Adobe Audition vs Audacity

Adobe Audition vs Audacity: What Software to Install

If you work with audio files, you, probably, heard about the Adobe Audition vs Audacity. These are DAWs (digital audio workstations) used to edit, mix or record audio tracks.

If you need to mix files and work with multiple microphones, it’s better to choose Adobe Audition.

At the same time, in case you are a solo podcaster having a USB mic setup, then Audacity will completely satisfy your requirements.

What Is Adobe Audition?

adobe audition logo Adobe Audition is an effective program compatible with all popular platforms. Audition contains the tools to clean up or restore music files. It also offers precise, non-destructive editing of corporate and commercial video files, and podcasts.
If we compare Adobe Audition vs Audacity in terms of audio post-production, we may claim that, undoubtedly, Audition is more profound. Although it lacks music composition tools and is rather expensive, it may still serve as a digital audio workstation. Moreover, you may get Audition for free.
  • adobe audition interface
  • adobe audition interface

    Adobe Audition: Strengths and Weaknesses

    + Supports numerous formats. Adobe Audition imports and exports files in more than 20 formats, including MP3, OGG, WAV, BWF and etc.

    + Fade handles. To my mind, Audition is the best DAW to process fades. To create a fade, select a part of the audio and drag over an icon in the upper right corner. This process is very fast and works with fade ins and fade outs.

    + Batch processing. If you need to delete hum from numerous videos or it’s necessary to apply the same EQ adjustments to a group of files, Audition is a great option for such purposes.

    + Multitrack UI. Audition offers playback of over 128 tracks and a recording of more than 32 ones. What is more, you don’t need expensive, single-purpose acceleration equipment.

    + Work compressed. It is a simple process that will really please you. You may work in an MP3 format without any prior export and import operations.

    – User guide. Unfortunately, Audition doesn’t have a user guide and it is bad news for beginners. It would be nice if the tool was complemented with step-by-step instruction.

    – User interface. The interface is not the best one since its customization features are quite limited. Users would be pleased to have the possibility to adjust the tools the way they want.

    What Is Audacity?

    audacity logo Audacity is free audio editing software. It is a great option if you want to start a podcast or record music, or just to assemble and convert some audio files.
    Having chosen this software, you will easily import, mix and combine audio files and render the output. Audacity offers flexible audio editing down to the sample level and spectrogram and spectral views for analyzing frequency response.
    • audacity interface
    • audacity interface

      Audacity: Strengths and Weaknesses

      + Easy multitrack editing. Although Audition is really a powerful tool, it may be too complex for some users. So, to create a multitrack project in Audition, you have to create a new project file, import tracks, and then you can't apply effects or some edits in the multitrack editor since it may be done only in the wave editor.

      + 100% cross-platform software. Audacity is a cross-platform program so you shouldn’t worry about what OS you have. Moreover, it works equally great on all platforms. The interface is almost identical so you will not have problems using it on various operating systems.

      + It is free. It is really a pleasant bonus for those who want to start podcasting as a hobby and are not ready to “invest” money in it yet.

      + High quality. You will get a decent audio product if you have a qualitative microphone while the software doesn’t play a great role here. However, you may spoil your audio by building low quality into the software or intentionally saving it with low standards.

      + Great editing tools. In general, audio files don’t require much editing. Speaking about Audition vs Audacity stand-off, both apps offer necessary audio editing tools; however, I prefer Audacity because it is simpler and easier to master.

      – Files are not recoverable. Although Audacity has numerous advantages, it is not suitable for big, serious projects. I have scrolled numerous forum pages for help, and have found many useful suggestions, but more than once I have had to go back to square one, which is very tiresome.

      Adobe Audition vs Audacity: Price

      adobe audition vs audacity price

      Of course, you may use Adobe Audition Crack but it is not safe, and illegal.

      • Adobe Audition: $20.99 per month for Individual Plan.
      • Audacity: It’s an open-source program, so it is completely free to download and use.

      Adobe Audition vs Audacity – Who Wins?

      I hope my brief Audition vs Audacity review will be helpful when it comes to choosing a program for your podcast.

      Undoubtedly, Adobe Audition is a complete leader when it comes to power and flexibility. However, it is not suitable for those, who are not ready to pay for the software yet.

      Therefore, if you just want to experiment with creating podcast, free Audacity will be the best option for you.

      If you are a complete beginner and have plenty of time, you may test these programs by trial and error. However, in case you don’t want to waste valuable time, it’s better to spend some money on a training course.

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