Headshot retouch 

It is special technique that enhances a picture digitally. It’s usually done with usage different programs providing professional portrait editing – Lightroom, Photoshop, etc. With their help an editor demonstrates how attractive you are, your best features and traits of character, that can also be reflected on a photograph. Though he or she edits the picture making sure that is looks naturally. It is possible that some mistakes were done during the shooting and they are removed during the post processing, along with the drawbacks of your appearance that you do not like. We know how you look like in the eyes of the creative people who know for sure, what beauty is, and we know serving it to you and to this world. In the end, this demonstration shows clearly why we edit, retouch and change anything in ourselves and pictures at all, and especially headshot retouching. Your portrait will be eye-catching and pretty.

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Headshot retouching is one of the portrait retouching kinds of editing. These days it becomes much more popular than before, even in comparison with the old photo restoration services. As you may or may not know, all actors, models and other public persons need headshot retouching, sometimes desperately. People are retouching headshots as this is a media sphere, an area where enhancement of a certain picture provokes a demanded response in the audience. Look is another way of communication and visualizing beautiful smart people is highly important for their reputation. People want to see, who is telling them to buy some product or service, to watch certain programs on TV, and so on. For actors, models, singers and musicians looking good, maintaining their image is one of the first priorities, because they are adored and loved for their look as well. Even if they are beginners, glamour magazines and self analysis tells them they always need more than they have, and thus they find themselves in the need of the special people who are retouching headshots for them. It is often a duty of a manager to promote newcomers and to explain to them how these fashion and business industries work.

It is a must for the artists to own a portfolio, and it has to be good as the portfolio and reputation are criteria by which people decide whether to hire this person or not. There is no a single day in the new public person’s life where he or she does not send his or her pictures to the directors, casting managers, etc. They hope to get a well-paid role that can make them more popular, bring them prospect. And to achieve that, they need to look good and to please the people above whose standards are usually very high. And of course, each play, movie or shooting has its own specifics, so when an actor or actress steps in, one has to make sure they fit in this role, that they can live in it and make this a true piece of art of cinema, photography, and so on. The character of the artist itself can be similar to the hero’s and this is good for the result, though, is artist’s character differs very much and yet the role looks naturally, we can speak about talent, experience, and about the bright future of this person. No one denies it is a hard, long way, so turning to headshot retouching will make things much easier. Charisma, self-confidence – everything is important if you want either to be famous or to stay that way. Of course, when the hero is written for a very specific appearance, it is harder to compete for it. Step closer to the mirror. Do you look like a romantic type? Or a tough one? Or any other type? It has to be seen clearly on your shots and snaps and this is the main reason why you have to be accurate while retouching headshots and you must not alter any face feature, though show your attractiveness. In this way, casting manager will be able to find a great part for you, which can later help you achieve even more.

The basics of the headshot retouching

The modeling sphere is also very demanding when we are talking about the retouch. People base whole model agencies on the snaps and shots and without photography their existence will be put into question. Beauty know has different duties. Not only has she amaze everyone who sees it, but it also has to be competitive and attract you more than other ones. And this is why many famous people turn first to professional photo shooters and then – to the excellent retouchers. Commercial image editing is hard and especially if it is editing of a person, not an object. Retouching headshots means doing one’s best in order to provide an excellent, outstanding portfolio and give a model a wide choice of great pictures to demonstrate in high end quality. If we compare the difficulty level with such kind of post processing as jewelry retouching services, we will see, that it is two times more difficult.

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Then, we cannot leave out the fact, that outsource photo retouching is used frequently enough in the editing of the portrait pictures. People engaged in music, in fashion, and in other jobs – all of them are in the high need of creativity and of being productive in such a competitive area as fashion business. This is the main reason why wealthy people often spend big sums of money on their photo sessions with professional photographers, and later – on the post processing and removal of any unwanted details as wrinkles or pimples. So photo shooters and specialists in the digital photography edition and enhancement are connected closely to the business in the photography. Though there are many people who like doing both photos and photoshop, the main part of photo shooters cannot provide post production of high quality or just prefer not to spend their time doing it. And in such situations, there cannot be a commercial portrait edition as the abilities or priorities of shooters lie in the choosing the best location for the process and using their great skills and expensive cameras. Digital retouch and companies who provide them, like FixThePhoto, are the best colleagues and assistants for photographers, as our services are of the best quality on the market, we can do it quickly, and our prices are nice for everyone, not only for the richest. Masterpieces are created every day in such unions. Corporate photography is now everywhere, so product photo retouching services will come in handy. We are open to the discussions and clients’ instructions, so do not worry, your shots are in the good hands. We know all the existing techniques and we know, how to use them in the most efficient way, so do not worry about the awesomeness of your pictures.

We do know from our own experience, how difficult it is sometimes to do the headshot retouching and how much effort and time should be dedicated to the process. Then again, this is business, and portrait retouch also costs money and the competitiveness of the result will define how much profit will we get for our job and, as a consequence, how much profit will our clients get and whether they are so satisfied, that they will turn to us several more times for the similar services. We make sure that you get what you want, because your satisfaction is eventually what makes us profit. Our techniques include many different things, for example, we adjust the lightning, balance the colors (both main and accessory), remove blemishes and wrinkles, contour the shadows. Though they do not let us handle all the problems. For instance, if there is a scarf on the picture, we will not be able to remove it simply with the touch up of a headshot. Digital edition will be your excellent choice if you just do not like your skin and need fixing or removing your acnes, because this is what makeup digital retouching is for, when we are talking about headshots. We give you below a more detailed description of the main steps in the business portraiture retouch that our team offers.

Correction of the colors

Any photo at all needs this type of editing, especially portraits, headshots, family photos. Post processing services for photographers cannot be done properly without the color correction. When we experiment with the adjustment of the basic color we are looking for the best suiting color for this exact atmosphere and we enhance it so it would attract your attention and please your sense of the beauty. Accessory colors are also edited so they would either underline or be contrast to the main one. Our employees and managers are all good in the coloristic, so you can rely on us freely in the question of the color edition.

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Retouch of the model’s skin 

There are many ways to enhance a portrait or a headshot. Of course, the removal of all possible drawbacks of the skin is the first thing that comes to mind. It is a pretty simple task as those drawbacks are usually temporal and they do not change model’s traits – they are acne and blemishes. There are many young girls that turn to us and ask us to remove their pimples along with the drawbacks, because they want to become models. Though, if the client does not tell us to remove them, we usually just leave them because they are part of you and they cannot spoil anything. Our goal is to make you look like you in your everyday life, but to concentrate on your advantages and help you look better. And this composes the main difference between retouching headshots and working on the portrait retouching. Being natural is as essential for models as being seen with makeup in the fashionable clothes. If you give as your baby’s portrait, we will usually make its skin more smooth and correct colors as well.

Removal of the wrinkles

This type of editing should always be carried out carefully. If you look actually younger or older, it is wrinkles who help everybody identify the age you look like. There are of course many cases, when a person with wrinkles looks like his or her biological age, but it is individual for every one and one should make sure that he or she does not alter the appearance too much to confuse people, because it is the impression you make that is determinative for the decision to give or not to give you the job.

Whitening of the teeth

There is no doubt, that you have heard an expression “Hollywood smile”. It exists because actor look after their teeth in order to look accurate and attractive. Smile is often the key to the successful communication and it is a great part of any person’s charm. They also often stick in other people’s minds and remind them of you. A great smile is demanded for any actor and actress. Of course you have to brush your teeth and visit dentist at least once a year, but your teeth can still be not as white as you wish. This is why we offer our services. We can make your teeth look like anyone’s dream. Do not waste an opportunity to make people believe beforehand that your teeth treatment is excellent.

The basics of the stray hair retouch 

As we already said, our goal is to make you more attractive and at the same time make believe that everything is natural in your appearance. In portraiture, hair is one of the most important details as is can either suit you or make you look worse. If you have any problems with your health and\or your diet, or your hair is dry and damaged from the constant dying, we will make it look as it would on the healthy person. Our company has also a lot of experience in the sphere of the wedding photography post production and we know, how often can hair ameliorate your photo. If this is a portrait, then the accent can be done on the hair itself and if it is a headshot, you have to demonstrate, how great your hair is. Luckily, hair problems are usually temporal. Anyway, we will enhance your hair’s look and it will be thick, healthy and shiny. At your wish, the color of your hair may also be changed from one natural to another or to a bright, dyed one. This is a very usual task for our experienced retouchers. Although, is this is a corporate headshot, we do not recommend you color changing unless you plan to dye your hair right after the photo session. On the second thought, there is nothing harmful in the mere wish to alter your hair in a slightly brighter way, because it still would look natural. Business portrait is what we are used to edit and this is one of our best headshot retouching skills. We will take care to leave you satisfied after the changes appliance and amaze your future colleagues and chefs. If you choose us, there is a pretty high chance that your résumé will attract many work agents and you will be considered as a very attractive applicant.

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Edition of the makeup in a natural way 

Future career depends on your appearance if you are to become an actor or a model. This is why digital retouching can become your friend and alliance. Artists always try to look awesome, but it is not always possible. So in order for stopping some drawbacks from becoming a disappointment, we fix your makeup closely and carefully, so it would still look simple, but better, and we make sure we remove all your skin problems. Of course this is a part of corporate portraiture retouching and why we promise to do you good.

Why choose FixThePhoto as your retouching company?

To start with, our range of retouching professionals is large enough. We are willing to do everything possible to help our clients. We are open to any ideas and discussions. Whether you need something simple or a background removing service, we shall provide it. We are at the top for more than ten years, so do not hesitate to contact us, ask some questions and start collaborating. Family portraits, kids’ photos – we will enhance every small piece of memory that you hold dear. If there is any special occasion (a wedding or anything else at all), we are waiting to ameliorate your pictures and to amaze you. 

However, we actually provide much more services. Want to get yourself a portfolio? No problem, we did this many times. Restore some damaged pictures? No question, we are ready to do it. Retouch some jewelry? Right away! Real estate photo editing is needed? Coming right up. The range is really large because we respect your desires that concern the world of photography and therefore it is our only pleasure to help you get a job of your dream, get more customers, or just fix something. Cheap photo editing is one of our essential advantages, though the prices are low not because the quality is bad, but because we have so many clients, that even with our prices we still earn more, than other companies. You can read and find out everything about us in the retouching blog we host for your convenience. Or through e-mail, or through our online chat. Our retouching is not only a hobby or a simple job, it is the way of life as we look at the world around us and see immediately that this location is great for a portrait, or that this woman needs slightly different makeup. All in all, everything we do, we do for to, to move your life a little bit closer towards the perfection.