Free Watercolor Overlay Textures

Free Watercolor Textures for Photoshop can be used for photo manipulations, web, graphic design projects, some branding tasks, etc. This collection features many high-resolution watercolor textures in various shapes, colors, and forms. These Free Watercolor Texture Packs were carefully painted and created by art experts and scanned in the heist resolution.

Watercolor Texture #1 "Blue Sky"

One of the most beautiful boken overlays to create a captivating photo with a pleasing background. Apply it to nighttime photos to achieve a wow effect.
watercolor texture free

Free Watercolor Texture #2 "Brush Strokes"

You will be able to take a fresh look at your designs if you use this airy free watercolor texture.
free watercolor texture pictures

Free Watercolor Textures #3 "Brown Wood"

Complement your artistic works using free watercolor textures. This one is ideal for light designs without many distracting elements.
free watercolor textures get

Watercolor Background #4 "Storm"

Designs with a watercolor texture background are eye candy, so add gentle paint strokes to your projects using this tool.
watercolor texture background download

Free Watercolor Texture #5 "Teal Blue"

Use this watercolor texture free designed by professionals to make your projects unique and recognizable.
watercolor texture free image

Watercolor Texture Images #6 "Faded Red"

Pastel tones have never been out of fashion, so you can attract people’s attention to your projects with the help of such eye-pleasing watercolor background texture.
watercolor background texture free

Watercolour Texture #7 "Multicolored"

This is an ideal watercolor texture for invitations, postcards, flyers, creative blogs and another art.
watercolour texture pictures

Watercolor Texture For Ps #8 "Green"

You can use this mesmerizing watercolor texture Photoshop overlay for all sorts of projects, with a preference given to lifestyle and travel blogs.
watercolor texture photoshop get

Watercolor Textures Free #9 "Splashes"

This is one of the most beautiful and captivating watercolor textures free filters highly popular among designers. Use it to add a dreamy atmosphere to your works.
watercolor textures free download

PS Watercolor Texture #10 "Glow"

The “Lollypop” Photoshop watercolor texture can be a great addition to your toolkit, especially if you like creating lively and colorful designs.
photoshop watercolor texture image

Watercolor Textures #11 "Purple Haze"

Such stunning, light and gentle watercolor textures are great for designers running ocean-themed blogs or producing related crafts. Experiment and use them for other tasks as well.
watercolor textures free

Royalty Free Watercolor #12 "Moody"

Watercolor texture images can be a perfect extra bit of creativity your website lacks. If you want to fill the gap, use this texture.
watercolor texture images pictures

Water Colour Texture #13 "Chaos"

Ornament your content and emphasize your love for everything natural and organic with the help of this water color texture.
water color texture get

Watercolour Textures #14 "Turquoise"

Make your designs a bit deeper and elegant similar to this watercolor texture picture. The smooth transition from dark blue to light blue areas looks amazing.
watercolor texture picture download

Seamless Watercolor Texture #15 "Pink Dream"

Such water color textures can be used for various creative purposes. Start experimenting and share your results with you followers.
water color textures image

Watercolor Texture High Res #16 "Purple Sunset"

Bring a wow effect to your projects by dint of this watercolor paper texture. You are sure to win over your clients’ hearts with original designs.
watercolor paper texture free

Watercolor Paint Texture #17 "Soothing"

This Hi Res watercolor texture is a perfect fit for any kind of artsy blog, fashion websites and online stores.
hi-res watercolor texture pictures

Watercolor Background Png #18 "Abstract"

Give your content a gentle feel applying this free watercolor overlay Photoshop texture. Many designers like it because of its fresh and pleasant appearance.
free watercolor texture photoshop get

Watercolor Png Free #19 "Greenery"

Show off your creativity and unique style, downloading and using this free watercolor overlay.
free watercolor download

Watercolor Free Download #20 "Fuschia"

Finding a royalty free watercolor texture isn’t an easy task, so you are absolutely lucky to get this tool designed to bring some gloss to your designs.
royalty free watercolor texture image

Blue Watercolor #21 "Pop of Yellow"

How about creating natural-looking designs in a quick way? This water colour texture was designed just for that purpose.
water colour texture free

Light Pink Watercolor Png #22 "Aquamarine"

Are you looking for universal watercolour textures than can help with most of your projects? Here is the one worth downloading.
watercolour textures pictures

Watercolor Texture Collection #23 "Sunrise"

This is a must-have seamless watercolor texture collection, each element of which radiates natural energy and looks absolutely stunning regardless of the way you are going to use it.
seamless watercolor texture get

Pink Watercolor Texture #24 "Sunlight"

Use this beautiful watercolor texture High Res overlay to enliven the background of your images in a matter of seconds.
watercolor texture high res download

Watercolor Wash Texture #25 "Pink Gradient"

If you are looking for a fast way to make your designs recognizable, this watercolor paint texture can come in handy.
watercolor paint texture image

High Resolution Watercolor #26 "Blue Ocean"

If you think that the background of your images looks uninteresting, make use of this tool. Such a stylish watercolor background PNG file can suit different artistic purposes.
watercolor background png free

Watercolor Paper Texture #27 "Pastel"

This transparent watercolor background is perfect if you want to decorate your website, embellish a blog or just bring gentle touches to photos.
transparent watercolor background pictures

Transparent Watercolor Texture #28 "Neon Green"

Are you searching for watercolor transparent PNG textures? Here is a wonderful artistic option that can help make your projects more eye-pleasing.
watercolor transparent png get

Watercolor Transparent Png #29 "Fiery"

Finding high-quality watercolor background free variants isn’t an easy task, but this one has proven to be efficient for all sorts of creative projects. Download it and check how it can change your ordinary designs.
watercolor backgrounds free download

Watercolor Backgrounds Free #30 "Dreamy"

If you run a blog dedicated to literature or have an online bookstore, you can use this free watercolor paper texture to bring a special mood to your content.
free watercolor paper texture image

Watercolor Free Bundle #31 "Gold"

Download a watercolor free bundle full of high-quality textures and you are sure to impress your followers with unique designs all the time.
watercolor free bundle free

Free Watercolor Png #32 "Sand"

If you are all about delicate and gentle tones in your photos, this free watercolor PNG texture may interest you.
free watercolor png pictures

Free Watercolor Set #33 "Ornament"

This free watercolor texture set has been made to help you create trendy and catchy designs that can withstand a tight competition on the modern market.
free watercolor texture set get

Watercolor Texture #34 "Granules"

An amazing watercolor textures set, which can help you add a festive mood to your projects without laborious editing.
watercolor texture free download

Watercolor Texture Bundle #35 "Desert"

If you think that your images can benefit from a slight color boost, without diverting attention from the key element of the composition, this watercolor PNG overlay is an ideal tool.
watercolor png free image

Watercolor Texture #36 "Crepe Paper"

Take advantage of this watercolor free download link and give your images a professional look. Spend several seconds to improve the overall look of the picture and set the right mood.
watercolor free download free

Free Watercolor Texture #37 "Sun"

This watercolor texture collection offers you great tools for photo editing. Apply this texture to get an aesthetically beautiful and harmonious image.
watercolor texture collection pictures

Free Watercolor Textures #38 "Peel"

Use this free watercolor background if you want to add tenderness and softness to your images or designs.
free watercolor background get

Watercolor Background #39 "Shiny Glare"

This watercolor background transparent texture is almost invisible but it does wonders to your photos, bringing glow to them.
watercolor background transparent download

Free Watercolor Texture #40 "Traces"

Searching for a watercolor free background to highlight the main subject? Then try out this texture and your photos will look amazing!
watercolor free background image

Watercolor Texture Images #41 "Gems"

Use this seamless watercolor background to enrich your pictures with soft and romantic colors and attract viewers’ attention to them.
seamless watercolor background free

Watercolour Texture #42 "Tin Foil"

Get this watercolour background free and start creating awesome masterpieces of digital art. Experiment and give your photos a shot of expression and energy.
watercolour background free pictures

Watercolor Texture for Ps #43 "Creases"

Would you like to create natural-looking designs in the fastest way? This pink blue watercolor texture is what you need.
pink blue watercolor get

Watercolor Textures Free #44 "Pleasant Rustling"

Want to tell a romantic story with the help of your photos? Use this light pink watercolor PNG texture to give the finishing touch to your pictures.
light pink watercolor png download

Photoshop Texture #45 "Gold Powder"

This amazing collection of free watercolor backgrounds is what professional artists and designers need to achieve the best results.
free watercolor backgrounds image

Watercolor Textures #46 "Golden Dust"

Add this pink watercolor texture to your photo editing toolset to make your workflow faster and easier.
watercolor texture free

Royalty Free Texture #47 "Purple Dust"

Would you like to add an elegant feel to your photos? Then test out this watercolor wash texture to achieve the desired look.
watercolor wash texture pictures

Water Colour Texture #48 "Party Shine"

This high resolution watercolor texture will help bring your wildest and most creative ideas to life and give your photos an elegant and slightly glamorous look.
high resolution watercolor get

Watercolour Textures #49 "Green Dust"

This is one of the most beautiful and eye-catching High Res watercolor background texture. Apply it to add a dreamy atmosphere to your images.
high res watercolor background download

Seamless Watercolor Texture #50 "Confetti"

Want to add a lively touch to your photo projects? Get this watercolor background Photoshop texture and start creating a real masterpiece.
watercolor background photoshop image

Watercolor Texture High Res #51 "Golden Diamond"

Let your photos shine in a new way with this watercolor texture bundle. You can use it for your fashion projects, portraits, as well as artistic blogs.
watercolor texture bundle free

Watercolor Paint Texture #52 "Shimmering Magic"

Create a magical atmosphere with this watercolor texture PNG. Add a unique style and original feel to your images.
watercolor texture png pictures

Watercolor Background Png #53 "Sunshine"

Start experimenting with this watercolor texture transparent overlay right now! Showcase your creativity and give your photos a fresh and beautiful look.
watercolor texture transparent get

Watercolor Png Free #54 "Violet Sparkles"

Are you looking for a creative watercolor pattern Photoshop overlay to play with? Then you are lucky to find this effect.
watercolor pattern photoshop download

Watercolor Free Download #55 "Yellow"

Enhance your pictures with this free blue watercolor background. It brings subtle changes to the images making them more eye-pleasing.
free blue watercolor background image

Blue Watercolor #56 "Gold Confetti"

This watercolor texture pack is a real finding for photographers and designers. Use it to turn ordinary pictures into a stunning photo masterpiece.
watercolor texture pack free

Light Pink Watercolor #57 "Fireworks"

Make your photos shine with bright and rich colors. This rainbow watercolor texture will help you brighten up your images.
rainbow watercolor texture pictures

Texture Collection #58 "Shining"

This professionally-designed blue watercolor texture can create a very special mood and add a subtle non-distracting touch to your photos.
blue watercolor texture get

Pink Watercolor Texture #59 "Colorful"

Use a classical black watercolor texture to give your photographs an amazing look even without photo editing experience.
black watercolor texture download

Watercolor Wash Texture #60 "Stardust"

Impress everyone with a gorgeous and polished look of your pictures. Download this gold watercolor texture to make them vibrant and rich.
gold watercolor texture image

More Free Photoshop Textures by FixThePhoto

Free Smoke Overlays #61

Want to make your pictures stand out from others? Apply these smoke textures and get incredible results.
watercolor texture

Free Scratch Overlays #62

Are your images missing some unique features? Try these scratch textures and make your photos more visually appealing.
free watercolor texture

Free Rain Overlays #63

This rain texture suits various portrait and landscape shots. It enhances your images making them more attractive or dramatic.
watercolor textures

Free Star Overlays #64

If you were photographing on a dark cloudy night, you can still get mesmerizing photos using this star overlay.
free watercolor textures

Free Distressed Overlays #65

Bring variety to your photo portfolio by adding stunning distressed overlay images.
watercolor texture background

Free Grunge Overlays #66

Apply this grunge overlay to hide minor imperfections in the background and give your photos an artistic look.
watercolor texture free

Free Dirt Overlays #67

If you wish to surprise your customers with incredible photos, use this dirty overlay while editing your images.
watercolor background texture

Free Dust Overlays #68

This kind of dust and scratches overlays will give your photos a specific visual appeal and aesthetic feel.
watercolour texture

Free Broken Glass Overlays #69

Use this cracked glass overlay to present the most incredible dramatic scenes.
water color texture

Free Concrete Textures #70

Add some stylish brushstrokes to your photos with this concrete texture. It looks particularly advantageous with black and white images.
watercolor texture photoshop

Free Grunge Texture #71

This grunge texture will soften your images, reducing brightness and adding gentle touches.
watercolor textures free

Free Paper Textures #72

Make delicate changes to your photos with this old paper texture and give them a polished look.
photoshop watercolor texture
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