100 Free Heart Brushes for Photoshop

Apply these heart Photoshop brushes to create a romantic mood in your photo. You can use them to enhance any project, whether you are designing a unique greeting card or an invitation.

These free Photoshop heart brushes can be used by anyone who has basic photo editing skills. If you are looking for some special tricks to make your projects more eye-catching, download the entire collection of 10 unique heart brushes.

You can combine them or customize their colors and sizes to achieve amazing results. These heart shape Photoshop brushes come in ABR format, which allows you to use them in Photoshop 4-6 to enhance RAW and JPG images.

Heart Brush Photoshop #1 "Cupid"

heart brush photoshop

Heart Brushes for Photoshop #2 "Valentine’s Mood"

heart brushes for photoshop

Photoshop Heart Brushes #3 "In Love"

photoshop heart brushes

Heart Brushes Photoshop #4 "Tenderness"

heart brushes photoshop

Photoshop Heart Brush #5 "Eternal Love"

photoshop heart brush

Heart Photoshop Brushes #6 "Together"

heart photoshop brushes

Heart Shape Photoshop Brush #7 "Soulmates"

heart shape photoshop brush

Free Heart Brushes for Photoshop #8 "Passion"

free heart brushes for photoshop

Heart Photoshop Brush #9 "Sweetheart"

heart photoshop brush

Photoshop Brush Heart #10 "Joyful Spirit"

photoshop brush heart

Free Photoshop Heart Brushes #11 "Abstraction"

free photoshop heart brushes

Photoshop Brushes Heart #12 "Delusion"

photoshop brushes heart

Free Heart Photoshop Brush #13 "Doodles"

free heart photoshop brush

Heart Photoshop Brushes Free #14 "Chaos"

heart photoshop brushes free

Free Heart Photoshop Brushes #15 "Scrawl"

free heart photoshop brushes

Free Heart Brushes Photoshop #16 "Gentle Touches"

free heart brushes photoshop

Heart Shaped Photoshop Brushes #17 "Hatching"

heart shaped photoshop brushes

Heart Shape Brush for Photoshop #18 "Loops"

heart shape brush for photoshop

Heart Brush for Photoshop #19 "Wavy Lines"

heart brush for photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Heart Brushes #20 "Scribbling"

heart brushes in photoshop

Heart Shape Photoshop Brushes #21 "Winterland"

heart photoshop brushes free download

Photoshop Free Heart Brushes #22 "Snowflakes"

adobe photoshop heart brushes

Heart Brushes for Photoshop Free #23 "Circus Lights"

heart shape photoshop brushes

Heart Brushes Photoshop Free #24 "Asymmetry"

photoshop free heart brushes

Brushes Photoshop Heart #25 "Harmony"

photoshop heart brushes free download

Heart Shaped Brush Photoshop #26 "Equilibrium"

heart brushes for photoshop free

Heart Brush Photoshop #27 "Oriental Patterns"

heart brushes photoshop free

Heart Brushes for Photoshop #28 "World Pillars"

brushes photoshop heart

Photoshop Heart Brushes #29 "Mystic Mandala"

heart shaped brush photoshop

Heart Brushes Photoshop #30 "Time Machine"

heart brush photoshop

More Free Photoshop Brushes by FixThePhoto

If you like these free heart Photoshop brushes, try using other similar tools as well. They were created for beginners and professional designers who work on their projects in Photoshop and want to create high-quality content.

These popular brushes are easy to use and download. To make your postcards, photos and invitations more attention-grabbing, use these professionally designed brushes with other effects.

Photoshop Heart Brush #31 "Clouds"

heart brush photoshop

Heart Photoshop Brushes #32 "Flower"

heart brushes for photoshop

Heart Shape Photoshop Brush #33 "Stars"

photoshop heart brushes

Free Heart Brushes for Photoshop #34 "Fire"

heart brushes photoshop

Heart Photoshop Brush #35 "Watercolor"

photoshop heart brush

Photoshop Brush Heart #36 "Plant"

heart photoshop brushes

Tips for Using Photoshop Heart Brushes

These heart shaped photoshop brushes are suitable for enhancing a variety of projects, such as wedding photos and invitations, greeting cards, promotional materials and social network images.

By customizing their sizes, you can make your images more unique. They are better suitable for portrait, family, couple, wedding photos and greeting cards. Make sure to use them to enhance images with the light background, however, you can also use them with darker images after adjusting their color.

You don't need to draw hearts manually as you can quickly make your photos more eye-catching by adding various elements. Whether you want to design a wedding invitation or a greeting card for a child, use these heart brushes in Photoshop to complete your project in no time.

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