7 Best Vector Programs For Mac

7 Best Vector Programs For Mac in 2023

Looking for the best vector program for Mac, you are likely to see multiple overviews with Adobe Illustrator being regarded as an ideal option. However, if you can’t afford to pay the price or you simply want to try another software, there are many worthy alternatives.

Top 7 Vector Programs For Mac

  1. Adobe Illustrator - Industry standard
  2. Inkscape - Open-source
  3. Vectr - Web-based
  4. Vecteezy - Large selection of vector elements
  5. Boxy SVG - Import of raster images
  6. Pixelmator Pro - User-friendly
  7. Affinity Designer - 2D drawing

If you are working on a new project and need a reliable Mac vector editor, you can start your search with budget-friendly or even free variants. We have reviewed numerous products and selected those that can compete with Adobe Illustrator in terms of performance and the variety of necessary tools.

1. Adobe Illustrator - Our Choice

Industry standard
  • Small size of source files
  • Great integration with other Adobe products
  • Many custom plugins
  • Simplified vector paths
  • Monthly payment

Verdict: Adobe Illustrator is among the most popular vector programs for Mac and graphics software applications in the world. It can be used for creating print as well as web graphics, logos, and website elements such as banner ads, buttons, images and icons, diagrams, clip arts, text, logos, and icons.

Illustrator also allows you to combine text with the objects that they enclose, so you can create smooth transitions between images. Unlike other programs, Adobe Illustrator does not require complex algorithms to generate your artwork but rather relies on the user's ability to choose the right types of shapes, lines, and colors. This tool makes it easy to design.

adobe illustratorvector programs for mac interface

2. Inkscape

  • Completely free
  • A lot of educational content
  • Many pro designing tools
  • Simple interface
  • Outdated design
  • Text tools require improvement

Verdict: Inkscape is a great program for both designers and hobbyists, as it is relatively simple to get started with and offers a variety of features that can simplify the creative process. However, users need to be prepared to spend some time familiarizing themselves with this software and then experimenting with different settings to see what kind of effect they can create.

Inkscape vector program for Mac supports all major SVG features: paths, text, markers, clones, alpha channel, transforms, gradients, textures, and grouping. Inkscape also supports Creative Commons metadata, node editing, layers, complex path operations, bitmap vectorization, text editing directly on an image, text wrapped in a shape.

inkscape vector programs for mac interface

3. Vectr

  • Cross-platform
  • Intuitive, easy to use interface
  • Supports importing various image formats
  • WordPress integration
  • Requires an Internet connection to work

Verdict: The Vectr software is easy to use and comes with different options of graphic designs, color schemes and text styles. You can draw up very complex drawings with this software and save them in the least possible time for usage any time. Vectr allows you to do retouching and editing as well.

This free vector graphics software is an excellent vector image creation and editing application that provides a wide variety of functionalities in a user-friendly interface. After finishing work on a specific project, you just need to save it in PNG format on your hard drive.

vectr vector programs for mac interface

4. Vecteezy

Large selection of vector elements
  • You can create illustrations from scratch
  • Flexible work with contours of shapes
  • Large selection of vector elements
  • Has a ready-made clipart
  • You can't use large files
  • You need to have a Facebook account to work

Verdict: Vecteezy vector program for Mac can help you create quality vector drawings in a matter of minutes. If you're familiar with these types of programs, then you know how easy they are to use. In fact, most people who have tried Vecteezy have generally been extremely impressed with how simple the program is to use and operate. They also appreciate the fact that the program is available for a fraction of the cost of some of the other top-end drawing software programs out there.

The reason why Vecteezy vector programs for Mac are so popular has a lot to do with the way they work. You don't have to use complex or complicated programs in order to draw effective vector illustrations or artwork because Vecteezy has made it super easy to use. This makes it ideal for beginners who want to learn how to draw basic shapes, lines, and other geometrical shapes without having to spend years training on complex systems. It also makes it very easy for artists who want to draw something on the cheapest computer that they can afford.

vecteezy vector programs for mac interface

5. Boxy SVG

Import of raster images
  • For creating banners, icons, buttons, graphics
  • Library of ready-made vector drawings
  • Access to Google Fonts collection
  • Easy to use
  • A small set of functions and tools

Verdict: One of the most popular vector programs for Mac, Boxy SVG provides the tools and data necessary to create stunning vector illustrations for websites, web pages and other graphics design projects.

Boxy SVG is an entry-level vector graphics editor, packed with essential features, easy-to-learn tabbed interface and customizable keyboard shortcuts. With its help, you can easily create banners, icons, buttons, graphics, interface sketches and even funny memes.

boxy svg vector programs for mac interface

6. Pixelmator Pro

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Works with popular file formats
  • Neural Network support
  • Impressive speed
  • No convenient tools for layers
  • Text working issues

Verdict: Pixelmator Pro is an excellent graphics editor designed specifically for devices running Apple operating systems. Work in other operating systems is not provided, since the application actively uses its own API and the Metal framework, which is part of the operating system.

The highlight of the program is the ability to highlight the area that was previously highlighted in real time. Naturally, selection with color area and sensitivity settings also works great. The number of filters in Pixelmator Pro can satisfy the needs of not only a beginner, but also a professional user - there are more than a hundred of them.

pixelmator provector programs for mac interface

7. Affinity Designer

2D drawing
  • User-friendly interface
  • Impressive zoom
  • Great price
  • Drag & drop options
  • You can’t export files as AI
  • Absence of a free trial

Verdict: Affinity Designer is one of the latest graphic design software on the market. It is a complete illustration, design, and graphic arts software package that enables users to create professional quality artwork.

Affinity Designer is available in two different versions. The Standard version and the Pro version. The Standard version is typically designed for the majority of the skills that are required for designers. It does contain many of the same options that are available with the Deluxe version, but also includes the ability to edit in PDF files and have access to the Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, and Gimp libraries. However, the greatest advantage that the user has with Affinity Designer is that the program allows him to design vector graphics without any requirement for knowledge of any programming languages.

affinity designer vector programs for mac interface