Extra Photo Retouching Service

All shots you see were retouched by our team and they are extra retouches. Here you see the way they were before and after. Click on it to compare. An extra picture's editing rate is $10. Besides, our photo retouching prices are available for studying and all five levels of picture editing. It is very comfortable from any device with Internet access.

Photo editing examples in high resolution are accessible by clicking here.

We think that one should order this service if your photo needs some complicated manipulations or clip patching such as:

  • Correction of the Professionals
  • Background Correction
  • Photo Merging
  • Restoring or Removing Elements
  • Head Swapping
  • People Removal or Addition
  • Color fringe Repairing and or chromatic tints distortion

Basic retouching samples is a section where we present light cases of the retouching. 

Pro photo editing examples is a section which tells you about the enhancement of the portraits.

High end retouching examples is a section full of examples of the magazine retouches. 

Photo montage and photo restoration before and after section is going to help you if you're in need of the digital drawings or to enhance an aged photo which often have much damage on them.

Our professionals are willing to offer you post production photography services of the highest quality for those who make photographs and our prices are quite affordable. Our editing experts are able to perform many manipulations such as to remove some unwanted details from your picture or to replace the groundwork. Not only will your images look natural but they will also amaze any sight after the post processing.

Privacy statement: Our company, Fix The Photo, always ask our clients for the permission to post their pictures on our website or on any social page in order to keep the Authors' Rights.

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