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Premium Lightroom Presets

Standart License ........ $490
$490  Save 50%

1822 Premium Lr Presets - Entire Collection:

    • All versions of Lightroom
    • Windows and Mac
    • JPEG and RAW formats
    • All professional sets included
  • Quantity of Presets1822
  • Size2.48 Mb
  • Downloads457
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Our team prepared an Entire Collection - Premium Lightroom presets. This set is full and consists of 1822 the most efficient and natural effects. All filters  are good in light correction, color and white saturation, tone and shadows characteristics. It is almost impossible to find one very suitable Lightroom preset, because you will like all of them.

FixThePhoto: Entire Collection helps all users to retouch pictures in an efficient way. The genre of pictures is not crucial. They will suit for either family, wedding, fashion, nature, real estate or other photo styles.

Entire Collection - 1822 Premium Lightroom Presets

lightroom presets matte cover box

Lightroom professional presets – description for you

All photographers do not need to spend hours for photo post production. With these modern Lightroom presets for professional photographers, everybody can achieve thousands of fashion touch ups for several minutes.

Our presets face success in retouching all genres. Pay attention, that our Lightroom presets for professional photographers are activated with one click. They always present satisfactory results. In case photographers have remarks, professional presets for Lightroom can be customized fast and easily.

To make sure in quality of filters download our before after samples, and look them in the full size. You will see that our LR presets add saturated colors and deepness to raw images. You will be surprised how quickly it is possible to retouch many pictures well.

This collection is formed and has the most unique and efficient LR filters, that can be found on the market.

FixThePhoto Entire Collection Include:

1822 Professional Lightroom Presets: B&W Essential Presets, Chocolate Lightroom Presets Bundle, Dark Film Lightroom Presets, Film Presets, Matte Dream Presets, Matte Portrait Presets, Pro Matte Presets, Sepia Fantasy Presets, Vintage Love Presets, Pro Wedding Presets.

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