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Magazine Photo Editing Services for Photographers

Stylized magazine photo editing services for photographers who need high-quality and high-end photo retouching to sell their photos to magazines. Trust FixThePhoto your studio photos and let us make photo resizing, professional skin retouching, background editing, deep color enhancement, digital makeup adjustment, hair retouching, adding Dodge & Burn, etc. No matter you take documentary-style photos or fashion-related images, our magazines photo editors will enhance your photos from $20 to $50 per image.

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Retouching magazines’ photos demands much Photoshop editing experience and perfect artistic taste. If you want to get the photos that tell stories, address our experts who edit photos since 2003 and who will be very glad to help you build your personal photography style recognized by many people. We will make your studio beauty portraits unique and stand out like those in a Vogue, ELLE or Harper's Bazaar magazine. Order our magazine photo editing services today and get worldwide recognition as a professional magazine photographer tomorrow.

Retouching Magazine Photos Services’ Benefits

• Realistic magazine photo editing in high resolution

• Edit photos for large printing

• Our magazine photo editors know the language of high-end color and photography, combining the right elements to create the best impression of your photography services

• Affordable magazine photo editing services

• Professionally calibrated and CMYK toned monitors

• We will find you a personal photo retoucher to keep photos consistent

• Prompt communication to clients around the clock with an average response time of 10 minutes

• Deliver around 5000 edited photos per day

• Bulk order discounts

• Our magazine photo editors know how to attract positive attention from your target market

• A fresh viewpoint and new magazine photo editing techniques that create stunning visual effects to follow any customer’s requirements

• Meet the photo quality standards of magazines and publishers

• Don’t claim your photography copyright

• Deadlines are always important


Magazine Style Photo Editing Pricing


Retouching Magazine Portraits

If you took portraits at public events, parties, fashion shows, exhibitions, seminars, etc., you need to do deep portrait photo retouching to make photos look glossy after been printed. Trust FixThePhoto your portraits and get a magazine style photo editing of the photos taken not at the studio. Put your brilliant retouched magazine photos in print great for serial content or high-volume printing projects.

Magazine photo editing services applied: 

• Deep skin retouching

• Photo color correction

• Editing digital makeup

• Stray hair removal

• Making hair volume and shiny

• Background replacement

• Dodge & Burn effect

• Teeth whitening

• Eyebrows editing

• Adding eyelashes

• Clothes smoothing

• Skin imperfections removal


Natural Magazine Photo Editing Service

If you need naturally looking photos without overphotoshopping but without vivid imperfections too, you need to order our magazine photo editing service. These services are for professional photographers who need high-quality results in high resolution. You will receive High-End photo retouching of face, eyes, skin, hair, make-up, eyes, teeth, etc. After our photo retouching you can send your retouched magazine photos for large printings or as a magazine cover to publishers. Our experts will help you give full, rich experience for your reader or customers in order to enhance the customer experience visually.

Magazine photo editing services applied: 

• Photo cropping

• Skin retouching

• Enhancing digital makeup

• Teeth whitening

• Nose form correction

• Eyes brightening

• Eyebrows correction

• Stray hair removal

• Face blemishes/hairs deleting

• Lips editing

• Background retouching


Studio Magazine Photo Editing

If you are going to send your studio photographs to magazines or other publishing houses, we recommend you addressing our magazines photo editors who will help you customize your photos to the magazine’s standards. Send us your photos and we will give them that High-End and glossy look that you saw in the popular fashion magazines or advertisement. While placing your orders attach the photos or magazine’s covers you like for use to repeat their photo editing style and make you satisfied with results.

Magazine photo editing services applied: 

• Color correction

• Photo cropping

• Skin airbrushing

• Sunburn adding

• Stray hair removal

• Make-up enhancing

• High-End retouching

• Dodge & Burn

• Background replacement

• Following photographer’s style

• Eyebrows edit

• Skin imperfections removal

• Nose straightening


Bulk Services for Permanent Customers

15% off discount for all magazine photo retouching services during a month who orders from total cost is more than $300.00 US
30% off discount for all magazine photo retouching services during a month who orders from total cost is more than $1500.00 US

Get Retouching Magazines’ Photos Quotation Fast

To know the price for exactly your magazine photo editing, you may attach your photos in any format (up to 100MB), write all your instructions about what our retouchers should fix or change, mark out the areas that should be retouched or untouched, and attach the sample photo you want to get in results. This is the fastest way to know how much you will pay for your services without signing in at our website.

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