Photo Retouching Services

When digital photography is your business, you need to develop it constantly by promoting your personal or company brand, and advertising to find new clients. It's not easy and takes much time, and remember, you are still a photographer and need to shoot. And then you must retouch the photos.

We can't shoot photos instead of you. But you can leave all of the digital retouching work with us and spend more time on shooting or doing other things you like. 

Our company offers digital photo editing services for both professional photographers & amateurs. We can provide you with photo retouching services:

Why choose Fix The Photo Retouching Service?

Affordable price for retouching - from $2 per photo Basic digital retouching starts as little as $2 per image

Three levels of retouching Easy process of advanced photo retouching

100% warranty and satisfactionExcellent recommendations and testimonials by professional photographers

Affordable price for retouching - from $2 per photo100% warranty - we work until you are satisfied

How our professional photo retouch service works

Our company has gathered professional photo retouchers and graphic artists to edit your digital pictures according to your requirements and style guidelines.

We provide portrait photo editing services: fix the shape of the face, slim body, tone features, remove stray hair, and add volume to the hair, remove acne or wrinkles, whiten teeth, change eye color, and enhance lips.

Portrait Editing
We provide all types of portrait retouching services. Our professional editing team is skillful to provide our clients with excellent digital portraiture skin retouching and removing all kinds of appearance drawbacks. Other photo enhancement services, such as background editing or color correction are also widely used in this kind of picture changing. Click to read more about Professional Portrait Editing
Remove Background
Background cutout is a very popular image enhancement service. If you need an object or person to be removed from the image, order Remove Background. Usually it is used not as a separate photo changing option, but it is considered to be the part of every professional image enhancement service. It enables to achieve a truly amazing photo result without any unwanted people or items on the backdrop, which can spoilt the final image.
Family Photo Editing
We provide professional portrait retouching services. This image enhancement service is believed to be a quite diverse digital changing kind of editing, widely used in modern photo art industry. The matter is that it combines the usage of various portrait improvement techniques and just basic retouching options, such as color adjustment or background editing. Read more about Family Photo Editing
Wedding Retouching
For wedding photographers we offer dedicated Wedding Photo Retouching Services. Our professional image editing team provides best outsource photo editing, which includes basic appearance improvement, digital color correction and background retouching. But still that is not the limit for this image enhancement service. Here every kind of online editing options may be used in order to achieve a desirable photo result.
Color Correction
Our professional retouchers can fix any photo problems with Photo Color Correction Services.Post production color correction occupies the first place in frequency of usage while applying all photo enhancement services. Not a single picture editing can be done without adjusting color tones, improving sharpness or contrast. Our company uses high-quality digital improving programs such as Photoshop or LightRoom.
Photo Restoration
If you need to repair old or damaged photo, try our Photo Restoration Services. Our editing company realizes how valuable old picture may be to our clients. That is why we try our best in order to recover damaged photos, so, with the help of our digital image restoration service, it is possible to bring damaged black and white photos to life again. Be sure that after this digital service old images will be as beautiful as modern ones.
SEO for Photographers
Learn how to get new clients using SEO for Photographers. Our company is skillful enough in internet marketing services in order to promote photography business professionally and quickly at the same time. All kinds of advertising, such as content or email marketing, are done outstanding by our company.
Real Estate Editing
We can improve quality of images or remove unnecessary objects with Real Estate Photo Editing. Almost all interior photographers use photo enhancement services in order to improve the quality of his/her photo works. Real estate retouching is a very tiring and time-taking process, as it contains numerous pictures changing or manipulating techniques. But the look of final interior photography is always truly amazing.
Product Retouching
For ecommerce website owners we offer affordable Product Photo Retouching Services. We believe that all product photographers understand the importance of online photo editing service. For this reason this kind of image enhancement service is popular now. It provides digital changing or editing background, clipping path technique, etc. All these options are able to make photographed products alluring to would-be customers` eyes.
Professional Post Processing
Best choice for professional photographers - Photography Post Processing Services. This digital service is able to relieve you from hours of tedious retouching work. Our skillful editing team, with applying modern picture changing techniques, will please our clients with only professional final photo results. You may be sure that after having trusted your photo works to us you will get best quality photography.
Headshot Retouching
For actors, artists, musicians, and studios we offer high-quality Headshot Retouching. Our photo editing company understands how crucial this kind of photography can be. That is why we always apply only up-to-date digital retouching, which enables to improve executive, business and actors portraits. In this image enhancement service our main task is to underline the natural beauty and unique features of photographed person.
Baby & Newborn Photography Editing
Order complete portrait photo edit if you need Baby Photo Retouching. Editing newborn photos has become a popular image enhancement service due to the development of modern photo changing techniques. Almost all parents have a wish to capture the rare moments, when their child is only starting his/her way. For this reason our team uses all high-quality improving options in order to make such photos really outstanding.
Photo Montage & Manipulation
Our professional digital artists will implement any creative ideas for Photo Montage & Manipulation Services. Our photo montage company is always open to accept all creative and fresh ideas provided from our customers. This image enhancement service includes face swapping, switching heads and other photo manipulations. After applying these options the final image will be truly unrecognizable.
Outsource Photo Editing
Do you want to grow your business? Outsource Photo Editing to our professional photo editing company. We have more than 10 years of successful digital work with only best photo enhancement services. Our skillful retouchers offer clients all possible kinds of outsourcing post processing. Thus, wedding retouching, real estate editing or other kinds of picture improving will be done not less than just perfect.
Jewelry Photo Editing
If you sell jewelry online and want your items to be sold, try our Jewellery Retouching Services. Our image improving team makes your jewelry photography alluring and eye-catching, so that a lot of clients will be eager to buy presented items. Experienced retouchers do everything with amazing quality. Our company offers its customers to do image cropping or resizing, adding shadows or improving gemstones.
Glamour Photo Editing
For boudoir photographers we have a special website Try this service for high quality body retouching.


We can change the color of clothing, replace or clean a messy background, and remove or add objects. The only limit for digital photo retouching is your imagination. Please take a look at our photo retouching examples to discover more creative ideas.

Geography of our professional photo retouching services

Do we work global or local? Both. We are a global digital photo editing company working with photographers from all around the world but we can offer you a personalized service according to your local requirements and standards. Each country has its own traditions, mentality and vision of beauty. We understand that a photographer from Canada may need a bit different digital photo editing services than the one from France.

Please select your country to know how we work with your colleagues and how we can do photo retouching for you. If you do not see your country here, just contact us, we will offer you a custom solution to match your individual style.


Most of our customers are from the United States and we have worked with hundreds of photographers from Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, Denver, Dallas, San Diego, Tampa, Miami, and Atlanta as well as smaller towns from east to West.

We have testimonials from New York portrait photographers, from Chicago family photographers, good reviews by Los Angeles wedding photographers. Working with each client we strive to understand his unique needs and give him/her the best of our photo retouching skills and experience.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need professional photo retouching services in the USA.


The second part of our customer flow comes from Canada. We have processed many diigtal photo retouching orders for professional photographers from Vancouver, Montréal, Ottawa, and Québec and are ready to work with all provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Saskatchewan including French speaking Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick. Yes, we do have French speaking managers to handle your request.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need professional photo retouching services in Canada.

Fix The Photo review by a client from Canada

United Kingdom

It should be mentioned that we also work with European countries. The leading one is the United Kingdom. Photographers from London, Liverpool, and Manchester usually choose portrait beauty editing and prefer High End level of retouching. All of our clients are satisfied with their digital retouching orders because we work until you are happy with our photo post-production services.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need professional photo retouching services in the UK.


We are often asked to edit engagement photo sessions or to do wedding photo editing. And it’s no surprisingly that the great part of these order come from Paris, Lyon, ‎Marseille, and ‎Nice.

Fix The Photo is one of the largest digital photo editing services that works with different languages speaking counties because our managers speak English, French, and German.


Mostly all landscape pictures for digital retouching come from Australia. Our clients from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, and Brisbane ask to edit a color palette and play with shadows. One more important fact is that we don’t outsource your photographs, and no third person can see your account or use your photos.

Recently we’ve started a photo editing cooperation with Hong Kong and Singapore. A lot of professional photographers who order different post-production services work there. We are very proud to have our clients from this area.

In addition to all the above said you can pay for your orders with any of these currencies: Canadian Dollar, Euro, British Pound, U.S. Dollar, Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar, and New Zealand Dollar.

Reviews from our clients about image editing services we provide


Photo retouching service review by Kevin Burroughs from Southampton, UK, who rates Fix The Photo 10/10

Kevin is our happy client since December 2015.
photo retouching service review by Kevin

Photo enhancement service review by Jack from New York, USA, who talks about Fix The Photo's retouching prices

To me, the process of digital photographing is only 60% of all the work which is necessary to obtain an excellent final image. When you are a successful photographer, shooting usually takes away all your energy and time during the day. It means that you don’t have any desire to do something else, for example, image retouching. I don’t have enough time to do it in a good way, and, moreover, quickly. I promised the clients, broke my promises, and promised again. Finally I got tired of this. I decided to ask for help.
I searched Google for retouching prices and realized I was not ready to pay $30-50 per hour. Then I found in a retouching blog an article Why Should You Stop Retouching Your Photos ... By Yourself? written by the photo touch up service FixThePhoto. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with their affordable photo retouching prices - from $2 per image! And for $10 I can get a High End professional retouching that would take me hours if I did it by myself. Of course I’ve tried the service and now use it after every shooting. No more delays. My clients are happy as I am!

Photo retouching services review by Joanne from Chicago, USA, who talks about the picture editing service as a solution for perfectionists

I am sure that everyone has to do the things he/she does the best. Professional photographers should take pictures, in its turn, photo retouchers should edit. I am a beginning photographer and a perfectionist and I want to develop my personal photography style. I spend much time on improving my skills so I just don’t have time to learn Photoshop.
Cooperation with Fix The Photo online editing service is a great step in my career of professional photographer! Thank you a lot for personal attention to the details of my shots and ability to follow my style. Probably I will learn Photoshop one day but in the nearest future I hope to keep using your digital retouching services.

Photo editing service review by Michael Gauthier from Ottawa, Canada, who is very pleased with our digital retouching work

photo retouching services review by client from Canada

Photo editing services review by Skyler from New York, USA, who is impressed by Fix The Photo’s retouchers' professional skills

Earlier I used an automatic portrait retouching software and believed it was simple, fast and comfortable. Then I began to understand that such way of post-production didn't suit me. I compared my photos to the work of other photographers and decided to pay more attention to retouching quality. I found a freelance retoucher assistant but she worked slowly because she was a human, not software. Then I found a photo editing company, Fix the Photo, gave them a test order and I have been already working with them for half a year. I can’t remember any failure, everything is done quickly because they are a team of professional retouchers. The prices are fine. I recommend this image retouching service!

Photo editing service review by Victor from Leeds, UK, who compared photo correction done by Fix The Photo to freelancers

I never did photo post processing by myself having referred this to freelancers, but I faced many disadvantages in working with them. Communication failed often, deadlines were broken. I was skeptical about Fix The Photo enhancement service but they offered me a free trial and I tried it. The quality was good. I sent the first paid order, then another and another. Deadlines have never been infringed yet, even sometimes my photos were ready quicker than expected. Their pricing allows me to include the post-processing into the standard service packages for my clients. Without doubts, I can recommend this photo retouching company to everybody who appreciates quality, time and the attentive attitude towards the clients.

Photo editing services review by Julie Austin Photography, Best Pet Photographer 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015, from Snohomish, WA, USA

review from pet photographer

Photo retouching services review by Richard from Adelaide, Australia, who highly rated FixThePhoto Photoshop knowledge and experience

A good while ago I coped with doing both photographer’s and retoucher’s functions without any help. Somehow I did it well, and my clients liked everything. I thought it would be that way always until one of my clients asked me about custom order, which is more digital photo manipulation than just editing. I had to change the background, hair color, clothes, so on. I wasn’t able to refuse this order for some reasons and I spend several days watching videos with Photoshop and LightRoom lessons, but my attempts were weak to show the client. I found FixThePhoto example work and was impressed – that what exactly what I had to do for my client! The second time I was impressed with their pricelist. Just check it out and you will become their client too!

Photo retouching services review by Blair DeVereaux Robinson‎ from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, who recommends Fix The Photo to his friend, a photographer too.

Fix The Photo recommeded by a USA photographer

Photo retouching service review by Jane from Barnet, UK, who considers Fix The Photo the best among online photo editing companies

I’m a mom of two and a photographer. Every minute of my working day is planned, I just can’t afford retouching photos by myself. I have worked with many photo retouching companies but something always was wrong. Price, quality, turnaround...When my fellow from New York recommended to me the online photo editing service Fixthephoto I said, “OMG, finally I have found exactly what I wanted!” Just try it and you will understand me.

Photo enhancement services review by Samuel, kid photographer from Houston, USA, who calls Fix The Photo the best editing service

Dear Fix The Photo team, I want to say thank you for the quality of your work! My clients love the digital drawings you create from their pictures. I am amazed with your prices and 2-3 days turn-around. That’s really awesome I can say. This is what I call a professional photo editing service!

Nude photographer Bob from New York, USA, found the best professional Photoshop services

Nude photos require tons of skin retouching. I don’t have time to edit them on my own. This year I’ve started using online Photoshop editing service FixThePhoto. They are quick, affordable and secure. The quality of retouching is excellent. Thanks for your help!

Why we are the best online editing service

Differences between Fix The Photo and other photo editing services

Our company provides digital photo editing services for professional photographers. We don’t look like other photo retouch service because of our special approach to our clients. Each photographer is unique, that’s why our main purpose is to make his/her ideas real. Every time we learn something new from our clients, what we can use further in digital image editing process. Our online editing service has a good reputation for strictly following the clients’ instructions. We aren’t in title to use these pictures for our purposes without asking for the permission.

Fix The Photo’s strong points are:

  1. Our photo enhancement service ALWAYS follow the clients’ style – by using the samples he/she gives us.
  2. If a client wants, his/her pictures are retouched only by one editor.
  3. We also give a chance to ask about some changes in resulted work, till the clients are 100% satisfied.
  4. Each edited picture is checked by our senior retoucher before sending to our clients.
  5. Our online photo editing service is a team of professional editors, be sure that we don’t give your photos to outsource to the third party. People who work with us are highly qualified and trusted by Fix The Photo.
  6. We have photo retouchers who are specialized in different genres, for example, in wedding photo editing, portrait retouching services, children’s and toddler’s editing, nude retouching or digital drawings.
  7. We work 24 hours per day. It can play a good deal for our clients if they need help on the weekends or holidays.
  8. We don’t talk bad about other photo enhancement services. However, we’ve worked with them anonymously and can tell for sure that for such reliable prices and with our high quality of professional photo editing you will collaborate with the best photo retouching service.

Fix The Photo’s Goals for 2016:

In the nearest future Fix The Photo editing company is going to create the unity of separate online photo editing services for professional photographers, such as:

Wedding Photo Retouching Service

Website was launched in April, 2016 is a service for professional weddings photographers to simplify their post production work. We suggest the following levels of photo retouching services:
Image Culling is done by experienced photo editors who follow the clients’ instructions;
Color Correction when we adjust color balance, temperature, contrast and exposition, and tune highlights and shadows to match the photographer’s style.
Artistic Editing to remove blemishes, stray hair and small objects; skin airbrushing and teeth whitening with color correction and image cropping included into the package.
The highest retouching level is Advanced Editing which deals with portrait retouching, body correction, wrinkles, braces or eyeglass glare removal, and background enhancement.
Album Design level suggests creating custom wedding photo albums with PSD layers.

Nude Photo Editing Service

Website was launched in May, 2016 is a dedicated online photo enhancement service for nude photographers from every corner of the world. We are professionals in erotic photo editing and post-production.
We know how to make High End skin retouching that doesn’t destroy naturalness. This online image editing service also includes professional color correction to whiten teeth and get rid of red eyes and light flares.
Our photo retouchers are the best in portrait retouching services as well as in the whole body correction starting from making the model’s figure slimmer, removing fat, enlarging breasts, and finishing with correction of a double chin, making the belly flat and extending legs.
We have founded this dedicated photography retouching service especially for nude photographers to protect their photo privacy. We guarantee 100% secure photo retouching services and never share your images anywhere without your permission.

Product Photo Editing Service

The service website is expected in January, 2017

We’re going to open another image editing service online which become a one stop solution for professional product photo retouching: clipping, editing, color correction, ghostmodelling, clipping paths, manipulations and more. As an international professional photo post processing service, we support more than 1000 customers from online shops, advertising companies, and also a large number of professional photographers from the whole world. We guarantee high-quality digital photo editing services at reliable prices within a fast turnaround time – especially in case of large orders.
The product photo touch up service will include background removal, adding a natural drop shadow to a picture, making a mirror effect, picture masking, cloning, and making a high resolution vector.
Among other online photo editing companies we provide low cost but high quality services, fast turnaround, simple and flexible price packages, online order tracking system, and 24/7 customer support.

High End Photo Retouching Service

The service launch is expected in November, 2016

High End Editing will be an online retouching service only for professional photographers specializing in commercial and editorial work. We will provide High-End post production photography services for advertising agencies and commercial clients.
This Photoshop service will help you to succeed in today’s fast-moving and competitive digital art industry. Also it will give you the broad range of high-quality and fashion shots that you’ll need, combining technical excellence with visual awareness, creativity, innovation, business acumen and enterprise. Our professional retouchers and digital artists have years of hands-on practice in High-End editing and will create a masterpiece from any shot you send us.

Photo Manipulation Service

The service will be online in December, 2016

Photo Manipulation Service will provide image manipulation for fashion, beauty or advertising photography. This kind of professional photo services is widely used when conventional photography would be technically too difficult or impossible to shoot on location or in studio. Our aim is to make completely unbelievable and reality-defying photos, while on the other hand the high-skilled retouching makes it look almost real.
The online retouching service manipulates real objects, and situations to provide funny images or to change the environment of the model or object. Our best photo retouchers can work with different formats; we use the latest photo manipulation software to provide high quality results.
The digital photo manipulation services will include High-End retouching, photo restorations, converting photographs into paintings, sketches or cartoons.

Online Photoshop Tutorials

This service website will be online in 2017

We at Fix The Photo want to share our experience in digital photo retouching so we are going to create an online service that ides a help with professional photographic retouching. Online Photoshop Tutorials are lessons which will help to study all you should know about photo retouching and post-production work.
Our Youtube videos will offer lessons for different levels: for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced photographers, and Appropriate for all. In these video tutorials you will learn how to work in different photo editing software, use tools and layers. We will help you to take your Fashion, Beauty, Editorial and Portrait photography to the professional high level. In our videos we’ll tell you and show lighting methods, posing standards, and many retouching techniques to run a successful fashion and beauty photography business.
For a reliable price you will get post-production video lessons in HD, exclusive bonus content, lifetime access, anywhere, anytime, streaming and downloadable files, available on desktop, mobile and tablet, and of course 100% satisfaction guarantee. We're passionate about the process of learning and each of our professional retouching tutorials is methodically organized by content in a way conducive to learning and easy reference. You will find our lessons easy, interesting and educational.