Camera Raw Presets Free

Make your images pop with Free Camera Raw presets by FixThePhoto. It has never been so easy to enhance colors and overall look of your photos. Check out the entire bundle of Free Camera Raw presets and see whether these filters will work for you. Examine the list of professionally-designed Free Camera Raw presets which will make your pictures more attention-grabbing and you more confident as a photographer.

Camera Raw Preset #1 "HDR"

With this HDR ACR preset, you can make the colors more vivid and add a special mood to your images. Moreover, this filter allows you to enhance contrast and make the photo catchier.
magazine style camera raw presets

Camera Raw Preset #2 "VSCO"

VSCO is one of the most popular Adobe Camera Raw presets as it gives the image yellowish tint and nostalgic atmosphere. Due to the slightly inaccurate color palette, you can give the photo an ideal old-fashioned look.
camera raw color presets

Camera Raw Preset #3 "Fashion"

Make your photos stylish and jaw-dropping by applying this Adobe Camera Raw preset to your shots. The filter emphasizes yellow tones and evens skin tones.
brilliant presets camera raw

Camera Raw Preset #4 "Film"

The preset emulates the effect of the most expensive and best film cameras in the world. Moreover, "Film" softens oversaturated tones, enhancing the overall look of the shot.
camera raw portrait presets

Camera Raw Preset #5 "Wedding"

Think your photos are too bright and need more warm colors? This filter will be an excellent option to make your pictures softer and more delicate. This plug-in works well only with photographs taken outside.
camera raw presets warm

Camera Raw Preset #6 "Landscape"

This filter has a cinematic effect and allows you to give any landscaping scene an extra touch. Since the preset intensifies shadows, feel free to apply it to your travel photos if you want to add a bit of drama to them.
camera raw presets golden

Camera Raw Preset #7 "Vintage"

Along with the beautiful vintage effect, this preset allows you to enliven the photos as well as make them warmer and more appealing. It considerably enhances the colors and adds a reddish tint to the images.
camera raw presets creamy

Camera Raw Preset #8 "Creamy"

This ACR preset makes the pictures light and soft as well as smoothens skin tones and highlights the main subject. It works great with outdoor images and photos with a blurry background.
camera raw split toning presets

Camera Raw Preset #9 "Golden"

If you are going to shoot in poor light conditions, there is a chance your photos will appear dark and underexposed. The filter may fix this issue. The colors of your pictures will become brighter and more vibrant.
vintage presets camera raw

Camera Raw Preset #10 "Portrait"

This results in deep shadows and distorted colors in the images. The preset will help smoothen the skin, add lightness to the image, make the colors softer and deeper.
perfect presets for adobe camera raw

Camera Raw Preset #11 "B&W"

This preset is a perfect option if you need to demonstrate the model’s emotions and add a special atmosphere to the picture. A B&W style helps highlight details in the photo and show the character of the person.
acr landscape presets

Camera Raw Preset #12 "Rose"

This filter makes the photos gentle and vivid. It highlights the subject in the picture while keeping the background blurred. Achieve the best results by applying this preset to portraits and newborn photos.
camera raw presets wedding

Camera Raw Preset #13 "Color"

f you want to get bright and vibrant colors in your pictures, this preset will successfully cope with this task. Your shots will certainly look spectacular and eye-catching.
acr film presets

Camera Raw Preset #14 "Cinematic"

The “Cinematic” Camera Raw preset is an excellent solution for those who want to give their shots a retro look. It allows you to add dim tones and create an authentic vintage look.
best acr presets

Camera Raw Preset #15 "Bright&Airy"

Use this filter to make your shots more professional-looking. With its help, you can improve contrast, highlights and add warm shades to make your pictures stand out of the crowd.
acr fashion presets

Camera Raw Preset #16 "Brilliant"

This ACR preset is designed to enliven the photos and make them more dynamic. It makes colors appear bold and bright. To get a better result and preserve clean colors apply this filter to outdoor pictures.
vsco camera raw presets

What are Сamera Raw Presets?

With Camera Raw presets, you can save a particular set of photo editing adjustments and apply those edits to several images. It is possible to correct exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, black and white balance, etc.

Photoshop Camera Raw is a full-featured and powerful photo editing software. Within this program, you can apply presets to enhance your images in several clicks.

You can find plenty of adjustments in the ACR (Adobe Camera Raw). Just go to the menu bar at the top of the screen, and you can see various options to tweak your pictures.

The interfaces of Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom are pretty similar. This allows you to easily work between two image editors and considerably improve your workflow. 

Installing Camera Raw Presets

The presets for Camera Raw are cross-platform tools that are compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. Check out two ways of installing these plug-ins.

How to Install Camera Raw Presets on Mac

How to Install Camera Raw Presets on Windows

Editing Photos in Camera Raw in Video Tutorials

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How to Work with RAW Images in Photoshop

Working with RAW files in Photoshop can give you great possibilities when enhancing your photos. This video tutorial explains how to open RAW files in Photoshop through Adobe Camera RAW, convert them to Smart Objects so that you can make changes whenever you like. Also, you will find out how to configure settings to work in the accurate color space using all the advantages of a 16-bit image.

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Texture Slider in Adobe Camera Raw Best Practices

The new Texture Slider in Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom is just impressive! Every time Adobe adds a slider to any software means that it should be there. The distinctive feature of the Texture Slider is that it is a micro-contrast adjustment, which increases the ratio between the highlight in shadow in the detail parts of your picture. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Watch this video to learn more.

Why do you need free Сamera Raw Presets?

Nowadays, many photographers use presets in their work more often. In addition, a lot of shooters consider Adobe Camera Raw to be a decent alternative to Lightroom. With ACR presets, you can significantly facilitate your photo editing process and enhance your shots in a matter of a minute. If you do wedding or portrait photography professionally, these filters will come especially in handy as they allow you to save a lot of time in peak season.

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