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The Best Free Lightroom Presets

Got tired of spending much time in front of your computer and retouching thousands event photographs or wedding pictures? We suggest downloading our free photography presets right now.

Fix The Photo is a team of experienced professional photographers who is engaged in modern photo retouching. During our career in the photo post production market the number of orders that we have successfully performed cannot be enumerated. This experience made us search for different ways of picture retouching, one of which is contemporary presets free Lightroom. For several years of work we have professionally gathered a number of different free Adobe Lightroom presets. Our experts have come a decision to share them with other retouchers and photographers free of charge.

A preset Lightroom free is a saved set of settings, such as: white balance, image exposure, curves, shadows, tones, and any others that photographers can easily apply in a single click and instantly get the desired outfit. Free presets Lightroom speed up and facilitate the process of photo post processing. That presents a chance to look at a picture in different ways.

We developed free Lightroom preset bundles in which you can select best Lightroom presets for weddings, stylized black and white, popular matte, fall or portrait, contrast plugins, etc. Described free presets for Lightroom CC can be applied to any genre of pictures, as they are universal. If you have noticed and like this Lightroom presets free pack, but want a special collection of settings – you can order paid set of plugins. Free photography presets are suitable, but they present a common set of retouching options. In case you plan to get something unusual, you need paid plugins only.


Filling the package of presets Lightroom download free

We have organized different sets of only the best free Lightroom presets. This has been done for the comfort of those beginning retouchers and photographers that will decide to download presets Lightroom free with trying them.

Every free Lightroom presets bundle has a standard structure and filling, so that clients will not have problems with using them. Every set consists of 10 chosen presets for Lightroom free that have been grouped according to the suitable photography style and provided effects. All offered plugins can be combined with different LR versions, such as 4, 5 and 6. These are the most modern and frequently used. Presets for Lightroom also are combinable with PC and modern Mac.

Proving their universality, free plugins work efficiently both with common RAW and wide-spread JPEG files. Depending on the chosen type of image extension the result is different, but they are able to take into consideration the initial characteristics of an image to guarantee the best result.

Depending largely on the photo purposes, Adobe Lightroom presets free are fast and easily adjusted. All effects have been organized by experts, who have thought over every detail of their application. You can ensure in it viewing before and after samples.

What are LR presets?

Preset free Lightroom is a completed combination of saved post production settings. Settings that can be applied many times when retouchers need the same set of already adjusted photo options.

You edited a photo in the LR, and like the result.  With our plugins you do not need to record all these digits, to remember the position of the sliders, curves, checkmarks, filters, and so on. Everything is much simpler with free Lightroom preset pack. It creates a file already with the saved parameters. And then it puts these adjusted parameters at a one touch of a button. This is suitable for event or wedding photographers. Thousands of photos do not have to be retouched manually, as everything can be done with a one click.

You are able to create your own plugin. If you have retouched a photo and the result appeals to you, you have an opportunity to use it one more time. If you have noticed that you use the same initial steps during every photo retouching order, these steps can be organized into a preset.

For creating a preset you will need firstly to do photo retouching up to the end. When you see a finished photo sample, go to the menu Develop and choose “New preset”. In the pop-up window you will have to enter its name in order to differentiate it from other presets for Lightroom free and choose a place where it will be saved. Your plugin is ready and you may check its work with other photographs.

Sets of our free Adobe Lightroom presets

1. This set of top rated Lightroom presets is a must have for all contemporary photographers that work with B&W, wedding, portrait photography

The range of photo types is wide, but soft romantic presets for Lightroom are universal and easily cope with them, guaranteeing always high-quality results.

One of the most popular types of photography is wedding and portrait genres. Many photographers try themselves in these popular directions, taking into consideration all high demands. These types of photos require not only professionalism and talent for photography, but also the ability to retouch naturally any photo, taking into account all its peculiarities and tendencies. This is a very tedious and time-consuming task that requires much time in case not asking for applying amazing free Lightroom presets. In order to facilitate the process of wedding and portrait photos retouching, each photographer must have professional Lightroom adjustment brush presets in his/her arsenal that are designed depending on all the features and peculiar things of such photos.

A stylized set of black and white presets with varied abilities is always at hand, as an integral part of the collection of each photographer. Black and white stylized photography has some magic, as it is able to focus on the very essence of photography without diverting attention on colors. For capacity of working with this photo style, black and white plugins are chosen.


2. Plugins that provide photo effects

In the following completed set there are beneficial plugins that create matte, pastel effects. One of the functions of presented top free Lightroom presets is the creation of unique photo effects to improve photos. There are some photo effects that are definitely worth trying and using in the qualified work with clients. This is matte, street, pastel. With these presets, you can correct colors in a matter of minutes, adjust brightness and important contrast, and get rid of small defects and imperfects.


3. Trend and seasonal presets

Such samples are fall, landscape, contrast plugins. These series are a highly researched by retouchers and focused set on the best Lightroom presets. They are based on contemporary photo post-production techniques and varied color pallets that are in trend. They are able to attract seasonal focus.


4. Styling presets

They are HDR, Film, vintage samples. Styling can make your pictures look differently. As a result of styling, the photos acquire a new look in combination with a touch of artistry and high cost. By overlaying a specific plugin from this set, like Lightroom vintage filters, you can change the photo style, set a different mood, and generally, give it a professional look of a better quality.

All following presets have been made by professionals that have taken into account all peculiarities of varied photo genres. They are simultaneously unique and universal. Every sample of presets is selected for a single category. They are easy and fast to be immediately used. All are free of charge. Their use saves you time, simplifies the retouching process and allows you to create a beautiful photo in one click.


5. Top 3 filters for your night photography

This set of LR presets consists of three packages – Dark, Nightlife and Sunset. They are usually used to enhance portrait, event, wedding, couple photography. These plugins add unique fantasy effect in LR, adjust colors and tones, shades. These filters make dramatic and mystique look, smoothen the skin on portraiture and adjust the black and white. Bokeh style is recommended to use along with these LR presets.

This collection is free and a good outcome is guaranteed. Download them right now and receive natural night photographs with professional touch up.


How to get our free LR presets

The question of how to use Lightroom presets bothers photographers. For the reason we have created a shot instruction that will explain the main steps of how to find and install free plugins. It covers all the peculiarities of free Lightroom preset downloads.

  1. The first idea covers the question where to find presets in Lightroom without problems. For this consider our list of free presets sets. Due to their diversity, there photographers may find presets for every photo genre.
  2. You will need to come through free Lightroom preset download on a website. For this step you will not need registration, which is usually time-taking.
  3. Entering your email is only expected from you. Then wait until you will be sent a package of the presets.

Every step is simple and does not require much effort.


How to work with a chosen free Lightroom presets pack

One of Lightroom's most powerful features is preset. They are used everywhere: for import, for filtering, for post processing and printing. Photo retouchers usually upgrade their versions of LR with modern plugins. As soon as the suitable presets or package of presets has been downloaded, retouchers face a question of how to apply Lightroom presets or where are presets in Lightroom. In the step-be-step instruction we will explain how effective presets can be easily installed in your retouching program.

  1. Open LR version you are currently working with while retouching and find the "Correction" tab.  In the right lower column where you can see a list of standard presets, right-click on one of the offered categories.
  2. For your convenience create a tab named “User`s preset”. There you will store all free Adobe Lightroom presets.
  3. Most presets cannot be added through the program's interface, like presets naming, filtering, and others. They can only be created inside the LR. The rest, presets post processing, layout of printing, can be added to the corresponding modules by clicking on the special plus sign, specifying the path to the files.
  4. Then click “Import” and select the samples from the folder where you have downloaded the necessary plugins.
  5. You may organize all downloaded presets into categories in order to simplify their using. For example one category will serve for retouching portraits, one for landscapes.
  6. The process that is contrary to the procedure of adding free adobe presets is deleting them. If not having a variant how to remove a preset from LR we will describe two the most convenient ways.
  7. Right-click on the unwanted preset and select Delete. If you accidentally deleted the wrong preset - press Ctrl + Z (Win) or Cmd + Z (Mac), and the action will be canceled.
  8. Go into the folders and delete everything through the file system.
  9. Fix The Photo does not stop only on our free and top rated Lightroom presets, we are going to create best Lightroom brushes and actions to simplify our customers photo retouching work.
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