High End Retouching Examples

Do you know what high end retouching is? This is a set of various techniques for photo retouching, the result of which will not make you go unnoticed. After this retouch, the photos become more attractive and such photos are easy to recognize on the background of not post processed photos. The color range of these photos is brighter and deeper, which makes them desirable for all famous magazines and fashionable publications.

As you already understood, we are not just telling you about post photo production. Yes, this is our specialization. Any well-known, professional editor who will look at examples of our retouching will be able to appreciate them. After all, professionals understand what this is a difficult and long-term process, so people who know this should be engaged in this process.

And do you know the best way to understand the difference between professional photos and unprocessed ones and once again make sure that you need it more than ever? Our marketing specialists have given us the easiest and fastest way to convince our customers that they need our services. To do this, we created a blog with examples of photo post processing, where you can see with your own eyes how good the photo retouch differs from the others. So, with the tiny help of one click you will be able to admire photo retouching before after. There are no doubts at all, that those striking differences will amaze you even if you are a real master of photo work. 

To understand if your photos need professional retouching, just look at the examples of photo processing on our website. These examples will help you quickly to make a decision whether you are a professional or just an amateur in photography. This type of wide-spread photo post production services have an impressive list of advantages that must be mentioned. It occupies the middle place between common Basic Level, widely-applied Pro Level and two advanced retouching kinds that are used for achieving really outstanding results in fashion industry. These are Extra Level and specific restoration or photo manipulation services. If you need some of them, you can get more information on our website and see final retouched pictures of each level too. 

Coming back to described high end retouching, we would like to mention that demanded rates for such popular post processing services for photographers are quite affordable. You will need to pay only 10$ per one photo outcome in case you are totally satisfied with it. It should be noted that for all of our work, we have not received a single complaint from our clients. After all, our main advantage is that we are looking for an individual approach to each client, while preserving the individual style when post processing the photo. For that reason, we are open to correct or even remake edited photos until they are perfect for you. This question is especially relevant for high end photo retouching. This technique is very bright and colorful, photos of this retouching have in themselves some idea, different styles, views and opinions. Our editors work individually with each client, so it often happens that they offer several variants of one photo to choose exactly the one that the client wanted. Our service will help you in such easy matters as skin retouching, eye and hair editing and more, all that will help make your photo incredible.

We want that you can better understand the professional level of provided high end retouching services; we will also offer you to see edited examples in High Resolution. That will show retouched photos in all their beauty. Definitely you will be fascinated.

Profitable High End photo retouching will become an excellent choice for you and your photo works in case you require providing such high-quality options of image improving:

Professional correction of images colors 

This variant of retouching is very complex and long-term. Such work with a photo as color correction, noise reduction on a photo, saturation adjustment is very difficult and will be suitable only for work in the studio. Such retouching is the base for all professional photo post processing. Only professional photographers and editors can achieve the desired effect, because there is a fine line between professional retouching and fanciful photos.

High End Beauty photography’s Correction

Would you like to create images that you see every day on the covers of fashion magazines, online publications and in advertising? In this you can easily help our photo post processing services. All professional retouchers make this photo retouching to make the models on the photo ideal and desirable, but at the same time as natural. In this and the whole complexity of photo processing, for example, skin retouching is a very delicate process; here there is a fine line between removing defects and color leveling and a terrible blur effect. Also, professionals will use the major of other tools to give the face, hair, eyes an ideal look that will attract people, but at the same time remain so lifelike and natural.

High End Eye Post Processing

High portrait retouching will make your eyes like magnets for other people. The eyes in the photo will attract the audience. We have all the techniques of working with the eyes in the photo. Among them we may name deleting effect of red eyes, make-up adding or removing, eyes widening and so on. The magic of a portrait or any professional photo is its naturalness. The model in the photo should always look natural and alive. Glitter in the eye is the name of the detail that will fascinate everyone looking at the photo. The eyes of the model can be taken close-up and retouched to small details or removed from afar. In any of these camera angles, the eyes will look great. Moreover, professional high end portrait retouching also deals with such delicate and sometimes problem facial features as eyebrows and eyelashes.

High End Hair Retouch

The next important step in photo processing is to work with the hair treatment. This service helps professionals make to the photo perfectly obedient hair, even if the filming took place in the windy weather. All editors know how difficult this process is, as it is necessary to work with many details in order to achieve an ideal result. But such functions as the removal of wandering hair, complete color change and the addition of gloss and volume will help make your photo irresistible.

Background Picture Retouching

This technique of retouching is one of the basic ones. All retouchers face the problem of unnecessary objects against the background of the photo, which spoil the entire composition. With our background removal service, you can fix the entire background completely or remove some small details. Also we can substitute another background; suddenly customers want wedding photos against the background of the Eiffel tower.

HDR effects/HDR compositing

This techniques, as all previously mentioned ones, also has gained wide recognition among high end retouching services.  Its main peculiarity is the possibility to blend two different pictures of various quality and colors together for achieving one perfect result. Moreover, applied color correction service provides really bright and easily recognizable photo colors.

Following costumer’s style 

As we have already explained, superb high end beauty retouching means that clients vision of the final edited photo is the most important. Thus, our editors will consider all your wishes and make them prominent while enhancing a picture.

Our company can offer you not only high end photo retouching. It all depends on your desires and goals. Perhaps you do not need such a complex treatment, and then we can offer you an easier and less expensive treatment option. An example can be the most basic level of family photo editing online, working with baby photo retouching.. Our site gives you the opportunity to see examples of all possible types of photo processing. 

If Basic Level does not meet your photo demands and high end portrait retouching is not exactly what you want, please see edited pictures of Pro Level. Maybe here you will find desirable outcomes and options that will suit your wishes. It is used mainly in professional portrait editing

Extra Level of editing stands higher than high end retouching. Photo manipulators that work with it face the interesting task of landscape or real estate photo editing. But still portrait editing for fashion industries is also in the list. On the website you can find and assess photos of this level.

And the last one is the level of creative photo montage and old photo restoration services. With the help of these services, the most extraordinary and crazy ideas can be performed. As we know, the price always corresponds to the quality and complexity of processing, so this retouch is not so cheap photo editing as the rest, but the final outcome is really awesome. To make sure in it, see these editing examples. 

Obviously we are really experienced masters in all mentioned levels, so you may select any of them without fear that you will not get satisfactory outsource photo retouching. We will improve any type of picture for the best results that are possible to achieve. Also we can help in photo retouching with a commercial purpose. For example, long-term processing of jewellery retouching services or hard product photo retouching services, awesome headshot retouching with natural results, that are apt for various spheres, wedding photography post production, are in the list of included services. High end retouching is very important because it can be used for many different spheres and services and always leads to the result of the highest level.

Privacy statement: our retouching firm does not publish clients` edited pictures without getting personal permission from them. You will not see your private retouched photos in varied social pages or different website in case you are opposed.