Best Free Video Editing Software

Best Free Video Editing Software

Top 19 Best Free Video Editing Softwares

If you’re only starting to work with video editing or color grading and don’t want to pay a monthly subscription for a video editing software, check out these free programs. I’ll try to help you pick the best free video editing software for Mac or Windows with functionality that aren’t worse than in Premiere Pro and Vegas Pro.

1. VSDC free video editor

Editors' Rating (4.2/5)
Win | Read VSDC Free Video Editor Review
  • Possibility to create audio, video clips with effects
  • Advanced color correction 
  • Chroma key features, “Mask” tool
  • Currently, not all social media profiles are presented
  • Some updates take a while to download and require a lot of hard drive space

If you’re searching for a non-linear video editor free, VSDC is the best available option today. The only thing it can be criticized for is the user interface, which takes some time getting used to. Obviously, the developers prioritize functionality over the program’s design, but if you take the array of free features into account, such an approach is more than forgivable.

This software allows you to work with layers, place several objects in a single frame, overlay one object onto another, mix colors and fragments by using transparency settings, and more. If you don’t want to make post production on your own, address Fixthephoto video editing services.

vsdc free video editor interface

2. Blender

Editors' Rating (4/5)
Win / Mac / Linux
  • Broad functionality
  • Open source code
  • Sculpt mode
  • Built-in rendering mechanisms
  • Difficult to learn
  • Lack of documentation in the base package

From my experience, Blender comes the closest to offering the same 3D and video editing functionality as expensive programs do. This open-source software is commonly used as After Effects replacement for creating models and animations, various renders, mapping, screening, etc.

Blender also allows you to perform non-linear video editing, develop 3D apps, and emulate the behavior of liquid, solid, and fabric materials. It’s no wonder that a lot of professionals consider Blender to be the best free video editing software and use it even for serious commercial projects. Not only this app has the same number of features you’d expect in a premium 3D editor, but they are all offered for free!

blender interface

3. EaseUS Video Editor

Editors' Rating (4.5/5)
  • The accompanying audio can be imported and manually missed
  • You can record narrations by pressing a button
  • Free templates
  • It is not compatible with macOS

EaseUS will meet equally well the needs of an amateur with GoPro clips and a professional in videography. From simple actions like trimming and flipping you can go to higher-level editing like merging and mixing clips, changing the speed of play, and applying all sorts of effects. The latter are represented by a variety of kinds and even professionals will be satisfied.

With half a hundred of visual and transition effects, you will get a personal touch as well a great look. The footage can be imported from anything that has or is a camera or simply from your computer storage.

easeus interface

4. Lightworks

Editors' Rating (4.2/5)
Win / Mac / Linux | Read Lightworks review
  • Convenient UI
  • Customizable tool sections
  • Supports editing in all fps settings
  • Can add multilayered special effects
  • Tutorials are available on the official website
  • High system requirements
  • You need to register before you can start the app

Lightworks, similarly to other best video editing software, supports all popular formats, allows you to cut videos, change recorded clips by adding various effects, text, etc., edit clips, and optimize their quality. The app can help you learn how to edit short films and standard YouTube videos right on your personal laptop. It’s used by many popular bloggers and designers of smaller news sites. Definitely the best choice for vlog video editing.

lightworks interface

5. HitFilm Express

Editors' Rating (4.2/5)
Win / Mac / Linux | Read HitFilm Express review
  • Well-developed timeline functionality
  • Playback features that make editing faster
  • Can edit even while exporting
  • Expansive and convenient export options
  • Several highly-demanded functions need to be purchased as add-ons
  • Some playback features delete special effects
  • Export process is slow

This video editing program exists in two versions: free HitFilm Express and paid HitFilm Pro version. The first one has fairly limited functionality, but for most regular users with basic video editing needs, it’s still more than enough, which is why it can be considered the best free video editor for newbies.

Any tasks that require cropping, combining videos, adding music, creating transitions and credits, adding masks, transformations and effects (you can create your own), and performing color correction on an unlimited number of tracks can be completed in the free version.

hitfilm express interface

6. DaVinci Resolve

Editors' Rating (4/5)
Win / Mac / Linux
  • Convenient timeline
  • Modest system requirements
  • Color Grading section for HDR grading
  • Built-in algorithm for boosting GPU speed
  • Can co-op with other users while working on a project
  • Need to fill out an application on the developer’s official site

This is an advanced professional video editor. DaVinci Resolve is aimed at post-production and contains a large number of tools for adjusting image and sound. The free version has some limitations that a regular user won’t probably even notice. Among them are the lower 4K definition, lack of co-operative support and watermarks on several filters. Despite those disadvantages, it’s still considered to be the best video editing software free.

davinci resolve interface

7. Videopad

Editors' Rating (4.5/5)
Win / Mac
  • Many audio and video tracks
  • Supports Chroma key and 3D video
  • Video stabilization
  • VirtualDub plug-in support
  • Free version is limited in functionality

Currently, I think that this is the best free video editing software for beginners. One of its most important advantages – availability of free editing lessons that are enough for getting started in video post production.

If you need to edit your videos by cutting them, removing camera shake, and adding beautiful transitions, effects, photographs, music, and animated credits – you can do all of that in free VideoPad software.

videopad interface

8. Windows Movie Maker

Editors' Rating (2.5/5)
  • Simple and beginner-friendly interface
  • You can create presentation and slide-shows, using images
  • Includes a library of built-in VFX
  • Can be used for recording videos and photos with your camera
  • Works with a small number of video formats
  • Can’t cut out separate video fragments

If you need a simple video editor that allows you to easily create a clip from several videos and images, add music or remove sound, then you can use the good-old Windows Movie Maker or, how it’s called in its latest version – Story Remix, which is the free editing software for Windows 10.

Even beginners can quickly master this program and if you think that you are one of them, then I suggest you stick to this option.

windows movie maker interface

9. Shotcut

Editors' Rating (3.5/5)
Win / Mac / Linux
  • Supports non-linear video editing
  • Open source code
  • Uses a powerful graphics processor
  • Possibility to adjust audio codecs with great precision
  • Can capture videos and take screenshots
  • Occasional errors when opening M4A, MXF, MLT and XML files
  • Can’t change video settings during clip editing process

Shotcut free editing software isn’t a professional program, but it has a lot of features and it’s very close to a professional video editor. Once you’ve studied Shotcut and discovered it’s not enough for your needs, you can almost effortlessly replace it with a professional program. The skills you’ll gain while editing videos in Shotcut will be enough for work with Adobe’s line of professional software, and that’s a serious step forward on the path of producing top-quality video content. However, even without that, you can use Shotcut to create videos that have the same quality as modern TV series and movies.

shotcut interface

10. iMovie

Editors' Rating (3/5)
Mac / iOS
  • Easy-to-use trailer templates
  • Good collection of effects
  • Works only with Mac devices
  • A small number of transitions, titles, and filters
  • No possibility to customize the interface

This is almost a perfect free video editor from Apple focused on performing simple tasks. Both the desktop and mobile versions have a classic interface, a convenient media browser, as well as a built-in gallery of transitions, effects, and filters. There are ready-made project templates for different situations and a wide range of export settings up to 4K. Therefore, many users consider this program the best free video editing software.

imovie interface

11. OpenShot

Editors' Rating (3.2/5)
Win / Mac / Linux
  • Absolutely free editing software
  • Easy to master
  • Many effects and transitions
  • Opportunity to export your project to 4K UHD 60fps
  • Unstable work, frequent crashes, especially while editing videos on a laptop
  • Rendering speed is lower than stated in characteristics
  • You need to control video effects after adding to clips

Openshot is an open-source program. It looks a bit like iMovie with similar easy-to-use drag and drop interface. However, Openshot contains more features than iMovie, including an unlimited number of layers and sound mixing. This free video editing software provides a good balance between advanced features and a simple interface. It also allows you to watch a video in real-time when creating transitions between clips.

openshot interface

12. Kdenlive

Editors' Rating (3.8/5)
Win / Mac / Linux
  • Works with many media formats
  • Quite a large collection of video and audio effects
  • Grouping and ungrouping clips feature
  • User-friendly interface
  • Customizable UI (user interface) and shortcuts
  • Unstable work
  • Too weak for advanced video editing

Kdenlive (KDE Non-Linear Video Editor) is non-linear video editing software free. This program is suitable for both beginners and those, who are engaged in professional video editing. This simple video editor allows you to work with several video and audio tracks. You have the opportunity to move, block, and switching them on and off.

Moreover, Kdenlive allows you to import almost all known video and audio formats into the program without prior conversion.

kdenlive interface

13. VidCutter

Editors' Rating (2/5)
Win / Mac / Linux
  • Very simple interface
  • Fast cropping and pasting
  • Few features

VidCutter is a simple Python / QT free video editing software for Windows 10 and other platforms. It was created for cutting and pasting media files. VidCutter has a typical user interface. The main function of the video editor is removing unnecessary fragments from the video clip by combining several necessary parts from one file. Also, you can cut and save separate fragments from a video or audio file by using this program.

vidcutter interface

14. Pitivi

Editors' Rating (4.2/5)
  • Open-source, free video editor
  • License with a source code
  • Encoding and decoding cannot be hardware-accelerated
  • Impossible to adjust clip speed
  • No proxy editing

PiTiVi is one of the best free video editing software for Linux. It has a basic set of tools for video editing. The functionality of the program is rather limited. However, PiTiVi is an ideal option to perform the simplest actions. The program supports cutting, pasting, resizing as well as working with layers, overlaying sound or video and some other simple operations. The program is constantly developing. There appear features, while bugs are fixed in new versions.

pitivi interface

15. Flowblade

Editors' Rating (3.5/5)
  • Possibility to change the speed or direction of clips
  • Sync clips with other videos
  • You can import media files from another project
  • Using proxy allows to work on weak computers
  • Linux-compatible only

Flowblade is a video editor free for Linux. The program is positioned as a non-linear video editor for quick work with video files. In practice, it became clear that the program requires further development.

At first glance, Flowblade interface seems typical, but the video import process turned out to be rather complicated in reality. The icons on the buttons are not informative. A special feature of Flowblade is that you cannot place a video segment in any position on the timeline. It can be placed only after or between other fragments.

flowblade interface

16. Avidemux

Editors' Rating (2/5)
Win / Mac / Linux
  • Supports all popular formats
  • Quick installation, easy-to-master tools
  • A huge number of visual effects and image filters
  • Possibility to edit video files without transcoding
  • Does not support video streaming capture
  • In order to work with multiple clips, they must be of the same format

This is an affordable video converter that can please you with a good set of filters and visual effects. It will help you convert videos to various formats quickly and without having to learn the instructions.

Moreover, you can edit your videos here, in particular, add or remove a separate part from the video file, adjust sharpness, remove noise from the audio track, process images using various filters, add visual effects, improve the quality of the recording for further encoding. These features make Avidemux one of the best video editing software free.

avidemux interface

17. Cinelerra

Editors' Rating (4/5)
  • Projects backup feature
  • Many audio-visual effects
  • Compositing
  • Possibility to undo and redo actions
  • Inflexibility
  • Unsystematic functionality

Cinelerra has all the features typical for best free video editing software, such as real-time visual effects, reverse, video capture and output to FireWire, video capture from Video4Linux devices, DVB cards and computer screens and some other functions. The program supports HDTV video, and popular video and audio formats. In addition, Cinelerra has a decent list of real-time effects for video and sound. Moreover, the effect parameters can be automated. Undoubtedly it can be called the best free video editor.

cinelerra interface

18. Movavi Video Editor

Editors' Rating (4/5)
Win / Mac
  • Ready-made presets to add animation
  • Intuitive video creation tool
  • Hardware acceleration for AMD, NVidia chips while rendering videos
  • Good audio processing tool
  • Simple control of all tools, clear even for a beginner
  • Some package tools are downloaded separately but in an auto mode

Movavi Video Suite contains all the necessary set of utilities for work with media files. It allows you to get rid of unnecessary software, such as third-party players, converters, video editors, programs for creating slideshows, recording and processing sound, burning discs, and creating images. Such tools help solve all standard and even some complex tasks. For example, you can record sound for movies yourself and master the tracks in the editor window, create titles, beautiful transition effects, and process the image very accurately using this best video editing software.

movavi video editor interface

19. Viva Video

Editors' Rating (2/5)
  • Many filters
  • Watermarks in the free version
  • Even Instagram has more features

This is a rather popular application for recording and editing video, that’s why it was included on the list of the best free video editing software. You can record up to 5 minutes of video in the free version of the program. This is quite enough to record event video and create your own video story.

You can put a funny sticker or comment with a text message on what is happening in the video. Also, you can share your videos with friends in your favorite social network.

viva video interface

Free LUTs for Color Grading

Color correction makes the colors deeper and creates a cinematic effect. To perform it quickly and professionally, you just need to use these LUTs.

Free Retro Frame LUT

free retro frame lut free retro frame lut

Film videos have their own charm, but the era of such cameras is over. Some videographers often want to achieve the film effect in modern videos. This LUT will help you get such look very fast and for free.

Free Frosted LUT

free frosted lut free frosted lut

This LUT is great for editing landscape (time-lapse) videos from GoPro, Drones, or Cameras. It was created for travelers and landscape videographers.

Free Sunny LUT

free sunny lut free sunny lut

This warm LUT will make your video brighter as if you were recording it with perfect lighting. It will add a light matte look, but with the transition to warm shades. The LUT will emphasize and soften cozy colors, making them more pleasant to watch.

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