SMAL Lightroom Presets Review 2024

By Tata Rossi 20 days ago, Lightroom Tips

Combining the faded blacks with smooth skin tones, SMAL presets create a beautiful natural look. In this article, I will tell you about the creators of these presets, their Instagram page and blog, as well as the available packs. Also, you will be able to download free tools that imitate the style of SMAL presets.

SMAL Lightroom Presets Collections

All these presets are compatible with Lightroom versions after the 4th and Camera Raw 7. Below, you can learn more about the best collections to see if the company’s style matches your own one. If you have never applied such effects before, you might need to learn how to add presets to Lightroom.

Classic Collection

smal presets classic collection

Number of presets included: 10

Sometimes, the best effect is achieved by making very subtle changes. By slightly adjusting the values, you can make your photo look absolutely natural. This entire collection is just about that, equipping you with a set of slightly different, fully adjustable realistic effects.

This involves balancing the colors and contrast to create a deep and slightly faded atmosphere. These presets are perfect for fashion photography and portrait photography done under natural sources of light.

Wild Collection

smal presets wild collection

Price: $49
Number of presets included: 10

The SMAL Wild presets are perfect for pictures taken in nature. With them, you can not only take care of the skin tones but also highlight the gorgeous greens and bring out the blacks to complement them.

Your picture will become brighter and more contrasting, with an extra pop on the whites that suits wedding photography as well. Otherwise, this collection is also superb for all kinds of lifestyle photography.

Using these SMAL Lightroom presets, you can improve the lighting in the frame and tweak color tones. This collection is also suitable for fixing contrast and brightness issues, making colors more saturated and adjusting other settings. To give your pictures a creative feel, you can add several presets to them.

If you need to fully transform the color scheme in your photos but don’t have advanced photo editing skills, you can outsource this task to the FixThePhoto team. These professionals will embellish your images and make them meet your requirements. The company has a short turnaround, so you will get your edited photos back in no time.

Rose Collection

smal presets rose collection

Number of presets included: 10

If you’re looking for something adventurous and powerful for a modern social media influencer, this is the perfect collection. The saturated blacks, the vibrant atmosphere and healthy skin tones contribute to the overall effect.

It is equally flattering for urban photography and landscape photography, especially if your model radiates the “tough and dangerous” vibe. Add these presets to images of a sportsman in motion that shows their vigor. Keep in mind these are more intense effects that really force the mid-tones and add a green tint to the shot.

SMAL & Rose & Wild Bundle

smal presets bundle

Price: $115
Number of presets included: 30

This contrasting collection of SMAL Lightroom presets would be an ideal purchase for an artist who likes variety. It allows you to save money while being prepared for producing either serious and moody images or bright and energetic ones.

It is also a great way of remaining consistent with your picture editing, sticking to a particular aesthetics and style. This set will come in handy for professionals who need to use saturated colors and improve contrast in their photos. These effects are suitable for photographers who specialize in the main photography types, including portraits, landscapes, and wedding shots.

Soulmate Collection

smal presets soulmate collection

Number of presets included: 12

This collection is already gaining popularity, attracting people with the different look created by a higher dynamic range. These SMAL presets have a natural feel. They look warmer, giving the subject a gentle highlight.

These effects raise the contrast and scatter the light, adding a muted brightness to the image, emphasizing the softness and warmth of skin. In contrast to the previously mentioned effects, these presets add sharpness to the shot and bring out the smaller details.

Soulmate LR & ACR Brushes

smal presets soulmate brushes collection

Price: $29
Number of presets included: 11

These great brushes can be incorporated in your Lr or ACR and help you add small touch-ups to the images and highlight the areas that you want to make more striking. You can easily drive a viewer’s attention to various parts of your image with these tools, making the effect as subtle as you wish.

Presets & LUTs & Brushes Bundle

smal presets soulmate bundle collection

Number of items included: 12 Presets + 12 LUTs + 11 Brushes

If you want to get some SMAL presets free of charge, the best way is to hop on this incredible deal that reduces the cost by a whole quarter. Get all the tools of the latest collection and match the images to the footage in style and atmosphere in a few easy clicks.

Unblemished Collection

smal presets unblemished collection

Price: $49
Number of presets included: 10

This bundle will come in handy for portrait photographers who need to give their photos a professional look. These effects allow you to make colors lighter and more vibrant. They are suitable for color grading. You can edit the skin tone while preserving its natural look. Besides, these presets will fix lighting issues. Use them to improve the lighting in your photos and add highlights to the clothes or the face of your model.

SMAL Presets on Instagram

smal presets on instagram

Username: @smalpresets
Genre: portrait, travel, lifestyle, wedding, newborn, family photography
Followers: 29.3K

On their page, you will find many portrait, lifestyle, and family photos with presets from their collection. By the way, the photos were taken at different locations, which shows that these presets have many uses.

The SMAL presets Instagram profile looks just incredible, everything is very aesthetically pleasing. I suggest you visit this page and find inspiration for your next photoshoots.


smal presets blog

Apart from visiting the Instagram page, you can also read the blog on the official website. It is more of a gallery where you can see with your own eyes the full beauty of the company’s presets in action. Each of the articles describes how you can use a specific preset for enhancing various photos. All the photos were processed by different photographers, so these high-quality effects are truly universal.

Free Bonus Tools

free lightroom presets collection fixthephoto

Instead of browsing the Internet in search of a coupon code or another opportunity of getting a big discount on SMAL presets, you can get some free effects that have a similar look. The options below are of high quality and fit for professional use.

Use these presets if you want to make your pictures stand out by enhancing the faces of your models and the backgrounds. They are suitable for tweaking colors and giving a creative feel to your images.

Note: All tools we share were created by FixThePhoto experts. We do not copy and share third-party products.