This Online Face Editor is a free and open source program designed by FixThePhoto Company that will let you remove skin blemishes and imperfections, smooth age wrinkles, add professional makeup, remove red eyes or make Hollywood teeth easy, free, and online!

FAQ: Face Editor Online

What instruments to use for face editing?
For basic work, two tools will be enough - the Spot Healing Brush Tool (J) and Stamp (S). These tools will help you remove skin imperfections and small stray hair. You can also make Dodge & Burn using the appropriate tools (O). There are many tools for deep face edit too.
Does this Face Editor have all the tools that original Photoshop has?
No, it has only half of Adobe Photoshop’s tools. You won’t be able to do deep face editing like Frequency Separation. Instead, you can order headshot retouching services for $5 per image.
Can I use this Face Editor on my graphic tablet?
Yes, you can run it on any tablet, both on iOS and Android. We recommend you connect a keyboard and mouse to use this Online Face Editor as accurately as you can.
Can I edit RAW photos in this Face Editor?
Yes, you can upload your portraits in RAW formats from Nikon, Canon and Sony cameras. Remember, to edit RAW pictures, the Online Photo Face Editor uses more computer resources than to edit JPEG.

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