Tribe Archipelago Presets

Tribe Archipelago Presets

Tribe Archipelago presets are professional Lightroom presets for portrait, nature, wedding, commercial, and editorial photography. Why so many photographers like this presets’ film effect? Read my Tribe Archipelago review of all presets where I’ll compare them with other popular plug-ins and download 10 Freebies inspired by wonderful Tribe Archipelago effects.

Archipelago Presets Review

Shooters who want to stand out from the crowd and add unique film style to their photos, should pay attention to Tribe Archipelago. Being in the photo industry for more than 10 years, this team of photographers continues to develop fantastic tools for image editing. The last product called CREATIVE PROFILES is not an exception. Applying it, you will achieve catching results and improve your unique style.

1888AD Presets

tribe archipelago 1888ad

Download Professional Collections

1888AD differs from other presets as it shows a real mood of analog photography. These Tribe Archipelago presets reflect an everlasting spirit of the film. Namely, they present the period when Kodak introduced the first box camera for roll film. It is a perfect choice for all shooters who admire the eternal beauty of analog photography.

1888AD Set includes 2 BW, 4 Color Profiles, and 21 Adjustment Presets. They will not only help enhance your photos but make this process quicker. Save your time while changing white balance, lens correction, exposure, adjust shadow/tone and enjoy the final result in just a few clicks.

Price: $98.


tribe archipelago basecamp

Brave street photographer will definitely highly appreciate Archipelago presets. If you are one of them and want to develop your color correction skills, then do not hesitate and choose these Lr plug-ins. The photos look more organic and less digital.

It is a Profile Set that is compatible with Adobe Camera Raw 10.5 (and newer) and/or Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 7.5 (and newer). This set is a 'Profile-only' including 8 Custom Color Creative profiles.

Price: $98.

LXC Presets

tribe archipelago lxc

These Tribe presets were created to enhance deep skin tones and provide subtle greens in the pictures. The plug-ins will add vibrancy to your images and increase contrast and saturation. The set consists of 6 presets, each of which corresponds to a specific film effect.

Feel free to add warmth or bright sun shades, make the image cooler or monochromatic. Highly recommended for summer street photographs.

Price: $80.

SUMMIT Presets

tribe archipelago summit presets

Do not want to spend time for photo editing and portrait retouching? Send your photos to FixThePhoto and receive professional color correction and image retouching fast for about $5 per portrait.

Tribe Archipelago Summit bundle will allow getting step-by-step results which will definitely please you. You can enjoy dramatic effect with deep natural greens and smooth tones. Summit includes 6 presets for getting pleasant skin tones with natural color all over the spectrum.

Accurate colors help create a perfect image. Choose this set for landscape photography and portraits. Greens are desaturated and warm while skin tones are high-contrasted and very creamy. Skin tones may seem to be washed out or too white. But if you are crazy about heavily stylized images, then it is just what you need.

Price: $80.


tribe archipelago terrain

Do you want to emphasize the beauty of our planet? Then these Archipelago presets are the best choice. Terrain set will put the right accent on the various textures and colors. Everything from oceans to woods will look amazing. All you need is just apply these plugins to the shots. In the long run, you will receive a brilliant look of Earth. Mind, that every preset is customizable and you can easily configure it in accordance with the photo.

Terrain Profiles have been designed from scratch. Moreover, thousands of shooters from all over the world have tested them on various pictures. Profiles are created using tonal gradients. As a result, a skin tone will be beautiful while the image will admire with natural coloring.

Price: $98.

If you don't want to pay $10 per month to make deep color correction with these tribe presets, look through these 2 sample ways of installing Lightroom free.


tribe archipelago wolf pack

These Archipelago presets were designed for two groups of photographers. It will be suitable for portrait and wedding shooters who got inspired by surrounding beauty. The landscape photographers will also like the Wolf Pack due to the interest in nature, which they try to show in pictures. The Wolf Pack Set contains 2 BW and 6 Color Presets.

Price: $80.

Tribe Archipelago Presets Free Download

Of course, many shooters dream of Tribe Archipelago presets free download. That's why they spend a lot of time in order to find such magic source. Unfortunately, all these websites offer only “fake” tools which will not provide you with desirable effect.

If you’re looking for creative Lightroom plugins, look through these free landscape Lightroom presets and free wedding Lightroom presets that are universal and fully customizable.

All in all, you will only waste your time and download viruses. Personally, I have checked many free plugins and was really disappointed with the results.

Tribe Archipelago Sale

Don’t get upset if the prices for these presets are very high for you. You can still get them with some discount. Visit sites like GoodShop, Offers, RetailMeNot and look for a coupon. It will let you save 10-30% of the price. Tribe Archipelago sale has the only one disadvantage. You will have to monitor the websites often as coupons are limited or given only to one person.

If you want to get the presets absolutely for free, then take part in the contest arranged by the developers of these tools.

Tribe Archipelago Contest

tribe archipelago sale for contest participants

The developers like the idea of living simply and is eager to find the response from the community. If you want to share your ideas, then devote some time to take an interesting photo of everyday life and edit it with Tribe Archipelago Basecamp or any other plugin from the collection.  Then take part in the contest!

Developers look for well-composed, original and skillfully captured pictures.  This contest takes place in the Tribe community and allows shooters to become more popular and get great prizes like free presets and hoodies.

Tribe Archipelago Podcast and Blog

tribe archipelago podcasts

I recommend you to read Tribe Archipelago blog, filled with interesting and very useful information for more inspiration. You can find reviews of the best photographers, interviews with professionals, photo editing guides, shooting and posing tips, etc.

View more about how to create Lightroom presets and design your own unique effects and filters.

Moreover, the Tribe Archipelago team created podcasts for those who do not have time to browse the website. It is worth noting that this is a new trend in their activities, so you can only listen to interviews with famous, successful and modern photographers. They talk about the principles of their work, share helpful tips and inspiring ideas.

Tribe Archipelago vs Mastin Lab vs VSCO

tribe archipelago vs mastin lab

Unlike VSCO and Mastin, Tribe Archipelago presets are fairly new products. Despite this, they managed to win the love of many users in a relatively short time. You won’t face any difficulties while working with Tribe Archipelago tools. They are really easier to use than VSCO or Mastin Labs. I decided to test them.

lightroom presets free vsco

Mastin Labs works with image styling through the use of various retro effects. These presets are characterized with soft and warm colors. While bright colors and shades are the special features of Tribe presets. They help create the proper style and mood of your photos. Vignetting and rich colors allow you to get an interesting vintage look.

Read my complete reviews about Mastin Labs presets and VSCO Lightroom presets to see how these filters work and how much they cost.

Unlike Mastin Labs, Tribe Archipelago doesn’t share video content. However, you can join a Facebook group to post the pictures and get feedback or ask any questions.

Archipelago Presets Alternatives – FREE 

Many users often use the search query "Tribe Archipelago presets download." In fact, it is not necessary to buy presets in order to test them, because FixThePhoto team prepared a collection of 10 FREE Lightroom presets that are similar to the effects from the Tribe Archipelago collection especially for you.

Red Leaf

Tribe Red Leaf presets are very similar to “1888AD” with Analog Photo Effect. Red Leaf provides a soft, but vivid photo editing result at the same time, giving some cinematic look to your pictures. The colors and shades are quite realistic. This preset allows you to keep the original style of your photos, adding interesting details to them. It is an ideal option for photographers who like to experiment and work with natural light indoors.


This preset is the perfect choice for landscape and portrait photos. You will get the effect of clean, natural skin and slightly contrasting color due to a slight decrease in temperature. At the same time, the image will not lose the original warmth of the shades. It somehow reminds Tribe Archipelago SUMMIT preset.

Inspired by Archipelago “LXC”

If you want to increase the brightness and sharpness of pictures taken in low light conditions, use this plug-in. It is a perfect option for street photos. This preset is an alternative to BASECAMP. It will increase the contrast and brightness of the image very realistically without excessive green shades, too deep shadows or dark areas.


The film effect will add some warmth to your photos. Purple shade improves skin tone, preserving its naturalness, and soft contrast emphasizes the shadows perfectly. This preset is similar to 1888AD, and WOLF PACK Archipelago presets.

Inspired by Archipelago “LXCN”

This is a good Tribe Archipelago TERRAIN alternative. This preset is used to brighten the image. Yellow-orange shades and white balance correction will help you achieve the desired "sunshine" effect. It is an ideal option for outdoor photos taken in natural daylight.

Inspired by Archipelago “Summit”

This preset works well with portrait and landscape photos. Its distinctive features are the coolness of shades and a matte effect. Despite this, your images will not lose the warmth of the colors completely. Its soft and bright shades allow me to say that it is very similar to SUMMIT preset.

Inspired by Archipelago “Loaf”

This preset is a good alternative to LXC. It will allow you to make your images clearer and rich highlighting shadows and lines. This preset combines warm and cold shades that work perfectly with the skin color correction. This universal tool is suitable for any type of photography.


This is an analog of the Tribe Archipelago 1888AD. Its main features are contrast and brightness with maintaining the original style and realistic look of the image. Adjust this soft-matte preset with the help of profile slider.


If you want to use Tribe Archipelago SUMMIT presets free, you should pay your attention to this alternative variant. It creates a black and white effect and is very similar to SUMMIT 06. The preset has a wide range of gray shades, which allows you to emphasize even the smallest details of the picture. The profile slider will help you select the desired photo effect.


This free preset combines the basic features of SUMMIT and LXC. It gives natural tints to images, corrects white balance, adds more intensity and haze to green shades, emphasizes bright areas and shadows. The skin color becomes reddish-orange after applying this preset. It is a great tool for work with portrait and landscape photos taken in daylight conditions.

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