Free Affinity Photo Presets

Affinity Photo presets will come in handy if you want to enhance your photos in several clicks. Being equally suitable for images taken indoors and outdoors, the presets make colors brighter, improve the skin tone, instantly fix contrast issues, remove inky shadows, and adjust white balance. All presets for Affinity Photo work flawlessly in all versions of the program, and can even be imported to the software with preset support. If you are tired of standard color editing and are after something personalized, make sure to download these packs.

Affinity Photo Preset #1 "Bright Colors"

Preset makes colors in a photo livelier. It is an ideal option for images taken outdoors in summer or spring. If you have a photo of a color-rich landscape, you can easily highlight the beauty of the scene using this free Affinity Photo preset.
free affinity photo presets bright colors

Affinity Photo Preset #2 "Cinema"

Those fond of movie-inspired color mixes, should have a closer look at this preset. It nicely changes skin tones and makes the rest of the colors more saturated.
free affinity photo presets cinema

Affinity Photo Preset #3 "Orange and Teal"

A good option for images taken in flattering sunlight or in locations, where orange and teal tones naturally blend. This Affinity Photo free preset accentuates the combination of these colors, making the entire frame eye-pleasing.
free affinity photo presets orange and teal

Affinity Photo Preset #4 "Airy"

The “Airy” preset gently removes harsh shadows without leaving traces, corrects white balance and contrast. It is best suited for images taken outdoors in natural light.
free affinity photo presets airy

Affinity Photo Preset #5 "Soft Skin"

If you have a bundle of portrait photos that require editing, this is one of the best Affinity Photo presets you can find. It removes unappealing shine and abrupt color tone shifts, improves blacks and makes other colors more saturated.
free affinity photo presets soft skin

Affinity Photo Preset #6 "Contrast"

If you don’t want to fix contrast issues manually, you can fully rely on this preset. It will make colors more contrasted without crossing the line of common sense. It works perfectly for images without many different colors in the frame.
free affinity photo presets contrast

Affinity Photo Preset #7 "Sunset"

To make colors richer and warmer, you can use the “Sunset” Affinity Photo preset. It shows good results when applied to outdoor images with a focus on a single object – a building, a person, an animal, a landscape, etc.
free affinity photo presets sunset

Affinity Photo Preset #8 "Bright"

This preset for Affinity Photo allows making colors in your images brighter, producing realistic color interplays. You can use this filter for photos with the main accent on the foreground, while the background is blurred.
free affinity photo presets bright

Affinity Photo Preset #9 "Old Film"

The “Old Film” preset is a sure way to go if you want to turn your images into a frame from a movie. The result usually has a romantic mood with subtle colors and muted tones.
free affinity photo presets old film

Affinity Photo Preset #10 "Monochrome"

The popularity of such effects is never out of fashion and you can get remarkable monochrome metamorphosis, applying this preset. It is best suited for lifestyle images.
free affinity photo presets monochrome

Affinity Photo Preset #11 "Landscape"

This is one of the best landscape presets for Affinity Photo. It helps highlight the majesty and beauty of natural, make colors richer and livelier, and get rid of deep shadows.
free affinity photo presets landscape

Affinity Photo Preset #12 "Darkness"

If you want to make colors in your photos darker, this preset may come in handy. It affects the entire frame and adds moody vibes.
free affinity photo presets darkness

Affinity Photo Preset #13 "Blush"

Specifically created for portrait photographers, this filter allows improving skin tones and colors in several clicks. The skin acquires a healthier look without greasy shine.
free affinity photo presets blush

Affinity Photo Preset #14 "Cold"

Shifting colors to a cold side may be beneficial in some cases and if you want this type of editing, have a look at this Affinity Photo free preset. It works best if the original frame has blue, green, and black colors prevailing.
free affinity photo presets cold

Affinity Photo Preset #15 "Color Grading"

If your indoor images look boring and you want to make colors brighter, here is a wonderful preset to try. It improves the coloring of each detail, bringing all components into one harmonious whole.
free affinity photo presets color grading

What are Affinity Photo Presets?

The collection of free Affinity Photo presets can become a helpful addition to your standard color editing toolset. They are designed to speed up a regular routine and provide newbie and professional photographers with efficient tools for creative experiments.

These presets are easy to download and use in all Affinity Photo versions. They are claimed to cover a multitude of photo genres.

Some presets in the package are suitable for editing portrait and family photos, while others reveal their full potential when applied to landscape and urban shots. You can also choose presets that enliven the color gamut or opt for filters aimed at B&W transformations.

All presets are available on the FixThePhoto website, so you can be sure you get a licensed product. Once you’ve downloaded them to your computer, you need to open Affinity Photo, and find the “Add Preset” button in the upper left corner. Click on it and import the needed presets. Now, you can apply a preset to your photos by opening Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Presets. 

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