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You are a professional photographer and understands how difficult and laborious post production photo editing is? If yes, you spend many hours in front of your laptop making wedding post production or portrait photography post production. This time has to be spend on developing the business, finding new models and clients, improving photography post production techniques or organizing more photoshootings.

Fix The Photo simplifies your post production photo editing and saves your time. Let our big team increase the number of your client base and speed up your turnaround time.

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Our post production photography services – Strong points


The digital photography become more and more popular nowadays and our artists and editors will impress you with their skills in the design area.


Our employees will handle any post production photo editing in a quick and professional way.


Turning to us you will exceed your spare time for some of your hobbies, job, your family or even such important thing as business affairs or even leaning new post production photography tutorials.


Cheap retouching services is one of our primal offers along with the best quality. Basic price is not high - it starts at $2 per pic.

Post production for photographers we provide:

Portrait Photo RetouchingPortrait Photo Retouching
Wedding Photo Retouching ServicesWedding Photo Retouching Services
Family Photo EditingFamily Photo Editing
Headshot RetouchingHeadshot Retouching
Baby Photo RetouchingBaby Photo Retouching
Color Correction ServiceColor Correction Service
Product Photo Retouching ServicesProduct Photo Retouching Services
Background Removal ServiceBackground Removal Service
Real Estate Photo EditingReal Estate Photo Editing
Photo Post Processing ServicePhoto Post Processing Service
Jewellery Retouching ServicesJewellery Retouching Services
Outsource Photo Post ProductionOutsource Photo Editing
Old Photo Restoration ServicesOld Photo Restoration Services
Photo Manipulation ServicesPhoto Manipulation Services
Digital Drawings serviceDigital Drawings service
Seo Services For PhotographersSeo Services For Photographers



Photo Post Production Price List

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Post production photo editing - Portraits

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We see many portraits each day, come across them in social networks, mass media, the advertisements, Instagram and Facebook. People always want others to like them, so they turn to the professional photographers.

Portrait post production photo editing consists of such manipulations as the visible spots removal, teeth whitening, facial reshaping or make-up correction. If there’s a need to have a skin smooth, the blemishes will be cleared and eye bags moved away. Turning to post production photography services, we provide only natural skin retouching and do not lose its structure and blur it.

Wedding post production services

Wedding post production makes your pictures much better. Every photo is a moment captured which will not happen again. If you have a special day like wedding ceremony, birthday party, graduation, you cannot repeat this event once more, and the images are the first reminders of good time spent. 

It can happen that some pictures were not so amazing like you thought. In this case professional photographer uses color correction services for photographers, adjusting brightness and editing other imperfections. 

Photographer’s clients also demand quick turnaround from them. It is very difficult to give and the photographers become our clients to satisfy their models.

This service is a right decision for post production photo editing when it concerns family photo shootings. It is exactly the thing, which allows a combined team of photographers and retouchers save the happy moment of a bride and a groom.

You should consider this wedding photo editing service necessary because our support is fast and professional to realize all your photography demands and satisfy your  clients. Wedding post production is not doing some boring tasks on your computer but it is highly useful. Email us when need some professional wedding post production services for moderate rates.

Post production for photographers - Image manipulations

portrait-post-production-photo-editing-before portrait-post-production-photo-editing-after portrait-post-production-photo-editing

Wikipedia says, photo manipulation is a process of changing or transforming photos by means of using different photography post production techniques to create a natural and desirable image. This service is mostly used by every our client because it means changing. You can simply enhance photo quality by making the picture brighter, darker, by replacing its background, removing irrelevant elements and so on.

Post production for photographers exists, creating the difference in our world of images that encircles everybody. You might always take a look at all those distinctions seen on before and after example.

The photo post production services of our team are of great help for all the photographers who want to have a perfect portfolio and satisfied clients in the photography business. Digital art industry has gathered a lot of various photographers, but our company contributes their development and the quality of photographs.

Product photography post production

Post production in photography of products plays a great role in advertisement of the clothes, jewelry, shoes, hand made articles etc. Online shops give people a crucial possibility to look at the product without leaving home and to decide whether the product is desirable enough. You understand yourself that spending money on the best look of the product is the fastest way to exceed your usual amount of profit.

Product photography post production comes as a guarantee that all the pictures will be appropriate. In the field of online shopping photographs become competitive at once so if they are alluring and eye-popping the chance for the entrepreneurs to sell their articles is much higher and they will earn more money.

Here wedding post production services can be applied one more time if we speak about the wedding dresses, suits, maids of honor dresses, wedding rings and so on because all those objects are also items for selling. Bridal bouquets, sweets, cakes and other food for the ceremony – all this remains needed for the happy day.

Photo post production services - Headshots

body-photography-post-production-before body-photography-post-production-after body-photography-post-production

For these photos the needed corrections are different and it is highly demanded to be more than just light enhancement so the post production photography service is necessary for the most of photographers. If you’ve got dark circles under the eyes or if your eyes are red or if the skin is not smooth enough or you want to hide the wrinkles and fix some other problems, we will do our best to impress you.

Headshots can show the best personal qualities or just on the contrary the worst ones if you turn to the amateurs who can make many mistakes. Our photo post production services are natural in order not to spoil the joy of looking at the photo of a beautiful person.

Whether you require a serious transformation or a basic post production photo editing – you can turn to our team with any request. Hire professionals!

Newborn photography post production photo editing

Almost none can resist the pictures of the newborns because they are just too cute. When photographers turn to our retouching services for professional photographers they know for sure that we are able to get back to them the results of high quality. We understand that the babies have very specific needs and we are able to take care of them during our post production Photoshop work.

If you work with us, your opportunities are almost countless. Kids are one of the most powerful sources of the beauty in the whole world and if the professional photographers work together with experienced post production photography services they can make them even more adorable. You as our client and a parent will be more than satisfied. We make a big contribution in the world of the photo art, outsourcing photo editing, and in your memories as well. Hope you want to give your models as much as we are willing to give our customers.

Nude photo post production services

If you think that this particular genre is very specific, you are right. If you are a photographer, you have to be able to find approach to each client no matter what sex they are and be very delicate, you should view all post production photography tutorials to understand how not to spoil the boudoir photo.

Such gentle pictures require very thorough photo post production services because human mind is able to find disadvantages in the most beautiful body in the world. The beauty has its own look for everyone and it is the person’s full right to want to see his or her skin smoother, than in reality, or the hair color retouched, or the wrinkles removed. Our group of qualified retouchers can make you look like your dreams on your snaps.

Post production photo editing lets you do whatever you want – take pictures, be a model in any kind of a shooting or enhance the quality of your products’ photos and be happier.

5 easy steps to receive an order: 

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select-post-production-services select-photographers-edit-level
photo-post-production-tab we-make-photo-editing-post-production-on-your-photos
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Why to choose our post production photography services

Why to choose our post production photography services

There are many similar services and you start to wonder how to choose the best. Then you come across the name Fix The Photo. Choose us and you will not be disappointed. Why is that? Because we have been the top of the market for thirteen years and we know exactly how to follow your instructions and how to turn a usual photograph into the one that is going to go viral. Wedding post production services or photo manipulations is easy and pleasant for us. All the functions you can think of – we do provide.

Why to choose our post production photography services

Our company does not give the quality of wedding photo editing India gives. We only hire specialists so no matter how difficult the job is going to be, we will deal with it on the highest level. We are proud of our 24/7 support and moderate prices for quality photographs.

Why to choose our post production photography services

We work until you are fully satisfied. Our prices are reasonable and very moderate for high quality of post production in photography provided. Don’t hesitate, we are waiting for you!


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