DVLOP Presets Review 2024: Weddings, Portraits & Outdoors

By Tata Rossi 24 days ago, Lightroom Tips

DVLOP is initially a platform meant for creating and editing pictures. If you visit the official website, you will see a variety of presets from more than 20 experts. DVLOP presets are divided into three categories – Wedding, Portrait, and Outdoors bundle.

DVLOP Presets Collection

There are lots of high-quality DVLOP presets in every bundle. You can use any filter to correct in-camera auto white balance issues depending on the result you aspire to achieve. They are compatible with newer and older versions of Lightroom СС, as well as Lightroom Mobile.

DVLOP Presets: Kodak Collection

dvlop presets kodak collection

Number of presets included: 18

Developed by Jose Villa, these presets are meant for Fuji, Ilford and Kodak cameras. They were created using the dual lighting profile system of the DVLOP platform. It is a perfect bundle for enhancing portrait photography as it will add a slightly golden tint to the skin, make the lighting softer, and tone down the shadows.

If you are a fan of high contrast in shots, you will fall in love with these Kodak presets which are very similar to the Tezza presets.

DVLOP Presets: Fuji Collection

dvlop presets fuji collection

Number of presets included: 18

These DVLOP presets add the natural-looking effect when editing photos in Lightroom. Pastel shades and soft color gradients will greatly complement portrait and wedding shots. Besides, feel free to apply these effects to pictures taken outside to make them lighter and airier.

Want to receive professional results without wasting hours on editing? Delegate this task to our team of experts. They will fix any issues with white balance and exposure, improve contrast, clarity, and emulate any look of your favorite photographers. For an affordable price and with fast turnaround, you’ll receive flawless results.

DVLOP Presets: Ilford Collection

dvlop presets ilford collection

Number of presets included: 6

These DVLOP Lightroom presets have been treated as iconic filters for wedding photos for a long time. They can give photos a soft, natural, timeless, and beautiful look without much effort on your part. Modern digital photographers, who want to embellish their images with genuine film qualities (skin tones, depth, grain, and color blends), should definitely try these B&W and color presets.

The combination of black and white colors in shots remains iconic since it deeply emphasizes the feelings conveyed. These presets will add a gorgeous b&w effect to the shots from the wedding and other monumental events.

DVLOP Presets: Roam Collection

dvlop presets roam collection

Price: $95
Number of presets included: 6

Roam presets excel at fixing lighting issues, like Phil Chester presets also do. So, if you aren’t satisfied with the lighting in your shots, these presets will save the situation.

After applying them, the shadows and lights will be balanced, and the skin tone will acquire a warmer shade. This bundle is often used for shots taken at night or at dusk.

DVLOP Presets: Haribo Collection

dvlop presets haribo collection

Price: $85
Number of presets included: 5

Make high dynamic range and contrast more intense with the help of these presets. They will turn the picture into a moderately bright one or will put emphasis on shapes with a b&w filter. The bundle also saturates the dull colors and introduces high dynamic range.

DVLOP Presets: Mystical Potions Collection

dvlop presets mystical potions collection

Price: $85
Number of presets included: 5

If you have plenty of action and motion in your photographs and you wish to highlight it, these will be the best DVLOP presets for the task. Shooters often apply them to dance photography, especially taken at night clubs. They introduce vivid colors and contrast to make the image more eye-grabbing.

DVLOP Presets: Tweaks and Leaks Collection

dvlop presets tweaks and leaks

Price: $95
Number of presets included: 6

DVLOP offers not only presets made by various authors but also creates its own ones. The Tweaks and Leaks bundle consists of 30 custom tweaks, 10 custom leaks and 12 brushes. Using them, you will be able to apply finishing touches to the shots. The presets are compatible with the latest versions of Lr.

DVLOP Presets: Parkerisms Collection

dvlop presets parkerisms collection

Price: $85
Number of presets included: 5

If you are familiar with the author’s style, which is known for creating various light effects, you will enjoy this bundle. Regardless of whether you photograph during the day or at night, you are sure to find a suitable present in the bundle.

Pick neutral natural lighting, noontime or dusk effect and use it as a stunning background when editing portraits in Lightroom, or any other shots taken outside.

DVLOP Presets: Visbons Collection

dvlop presets visbons collection

Number of presets included: 5

With these DVLOP presets, you will be able to achieve breathtaking pictures, applying matte and low-contrast filters. Intense saturation and pink shades will result in shots that appear calmer, warmer and crispier.

I suggest applying this bundle to pictures with big background space, for example, outdoor portrait photography.

DVLOP Presets: The Show Series Collection

dvlop presets the show series

Price: $85
Number of presets included: 5

In case you have a classic approach to wedding photography editing, pay attention to this bundle. The goal of the presets is to create a realistic,yet appealing effect.

They mill make the light more intense, shadows – darker, which is a generally accepted way of editing shots taken in different conditions. If you are an amateur photographer, you will love how hassle-free these presets are.

DVLOP Presets: Pale Blue Dot Collection

dvlop presets pale blue dot

Price: $85
Number of presets included: 5

A wonderful bundle for imitating a gentle b&w effect or whitening the photographs. The included DVLOP presets will help you fix shots with underexposure, deal with shots taken at night and the ones that feature plenty of blue areas (like the sky or the sea). Regardless of the lighting conditions, the skin tone will look natural after applying the presets.

DVLOP Presets: Passages Collection

dvlop presets passages collection

Price: $85
Number of presets included: 6

This bundle is perfectly suitable for the cases when you need to tell the story in photographs, concentrating on the emotions and feelings.

The effects with b&w color correction, golden light, prominent details and intense contrast will help convey any desired mood. Many wedding shooters apply these presets to add visual appeal to pictures, preserving their natural look.

DVLOP Presets: The Passport Series Collection

dvlop presets passport series

Price: $85
Number of presets included: 5

These DVLOP presets are distinguished by the combination of soft details and warm lights together with intense contrast, sharp shades and solid-colored background.

They are great for the cases when you wish to emphasize the significance and authenticity of the captured moment, or convey the profound idea and provoke the viewers to think about it. By the way, they are very similar to Dirty Boots presets.

DVLOP Presets: Zauberchroma Collection

dvlop presets zauberchroma collection

Price: $85
Number of presets included: 6

Make your shots more passionate and dramatic by applying this bundle. The presets will enhance the overall colors, contrast and vibrancy so that the background and the people in the shot look balanced.

The bundle was inspired by bold African culture. Initially, these effects were developed with dance photos in mind. But practice shows that they are suitable for various shots taken outside as well.

DVLOP Presets: Kodachronies Collection

dvlop presets kodachronies collection

Price: $85
Number of presets included: 5

Being created with Kodachrome in mind, these presets can totally alter the perception of your images, imbuing them with saturated, warm colors punctuated by reds and yellows. Besides, pictures acquire flat, de-highlighted cool tones, which are hard to get during manual editing. This collection is a real finding for photographers, who use colors for expressing feelings rather than providing descriptions.

DVLOP Presets: Companion Cube Collection

dvlop presets companion cube

Price: $85
Number of presets included: 5

The main focus of these DVLOP presets is put on creating warmer skin tones in photographs. The effects don’t go overboard with saturation, pleasing us with vibrant colors and high dynamic range.

Feel free to experiment and apply attention-grabbing transparent or glowing effects that will seamlessly blend into the entire composition. You can also try Peter McKinnon presets to get similar effects.

DVLOP Presets: Sunlight Collection

dvlop presets sunlight collection

Number of presets included: 3

The nature around us is beautiful the way it is. But it won’t hurt to enhance it just a little bit using these presets. I suggest using them to highlight green and blue shades, apply bright accents, and make certain areas of the shot more saturated. These effects are similar to Dawn Charles presets.

DVLOP Presets: Sunset Collection

dvlop presets sunset collection

Price: $60
Number of presets included: 3

The bundle will produce smooth and warm tones in photographs, accentuating the sky and the depth of shadows. It is a wonderful find for all landscape photographs who wish to achieve a perfect balance of golden and blue shades in shots, for those who are fond of nature photography.

DVLOP Presets: Twilight Collection

dvlop presets twilight collection

Price: $60
Number of presets included: 3

If you are wondering how to create a mystical or romantic atmosphere in pictures, you need these DVLOP presets. They will enhance the wide range of shades in the sky, even at night, showing that darkness is full of color as well. It is an excellent bundle for skillful shooters who know how to properly combine colors, mid-tones, and convey their beauty.

DVLOP Presets on Instagram

dvlop presets

Username: @hellodvlop
Genre: wedding, portrait, landscape photos
Followers: 35.2K

The DVLOP Presets Instagram page is a wonderful place to get inspired and learn how to edit Instagram photos. The presets that I have described in this article are found there. You can find examples of the effect of every preset that is available on their website. Besides, on their Instagram page, photographers share their knowledge on taking pictures and editing them properly.


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