky – you can take full advantage of this bundle of Cloud brushes for Photoshop. The collection comprises 10 professionally designed brushes that help you make your sky images really pop.

Some Photoshop free Cloud brushes add heavy and fluffy clouds to your image while others enrich a photo with fog-like smoke. All brushes are available in ABR format.

Cloud Brush Photoshop #1 "Weightlessness"

brush cloud photoshop

Photoshop Cloud Brushes #2 "Serenity"

cloud brush photoshop free

Cloud Brushes Photoshop #3 "Fantasy"

cloud brushes for photoshop

Photoshop Cloud Brush #4 "Peace"

free photoshop cloud brushes

Clouds Brush Photoshop #5 "Ambiguity"

clouds photoshop brushes

Cloud Photoshop Brushes #6 "Freedom"

cloud photoshop brush

Brush Cloud Photoshop #7 "Other Worlds"

brush photoshop cloud

Cloud Brush Photoshop Free #8 "Blue Depths"

cloud brush for photoshop

Cloud Brushes for Photoshop #9 "Air Ocean"

clouds brushes photoshop

Free Photoshop Cloud Brushes #10 "Tranquility"

photoshop clouds brush

Clouds Photoshop Brushes #11 "Wisps"

photoshop clouds brushes

Cloud Photoshop Brush #12 "Anticipation"

free cloud brush photoshop

Brush Photoshop Cloud #13 "Haze"

photoshop free cloud brushes

Cloud Brush for Photoshop #14 "Weft of Mist"

free cloud photoshop brushes

Clouds Brushes Photoshop # 15 "Lost Ways"

free cloud brushes for photoshop

Photoshop Clouds Brush #16 "Realm of Winds"

free cloud brushes photoshop

Photoshop Brushes Clouds #17 "Spooky Feel"

download cloud brushes for photoshop

Photoshop Brush Cloud #18 "Mystery"

cloud brushes photoshop free

Photoshop Brush Clouds #19 "Tornado"

clouds brushes for photoshop

Photoshop Clouds Brushes #20 "Morning Gauze"

brushes clouds photoshop

Free Cloud Brush Photoshop #21 "Christmas Time"

clouds photoshop brush

Photoshop Free Cloud Brushes #22 "Chill"

cloud brush in photoshop

Free Cloud Photoshop Brushes #23 "Snowstorm"

photoshop cloud brush free

Free Cloud Brushes Photoshop #24 "Winter Tale"

cloud brushes in photoshop

Cloud Brushes Photoshop Free #25 "White Blanket"

cloud brushes photoshop free download

Clouds Brushes for Photoshop #26 "Freefall"

adobe photoshop cloud brushes

Brushes Clouds Photoshop #27 "Dance"

photoshop cloud brushes free

Clouds Photoshop Brush #28 "Millions of Snowflakes"

clouds brushes photoshop free

Photoshop Cloud Brush Free #29 "Winter Joy"

free photoshop brushes clouds

Photoshop Cloud Brushes Free #30 "North Pole"

clouds brush photoshop free

More Free Photoshop Brushes by FixThePhoto

Our experienced retouchers found inspiration in the environment, so all Photoshop cloud brushes look realistic and perfectly resemble diverse clouds that you may see in different seasons and weather.

Free Photoshop Cloud brushes come in many shapes and sizes. You may use one brush or combine several effects to achieve a dramatic atmosphere. These brushes can help make any background beautiful and even mysterious.

Clouds Photoshop Brushes #31 "Grunge"

cloud brush photoshop

Cloud Photoshop Brush #32 "Stars"

photoshop cloud brushes

Brush Photoshop Cloud #33 "Circles"

cloud brushes photoshop

Cloud Brush for Photoshop #34 "Fire"

photoshop cloud brush

Clouds Brushes Photoshop #35 "Heart"

clouds brush photoshop

Photoshop Clouds Brush #36 "Smoke"

cloud photoshop brushes

Tips for Photoshop Cloud Brushes Free

Using Photoshop free Cloud brushes, you can change the weather, and accordingly the mood of the photo. Just increase the ""density"" of the clouds and instead of a clear sky, you’ll get a stormy one as before the downpour.

This works the other way round. If the sky in your picture is reflected in the water and you add clouds, you need to edit the reflection to achieve the natural look. Look through Cloud Photoshop brushes and choose a suitable option based on your original shot.

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