Adobe Spark Vs Premiere Pro: What to Choose?

By Eva Williams 24 days ago, Software reviews

Adobe Spark Vs Premiere Pro: What to Choose?

If you’re looking for a video editing program, I recommend choosing between Adobe Spark and Premiere Pro.

Adobe Spark is a fairly simple tool that lets you create professional-level graphics and videos, even if you’re not a designer.

Premiere Pro is suitable for marketers, design companies and news stations. Typically, the program is used by professionals, such as designers and filmmakers who need to create and edit content.

What Is Adobe Spark?

adobe spark logo Adobe Spark is a service that anyone can use to create outstanding designs and graphics for social media, videos for ads and one-page sites. The service includes three applications: Spark Post, Spark Video and Spark Pages.
The Adobe Spark video creator is suitable for novices who need to use beautiful visual effects. Still, if you want to create a one-page site on a custom domain or a multi-page site, I recommend using other services.
  • adobe spark interface
  • adobe spark interface

    Adobe Spark: Strengths and Weaknesses

    icon 20.000+ themes. Adobe Spark offers a huge selection of templates, colors and fonts. You can easily add text, video and icons that match your preferences.

    icon Easy-to-use. You don’t need to be a designer to create content with this service. Use videos from your computer and phone galleries, add audio and texts. Besides, you can easily share the result on social networks or send it by email.

    icon Various customization features. You can personalize your video and make it more unique by changing pictures, music and text. Besides, there are no limitations on the number of edits in Adobe Spark.

    icon Partnership. Adobe video editor allows multiple users to work on the same projects. Users can make changes one by one and share them with colleagues for approval.

    icon Cross-platform. Adobe Spark is a free service compatible with Android and iOS. All graphics and designs you create are saved in the cloud.

    icon Too limiting. When working in the program, you are restricted by the built-in presets and templates. If you want more freedom, I recommend using one of the Adobe Spark alternatives.

    icon No LUTs support. LUTs save time on video processing and allow you to create high-quality content. If you compare Adobe Spark vs Adobe Premiere, the former doesn’t allow you to apply color grading presets to video.

    What Is Premiere Pro?

    premiere pro logo Adobe Premiere Pro is a popular video editing software for Mac and Windows. With this service, you can edit any video content, such as commercials, movies and online videos.
    Adobe Premiere Pro helps you cope with any video editing task. It’s perfect for creating amazing content. You can import audio, pictures and videos, as well as create new versions of videos. It’s also possible to upload videos to social networks and share them online.
    • premiere pro interface
    • premiere pro interface

      Premiere Pro: Strengths and Weaknesses

      icon Responsive interface. Due to an intuitive and user-friendly interface, users can work in Adobe Premiere Pro with even greater efficiency.

      icon Immersive VR tool. As VR has become a popular tool in recent years, video editing programs have created an additional VR option to capture video from all angles. Adobe Premiere Pro also lets you edit VR content, offering a backup function when working with complex tasks.

      icon 1,000,000+ LUTs. You are offered a wide range of professional and free LUTs in this video editing software for Windows. These effects can be applied with just one click. Before you start using them, I recommend learning more about LUTs.

      icon Integrated workflow. The Adobe Premiere Pro app is compatible with other Adobe products, so you can get your work done faster without interrupting the workflow. Your team can communicate within the app, thanks to the Microsoft Team integration.

      icon Simultaneous editing. You can easily work on multiple projects at once, switching between clips to save time. With Adobe Premiere Pro, you can quickly add elements and scenes to your projects without difficulty.

      icon Offline editing only. Your edited video will not be of high quality if you don’t pay for access to an Online solution.

      icon The UI isn’t customizable. The only drawback of this service is that you can’t customize the user interface. After some testing, I’ve realized that most of the available tools are unnecessary for beginners.

      Adobe Spark Vs Premiere Pro: Price

      adobe spark vs premiere pro price

      Although both programs are developed by Adobe, their pricing is different. All Adobe Spark applications are free (premium versions are also available), while Premiere Pro is quite expensive. Even if some users know how to get Premiere Pro for free, such methods are often illegal.

      • Adobe Spark Starter Plan - Offers a wide choice of free templates - Free
      • Adobe Spark Individual Plan - Great for collaborative access, has a photo library, allows removing Adobe Spark watermark - $9.99/month (First 2 months - $0.00/month)
      • Adobe Spark Team Plan - Offers the same options as an Individual plan, plus, allows several users to use one account, 24/7 tech support - $19.99/month
      • Premiere Pro - Offers 100GB of cloud storage, Premiere Rush, Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Fonts and Adobe Spark - $20.99/month
      • All Apps - More than 20 creative desktop and mobile apps, like Illustrator and InDesign - $52.99/month.

      Adobe Spark Vs Premiere Pro: Who Wins?

      Comparing Adobe Spark vs Premiere Pro, you can see that they differ in purpose. While Adobe Spark is a great social media and short video creation tool, Premiere Pro is a professional video editing software solution.

      Besides, the Adobe Premiere Pro price differs from Adobe Spark in price. The free version of Adobe Spark is perfect for beginners, while the high-priced Premiere Pro is suitable for video editors and retouchers.

      Adobe Spark is a popular teaching tool in schools, that is why Adobe has developed special tutorials and videos for teachers. Premiere Pro is a pro video editing software product, that allows creating broadcast-quality and high-definition videos. It is widely used by video hobbyists and specialists, while there are other options for the highest level of TV production.

      Freebies for Adobe Spark vs Premiere Pro

      You can create and edit videos in both Adobe Spark and Premiere Pro. However, if you do not have enough time or skills for retouching, it is worth using the ready-made LUTs designed for Premiere Pro. They will make your videos look professional.

      freebies for adobe spark vs premiere pro
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