245 Best Lightroom Presets 2019

If you use Adobe Lightroom presets for photo editing and color correction, having the best Lightroom presets in your toolkit is very useful. Having applied these Lightroom filters, you will speed up your image color correction, give your portfolio a consistent look, and do batch editing in a matter of seconds.

Free lightroom presets

Our bundle of 245 Lightroom filters will help you edit photos in several clicks without spending nights in front of your laptop. Don’t worry because you can return to your original photo anytime you want.

245 Best FREE Lightroom Presets

Our list of 245 Best free Lightroom presets includes:

Best FREE Lightroom Presets for Weddings

Look though these Fixthephoto best Lightroom presets for wedding, portrait, Instagram, landscape, real estate, and product photography and choose the best Lightroom preset that will suit your photography.

1. Lightroom Presets "Candy Style" - Best 2019

best lightroom presets for wedding photos

If you are willing to make your bridal photo look like a “candy”, this type of the best Lightroom Presets will do its job. It will add bright but soft colors, volume, and contrast to your shot in several clicks. Create super stylish pictures with these presets for Lightroom.

 Download Free Best Lightroom preset "Candy Style"

2. Best Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photos 2019

best lightroom presets

If you have a nice outdoor location, especially a landscape, these best presets Lightroom are what you need. Applying them you can greatly enhance the colors and create a sunset out of nowhere. You will never be able to tell the difference between the real sunset and the one made using these presets Lightroom.

 Download Free Best Wedding Preset for Lightroom 2019

3. Bridal Portrait Lightroom Presets Bundle

best free lightroom presets 2018

If you want to achieve mysterious and atmospheric bridal portrait, you are recommended to apply these best Lightroom presets free. By adding pink, blue, and green colors they will create a true masterpiece and make your photo look like a painting in the gallery. Especially outstanding these Adobe Lightroom effects will look in a picture with the sea background.

 Download Free Lightroom Preset "Bridal Portrait"

4. Winter Free Lightroom Presets Pack

best presets for lightroom

If you want to achieve the feeling of winter fairytale, these Lightroom presets will do magical things. They will add the effect of falling snowflakes, whiten the surroundings and create a cozy and warm atmosphere. For a better result apply such presets for Lightroom free to photos taken outdoors.

 Download Free Lightroom Preset Winter

5. Snow Night Lightroom CC Presets

best preset for lightroom

Create a gentle and romantic atmosphere using these best free presets for Lightroom. Apply them for photos taken on the streets at night. These presets will enhance the brightness of city lights and create an effect as if the model is surrounded by them.

 Download Free Snow Night Lightroom Preset

6. Retro Wedding Filters for Lightroom

best lightroom preset

You are completely wrong if you think that cloudy weather can spoil your wedding photos. Save the day applying the best Lightroom presets for weddings! This retro Lightroom effect perfectly works with dark outdoor images. It also adds a matte vintage effect and pink shades to the picture.

 Download Free: Best Preset for Lightroom Retro Wedding

7. Engagement Free Lightroom Portrait Presets

best presets

This Lr preset is designed to improve indoor couple portraits taken with window light. It makes the image lighter and improves the skin tone. You may easily apply this plugin to wedding images as well.

 Free Download Best Preset for Lightroom Engagement

8. Elegant Colors

the best lightroom presets

The weather doesn’t care if you have a special day and may significantly spoil your wedding pics. Don’t worry and apply the best Lightroom presets for wedding photos. These Lightroom filters will add the effect of the sun shining brightly improving outdoor images taken in poor lighting.

 Download Free Elegant Colors Lightroom Preset

9. Love Story Presets for Lightroom

best lightroom filters

This Lightroom filter is recommended for family, portrait or wedding photos taken on an overcast day. It makes the photo lighter and softer eliminating gray shadows. Try this effect from our set of the best portrait Lightroom presets and get beautiful pictures with pure natural colors.

 Free Download "Love Story" Best Free Lightroom Preset 2018

10. Sunrise

best free lightroom presets 2015

Do you think that your couple photos do not have enough brightness and light? Then try our awesome Lightroom presets created to enhance your outdoor images taken in dim light or at the Golden Hour. You can use this best preset for Lightroom for portrait or wedding photos to make them brighter and create a special romantic atmosphere.

 Download Free Best Preset Sunrise

11. Marine Sunset

best lightroom presets for professional photographers

If you were trying to make use of the romantic atmosphere that a sunset creates in your photos but were unlucky with an overcast and gray day, then you should choose this pretty preset among our best Lightroom presets for weddings. It will intensify the pink tones of the setting sun and its reflection on the clouds and water.

 Download Free Lightroom Preset Marine Sunset 

12. Street Style Lightroom Presets for Weddings

lightroom presets best

With this beautiful cinematic Lightroom preset, you will be adding the pink tint to the image. It’s the best preset for Lightroom to add the romantic vibes to your photographs. It’s great for wedding and couple’s pictures at the sunrise or the sunset.

 Free Download Best Lightroom Preset for Street Style

13. Warm Pastel Light

best adobe lightroom presets

This is the best preset for Lightroom that is recommended for the pictures taken early in the morning or later in the evening. This Lightroom preset will remove the unwanted blue color cast with little natural light. The subtle warmth you get as a result will make the image look more romantic, which makes it perfect for wedding shots.

 Download Free The Best Lightroom Preset "Warm Pastel"

14. Natural Daylight Lightroom Presets

best free presets

Use these best Lightroom presets to add brightness, highlights and contrast to your photos. Especially great results you will achieve by applying these filters for Lightroom to pictures on a natural background with greenery, mountains, water objects, etc.

 Free Download Natural Daylight Best Free Preset

15. Flowery Lightroom CC Presets

best lightroom presets 2016

Use these best presets for Lightroom to make your photos warmer by adding red, orange, and green colors. It’s a great option for portraits with poor natural lighting. These Adobe Lightroom free presets will highlight the face of a model and make the skin smoother and softer.

 Free Download Flowery Lightroom Presets for Portraits

16. Blue Crystal Adobe Lightroom Presets Free

best photography presets

If you have a rather dark picture and feel like adding some blue shades and make it lighter and more atmospheric, use this Lightroom preset. Using it you will be able to give your photo romantic vibe and show your creativity.

 Download Free Blue Crystal Best Presets

17. Universal Lightroom Presets for Professional Photographers

best presets lightroom

With these best free presets you will be able to fully change the way your wedding or engagement picture looks and bring a new life into it. This Lightroom presets collection will make the colors more saturated and sharp. The achieved photo will look somehow artificial but exactly this will give it a sense of a fairytale.

 Download Free The Best Lightroom Presets Universal

18. Retro Style Lightroom Filter Presets

best lightroom cc presets

If you want to achieve an “old-style” effect in your photos, these Lightroom presets will help you. Such photo editing presets will add warmth, visually increase the amount of natural lighting. A great choice for portraits in particular as the main focus and highlight will be put on a model.

 Download Free Best Presets for Lightroom Retro Style

19. Summer Day Presets in Lightroom

best lightroom preset pack

If your photo is rather dark due to poor natural lighting, there is an easy way to fix it. With these best free presets for Lightroom you will create an effect of bright daylight on a sunny day. Such Lightroom presets will intensify the colors and make them more saturated.

 Download Free Summer Best Adobe Lightroom Presets

20. Bloomy Free Photo Presets

best lightroom presets to buy

If you are looking for the best wedding Lightroom presets, this image editing tool will definitely interest you. It will add slight rosy tint to the photo making it tender and romantic. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture sincere feelings in one shot!

 Download Free Best Lightroom Presets for Professional Photographers "Bloomy"

21. Lightroom Photo Presets for Couple Photos

best lr presets

The next tool from our collection of the best wedding Lightroom presets primarily designed for outdoor portraits but you may experiment applying it to any outdoor pics. This Lightroom filter improves dark images saturating the colors and correcting the white balance.

 Free Download Best Lightroom Presets for Couple Photos

Best Lightroom Presets for Portraits

Make your studio and outdoor portrait look good in several clicks. Download these best Lightroom presets to make skin soft, eyes – bright, teeth – white, and the overall look – pop.

22. Fashion Style Preset for Portraits

best presets for lightroom 5

Use this Lightroom preset for classic studio portraits. It adjusts the white balance and gets rid of unnecessary yellowness. This filter adjusts light and shades, enhances cool shades and balances contrast.

 Free Download Best Lightroom Filters Fashion Style for Portraits

23. Professional Portrait Lightroom Presets Free

best presets for lightroom 6

With the help of these best portrait presets Lightroom you will get a gorgeous and top-notch shot. Great balance of colors and the ideal skin tone will make your photo look like the cover of the magazine or a poster on a shop window. Create a fashionable and stylish shot using these Lr presets free.

 Download Free Best Preset for Lightroom for Professional Portrait Photographer

24. Vintage Vibe Lightroom CC Presets

best free presets for lightroom

What are the best Lightroom presets for creating a retro-style portrait? Apply Vintage Vibe presets and they will do the job for you! Using such Lightroom filters free the picture will have classic “old” dark tones and the face of the model will become more emotional and speaking.

 Download Free Vintage Vibe Lightroom Effects

25. Stylish Headshot

the best free lightroom presets

If you want to achieve a dimmed effect, this preset for Lightroom will be to your taste. This Lightroom filter is perfect for photos with prevalent grey and brown colors, shot preferably indoors.

 Download Free Stylish Headshot Best Lightroom Plugins

26. Beauty Portrait Lightroom Presets Free

best free lightroom presets

It is one of the best portrait presets for Lightroom that provides qualitative skin correction. Applying it, the skin becomes soft and smooth. Use this effect with creative portrait photography or for make-up editing.

 Download Free Beauty Portrait Best Lightroom Preset

27. Forest Mystery Free LR Presets

best lightroom presets 2018

This tool from our set of the best LR presets is designed for outdoor nature images involving much greenery. It improves the colors preserving the natural color gamut. With this Lightroom filter, your pics will look natural and realistic.

 Download Free Forest Mystery Lightroom Presets Best 2018

28. Rich Red Colors

best lightroom presets free

This Lightroom preset free saturates the colors creating a professional look in several clicks. It is one of the best Lightroom filters that perfectly works with outdoor portrait in which one color shade prevails.

 Download Free Rich Red Presets

29. Vintage Free Portrait Lightroom Presets

best free lightroom presets for portraits

Although it’s difficult to impress anyone with an original portrait photo, anyway try to do it with our free Lightroom plugins. This preset adds soft matte toning to the picture correcting the skin color. As a result, you will get a professional shot with an old-fashioned effect.

 Download Free Vintage Best Presets for Lightroom

30. Summer Day

best lightroom presets for instagram free

Check out one more tool from the set of the best Lightroom presets for professional photographers that successfully corrects dark images. Apply it to outdoor portraits taken somewhere in the garden or in the forest. This Lightroom filter makes the picture lighter and more contrast.

 Download Free Summer Day Best Adobe Lightroom Presets

31. Retro Car Filters for Lightroom

best lightroom presets 2017

It is a great way to improve dull outdoor images adding matte retro effects. It is one of the best Lightroom Presets that may be applied to any photography genre. Let your pics shine with new original tins with these awesome Lightroom presets.

 Download Free Retro Car Lightroom Preset for Professional Photographers

32. Warm Lightroom Portrait Presets

best lightroom presets for portraits free

This Lightroom effect will come in handy in case your photo is a little dark. When you apply it, the image becomes lighter, therefore, focusing the viewer’s attention on the main subject. Use it for outdoor images taken in daylight.

 Download Free Warm Best Lightroom Filters

33. Film Effect

best lightroom presets for portraits

Check out the picture sample above and see how this Lightroom filter works. It improves the contrast concentrating on the main object. In such a way, you get an intense and clear picture as if taken on the old Leica camera.

 Download Free Film Effect Best Presets

34. Cool Tones

best free lightroom presets 2016

If a studio portrait doesn’t have enough depth and color, you can download free Lightroom presets like the Cool Tones. It makes the blue tones rich and vivid. This preset for Lightroom will instantly give a more stunning effect to the picture and make it cover-worthy or even dramatic.

 Download Free Cool Tones Best Lightroom Presets

35. Home Atmosphere

best lightroom preset for portraits

Soften the colors of your photo with the best free Lightroom presets for portraits taken in natural light. This pretty preset will make the lines less defined, intensify warm pastel colors and add slight glow.

 Download Free Home Atmosphere Best Adobe Lightroom Presets

36. Fall Lightroom Presets

best film presets lightroom

This is one of the best portrait Lightroom presets if you have a lot of reds and oranges in the image. Use it to brighten up the whole image and make the colors more saturated.

 Free Download Fall Preset for Lightroom

37. Warm Evening Light

best portrait presets for lightroom

Use our best free Lightroom presets for portraits taken in the evening on an overcast day. This Lightroom preset will remove the blue tones that can dominate a photo like this. The colors will get their natural warmth back and improve the appeal of the photo.

 Download Free Warm Evening Lightroom Filter

38. Glamour Lightroom Presets for Portraits

best free lightroom presets 2017

This is a pretty preset that can be used to edit glamour shots taken in the studio. The presets will remove the warm tint you can have when using artificial light. The cool tones will enhance the natural beauty of the model and the texture of other objects in the shot.

 Download Free Glamour Lightroom Presets for Portraits

39. Environmental Portrait

best portrait lightroom presets

Use this Lightroom preset for indoor photos that have white balance problems. It will help reveal the natural colors and shades, enhance the light and correct the shadows. This Lightroom filter will make all the details better visible and add clarity to the image.

 Download Free Enviromental Portrait Preset

40. Classical Male Portrait

best film presets for lightroom

This is one of the best free Lightroom presets for portraits of men taken with just a little natural light. This preset for Lightroom will remove unwanted color cast from the image and increase the highlights on the face. A clear look is guaranteed.

 Free Download Male Portrait Lightroom Presets

41. Fashion Magazine Cover

best lightroom presets for instagram

Use this portrait preset to improve photos taken at night with or without a flash. It brings out the highlights in the picture and makes the face look more expressive. It will also emphasize patterns and other details of the model’s clothe and other props.

 Download Free Fashion Magazine Cover Lightroom Preset

42. Best Free Lightroom Presets for Model Portraits

best portrait presets lightroom

Use the best free Lightroom presets for portraits to correct lighting issues in the photos taken on sunny days. This preset for Lightroom will return the colors in the picture to their original natural state.

 Free Download Model Portraits Lightroom Preset

43. Free Dramatic Lightroom Presets

best lightroom plugins

If you need good Lightroom presets to give your photos the original look and fix minor flaws, then pay attention to this filter. It will enhance the red and brown tones, eliminate the unpleasant yellowness and improve the overall look of the picture.

 Download Free Dramatic Lightroom Filters

44. Innocent Look

best lightroom plugins

When looking for the best Lightroom presets to make the white color in the image crisp and pure, take a look at one of these free Lightroom presets for portraits. It will correct the white balance and make it look more true-to-life.

 Download Free Best Lightroom Presets Innocent Look

45. Lightroom Cinematic Presets

best film presets

This matte Lightroom preset will make your image look like a shot from a glamorous movie set in sunny California. Film look Lightroom presets are great for photos with a lot of sun and natural shadows from trees.

 Download Free Lightroom Presets Best Cinematic

46. Glowing Texture

best lightroom presets for wedding photos

With our free Lightroom presets for portraits you can improve images with bright backlight. Without making the image look unnatural, this Lightroom preset makes the model’s skin look flawlessly glowy and intensify the texture of objects around with some grain.

 Download Free Glowing Texture Best Preset

47. Vintage Sunset

best wedding presets

If you are looking for the best free Lightroom presets for portraits and wedding photos in the vintage style, then this one will be a perfect match for you. This pretty preset will intensify the warm neutral tones and light in the image, bring out the texture in the background, and give the photo a generally vintage vibe.

 Download Free Vintage Sunset Lightroom Preset

48. Dark Contrast

best photoshop presets

This preset for Lightroom are recommended for pictures with studio light. After applying this Lightroom preset, you will get an image with intensified shadows and more saturated colors. All the details in the photo will be clear and visible.

 Download Free Dark Contrast Preset for Lightroom

Best Lightroom Presets for Instagram

Make your Insta photos look pop in several clicks. Gain more likes right now. Use these free Lightroom presets for travel, food, street, and everyday photos.

49. Insta Breakfast

best vsco lightroom presets

If you are dealing with food photography, you might find these free presets for Lightroom very useful. They correct white balance, add brightness and contrast to the colors and make the shot look even tastier.

 Download Free Insta Breakfast Lightroom Presets

50. Travel Lightroom Presets Free

best vsco preset for portraits

If you want to give travel your shot uniqueness and some creativity, use these presets. Top Lightroom presets will add nude pink hues and make your landscape photos look stunning! As if it’s a screen from a movie.

 Download Free Travel Best Lightroom Preset

51. Tumblr Style Lightroom Filter

lightroom presets

If you are planning to post this photo to your blog or social media page, apply these best photography presets from Lightroom. Free Lr presets will add warm pastel shades and sharpness to your shot. It will become stylish, creative and atmospheric.

 Download Free Presets Tumblr Style

52. Spring Warmth Free Photo Presets

lightroom filters

These best portrait presets for Lightroom is a great choice if your model is shot outdoors on the dark natural background. These presets will intensify green and grey colors, add highlight and correct the skin tone. Even if the natural lighting is poor in your original shot, with these popular Lightroom presets it will look warm and sunny.

 Download Free Spring Warmth Presets for Lightroom

53. Pure White

lightroom cc presets

If the white color is prevalent in your picture, use these Lightroom presets free and make it even whiter. The photo will become brighter, lighter and cleaner. Saturation, contrast, and sharpness will be increased.

 Download Free Pure White Lightroom Filter

54. Lifestyle Photos

download lightroom presets

It would be great if each image was taken in perfect lighting conditions but, unfortunately, sometimes lighting lets photographers down. Consider the best Lightroom presets to enhance dark indoor images. This Lightroom filter improves the white balance highlighting all the details.

 Download Free Lightroom Presets for Lifestyle Photos

55. Endless Blue

free adobe lightroom presets

Consider the best Lightroom presets for landscapes editing your nature images. This Lightroom filter is a great helper to improve Instagram travel photos where water prevails. It saturates the colors adding a slight blue shade to the overall image.

 Download Free Endless Blue Lightroom Presets

56. Family Lightroom Photo Filters

free lightroom 5 preset

If you want to make your family pics unique and original, check out the photo sample above. It is one of the best portrait presets for Lightroom that adds cool bluish shade to the image. Be sure that this preset will spice up your family album.

 Download Free Family Lightroom Presets

57. Calm Sea

free lightroom presets download

Even if you think that the shot is perfect, test our best free presets and you will see that there is always room for improvement. This preset for Lightroom is ideal for open-air images involving much light and water. Add azure tints to your outdoor pics right now!

 Download Free Calm Sea Adobe Lightroom Presets

58. Best Insta Portrait Presets

lightroom presets free download

Use this best Lightroom preset for portraits to saturate the natural colors of the image and increase the brightness. You can use this Lightroom preset for both portrait photos and landscape images.

Increasing contrast and clarity provides greater detail in the foreground of your photographs.

 Download Free Insta Portrait Lightroom Preset

59. Dramatic Film Look

download free lightroom presets

If you just want to slightly correct the balance of light and shadows, then this best Lightroom preset is what you need. It does not add bright or saturated colors, but thanks to the increased light the picture looks more attractive.

 Download Free Best Dramatic Film Look Preset

60. Fairy Breath

free lightroom cc presets

This Lightroom filter affects the contrast of the image and makes it clearer. Due to the increase in brightness, the color palette looks amazing. Use this filter from our best Lightroom presets for Instagram set to make your photos glow with new colors.

 Download Free Fairy Breath Presets for Lightroom

61. Best Lightroom Presets Sunset

free lightroom filters

This Lightroom preset is perfect for landscape photos taken during sunset. It adds clear blue, red, and orange tones, enhances the brightness of all the pictures. Use our Lightroom filters to create an incredible fantastic atmosphere.

 Download Free Sunset Adobe Lightroom Presets

62. Dramatic Sunset

free presets for lightroom 6

Improve the appearance of your sunset landscapes with this best preset for Lightroom. It will intensify the colors in the photograph and bring out the texture of the sky and clouds. I guarantee that with the Dramatic Sunset Lightroom preset you will get stunning images.

 Download Free Dramatic Sunset Presets

63. Cloudy Beach

lightroom 5 presets

If you were planning a couple photoshoot on the beach but weren’t lucky with the weather, you can use this preset to improve the appearance of the picture. With this Lightroom preset you will make the image sharper and generally enhance the details.

 Download Free Cloudy Beach Best Preset for Lightroom

64. Paparazzi

top lightroom presets

What are the best Lightroom presets for portraits taken at night? We recommend “Paparazzi”. This Lightroom preset will add saturation to all the darker tones in the image. You will be adding real drama to your photograph.

 Download Free Paparazzi Lightroom Presets

65. Tribal Queen

adobe lightroom presets free

For the images that have a lot of details, you can use this Insta preset that will increase the contrast and improve brightness. The “Tribal Queen” is a preset for Lightroom that will make every texture more prominent.

 Download Free Tribal Queen Lightroom Filter

66. Rose Fields

lightroom cc presets free

This is the best preset for Lightroom when you want your landscape photo or female photo to look more romantic. By using Lightroom presets like the “Rose Fields”, you will be enhancing the pink tones in the image and create the effect of a romantic sunset.

 Download Free Rose Fields Lightroom Presets

67. California Colors

lightroom filter

With these best presets for Lightroom you can add yellow and orange shades and create sharp, contrast and qualitative picture. Lightroom presets for photographers will make the skin look tanned and smooth, the details bright and the background natural.

 Download Free California Colors Lightroom Preset

Best Lightroom Presets for Newborn and Baby Photography

Use one of the following Lightroom presets to enhance newborn images and remove distracting red tints of the babies’ skin.

68. Baby Tenderness Lightroom Preset

lightroom filter for newborn photography

If you work with newborn photography, this Lightroom filter will help you achieve qualitative and professional shots in several clicks. These best newborn presets for Lightroom will make the colors brighter, clearer and softer.

 Download Free Lightroom Preset Baby Tenderness

69. Newborn Angel Lightroom Photo Presets

lightroom presets for professional photographers

These best newborn presets for Lightroom will help you create a delicate and soft skin with bright and sharp details. Use such Lightroom filters to achieve beautiful and high-quality pictures that will be a masterpiece in your portfolio.

 Download Free Newborn Angel Preset

70. Small Angel

free lightroom 6 presets

Use this best Lightroom preset for portraits if you would like to create an atmosphere of lightness and airiness in your picture. It adds gently blue shades and makes the image cleaner. Our top Lightroom presets adjust the ratio of light and shade and make your baby photos brighter.

 Download Free Lightroom Preset Small Angel for Professional Photographers

71. Catchy Details

free lr presets

Highlight the most important details with these best free Lightroom presets! Having applied this Lightroom filter, you will make the viewer focus on the model thanks to catchy colorful details surrounding him/her. Highly recommended for after rain photography.

 Free Download Catchy Details Best Lightroom Preset

72. Little Princess Portrait Presets

free photo presets

If you are a portrait photographer, consider the next tool from our collection of the best portrait Lightroom presets. It provides basic portrait editing options improving the skin tone and hair color. This Lightroom filter will make your baby portraits warm and tender.

 Download Free Little Princess Lightroom Presets

73. Christmas Baby Photo Preset

popular lightroom presets

If you are looking for the tool to improve your Christmas pics, check out this one. Our effect from the set of the best free Lightroom presets for portraits will make your holiday images shine with various colors. Capture the Christmas spirit with Adobe Lightroom preset free.

 Free Download Christmas Baby Lightroom Preset

74. Free Outdoor Lightroom Presets

adobe lightroom filters

Improve your children images with this Lightroom preset for portrait photography. It corrects the skin color and, at the same time, saturates the background. As a result, we get an impressive outdoor portrait.

 Free Download Outdoor Best Presets for Lightroom

75. Lilac Colors

lightroom filters free

Sometimes, even when there is enough light, outdoor images can become dull and colorless. In this case, apply our portrait presets for Lightroom and make your pics bright and impressive.

Use this tool from the set of the best Lightroom presets to outdoor images taken somewhere in the field or in the mountains.

 Download Free Lilac Colors Lightroom Presets

76. Pink Tenderness

adobe lightroom preset free

This preset for Lightroom will add some pink and light purple tones to your photo and make it very soft and gentle. It’s better to use it with images that originally have a lot of white and pastel colors and not many bright details. A perfect Lightroom filter for photos with sky or water background.

 Download Free Pink Tenderness Adobe Lightroom Presets

77. Summertime Vibe

filters for lightroom

These Lightroom presets will highlight the infant’s face, smooth out the skin, emphasize facial features and make them more expressive. The hair and clothes will become brighter and sharper.

 Free Download Summertime Vibe Presets

78. Top Lightroom Presets for Babies

lightroom 6 presets free

Apply these presets for Lightroom and create a warm and soft picture full of joy and happiness. Such photography presets will add the effect of poplar seeds flying in the air which will give it a special mood and atmosphere. The colors will become deeper, sharper and more saturated.

 Download Free Preset Lightroom for Babies

79. Magic Forest

lightroom preset download

If you have a shot of the young model on the forest or tree background, these Lightroom filters are a real catch! They will emphasize green, yellow and grey colors thereby creating a beautiful photo full of mysterious and intriguing vibe.

 Download Free Lightroom Preset Magic Forest

80. Natural Glow Lightroom Filter

most popular lightroom presets

Use this best preset for Lightroom for photos with enough amount of daylight and preferably shot outdoors. In this way, the colors will become brighter and more natural, the skin will have a correct tone and the photo itself will look harmonic.

 Download Free Natural Glow Preset for Lightroom

81. Sunny Mood

adobe lightroom free presets

These best presets for Lightroom are better to apply to baby girl pictures with not enough amount of daylight. As a result, you will get a light and smooth picture with emphasized yellow, green and blue colors and a perfect balance of white.

 Free Download Sunny Mood Lightroom Mobile Presets

Best Lightroom Presets for Landscape Photography

Make your nature images vivid and clear in several clicks. Add a magical HDR effect, enhance small details, add warm or cool atmosphere fast and easy.

82. Blue Evening

free lightroom preset download

Return the vibrancy of colors to your evening photos. This is one of our best Lightroom presets for landscapes and cityscapes. With this preset for Lightroom, you will make your photo look like it has appeared on the pages of famous travel magazines.

 Download Free Blue Evening Lightroom Preset

83. Pink Skies

free lightroom presets for iphone

With this preset for Lightroom, you will turn a bleak and underwhelming picture of a sunset into a stunning image. It will intensify the pink tones reflected in the clouds from the setting sun. It’s one of the best Lightroom presets for such images.

 Download Free Pink Skies Popular Lightroom Presets

84. Best Lightroom Presets for Landscapes

lightroom 4 presets

Use this preset for Lightroom for photographs with a lot of clouds in the image. By enhancing the purple tones in the image, you will be able to intensify other colors as well. With this Lightroom preset you will make your evening and early morning pictures more dramatic.

 Download Free Best Lightroom Presets for Landscape

85. Dramatic Landscape

lightroom filter presets

If the whites in your winter landscapes lack crispness, you can return it with the help of these best Lightroom presets for landscapes. As an additional bonus, this preset for Lightroom will make all colors look brighter and more natural.

 Download Free Dramatic Lightroom Preset

86. Rainbow

professional lightroom presets free

You don’t need an actual rainbow in the photograph to use this best preset for Lightroom because it will improve all the colors in the image. It’s one of the greatest outdoor Lightroom presets due to the way it adds brightness and vibrancy to the photo.

 Download Free Rainbow Presets for Lightroom

87. Dark Blue Water

free instagram presets for lightroom

Use outdoor Lightroom presets like this one if your photograph lacks depth and intensity of colors. It’s one of the best Lightroom presets for landscapes that were photographed at sunset or dusk and, as a result, lost its depth.

 Free Download Dark Blue Water Lightroom Plugin

88. Nature Heavens

free lightroom 3 presets

This is one of our best Lightroom presets for landscapes that we recommend using with the images where the sky is the focus. By enhancing the pink and blue tones, this Lightroom preset gives you a dreamy and romantic result.

 Download Free Best Lightroom Plugins Nature Heavens

89. Magical Sky

free lightroom presets for mac

With this best Lightroom preset, you can turn a nighttime picture into something magical and unique. All the details that are usually lost when you take pictures at night will be prominent and visible.

 Download Free Magical Sky Lightroom Preset

90. Hazy Morning

free lightroom presets pack

It’s one of the best free presets that can be used on a cloudy day. With this Lightroom preset, you will easily transform a gloomy and gray picture into something cheerful. The slight haze you still have in the background will make the image look mysterious.

 Download Free Hazy Morning Lightroom Preset

91. Postcard Style Free Photo Presets

free presets for lightroom cc

If you want to achieve a high-quality professional landscape picture, these best presets Lightroom are must-have. Download and let presets help you create stunning scenery photos. The colors and shades will be more intense and make you want to dive into this picture again.

 Download Free Best Lightroom Presets Postcard Style

Best Lightroom Presets for Real Estate Photography

If you are a real estate photographer, realtor or just like taking photos of architecture, download one or several Lightroom filters below and make your images glossy and amazing without much effort.

92. Best Lightroom Presets for Exteriors

good lightroom presets

Use this kind of the best Lightroom filters to add some warmth to your property images. This preset enhances the contrast and makes the details clearer. It also affects the brightness and saturation and turns a dull and uninteresting shot into an eye-catching picture.

 Download Free Lightroom Preset for Exterior

93. Perfect White

lightroom 5 preset free download

If you need to get clear colors in your photos, then test out this Lr filter. It adds different shades and makes the image clearer. This is one of the best presets for Lightroom that enhances the texture and emphasizes every detail of all the items in the photos.

 Download Free Perfect White Lightroom Preset

94. Clear Day Lightroom Filter

lightroom preset packs

Choose this Lightroom preset if your interior photos need to add natural light and adjust white balance. This preset is great for interior photos with artificial lighting. It eliminates yellowness and improves other shades and hues.

 Download Free Clear Day Lightroom Presets

95. Lightroom Presets for Warm Interior

free adobe presets

This Lr filter will help you get rid of unwanted shadows in a few seconds. Use these best LR presets to make the color palette clearer and clearer. This preset distributes the light evenly and improves the overall impression of the interior image.

 Download Free Warm Interior Presets for Lightroom

96. Classical Real Estate Preset for Lightroom

free photography presets

This Lightroom plugin will help you give your images a sophisticated and elegant look. This filter adds cool shades and enhances the white color. It also slightly affects the brightness but the image will not become too sharp.

 Download Free Classical Real Estate Lightroom Preset

97. Free Lightroom Filters for Modern Real Estate

lightroom 5 presets free

If you are a real estate agent or photographer, this Lightroom filter will definitely come in handy. It is perfect to make interior pictures lighter focusing the viewer’s attention on each detail. Enhance your real estate pics only with the best Lightroom presets.

 Download Free Modern Real Estate Lightroom

98. Grand Interior

awesome lightroom presets

You should admit that no one will pay attention to the real estate image if it is not enhanced in Lightroom. Apply our best presets for real estate photography and push up the sales! This Lightroom effect improves the colors adding a rich brown shade to the picture.

 Download Free Grand Interior Lightroom Presets

99. Evening Exterior Free LR Presets

lightroom raw presets

You don’t always get to take real estate images during the day when there is enough daylight. In this case, apply this preset for Lightroom to make the photo brighter and more intense. It is one of the best Lightroom presets that will significantly boost the productivity of each real estate photographer.

 Download Free Evening Exterior Lightroom Preset

100. Blue Sky

photoshop lightroom actions

This Lightroom filter is must-have for professional real estate shooters. It is one of the best Lightroom plugins that will turn a good picture into an ideal one. Having applied it, the colors become deeper and more intense. Use it with pictures involving much sky and greenery.

 Download Free Blue Sky Preset

101. Bright Lightroom Real Estate Presets

free presets for lightroom

This preset will definitely come in handy if you shoot classical buildings. It saturates the colors making them bright and more intense. As a result, you will get an impressive real estate picture that will definitely attract potential buyers.

 Download Free Bright Lightroom Presets for Real Estate

102. Warm Window Light

free presets

In case an unwanted blue shade appeared in the photo, let these Lightroom real estate presets save the situation. It will make the colors warm and more intense preserving an original color gamut.

Apply this preset for Lightroom to real estate pics when there is not enough light.

 Download Free Warm Window Presets

103. Vivid HDR

free presets hdr

It is a perfect tool to improve pictures taken in cloudy weather. Having applied this Lightroom filter, you will improve the contrast highlighting the most important details. It is one of the best presets for Lightroom that perfectly works with outdoor real estate images.

 Download Free Vivid HDR Lightroom Presets

104. Deep White Indoor Lightroom Presets

lightroom free presets

Use this Lightroom effect to get rid of a nasty brown toning typical of indoor images. Make your room shine with pure white tints! It is a perfect tool to highlight the best features of your room.

 Download Free Deep White Indoor Lightroom Presets for Interiors

Best Lightroom Presets for Food & Product Photography

If you’re working in the ecommerce photography industry, sell products or hand-made goods online, has an Instagram page where you offer cooking services or has a café, download the following presets for product and food photography.

105. Sweet Food Photo

professional lightroom presets

This filter will be a great solution for photos full of different colors. It increases contrast and saturation. You can also use this variant of food Lightroom photo presets if you need to remove a slight haze in the pictures.

 Download Free Sweet Food Photo Lightroom Plugin

106. Best Lightroom Preset for Shoes Photography

professional lightroom presets for product photography

This Lightroom user preset affects the red hues in your product photos, greatly enhancing them. This filter is suitable for images taken on a simple monochrome background. It emphasizes the lines and focuses on the subject.

 Download Free LR Presets For Shoes Photography

107. Universal Food Photo Preset

free lightroom preset

Add rich colors to photos by applying these most popular Lightroom presets. You can use this filter to enhance dull images with faded tones. It increases the contrast leaving the background a bit blurry.

 Download Free Universal Food Presets for Lightroom

108. Rich Colors

lightroom preset free

Do your food photos look pale or even dull? Then pay attention to this filter from our collection of best presets for Lightroom. It affects the saturation of all colors and tones, makes the clarity higher, and emphasizes every detail and element of your pictures.

 Download Free Rich Color Presets

109. Product Photography Lightroom Presets

lightroom presets download

Use this preset for Lightroom to adjust the contrast and improve the photo’s white balance. You can also use it when the image looks blurry or hazy. The Lightroom filter will fixes these problems, make the image clearer and brighter.

 Download Free Product Photogrphy Lightroom Preset

110. Mouthwatering Food Lightroom Presets

free lightroom mobile presets

This food preset Lightroom affects brightness and saturation. The color palette becomes richer and juicier. Try one of the best Lightroom presets to enhance contrast, fix problems with too light areas and color temperture.

 Download Free Food Lightroom Presets

111. Catalog Lightroom Filters Free

lr presets

For those who are interested in product photography, these popular Lightroom presets will be quite exciting. If you want to make your product photos look like they were shot for fashion magazines or ads, download these best Lr presets. They will make the details sharp and the colors clean.

 Download Free Catalog Lightroom Filters

112. Cookbook Photography

free presets lightroom

This type of LR presets is recommended for images with a predominance of brown shades. It enhances the colors making them rich and more saturated. This Lightroom filter changes the brightness of the image so you should not use it for too sharp and light photos.

 Download Free Cookbook Photography Lightroom Presets

113. Blue Mint

cool lightroom effects

Applying this preset for Lightroom remember that it changes the color of the picture. If you need to add some cool blue hues, then this filter from the best Lightroom preset pack is just for you. It will help you fix minor problems with sharpness in just a couple of clicks.

 Download Free Blue Mint Lightroom Presets

114. Deep Color

free lightroom preset pack

Add bright colors to your food photos with this incredible preset. It enhances the colors making faded and dull shades more saturated and attractive. Using our best Adobe Lightroom presets, you can increase the brightness and clarity without wasting time on long image editing.

 Free Download Deep Color Lightroom Presets

115. Dark Food Photo Preset

lightroom photo presets

Try this free Lightroom preset for your dark food photos to hide small flaws and turn them into real masterpieces. This filter adjusts the red and pink shades, fixes the balance of light and shadows.

 Download Free Dark Food Photo Lightroom Presets

116. Bright Summer Vibes

lightroom presets for free

The main changes occur in yellow and orange shades. This Lightroom filter enhances colors by making them richer and brighter. It also affects contrast and clarity. We do not recommend using this kind of the best photography presets if you want to focus on cool shades.

 Download Free Bright Summer Vibes Lightroom Presets

117. Rich Color

preset lightroom free

Are you looking for an effective tool that can turn your pictures into stunning masterpieces of digital art in seconds? Then we offer you these best Lightroom presets.

 Download Free Rich Color Lightroom Presets

118. Neon Light Lightroom Presets

top free lightroom presets

Do your meal photos look dim and lifeless? Then experiment with our best Lightroom presets and add brightness and light. This Lightroom preset increases saturation and enhances cool blue and green colors creating a peculiar neon effect.

 Free Download Neon Light Lightroom Preset

119. Sharp Details

lightroom templates for photographers

These Lightroom CC presets are great for menu photos. Use this preset if your images lack clarity and contrast. It increases sharpness, enhances brightness and makes all colors more saturated.

 Download Free Sharp Details Lightroom Presets

120. Red Cherry

photography presets lightroom

If the food in the photos does not look appetizing, then we suggest using one of the best presets for Lightroom. It will adjust the color saturation without affecting the main palette and adding distracting shades. This Lightroom filter can be used for photographs with an emphasis on the object shot against a blurred background.

 Download Free Red Cherry Lightroom Presets

Reviews of Fix The Photo


Do you want your portraits to stand out of the crowd? Make them look professional with the help of this article. It presents a fantastic collection of Lightroom portrait presets from FixThePhoto team. You will be able to get rid of available defects, improve contrast, brightness, white balance or any other settings. Besides, these Lightroom presets for portraits will save your time greatly at the image post-production stage. Also, the article explains how to install the filters with ease. Follow simple instructions and start using portrait Lightroom presets to provide clients with astonishing shots.
Turn wedding photography into your main activity and profitable business with free Lightroom presets for wedding photographers. Find out more about their features in this article. Check out the examples of edited images and pay attention to the changes. Use free Lightroom presets wedding to improve the overall look of the image and improve its quality. These tools will help you achieve a stylish, soft look, smooth out the skin tone, eliminate slight imperfections, adjust contrast, add some bright tones and make many other improvements. Download free wedding Lightroom presets using the links from this article.
Are you searching for the best Lightroom presets for portraits? Then consider this article from FixThePhoto team. It introduces a set of portrait Lightroom presets suitable both for novice and experienced shooters. Filters will help fix problems with contrast and sharpness. They will make important details stand out and draw the viewer's attention to the important areas. Each best Lightroom preset for portraits can be adjusted according to your preferences. Use it to save time you spend on image editing and make your shots recognizable. A simple step-by-step guide will help you install the bundle without any difficulties.
If you are tired of endless portrait editing, then pay attention to this set of Lightroom presets for portraits. It was designed by the best specialists to make your life easier. Using Lightroom portrait presets, you can change skin color, improve the brightness, regulate contrast, shadows and grain. Emphasize desired details and change the overall look of the pictures. Even not very successful photos will become more attractive with the best Lightroom preset for portraits. They are ready and easy to use. Read the instruction to install the collection on your device. Apply the filters and enjoy the result.
If you are a novice shooter and have no image editing skills, then this professional collection of portrait Lightroom presets will help you greatly. It presents filters created by the best experts to save your time and efforts. The set includes different Lightroom presets for portraits so you can choose the one which matches a particular photo.
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Wouldn’t it be nice if our cameras took amazing portraits without the need for additional retouching? Unfortunately, we can only hope that it will happen in the future. So, for now, we still need to spend hours in Lightroom, taking the images from ordinary to extraordinary. In order to speed up photo editing process, you can use Lightroom presets for portraits. These are great tools in every photographer’s toolkit as portrait Lightroom presets are so fast and easy. Our Lightroom portrait presets can be used for portraits done in different styles, just try them!
Are you in a creative rut? Do you spend hours on altering and enhancing portraits from your recent photoshoot and are still unhappy with the result? Just have a look at our best Lightroom presets for portraits. We have created so many of these amazing filters that suit even total newbies. Our Lightroom presets for portraits can be used for styled photoshoots or for wedding photographs. If you check them out, you will definitely find the best Lightroom preset for portraits to make your imagination flowing. Go to the site to check them out.
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