Tribe Archipelago Presets

By Ann Young 10 days ago, Photo Editing Tips

After testing all Tribe Archipelago presets, I can confidently say they're not bad tools for any photographer. Emphasizing natural tones and elegance, these presets are a perfect choice for weddings and family photoshoots.

Below, I've shared my personal review and ratings for each of the Tribe Archipelago presets, along with their key features and photo I received after applying.

* Tribe Archipelago Presets Reviews from Customers

Archipelago Presets: Pros & Cons

Variety. A key selling point of the collection is the extensive range of styles on offer. Whether you're into bold and vibrant edits, dark and cinematic tones, or sleek and minimalist looks, there's a preset to match every preference and artistic direction.

Customization. By tweaking exposure, contrast, saturation, and other parameters, you can fine-tune each preset to match your unique image and style.

Consistency. All your shoots and projects will have a unified aesthetic.

Ease of use. Whether you're an experienced pro or just starting out, you will easily figure out how to use these presets. With a few simple clicks, you can add presets to Lightroom and elevate your photos from average to outstanding.

Price. Finding official free Tribe Archipelago presets is impossible. They are usually bundled together, priced between $98 to $108.

Compatibility. These filters work smoothly with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. But they may not sync up with older version of these software.

Lens FX Presets

★★★★☆ (4/5)
lens fx tribe archipelago preset

With this set, you get access to over 70 customizable effects spread across different categories like Sunspots, Bursts, Blooms, Rays, Flares, and Particles. Therefore, photographers, including me, have plenty of options to improve photos.

Being able to layer effects and fine-tune parameters like frame placement and intensity, I easily customized each of my images. But honestly, the light I got doesn’t look pretty natural as they have on their website.

Price: $108.00

Legend & Lore Presets and Profiles

★★★★★ (5/5)
legend lore tribe archipelago preset

Legend & Lore presets add a sense of mystery, a touch of nostalgia, and a hint of romance to your photographs. This collection includes six color presets and tools designed to spark your creativity.

Legend includes six color presets with built-in mask layers, infused with earthy tones of fawn and sable browns. After applying these effects on my clients’ wedding picture, I immediately think about ancient legends and stories from the past. A captivating color palette, but not so modern look, this kind of vintage effects look outdated.

With Lore, you can define subtle shadows, accentuate tones, and add dreamy hues. Thus, you’ll add a captivating sense of wonder and intrigue to your love-story photos.

Price: $98.00

Aletheia Presets and Profiles

★★★☆☆ (3/5)
aletheia tribe archipelago preset

Aletheia presets are great for accentuating lifelike colors, preserving the natural beauty of your images as seen by the eye. But I think Tribe Archipelago summit presets require additional tuning to achieve the desired effect, especially if pictures were taken in cloudy lighting situations. Now it looks as if nothing has changed.

Although, you can improve your photos with precise colors, realistic skin tones, and a natural color balance. If you need just basic improvements and have spare money – give it a try.

Price: $98.00

Amara Presets and Profiles

★★★★☆ (4/5)
amara tribe archipelago preset

Archipelago Amara is a pack of portrait Lightroom presets, featuring 4 tools to improve skin, eyes, lips, and other aspects with just one click. These presets, available as tools named Looks, provide users with a range of settings to apply to people on your photos.

With this collection, I receive really a perfect lights & shadows color in portraits. But you just look above and you’ll see that now the picture is a little bit dirty in general. Nevertheless, with eight distinct color graded presets, three creative profiles, and additional unique tools, the Amara pack offers lots of creative opportunities.

Price: $98.00

Halite Presets and Profiles

★★★☆☆ (3/5)
halite tribe archipelago preset

Inspired by the sparkling mineral landscapes shaped by centuries of sunlight, Halite Presets encapsulate the rugged yet intricate charm of salt flats. Using these presets, you make photos clear which is a perfect shot for outdoor images.

The Halite bundle contains 4 color presets, 2 black-and-white presets, 3 creative profiles, and 3 additional tools. So, you receive ample opportunities for experiments to create visuals that resemble salt flats.

Price: $98.00

Redwood Presets and Profiles

★★★☆☆ (3/5)
redwood tribe archipelago preset

Redwood Presets embody the spirit of the Pacific Northwest coast, where the sea and land blend seamlessly. Drawing inspiration from the lush green scenery, warm burnt orange tones, and majestic redwood trees found in this area, the developers created efficient tools to add depth, mood, and emotive hues to images.

Well, I got a bit flat image because the brown gold took the main role in colors here. When downloading this package, you receive 6 color presets, 2 black-and-white presets, 2 creative profiles, and 8 unique tools. But you may need to adjust these effects if you are after a more professional look in your photos.

Price: $98.00

Ore Presets and Profiles

★★★★☆ (4/5)
ore tribe archipelago preset

These Tribe Archipelago presets are worth your download if want warm and reach colors in your images. The Ore presets collection is perfect for photographers who want to add vibrant tones of copper, gold, and iron to their photos.

The Ore Preset Collection includes 7 color presets, 2 black-and-white presets, 6 Oxidization Presets, 3 Grain Presets, and 3 Creative Profiles. You can layer the Oxidization presets over any of the nine presets in the set, enjoying a whopping 63 combinations. A not bad choice for golden hour pictures.

Price: $98.00

FOURXFIVE Presets and Profiles

★★★☆☆ (3/5)
fourxfive tribe archipelago preset

The FOURXFIVE preset collection is designed to recreate the beautiful richness and depth of large-format film photos. Developers drew inspiration from the meticulous process of using 4x5 film which I really like in photos.

In the kit, you will find 5 color Tribe Archipelago presets and 1 black-and-white option, along with 3 special film borders to give your images a real film touch. Plus, to tweak your edits and get that perfect large-format film style, you can use the Blur, Contrast, and Dark tools included in the collection.

Although these film Lightroom presets provide insight into large-format, but again as almost all presets from Tribe Archipelago they gave me photos a little dirty look.

Price: $98.00

LXCr Presets and Profiles

★★☆☆☆ (2/5)
lxcr tribe archipelago preset

LXCr attracts photographers with multiple mood and tonal options. These presets reflect the essence of different landscapes, from dry deserts to lush forests and I tested them on such kind of photos above.

These landscape Lightroom presets push the boundaries of tonal options, while staying true to their fundamental nature. The LXCr set features 2 black-and-white and 6 color presets, complemented by 6 custom profiles and an array of useful tools for editing landscape images.

Overall, it’s great for landscapes especially in the fall but if there are people in the frame, everything looks odd and flat.

Price: $98.00

Asteria Presets and Profiles

★★★☆☆ (3/5)
asteria tribe archipelago preset

The Asteria presets stand out with mesmerizing tones, spanning from cool cinematic shades to warm golden hues. With 3 tonal options and 3 dynamic variations for each, photographers can tap into a total of 9 presets, creating eye-pleasing and stylish edits.

As you see I got a medium result but I think the shadows I had on the raw photo saved the picture. I don’t like the preset because I may apply it only for too bright and “white” photographs which isn’t universal for almost $100.

Price: $98.00

Nomad Presets and Profiles

★★★★☆ (4/5)
nomad tribe archipelago preset

Nomad mimics vibrant and nostalgic fashion editorials of the 80s and 90s. With colors that bring to mind summer fields, sea adventures, and starry nights, these unique presets take photographers back to a time of daring creativity and enduring elegance.

I’ve got only cozy bronzes and all soft greens, gentle pinks, deep ocean blues disappeared.

There are 7 color presets and 1 black-and-white option in the bundle. Moreover, there are creative profiles like Summer Fields, Nautica, and North Star that offer additional customization. Need to add, that the black-and-white profile lags behind color ones in terms of adjustments.

Price: $98.00

ExFilm Presets and Profiles

★★★☆☆ (3/5)
exfilm tribe archipelago preset

Featuring gentle details and subtle color tones, these presets create an aesthetic that feels just right – both comforting and timeless.

ExFilm does a great job of capturing the feel of old film stock, but customization isn’t as extensive as that in other collections. However, users still get 2 black-and-white presets, 6 color presets, and a custom "Character" profile.

I can’t call these Tribe Archipelago presets vintage, if only the clothes and atmosphere on your photos is already vintage.

Price: $98.00

Wayfarer Presets and Profiles

★★☆☆☆ (2/5)
wayfarer tribe archipelago preset

The Wayfarer is the worst collection of presets. They claim to offer beautiful tones, from cool and warm to contrast and muted hues, but as a result I receive destroyed skin color.

Price: $98.00

North Star Presets and Profiles

★★★★☆ (4/5)
north star tribe archipelago preset

The North Star collection offers a special set of black and white Lightroom presets tailored to suit different photography genres and styles. There are 8 effects available, including bold, high-contrast, subtle and stylized effects. I tried Bold and are fully satisfied with the result.

Price: $98.00 

Archipelago Quest Membership: F.A.Q

Quest is the premier subscription preset series offered by Archipelago Presets. Each month, subscribers get a new set for Adobe Lr/ACR, consisting of 3 presets (1 primary preset with 2 distinct variations) alongside 1 creative profile.

  • • What types of images can I improve with these presets?

Since new presets appear monthly, and they are available in three variations, you can find a suitable option for almost all photography genres. If you have already used presets, you understand you can always tweak them to fit your unique style.

  • • What is the cost of membership?

The membership fee is only $8 USD per month (a very moderate offer compared to their presets bundles’ pricing) to become part of the Archipelago Quest. Plus, each subscriber will receive tutorials that are paradigm-changing, including live editing, Q&A, and gear reviews. New presets made every month, along with that video.

  • • Can I subscribe and access former collections?

No, you get access to the bundle for the current month. But you are free to buy previous sets if you'd like.

  • • Is it possible to unsubscribe after 1 month?

Yes, sure. If you join, pay for the first month, and later if you decide it's not for you, feel free to cancel anytime. You get to keep the preset pack from the month you were a member, but you won't have access to future bundles.

Archipelago Presets Alternatives – 10 FREE Presets Download

Download the bundle above for free to boast of an impressive variety of the most powerful and professionally designed editing tools – presets for your color grading. That is why downloading the presets on the Fixthephoto site is a right step. The most popular filters are Portrait, Vintage, Film, and Matte, of course.

1. Red Leaf

tribe archipelago presets alternative tribe archipelago presets alternative

Tribe Red Leaf presets are very similar to “1888AD” with Analog Photo Effect. Red Leaf provides a soft, but vivid photo editing result at the same time, giving some cinematic look to your pictures. The colors and shades are quite realistic. This preset allows you to keep the original style of your photos, adding interesting details to them. It is an ideal option for photographers who like to experiment and work with natural light indoors.

2. Portrait

tribe archipelago presets alternative tribe archipelago presets alternative

This preset is the perfect choice for landscape and portrait photos. You will get the effect of clean, natural skin and slightly contrasting color due to a slight decrease in temperature. At the same time, the image will not lose the original warmth of the shades. It somehow reminds Tribe Archipelago SUMMIT preset.

3. Inspired by Archipelago “LXC”

tribe archipelago presets alternative tribe archipelago presets alternative

If you want to increase the brightness and sharpness of pictures taken in low light conditions, use this plug-in. It is a perfect option for street photos. This preset is an alternative to BASECAMP. It will increase the contrast and brightness of the image very realistically without excessive green shades, too deep shadows or dark areas.

4. Film

tribe archipelago presets alternative tribe archipelago presets alternative

The film effect will add some warmth to your photos. Purple shade improves skin tone, preserving its naturalness, and soft contrast emphasizes the shadows perfectly. This preset is similar to 1888AD, and WOLF PACK Archipelago presets.

5. Inspired by Archipelago “LXCN”

tribe archipelago presets alternative tribe archipelago presets alternative

This is a good Tribe Archipelago TERRAIN alternative. This preset is used to brighten the image. Yellow-orange shades and white balance correction will help you achieve the desired "sunshine" effect. It is an ideal option for outdoor photos taken in natural daylight.

6. Inspired by Archipelago “Summit”

tribe archipelago presets alternative tribe archipelago presets alternative

This preset works well with portrait and landscape photos. Its distinctive features are the coolness of shades and a matte effect. Despite this, your images will not lose the warmth of the colors completely. Its soft and bright shades allow me to say that it is very similar to SUMMIT preset.

7. Inspired by Archipelago “Loaf”

tribe archipelago presets alternative tribe archipelago presets alternative

This preset is a good alternative to LXC. It will allow you to make your images clearer and rich highlighting shadows and lines. This preset combines warm and cold shades that work perfectly with the skin color correction. This universal tool is suitable for any type of photography.

8. Cinematic

tribe archipelago presets alternative tribe archipelago presets alternative

This is an analog of the Tribe Archipelago 1888AD. Its main features are contrast and brightness with maintaining the original style and realistic look of the image. Adjust this soft-matte preset with the help of profile slider.

9. B&W

tribe archipelago presets alternative tribe archipelago presets alternative

If you want to use Tribe Archipelago SUMMIT presets free, you should pay your attention to this alternative variant. It creates a black and white effect and is very similar to SUMMIT 06. The preset has a wide range of gray shades, which allows you to emphasize even the smallest details of the picture. The profile slider will help you select the desired photo effect.

10. Fade

tribe archipelago presets alternative tribe archipelago presets alternative

This free preset combines the basic features of SUMMIT and LXC. It gives natural tints to images, corrects white balance, adds more intensity and haze to green shades, emphasizes bright areas and shadows. The skin color becomes reddish-orange after applying this preset. It is a great tool for work with portrait and landscape photos taken in daylight conditions.