Adobe Spark vs InDesign: Which Software Is Better

By Eva Williams 17 days ago, Software Reviews

Adobe Spark vs InDesign: Which Software Is Better

Web and digital designers who create graphic content may be contemplating whether to choose Adobe Spark vs InDesign. Using the right tool can make the digital design more influential in social networks and speed up the design process. The Adobe tools here are a good starting point.

The primary function of Adobe Spark is to create simple multimedia elements that may be customized and published online. This package of online applications for mobile graphic design helps users effortlessly create attractive images, videos and web pages in social networks.

Adobe InDesign is intended for developing print projects and multi-page layouts. The latest versions of InDesign offer more interactive output options, the ability to create layouts for viewing on tablets, add videos and export interactive PDF files.

What Is Adobe Spark?

adobe spark logo Adobe Spark is one of the best free infographic makers integrated into the Adobe InDesign package and the Creative Cloud service. It is a set of web applications for creating multimedia for mobile devices and the Internet that comprises three iOS design applications.
Spark Post works with photos and text to create online ads, blog images, social media posts, Facebook ads, profile banners.
Spark Page is a single-page website story builder that turns text and images into beautiful magazine-style web stories on any device.
Spark Video offers basic video templates, professional-quality soundtracks and cinematic movements that will provide a workable foundation.
  • adobe spark interface
  • adobe spark interface

    Adobe Spark: Strengths and Weaknesses

    icon Hassle-free digital publishing. If this is a format that you plan to use for design without prepress and subsequent printing, Spark Post lets you create professional graphics in minutes.

    Although it uses InDesign concepts, such as the ability to apply images to layers with text and filters, Spark makes it accessible to regular users in a way that they can make modifications at the touch of a button. The application is popular with social network managers.

    icon Excellent one-page visualization. Spark Page helps users create single-page websites, web stories, travel magazines, photo albums, electronic newsletters, reports, or visual content. Basically, it is a simplified web editing platform with tools that let users mix such multimedia elements as text, photos, videos and animations in a visual way.

    Spark Video enables users to create animated videos in minutes. However, it isn’t meant for recording content: users combine text, images, icons and themes in a presentation. The tool is supplied with a voice-over function for recording your own sound, as well as a collection of background audio tracks.

    icon Wide selection and flexibility of designs. Change the design from one size or preset format to another with one click and several modifications. Users can alter the design of the brochure to a simple website without code.

    You can pick from a vast array of best-in-class layouts that focus on social media posts, colors and fonts. They may be customized by adding text, pictures, including custom ones, and icons that fit your needs best.

    icon Numerous creative tools. These are image filters, stylized text and animation. Besides, plenty of tools are available for instant sharing via email or all well-known social networks. Projects are automatically synced via the Internet or iOS apps.

    icon Ease of use. Spark is intuitive and comprises a lot of starters that simplify development (functions for picking the right color schemes). The purpose of the Spark package is to enable anyone, including small businesses, bloggers, marketers and students, to create visual stories and share them without having to be proficient designers. Tools don’t require much time to learn and use.

    icon Branding in the free version. If you are using the Adobe Spark free version, you can’t remove the Adobe branding that is added to all content created by Spark. To maintain a unified brand perception, you may need to switch to a paid account or consider one of these Adobe Spark alternatives.

    icon Unable to build a complete website. If you require a simple one-page website that offers readers some basic information in multimedia form, this tool works well. But you won’t be able to create sites with multiple pages since it isn’t a traditional website builder. Spark is more suitable for fast and simple one-page online projects.

    It isn’t possible to place the website in your own domain, only through Adobe. This tool doesn’t actually let users create a full-fledged site or configure search engine optimization factors.

    icon Embed functionality is quite limited. There is no ability to perform full embedding in order to host content yourself and integrate it into an existing website. Everything you create is hosted in Adobe. Although you don’t have to pay for hosting costs, some people don’t like the lack of control over the web page.

    When you embed a page on a site, it looks like a Facebook post with an image and text. When you click on an attachment, you are redirected to a page hosted on Adobe. If you want users to stay on your site by offering a one-page add-on, you will find it difficult to do so with Spark.

    What Is Adobe InDesign?

    adobe indesign logo Adobe InDesign is an industry-standard and desktop publishing system for graphic design and layout of digital and printed multi-page projects. It lets users create and publish documents for printing and digital media. Because of the vector nature and initial letters, InDesign vs Illustrator are often confused. Although the former has everything users need to create posters, leaflets, brochures, magazines, newspapers, presentations, books, digital magazines, e-books, interactive PDFs.
    Graphic designers, layout artists and marketers are the primary users who create and host periodical publications and print media. Besides, InDesign supports export in specialized formats for creating e-books and digital publications, including digital magazines and content for tablet devices.
    • adobe indesign interface
    • adobe indesign interface

      Adobe InDesign: Strengths and Weaknesses

      icon Speedy digital publishing. InDesign was intended for multi-page documents and long text (for instance, books and magazines). That’s why it is very easy to create interactive documents, posters or slideshows using this software. InDesign offers several drawing options, including the pencil tool and the ability to draw lines and shapes.

      In addition, InDesign creates forms for logos, and drawings made in Illustrator, for example, can be imported into InDesign. This is useful when a team member completes a multi-page project. Video processing consists of creating an interactive presentation with the addition of animated videos, audio and video transitions for static slides.

      icon Convenient multi-page functionality. InDesign is meant to handle a large amount of text with styles to create rules for copy blocks. Users can effortlessly create layouts with automatic numbering and consistent templates on each page, as well as links to the main page the user is editing.

      The master pages functionality lets users create general page settings and apply them with a click. Indexing and automatic content tools simplify navigation. Spread layouts enable users to see pages as linked blocks.

      icon Wide selection of printing templates. If you are developing a design based on templates - many people start with this - pay attention to the formatting of the design. This can be a determining factor if you are set up for a specific template, such as a poster or flyer. Design templates of printed products are often supplied as InDesign files.

      icon Beneficial integrations and embedding. Adobe InDesign works flawlessly with important systems, such as Canto DAM, a digital asset management system and a comprehensive file storage solution. InDesign connects to Canto and lets users open images from their library. This integration is vital for enterprise cloud storage systems.

      Working with files and their sizes is most effective in InDesign since it “contains” only images from external sources and doesn’t embed them.

      icon Advanced prepress preparation. Page settings enable the use of columns, grids, crop release and print specifications. Hassle-free export to ready-to-print formats is supported, as well as custom printing settings. Most downloaded templates come in the InDesign format, which is usually supported by many printers (the same as package files). Besides, InDesign boasts excellent export compression with numerous options.

      icon Available only via subscription. InDesign comes separately or as part of the Creative Cloud package with a monthly subscription without the option of a one-time purchase. If you are restricted by the lack of a mobile version, I suggest that you consider the appropriate InDesign alternative.

      icon Obligatory external import. Images, logos and graphics must be imported from other locations or third-party sources. The link to the file must be saved.

      icon Certain learning curve. It is an extensive software that can take some time to learn with the help of numerous InDesign tutorials. Therefore, it is typically not at the top of the list of programs that designers learn when working with Adobe tools.

      Adobe Spark vs InDesign: Price

      pricing adobe spark vs indesign

      Adobe has generously provided a viable free version of Spark with some restrictions on access and settings. While the free trial version of InDesign with no noticeable restrictions expires within 7 days. For both single apps, a premium plan is present with additions in the form of a monthly or annual subscription (in the long term, the monthly cost is cheaper).

      Comparing offers from Adobe Spark vs InDesign the latter is a better deal here as you get the entire premium Spark package with impressive secure storage and professional InDesign editor, as well as your own portfolio website and advanced tech support for another minimum transaction cost.

      Both applications support collaborative editing mode and interaction with the creative team. So, don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of bulk discounts.

      • Adobe Spark Team Plan - $19.99/month - comprises Adobe Spark individual plan content with the ability to administer multiple licenses and extended technical support.
      • Adobe InDesign Business Plan - from $33.99/month - adds Admin Console for license management, round-the-clock technical support, unrestricted job postings on Adobe Talent and 1TB of cloud storage.

      Adobe Spark vs InDesign - Who Wins?

      Comparing Adobe Spark vs InDesign, both of them create attractive graphic content for any platform and process single-page documents, for instance, designing a digital brochure. In fact, Spark is included in the InDesign plan. So, you only need to decide whether to purchase it separately or pay extra for collaborative use, which is a better deal.

      Adobe InDesign has an advantage when it comes to multi-page documents with a lot of text, particularly print projects. Business cards and posters are perfect for Illustrator because it controls the size of the image and text. It precisely handles visual functions, the only limitation being the lack of a mobile platform and poor video editing capabilities.

      Adobe Spark comes to the fore if you wish to create an easy-to-produce (but visually complex) website for a personal project, or if you wish to test new content. It is a remarkable web-based tool for creating single-page sites, such as product pages, which present interesting stories to readers using multimedia content. Mind that only an iOS-based mobile platform is available.

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