Anni Graham Presets

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Anni Graham Presets

If you want to find special presets capable of giving your pictures a warmer look, adding more pronounced shadows, making skin tones look more natural, and highlighting some details, download Anni Graham presets.

They are just perfect for enhancing your wedding and love story photos. Also, by using them, you will easily make your portraits and group photos look softer and more professional.

Anni Graham Presets Collections

For today, there are two preset packs on Anni Graham’s official website that can be used to improve your photos.

Anni Graham Presets: Yosemite Pack

anni graham yosemite presets

The Yosemite pack consists of four multi-color and two black-and-white presets that will help you make your photos look more professional in no time. Thanks to these presets, you will make background tones brighter and more saturated.

Your pictures will acquire a warmer look while the color palette will become more vintage, with its tones turning to pastel colors. These presets are especially useful for making shadows deeper and creating an extra artistic impact.

With the help of the Yosemite pack, you will be able to implement not only your wedding photography ideas and couple photo ideas but also the most daring portrait photography ideas that you might harbor.

Anni Graham Presets: Iceland Pack

anni graham iceland presets

The Iceland pack comes with the presets that Anni Graham has been using for the past year to edit photos for her blog and Instagram page.

If you take a closer look at the edited images, it will become clear that these presets are a perfect choice for travel photography, regardless of a country you are based in or the landscapes that you take pictures of.

This pack includes four multi-color presets and two presets for black-and-white pictures. Once you have applied them, your photos will acquire a softer and more elegant look thanks to the subtle pastel tones. What’s even more impressive, the white balance and contrast will be improved as well.

Anni Graham Instagram

anni graham instagram

Username: @annigrahampresets

Genre: Presets

Followers: 51,3 k

If you take a look at Anni Graham Instagram profile, you will see more than one thousand photos that have been enhanced with the help of her signature presets. The pictures were taken by professional Instagram photographers, as well as by average users.

All the photos that you see on the photographer’s Instagram account have been taken in one genre. She takes romantic pictures of couples in full accordance with the main Instagram profile photo requirements. Every photo is accompanied by a short descriptive text written by Anni Graham.

Anni Graham Blog

anni graham blog

For sure, Anni Graham blog follows a popular genre, being a fantastic example of a wedding photography blog. On her page, she regularly posts her pictures taken all over the world.

All the photos come with a short but informative text sharing some details of her trip and a photo shoot.

What’s more, Anni Graham is keen on sharing her wedding photography tips and posing guides so you will easily learn some useful tricks for taking a unique and memorable photo shoot.

Anni Graham Education

anni graham workshop

Anni Graham offers a mentor-guided educational course on her official website. Thanks to it, you will get access to information-packed articles about useful photography tips, including photo-taking and editing instructions.

For instance, you can opt for an individual Skype session to learn how to become a professional photographer or to get useful tips on photography marketing. After taking the course, you will also know how to create a profitable price list for photographer.

If you want more, you can also order an additional session to learn how to edit photos in Lightroom or in Photoshop. It doesn’t matter whether you use her presets in your daily work or not, Anni Graham will teach you how to edit portrait photos in Lightroom or how to smooth skin in Photoshop.

On a separate note, there are wedding photography workshops during which you will accompany Anni Graham and other students on a 5-day trip to one of the countries to get acquainted with its customs and take stunning photos of amazing landscapes. Anni Graham will offer you her help and personal support.


If you like Anni Graham presets, but you aren’t ready to purchase them yet, I advise you to take a quick look at the free presets provided below.


anni graham presets alternative brighten anni graham presets alternative brighten

If you strive to achieve a Yosemite-like effect, I advise you to use this free preset. It adds soft pastel hues to the photographs, makes dark areas look brighter, and enhances skin tones.

Cold Wind

anni graham presets alternative cold wind anni graham presets alternative cold wind

This preset is often compared with Anni Graham presets from the Iceland pack as it makes any photo with a landscape in the background look brighter and more saturated. It is especially handy when you need to edit an overcast photo.

You will brighten a color palette while maintaining close-to-life skin tones and the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Pastel Monochrome

anni graham presets alternative pastel anni graham presets alternative pastel

This preset will turn your photos into stunning black-and-white images. It is perfectly suitable for editing pictures that were taken in urban space with interesting buildings in the background. For better results, make sure to adjust contrast, change tones, and add amazing textures to your work.

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