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Car Photography Retouching

Want to show the speed, beauty and power of your automobile in the best light but do not know how? Got tired of watching useless Photoshop car tutorials on YouTube? Trust your car photography retouching tasks to FixThePhoto – we will strengthen the feeling your car photography evokes.

Car Photo Retouching Sample

FixThePhoto is a group of professional photographers, photo retouchers and designers who work for creative photographers. Automobile photography is dynamic photos that include drama and speed in static images. If you faced challenges with automobile images, do not be upset. Want to have great images of your own car, or fancy ones at motor shows with natural car photography lighting? Don't think the creative process stops once you've pressed the shutter on your DSLR - there's many photo retouching stuff you should do to your picture afterwards to make it really amazing. Our company will apply advanced techniques to enhance design details that will induce drama and speed into your static images.

Why Do You Need Car Photography Retouching?

If you have a bright sky in a sunny outdoor scene, for example, you need to tone down some of the highlights on your car, or change the background, remove scratches? All car photographs demand photo retouching. You should be very careful of what reflects in the car, remove unnecessary objects from its mirror surface, and avoid having things in the background that will distract the eye or your viewers and potential buyers.

Our Car Photo Retouching Pricing


Bulk Retouching Car Photos for Permanent Customers

15% off discount for all car photography retouching services during a month who orders from total cost is more than $300.00 US
30% off discount for all car photography retouching services during a month who orders from total cost is more than $1500.00 US

Retouching Cars in Photoshop

how to edit car photos in lightroom before how to edit car photos in lightroom after

If you photograph cars to sell them, it should appeal to potential buyers. Our professional team fixes the car photos to create that first impression, which helps to sell the product. We provide the outcomes in high resolution to be used for printed magazines, brochures, etc. 

Level: High End

Price: $10 per photo

Car photography retouching services applied: 

• Color correction

• Objects editing out

• Background change

• HDR effect adding

• Contrast/shadows correction


Editing Car Photos in Photoshop

how to remove reflections from cars in photoshop before how to remove reflections from cars in photoshop after

High class car and vehicle photos play a big part in raising sales of an automobile. FixThePhoto retains the original shadows, clean distractions like dirt, cracks, potholes etc. Any distracting object can be easily removed or the car can be recolored. All your wishes can be realized. 

Level: High End

Price: $10 per photo

Car photography retouching services applied:

• Change background to black

• Recoloring

• Drop shadow

• Reflections removal


Why Address Our Automotive Retouching Service?

Do you need to receive dramatic images of the amazing exotic cars you'll find at motor exhibitions? Or you want to get wonderful images of a gorgeous car to sell online? Address our service and you will not regret. High quality car photography retouching from $5 per photo. FixThePhoto gets regular comments from customers on how their sales increased after using our retouching cars in Photoshop services. We have worked on millions of photos ever since our company's establishment in 2013. Receive your photos edited within 2 working days. 24/7 online customer service with full photography safety – FixThePhoto doesn’t post and use your images for personal and commercial purposes without your agreement. H3 Reviews of Fix The Photo Automotive Photography Editing Services


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