120 Free Hair Brushes Photoshop Collection

Beautifully styled hair is an important part of practically any female portrait. So, it is no wonder that sometimes you may be dissatisfied with the way the hair looks like in the shot – either it lacks volume, or it is too frizzy and tangled. One of the effective tools to help you, in this case, are our hair brushes Photoshop.

The brushes are shared in .ABR file format, applicable to RAW and JPEG files, as well as compatible with Photoshop 4-6. Applying any Photoshop hair brush from the bundle is a breeze – it takes no more than a couple of clicks.

These hair Photoshop brushes come in different volumes, textures and hair types so you will surely find a tool to your taste. Apart from portraits, feel free to use the brushes for pictures from promotional high-end shootings, pictures for fashion and glossy magazines, etc. – whenever the model’s hair has to look glamorous yet natural.

Hair Brush Photoshop #1 "Preppy Style"

hair brush for photoshop

Hair Brushes Photoshop #2 "Femme Fatale"

hair brushes for photoshop

Photoshop Hair Brushes #3 "Wavy"

hair brush photoshop free download

Photoshop Hair Brush #4 "Goldilocks"

hair photoshop brush

Brush Hair Photoshop #5 "Frizz"

photoshop hair brushes free download

Hair Photoshop Brushes #6 "Golden Curls"

hair brush photoshop download

Hair Brush for Photoshop #7 "Adventurous"

photoshop brush hair

Hair Brushes for Photoshop #8 "African Hair"

photoshop brushes hair

Hair Photoshop Brush #9 "Luxury"

free photoshop hair brushes

Photoshop Brush Hair #10 "Hollywood"

photoshop brushes for hair

Photoshop Brushes Hair #11 "Dense Smoke"

adobe photoshop hair brushes free download

Free Photoshop Hair Brushes #12 "Candle"

hair brush photoshop free

Photoshop Brushes for Hair #13 "In the Café"

free hair brush photoshop

Hair Brush Photoshop Free #14 "Cigarettes"

brushes hair photoshop

Free Hair Brush Photoshop #15 "Menthol Flavor"

photoshop hair brush free download

Brushes Hair Photoshop #16 "Anxiety"

photoshop hair brush download

Brushes Photoshop Hair #17 "Silence"

brushes photoshop hair

Free Hair Brushes Photoshop #18 "Apathy"

free hair brushes photoshop

Photoshop Brush FOR Hair #19 "Late Evening"

photoshop brush for hair

Free Hair Photoshop Brushes #20 "Explosion"

hair brush set photoshop

Free Hair Brushes for Photoshop #21 "Red Velvet"

hair brush in photoshop

Free Photoshop Hair Brush #22 "Mint Candy"

hair brushes photoshop free download

Free Hair Brush for Photoshop #23 "Violet Flower"

free hair photoshop brushes

Hair Paint Brush Photoshop #24 "Pink Lipstick"

free hair brushes for photoshop

Free Photoshop Brushes Hair #25 "Yellow Light"

download hair brush photoshop

Hair Photoshop Brushes Free #26 "Wine"

free photoshop hair brush

Brushes for Hair Photoshop #27 "Blue Paint"

hair brush tool photoshop

Hair Brush Photoshop #28 "Sand Dunes"

free hair brush for photoshop

Hair Brushes Photoshop #29 "Spray"

hair paint brush photoshop

Photoshop Hair Brushes #30 "Passion"

free photoshop brushes hair

More Free Photoshop Brushes by FixThePhoto

Would you like even more free Photoshop brushes carefully crafted by FixThePhoto experts? Then click on the link and explore numerous PS brush sets for different occasions, photography genres and design projects. All of them are developed with the end user in mind, so you can effortlessly combine them within one project and bring to life any creative idea.

Photoshop Hair Brush #31 "Cloud"

hair brush photoshop

Brush Hair Photoshop #32 "Heart"

hair brushes photoshop

Hair Photoshop Brushes #33 "Grunge"

photoshop hair brushes

Hair Brush for Photoshop #34 "Flowers"

photoshop hair brush

Hair Brushes for Photoshop #35 "Stars"

brush hair photoshop

Hair Photoshop Brush #36 "Spray Paint"

hair photoshop brushes

Tips for Using Photoshop Hair Brushes

Always remember to adjust the effect of hair brush Photoshop once it is applied. Change the color of the hair, its size and placement for a better result. As you can see, we are offering hair brushes appropriate for models in any position – whether they are standing straight, with their back to the camera, or turned to the left/right side, or even laying on the ground.

Keep that in mind when searching for the right brush hair Photoshop and pick the most fitting one according to the model’s positioning in the shot. This is the only sure way to achieve realistic-looking hair.

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