On1 Presets Free

These ON1 presets are given away by FixThePhoto absolutely for free for you to improve your photos in ON1 Photo RAW software. Apart from facilitating your workflow, these filters will allow you to give pictures a special feel just in several clicks. Get acquainted with top-notch Free ON1 presets that will give your images a magic touch and help you immensely in becoming more confident as a photographer.

On1 Preset #1 "Portrait"

If you want to increase the intensity of all color tones, exposure and shadows throughout the image, feel free to use this preset. Moreover, the dark vignette effect will frame your picture in the most impressive and dramatic way.
on1 preset free portrait

On1 Preset #2 "Moody"

If you want to add a pop of vibrant color to your shots, this is one of the best ON1 presets to achieve such an effect. It allows you to considerably enliven your photos, giving them a sharp and clear look and creating more depth.
on1 preset free moody

On1 Preset #3 "Matte"

This is one of the most popular free ON1 photo RAW presets designed for a classic look that will create a timeless effect. It allows you to enhance brightness, contrast and vibrancy, as well as draw out the details.
on1 preset free matte

On1 Preset #4 "Film"

This preset will give a nice-looking and soft vintage effect that will turn your images into catchy ones. It makes the photos warmer and brighter while slightly muting the colors and increasing the contrast.
on1 preset free film

On1 Preset #5 "Black and White"

This preset will allow you to create a monochrome look in your pictures. It highlights facial features, demonstrating the model’s emotions and adding a special atmosphere to the picture.
on1 preset free monochrome

What are On1 Presets?

ON1 Presets are particular settings designed to achieve a certain look of your picture in a matter of a minute. The presets are fully adjustable.

It is possible to apply a filter to your photo and then correct the parameters according to your style. You can adjust colors, temperature, exposure and white balance to achieve the desired effect.

ON1 Photo RAW is a powerful image editor, raw processor and photo organizer. The developers say that this is an all-in-one application that offers all the necessary features to perform first-class photo edits. ON1 Photo RAW allows photographers to experience one of the quickest ways to manage files by browsing and cataloging them. There is no need to import your images to the program.

The fast photo browser is designed to quickly view and rank your photos. Once you have ranked and sorted out your pictures, you can easily catalog them, as you would do it using the other photo editors.Aside from working with RAW files, ON1 Photo RAW supports numerous image formats, such as PSB, DNG, PSD, TIF, PNG and JPEG. During the image editing process, you can use all the power and abundance of tools the program offers.

In addition to using ON1 Photo RAW as a standalone photo editor, you can also integrate it as a plug-in to Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Also, the program works with various cloud services that allow you to upload, organize and enhance images on different computers.

Installing On1 Presets

ON1 presets are compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. Read on to discover two ways of installing these plug-ins.

How to Install ON1 Presets on Mac

How to Install ON1 Presets on Windows

Editing Photos in ON1 in Video Tutorials

Editing Your First Portrait in ON1

Get a first look at ON1 Photo RAW and learn how to enhance portraits with this application. The tutorial will show you how to properly start the working process, where to find the necessary tools and develop sections.

You are going to find out how to adjust Tone & Color sliders. Also, you will learn how to remove any unnecessary skin imperfections and discover everything about smoothing skin and applying style to the mouth and eyes in the Portrait Tab. The video will explain how to add filters using the Effects module.

3 Ways to Flawlessly Retouch Skin

Discover how to effectively smooth and retouch skin using ON1 Photo RAW. The first way is to open the Effects module and apply the Skin Retouching filter to eliminate skin blemishes. Another way is to open the Portrait Tab where it is possible to automatically detect faces and smoothen skin, brighten and sharpen eyes as well as retouch a mouth. Also, you can duplicate your photo and blur the skin tones to smoothen the skin on the face.

Creating Dramatic Look

Find out how to create a dramatic portrait in several minutes using interesting approaches. First off, learn how to give the image basic tonality and color using the Develop Tab. Then the authors will combine artistic filters (Grunge and Glow) to make the photo more dramatic. To complement the look, they will smoothen the skin of the model inside the Portrait Tab.

Creating Elegant B&W Look

This video tutorial demonstrates how to create a stylish B&W look. Start from opening the Develop Tab to correct tone and color. Then move to the Portrait Tab and retouch skin. At last, mix in black and white to give the photo a final touch.

Creating a Moody Portrait

Create moody and stylish portraits using ON1 Photo RAW. Discover how to push your portraiture to creative heights by experimenting with various tones and filters. Get started with the Browse module where you can find your images.

Compare multiple photos in the Compare View mode in order to find the best one. Once you have chosen the pictures, go to the Develop module to adjust tonality in your image. Then take your portrait to the Effects module to enliven it. To achieve that sought-after moody effect, use Grunge and Bleach Bypass filters. By the way, Grunge is a perfect filter for creating a dark and haunting look.

How to Do a Head Swap in ON1

If you have a group photo and not everyone likes their expressions, it’s just the time to learn how to do a head swap in ON1. Now it is possible to quickly and easily do head swaps using two layers. The Difference blend mode gives you the power to accurately align images and perfectly swap expressions and faces.

The Fast & Easy Way to Edit Milky Way Photos

Sometimes, it may seem rather challenging to edit Milky Way shots. Using ON1 Photo RAW will open up huge vistas of photo editing possibilities for you. Did you know that it is possible to maximize the sky detail with incredible clarity just in several steps? Find out how to make your Milky Way photos pop and glow in this useful tutorial.

Processing a Wildlife Photo in On1 Photo RAW

In this tutorial, the author takes you through the steps of editing a wildlife photo. He performs simple edits to preserve the image as natural as possible. By copying and pasting a mask, the author tries to represent how the bird looked like at the moment the shot was taken

On1 Photo RAW Masking

In this video, the author explains how to use an impressive range of masking and blending options of On1 Photo RAW to edit landscape photos. Learn how to use global and local adjustments inside the Develop module and complement your image with artistic effects in the Effects module.

Luminosity masking tools are especially important when it comes to editing landscape shots. Also, you will have an opportunity to see Color Picker and Range slider as well as the blending option controls in action.

Create an HDR Image Using On1 Photo RAW

In this video series, the author explains how to use ON1 Photo RAW to save, cull and edit the photos. This episode will be especially helpful for those who want to learn how to create and edit an HDR image.
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