Adobe Express vs Premiere Pro: Which One is Better

By Eva Williams 24 days ago, Software reviews

If you can’t decide which software is more suitable for creating pro-level videos, make sure to compare Adobe Express vs Premiere Pro to select an option that suits your needs best.

Adobe Express is a fairly simple tool that lets you create professional-level graphics and videos, even if you’re not a designer or videographer.

Premiere Pro is suitable for marketers, design companies, and news stations. Typically, the program is used by professionals, such as designers and filmmakers who need to create and edit content.

What Is Adobe Express

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Adobe Express (formerly known as Adobe Spark) is a service for creating visual content for social media. You can also use it for creating advertising materials. Using Adobe Express, you can create covers for your social media posts, stories, flyers, and posters, as well as produce video ads for different needs.

The program allows you to trim videos, change their speed and size, as well as reverse or merge clips.

When cropping your videos, you can select aspect ratios depending on where you are going to post your clips. In addition, the program allows you to convert videos into GIFs.

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    Adobe Express: Strengths and Weaknesses

    Quick and streamlined workflow. Using the intuitive tools available in this software, you can quickly trim and resize your clips.

    Adobe Express is considered to be one of the best video editors for YouTube, as it enables users to select size templates and trim their videos before publishing them on social networks. The templates with different aspect ratios will save you a lot of time.

    A library of free photos for videos. If you compare Adobe Spark vs Premiere Pro, you will see that the former allows you to access a library of Adobe Stock photos that contains more than 160 million royalty-free pictures.

    You can access them after paying for the Premium plan. Even if you use a free version, you will still be able to use more than 1 million pictures.

    Tools for adding backgrounds to videos. To make your videos more engaging, you can add backgrounds to videos created in Adobe Express. It will allow you to give them a dynamic feel. You just need to export a video from your camera, trim it, resize it, and apply a variety of effects.

    Сollection of animation effects. You can apply these effects to your clips in a few clicks. If you want to animate text, just select the Effects tab on the home screen. Then, select the most suitable effect for your project and save your edited video.

    Integration with GIPHY. Adobe Express doubles as a GIF maker, as it enables you to add attention-grabbing stickers to your graphics. You just need to tap the plus button, find a suitable sticker in the GIPHY library and use it to enhance your design. Remember that you need to save your edited video.

    Adobe Express Video themes collection. Whether you like retro themes and believe that Mega will suit your needs best or prefer themes with a soothing feel, such as Sage, you can select any option from an extensive library created by motion designers. It will allow you to quickly enhance your content and bring your message across more efficiently.

    Adobe Fonts integration. Similarly Premiere Pro, Adobe Express allows you to access a collection of more than 20,000 licensed fonts. This library will be especially useful for those who need to add text to their videos.

    Here, you will find such fonts as Proxima Nova, Museo Sans, and Renata. They are often used by professional videographers.

    Allows downloading videos only in MP4 format. By default, your video will be saved in MP4 format. Then, you can convert them into other formats using third-party tools. Adobe Express allows you to convert videos into GIF format.

    A free version has a limited number of options. It will be impossible for you to use it to plan your content or add branding elements.

    No LUTs support. LUTs save time and allow you to create high-quality content. If you compare Adobe Spark vs Premiere Pro, you will see that the former doesn’t allow you to apply color grading effects to videos.

    What Is Premiere Pro

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    Adobe Premiere Pro is a popular video editing software for Mac and Windows. With this software, you can edit any video content, such as commercials, movies, and online videos.

    Adobe Premiere Pro helps you cope with any editing task. You can import audio, pictures, and videos, as well as create new versions of videos. It’s also possible to upload videos to social networks and share them online.

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      Premiere Pro: Strengths and Weaknesses

      Immersive VR feature support. As VR has become a popular tool in recent years, video editing programs for Windows and Mac have created an additional VR option to capture videos from all angles. Adobe Premiere Pro also lets you edit VR content, offering a backup function when working with complex tasks.

      1,000,000+ LUTs. Unlike Adobe Express, it includes a wide range of professional and free LUTs, which makes it better than Adobe video editors. You can apply these effects in one click. Before you start using them, I recommend learning more about what is LUT.

      Integrated workflow. Whether you decide to use Adobe Express or Premiere Pro, you will see that they are compatible with other Adobe software. It allows you to get your work done faster without interrupting your workflow. Your team can communicate within the app thanks to the Microsoft Team integration.

      Simultaneous editing. You can work on multiple projects at once, switching between clips to save time. With Adobe Premiere Pro, you can quickly add elements and scenes to your projects.

      New titling tools. When using layers, you can edit your text by adding shadows. It will allow you to emphasize it. This software automatically checks the spelling.

      Recently, the developers have added the support of multiple languages as well. Just start typing your text, and this software will automatically detect the language.

      If you aren’t sure how to do it, you can view Adobe Premiere Pro tutorials.

      Auto Reframe. This software facilitates the task of saving a video with a specific aspect ratio. Using its tools, you can crop your clips and remove unwanted parts to ensure that your videos can be watched on different devices, including smartphones.

      Auto Color feature. What makes this program stand out among many Adobe Premiere Pro alternatives is that it integrates with Adobe Sensei. It allows you to leverage AI-driven tools to tweak colors and fix lighting issues in a few clicks.

      In addition, you can use this software to quickly adjust Curves, Saturation, Tint, and Shadows to give your video a professional feel.

      Offline editing only. Unlike Adobe Express, it doesn’t allow you to create a high-quality video if you don’t pay for access to an online solution.

      The UI isn’t customizable. The only drawback of this service is that you can’t customize the user interface. After some testing, I’ve realized that most of the available tools are unnecessary for beginners.

      Adobe Express vs Premiere Pro: Price

      adobe express vs premiere pro pricing

      You can use Adobe Express for free for an unlimited amount of time, however, its functionality will be quite limited. If you want to test out its advanced tools, you can get a free 30-day trial of the Premium version.

      • Free — all the basic features are included.
      • Premium — includes premium templates and digital assets, a library of 20,000 Adobe Fonts, grids, and font pairs, and 100 GB of storage. This plan costs $9.99 per month or $99.99/yr.

      If you want to use Premiere Pro without paying anything, take a closer look at its trial. You can use it for 7 days for free. It will allow you to check whether you like the features available in this software and make up your mind about purchasing a premium version.

      To get access to an extensive set of features, you need to pay $20.99/mo.

      If this price is too high for you, you can use Adobe discounts. For example, you can use this software after paying $54.99/mo for the Creative Cloud subscription. It allows you to get access to more than 20 programs.

      Adobe Express vs Premiere Pro: Who Wins?

      Now that we have compared Adobe Express vs Premiere Pro, it becomes obvious that they are suitable for different purposes. Adobe Express is a professional graphic design software that makes it easy to create videos for social media. Premiere Pro is a top-level color grading software that allows you to enhance your content like a pro.

      Besides, their prices are different as well. If Adobe Premiere Pro is more affordable, which makes it suitable for novice videographers, Premiere Pro is perfect for professional use.

      FREE Bonus Tools

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      If you want to subtly adjust colors in your videos, use these free LUTs for Premiere to add some warmth to tones, make colors richer, add beautiful tints, and emphasize shadows. These effects will help you enhance your videos more quickly and optimize your workflow.

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