12 Best Online Vector Creators in 2024

By Eva Williams 19 days ago, Software Reviews

If you are currently looking for the best online vector creator that allows creating and editing images directly on your PC, this post will definitely help you. With the help of the online SVG editor you will draw and modify images.

12 Free Online Vector Editors

  1. Vector Creator - Our choice
  2. RollApp - The widest selection of tools
  3. Gravit Designer - Modern interface
  4. BoxySVG - Best keyboard shortcuts
  5. SVGator - Suitable for beginners
  6. Lunacy - Auto layout
  7. Vectr - The most intuitive interface
  8. Vecteezy Editor - Many vector elements
  9. DRAWSVG - Free online drawing service
  10. YouiDraw - Lots of templates
  11. SVG-Edit - Open source
  12. Fatpaint - Three-dimensional text graphics editor

1. Vector Creator

Our choice
  • 9000+ elements
  • Numerous creative possibilities
  • Possibility to add your own vectors
  • Not found

Verdict: Vector Creator is a professional online graphics editor enabling users to create bright, professional illustrations in several clicks.

Moreover, don’t worry if you are just a beginner and it is your first online vector tool. It is very user-friendly so everyone will master it. At the same time, Vector Creator is also suitable for experienced professionals being in the design sphere for long.

It offers more than 9000 elements and 20 styles that will help implement your creative ideas. Moreover, there are numerous advanced tools to cope with the most complex tasks. It supports SVG, PNG or JPG formats and the export to PNG for free. However, if you need SVG export or the attribution removal function, you have to use professional features.

vector creator interface

2. Inkscape on RollApp

The widest selection of tools
  • Great number of tools
  • Excellent format support
  • Regular updates
  • Poor text formatting tools

Verdict: For today, Inkscape is one of the best free vector editors. If for whatever reason, you can’t install it on your computer, you may use an online version. It is called the RollApp (Inkscape online graphics editor).

To successfully use it, you need an Internet connection and a browser. The tool offers all Inkscape functions and integration with Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive and several other cloud storage platforms.

In general, this vector editor online provides basic drawing and form tools. It is also enhanced with a special spiral tool that creates drawings and clone arrangements, advanced options for manipulating objects, several filters, and some elegant fill settings.

rollapp free online vector creator interface

3. Gravit Designer

Developing application
  • Modern user interface
  • Great essential tools and effects
  • Actively developed
  • Paid Pro version

Verdict: Offering a powerful set of vector tools, Gravit Designer is one of the best free vector sites. This online vector image editor is suitable both for beginning and experienced designers.

The tool may boast of an intuitive UI, so you won’t have problems mastering it. At the same time, professionals will enjoy an advanced toolbar, customizable interface, advanced editing tools, drag and drop options.

gravit designer free online vector creator interface

4. BoxySVG

Best keyboard shortcuts
  • Great tools
  • Excellent format support
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Laggy zoom
boxysvg free online vector creator logo

Verdict: BoxySVG is a free online vector editor that functions as an extension in Google Chrome. Being a user-friendly application, it offers numerous basic tools, like pens, Bezier curves, text, basic shapes, stroke and fill, layers, the ability to add types, groups, transforms and paths.

The thing that attracts most users is its incredible simplicity. You may create vector graphics in several mouse clicks by applying a minimum number of options. Moreover, you may import and export SVG and SVGZ files, use Boxy SVG to import and export JPEG and PNG files, which is also an essential advantage.

boxysvg free online vector creator interface

5. SVGator

Suitable for beginners
  • Doesn’t demand any coding knowledge
  • Intuitive UI
  • Large library of premade assets
  • Straightforward clipping mask creation
  • Broad set of animation features
  • You don't need 3rd party apps or plugins
  • Free version only saving 3 files per month
svgator online vector creator logo

Verdict: SVGator provides impressively extensive vector animation features that include Morph, Path, Color, Filter as well as an array of other tools. Another reason why I like this option is that it allows you to open, edit, and save your projects whenever and wherever you want.

Moreover, if your animation is missing a vital vector element, you can use one of the over 100 premade assets included in the library. SVGator also allows you to edit your previously exported creations without having to start from scratch. Thirdly, it’s a great tool if you want to convert vector images into fluid, beautiful animations.

SVGator offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to establish an efficient workflow while also providing multiple workspace customization options. By default, you can see a list of your elements on the left while the primary editing tools are located above the workspace.

svgator online vector creator interface

6. Lunacy

Auto layout
  • Intuitive functionality
  • Auto shape colors
  • Automated content updates
  • Versions for Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • A limited choice of advanced tools
  • Doesn’t have many text formatting tools
lunacy online vector creator logo

Verdict: Lunacy is a professional software with a wide range of tools and intuitive functionality. It will be especially useful for creative professionals who need to create high-quality vector graphics. The program includes features for beginners and advanced users alike, which makes it perfect for those who need to create attention-grabbing content with little to no effort.

Thanks to its extensive catalog of digital assets, you can work on your projects more efficiently. The program allows you to manage layers and solve a variety of tasks more quickly. This software integrates with Sketch and Figma, which makes it easier for you to use this it for optimizing your workflow.

You can create custom projects by using a huge collection of plugins. Due to this, you can manage your digital assets and organize the elements of your future designs to speed up project completion.

lunacy online vector creator interface

7. Vectr

The most intuitive interface
  • Easy to master
  • Clear UI
  • Interactive tutorials
  • Not enough advanced features
vectr free online vector creator logo

Verdict: Vectr is the best online vector creator for beginners. It offers everything amateur designers need ‒ simplicity and a powerful set of basic tools. With this application, you will easily create and edit designs, postcards, brochures, presentations, website layouts, 2D graphics and logos without blurring.

The interface is very clear and convenient, so you will not need much time to find this or that tool. Of course, Vectr can’t compete with Inkscape and other similar applications in functionality. But it still remains a functional online graphics editor.

vectr free online vector creator interface

8. Vecteezy Editor

Many vector elements
  • Nothing is hidden behind paid access
  • User-friendly
  • Great number of vector elements
  • Not enough professional features
vecteezy editor free online vector creator logo
Vecteezy Editor

Verdict: Vecteezy Editor is a vector editor online that allows editing and importing SVG files or creating your own projects from scratch. It provides numerous fonts for design texts, shapes and ready-made clipart. So, you have a great selection to choose from.

Moreover, the application offers a simple palette of colors and a pen tool to draw freehand shapes and edit existing contours.

Mind that to use this online vector tool, you have to take several steps. To begin with, you should create an account or log in via Facebook. It is necessary if you are going to save a finished work. Finally, before you open a large file, the application will warn you that the browser may freeze.

vecteezy editor free online vector creator interface


Free online drawing service
  • Free of charge
  • Photo-to-drawing tools
  • Features for editing SVG drawings
  • Limited options for working with vector graphics
drawsvg online vector creator logo

Verdict: DRAW-SVG is a web-based drawing software that comes with handy tools that will help you create, optimize, and convert your drawings and vector images without paying a dime. You can use the available options to share your files with other people online.

This solution was created for creative professionals who need to publish content, create info graphics and web-optimized images. You can enhance your pictures using an advanced SVG editor. Besides, there are convenient tools for browsing, publishing, and sharing your pictures on social media. You can also leave your comment under various drawings.

With the help of this free software, you can quickly create funny memes or make your images look like impressionist paintings. To do the latter, you just need to use the in-built Photo to drawing Tool. This service also allows you to create a shape catalog and enhance your drawings using various effects.

drawsvg online vector creator interface

10. YouiDraw

Lots of templates
  • Great number of templates
  • Excellent file format export option
  • Dropbox/Google Drive support
  • Cluttered interface

Verdict: YouiDraw is an open-source online graphics editor offering numerous customizable textured brushes. Users will enjoy a great number of tools and features, including quick styles, freehand logo creation tools, graphic templates and vector logo effects.

Moreover, the application may process the text. YouiDraw runs on HTML5 canvas with Google Drive. What is more, you may launch the application whenever you want – just check that your Internet connection is stable.

youidraw free online vector creator interface

11. SVG-Edit

Best open source software
  • Intuitive UI
  • Open-source
  • SVG conversion tool
  • Lacks some advanced tools in comparison with similar vector editors
svg-edit free online vector creator logo

Verdict: SVG-edit is a reliable open-source vector editor online that supports an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format. It is a free application and you may run it in any browser. This online tool enables users to create SVG images, as well as edit existing ones.

Users will enjoy a standard set of vector editing functions, like freehand drawing tools, shape tools, text and outline tools. As I have already mentioned, it is an open-source application, so developers constantly add new functions to it. It is built on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript without server functionality. Consequently, if you want to, you may create your own version by downloading the code and modifying it.

svg-edit free online vector creator interface

12. Fatpaint

Three-dimensional text graphics editor
  • Comprehensive creating and editing options
  • Online animation and video creation
  • Possibility to create three-dimensional text graphics
  • Some of the main features are difficult to find
fatpaint free online vector creator logo

Verdict: Fatpaint is an online vector graphics editor that may be used to edit bitmap photos. Although it is a perfect tool to create logos and other small vector graphics, it lacks some advanced functions desktop competitors offer.

You may use it to create new vector files and objects, edit them, manipulate paths, add text, etc. One of the features that distinguishes it from other applications is its ability to manipulate three-dimensional text.

fatpaint free online vector creator interface