Rooke and Rover Lightroom Presets Review 2024

By Tata Rossi 22 days ago, Lightroom Tips

Using Rooke and Rover presets, you can quickly enhance your portrait and lifestyle pics. They were created for performing color correction and giving photos a bright and airy feel.

Rooke and Rover Lightroom Presets Collections

On the official website, you can find multiple collections and bundles that contain about two dozen presets for various locations and genres. All the bundles are compatible with Lightroom, starting from Lr 4, and Camera Raw. Besides, they were tested by photographers working for major brands (such as Vogue). The bundles are being updated yearly and support a new Adobe color profile standard.

Albion Pack

rooke and rover presets albion pack

Number of presets included: 7

In this Rooke and Rover presets review, I will tell you about several collections that you can use for editing photos in different genres. If you are looking for easy-to-apply presets to enhance photos for your Instagram, this collection is what you need. Each of the effects allows you to make your pictures more attention-grabbing. This set is widely used by fashion bloggers, nature shooters, and fine-art enthusiasts.

Use this collection to make colors more saturated and enhance textures by adjusting the color depth. You can add some volume to your images and tweak greens and florals with the help of a special filter. It makes this collection perfect for landscape photos. Besides, you can experiment with different filters to achieve a creative effect.

Arcadian Pack

rooke and rover presets arcadian pack

Price: $80
Number of presets included: 6

The presets from this collection will give a soft and tender look to your photos, without making skin tones look unnatural. Besides, they will help you emphasize textures, remove contrasts, balance shadows and highlights. These presets are perfect for adjusting the lighting. If you took a photo in a poorly-lit place, you can easily fix it during post-processing.

This set is suitable for implementing wedding photography ideas and couple photo ideas. In addition, you may use it to bring to life various portrait photography ideas.

If you don’t have a lot of photo editing experience and don’t want to spend hours on post-processing, you can outsource this task to our professional team. The experts will masterfully tweak colors in your pictures, fix exposure issues, and fully transform the overall mood in your photos for an affordable price and within the shortest time possible. They can also recreate the effect that can be achieved with the help of Rooke and Rover Lightroom presets.

Noor Pack

rooke and rover presets noor pack

Number of presets included: 8

These Rooke and Rover presets allow you to edit your photos in a unique style. With classy and vivid effects, the presets are a perfect match for portrait, wedding and lifestyle shots.

By adding these presets to your images, you can emphasize the smallest details. This updated set allows you to achieve a perfect balance of light and shadows, make some details look sharper while adding blur to other areas. You can apply the grain presets to recreate an effect of an old film.

Lucent Pack

rooke and rover presets lucent pack

Price: $79
Number of presets included: 6

The Lucent pack can help you improve your workflow. You can apply these effects in two steps to get quick and beautiful results. Use them to add lively shades to your pics and make them look more refined.

This bundle will come in handy for those who need to embellish indoor and outdoor pics. As the result, you will get images with clean edits and neutral colors. Experiment with this collection, if you want to give your travel photography a creative feel.

Huxley Pack

rooke and rover presets huxley pack

Number of presets included: 7

The Huxley pack will appeal to all people who love warm shades. The included presets are perfectly suitable for portraits taken outside as well as for lifestyle and indoor studio shots. They will help you make the skin tones look natural and achieve incredible outcomes.

If you want to use these effects in the app to edit your pictures on the go, you will need to install Lightroom presets in the desktop version of Lightroom CC and then synchronize it with the app.

Whistler Pack

rooke and rover presets whistler pack

Price: $75
Number of presets included: 7

The Whistler pack is one of the most sought-after ones with its classy aesthetics and vibrancy. It is better to apply these presets to wedding and lifestyle photography.

They are developed with different tone profiles: hard, soft, grain, color in mind. Within one click, you can get a stunning result. Don’t forget to tweak the temperature properly.

Meraki Pack

rooke and rover presets meraki pack

Number of presets included: 7

Meraki Pack was created for those who want to add warm tones to their photos. These effects will be useful for embellishing outdoor, portrait, lifestyle photos taken both in the studio and outdoors. You can apply them to your photos without affecting natural skin tones.

It might be difficult to take photos of white objects if you want to make the shades look right. Using these presets, you can fix any WB issues and get photos with a beautiful white color.

Rover I Pack

rooke and rover presets rover i pack

Price: $75
Number of presets included: 8

With this pack of Rooke and Rover presets, you can add trendy vivid and creamy warm colors to your pictures. The presets are widely used for lifestyle shoots as well as for engagement, bridal, and wedding day photos. They are perfect for automatic WB adjustments. You can use them for photos taken in broad daylight, in the shade, on a cloudy day, or with flash.

This bundle includes a variety of easy-to-adjust presets. After finding an effect that you like, you can fine-tune its settings depending on your needs. Thanks to these presets, you may add cozy warm tones to your images.

Rover II Pack

rooke and rover presets rover ii pack

Number of presets included: 8

This pack will impress you no less than others. These presets are ideal for lifestyle and portrait shots, preserving their natural and, most importantly, uniform look that many photographers aspire to achieve.

With them, you can emphasize shadows and focus on the overexposed areas. This set is mostly suitable for portrait photos, as it allows you to make them look like scenes from classic Hollywood movies by adding slightly noticeable cold and warm tones.

Rover III Pack

rooke and rover presets rover iii pack

Price: $75
Number of presets included: 8

If you specialize in wedding photography and want to give your images a professional feel, this bundle is what you need. Using these presets, you can give your pictures a dramatic look, adjust colors, and fully transform the atmosphere.

This set is suitable for subtle corrections and more complex edits. With it, you can give a vintage feel to your photos. After applying these effects, you can further edit your images in Lightroom.

Rooke and Rover Presets on Instagram

rooke and rover presets on instagram

Username: @rookeandrover
Genre: wedding, portrait, newborn, family, travel
Followers: 36.4K

If you visit the Instagram page of Rooke and Rover, you will find a vast array of beautiful photos with Rook and Rover presets applied. Today, there are near 500 posts with interesting Instagram photo ideas available.

All the presets I have described earlier were applied to the pictures found on the page. The photos were taken at different locations, which shows that Rooke and Rover presets are universal. Besides, you will see helpful tips and tricks on taking pictures provided by skilled photographers.

Free Bonus Tools

free lightroom presets collection fixthephoto

If you are on a tight budget and can’t buy Rooke and Rover presets, you can use similar effects created by our team of experts. You can use them without paying a dime. This collection includes presets created for editing photos in different genres. Use them to add a matte effect to your images or edit underwater shots. They will help you save your time as you can apply them in a few clicks.

Note: All tools we share were created by FixThePhoto experts. We do not copy and share third-party products.