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On1 Presets Free

These ON1 presets are given away by FixThePhoto absolutely for free for you to improve your photos in ON1 Photo RAW software. Apart from facilitating your workflow, these filters will allow you to give pictures a special feel just in several clicks.

What are On1 Presets?

ON1 Presets are particular settings designed to achieve a certain look of your picture in a matter of a minute. The presets are fully adjustable. 

It is possible to apply a filter to your photo and then correct the parameters according to your style. You can adjust colors, temperature, exposure and white balance to achieve the desired effect. 

ON1 Photo RAW is a powerful image editor, raw processor and photo organizer. The developers say that this is an all-in-one application that offers all the necessary features to perform first-class photo edits. ON1 Photo RAW allows photographers to experience one of the quickest ways to manage files by browsing and cataloging them. There is no need to import your images to the program. 

The fast photo browser is designed to quickly view and rank your photos. Once you have ranked and sorted out your pictures, you can easily catalog them, as you would do it using the other photo editors.Aside from working with RAW files, ON1 Photo RAW supports numerous image formats, such as PSB, DNG, PSD, TIF, PNG and JPEG. During the image editing process, you can use all the power and abundance of tools the program offers. 

In addition to using ON1 Photo RAW as a standalone photo editor, you can also integrate it as a plug-in to Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Also, the program works with various cloud services that allow you to upload, organize and enhance images on different computers.

Why do you need free On1 Presets?

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  • User-friendly and high-quality presets
  • Appealing and trendy effects  
  • Tested on the images of different photography genres
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows
  • Support RAW or JPG formats

5 FREE On1 Presets

Get acquainted with 5 top-notch Free ON1 presets that will give your images a magic touch and help you immensely in becoming more confident as a photographer.

On1 Preset #1 "Portrait"

If you want to increase the intensity of all color tones, exposure and shadows throughout the image, feel free to use this preset. Moreover, the dark vignette effect will frame your picture in the most impressive and dramatic way. 

This filter will work great with urban photos as it adds a rough and dangerous look and a special charm to the subject. 

Also, it is suitable for extreme sports enthusiasts. Keep in mind that this preset makes mid-tones darker and increases magenta tones. Before using “Portrait”, take into account the tonal range of a photo. It is better not to apply this filter to the images which contain a lot of purple and magenta colors.


On1Preset #2 "Moody"

This is one of the most popular free ON1 photo RAW presets designed for a classic look that will create a timeless effect. It allows you to enhance brightness, contrast and vibrancy, as well as draw out the details. 

This filter will come especially in handy if your pictures are taken on a cloudy day or in dim lighting conditions. The preset doesn’t only brighten up the images, it makes them more dramatic and attention-grabbing. 

This effect is currently on-trend, and you can see it in numerous commercial and celebrity photos. Apart from sharpening the picture, “Moody” highlights textures and increases detail. However, take into account that it makes skin blemishes and shadows more visible. The preset is perfect for celebrity or street portraits as well as magazine covers that need a gritty feel.


On1 Preset #3 "Matte"

If you want to add a pop of vibrant color to your shots, this is one of the best ON1 presets to achieve such an effect. It allows you to considerably enliven your photos, giving them a sharp and clear look and creating more depth. "Matte" will be especially useful if you have taken pictures on a cloudy day or in poor lighting situations. 

Besides, this preset will be a perfect solution when you need to enhance nature and urban portraits.  For a more amazing effect, you can desaturate the image and then add a mask to make one color stand out. It is worth mentioning that this preset reduces the luminescence of blue and aqua colors, so applying it to sea photos won’t be a wise choice.


On1 Preset #4 "Film"

This preset will give a nice-looking and soft vintage effect that will turn your images into catchy ones. It makes the photos warmer and brighter while slightly muting the colors and increasing the contrast. This filter increases whites, giving the images a little pop to draw viewers in. 

Unlike other muted presets, this one enhances details and sharpness in the photos. If you want to give your pictures a charming film effect and preserve their natural look, this plug-in is a nice option to consider.


On1 Preset #5 "Black and White"

This preset will allow you to create a monochrome look in your pictures. It highlights facial features, demonstrating the model’s emotions and adding a special atmosphere to the picture. The preset brushes away minor skin blemishes.

 It works effectively with different photography genres, especially urban photos. “Black & White” allows you to emphasize the beauty of urban landscapes, revealing the features of architecture and skyscrapers. To achieve better results, try to experiment with the settings.