Free Star Brush Photoshop Bundle

Download these star brushes for Photoshop to make your photos look more creative and embellish your images of the night sky. They are free to use and easy to install. Besides, you can quickly customize them to your liking even if you are not a professional Photoshop user.

These stars Photoshop brushes were designed by professionals, but you can use them even without prior photo editing experience. Whether you want to enhance your landscape photo or embellish an image for social networks to make it more eye-catching, hurry up and download these free Photoshop star brushes.

They come in ABR format, which allows you to use them in Photoshop 4-6 to enhance JPG and RAW photos. With them, you can create magical postcards, edit photos for websites, and make the sky in your photos look truly mesmerizing.

Star Brush Photoshop #1 "Space Trip"

star photoshop brushes

Photoshop Star Brush #2 "Comet Tail"

star brushes for photoshop

Stars Brush Photoshop #3 "Dreams"

stars photoshop brushes

Star Brushes Photoshop #4 "Memories"

stars brushes photoshop

Photoshop Star Brushes #5 "Movement"

brush star photoshop

Photoshop Stars Brush #6 "Parade"

photoshop brushes stars

Star Photoshop Brushes #7 "Aspiration"

stars photoshop brush

Star Brushes for Photoshop #8 "Origin"

star photoshop brush

Stars Photoshop Brushes #9 "Pursuit of Happiness"

free star brushes photoshop

Stars Brushes Photoshop #10 "Flash"

photoshop brush star

Brush Star Photoshop #11 "Fern"

star brush photoshop free download

Photoshop Brushes Stars #12 "Aspen"

photoshop brush stars

Stars Photoshop Brush #13 "Iris"

photoshop brushes star

Star Photoshop Brush #14 "Wildflower"

star brush for photoshop

Free Star Brushes Photoshop #15 "Dandelion"

star brushes photoshop free

Photoshop Brush Star #16 "Heliconia"

free photoshop star brushes

Photoshop Brush Stars #17 "Rosemary"

free star photoshop brushes

Photoshop Brushes Star #18 "Cranberry"

star shape brush photoshop

Star Brush for Photoshop #19 "Cornflower"

star brush in photoshop

Star Brushes Photoshop Free #20 "Wheat Ear"

brush star photoshop free download

Free Photoshop Star Brushes #21 "Cupid"

brushes photoshop stars

Free Star Photoshop Brushes #22 "Valentine’s Mood"

stars brushes for photoshop

Brushes Photoshop Stars #23 "In Love"

photoshop stars brushes

Stars Brushes for Photoshop #24 "Tenderness"

free photoshop brushes stars

Photoshop Stars Brushes #25 "Eternal Love"

stars brush photoshop free

Free Photoshop Brushes Stars #26 "Together"

star shaped brush photoshop

Stars Brush Photoshop Free #27 "Soulmates"

free photoshop star brush

Free Photoshop Star Brush #28 "Passion"

photoshop star brushes free download

Free Star Brushes for Photoshop #29 "Sweetheart"

free star brushes for photoshop

Free Photoshop Brushes Star #30 "Joyful Spirit"

free photoshop brushes star

More Free Photoshop Brushes by FixThePhoto

If you like these free star Photoshop brushes, take a closer look at other similar brushes and effects created by professional designers.

You can download them free of charge. For a more eye-catching effect, try using various brushes to enhance different parts of your image. These brushes are easy to download and install.

Photoshop Free Star Brushes #31 "Circle"

star brush photoshop

Brushes Stars Photoshop #32 "Hair"

photoshop star brush

Photoshop Brushes Free Stars #33 "Smoke"

stars brush photoshop

Star Brush Photoshop #34 "Cloud"

star brushes photoshop

Photoshop Star Brush #35 "Snow"

photoshop star brushes

Stars Brush Photoshop #36 "Pencil"

photoshop stars brush

Recommendations for Using Star Brushes Photoshop Collection

You can use a star brush for Photoshop to add a magical feel to your photos and make them look more atmospheric. These brushes are perfect for enhancing children, family, landscape photos.

You can use them to embellish landscape images and photos of the interior. These brushes were created for enhancing photos of the night sky, but they are also perfect for creating postcards, posters, wallpapers, and photos for family albums.

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