28 Useful InDesign Tutorials in 2023

By Ann Young 24 days ago, Software Reviews

If you’re still an InDesign newbie or are suffering from a creative block while designing the same objects over and over again, this rundown of InDesign tutorials will open up an array of new, exciting projects for you to take up.

28 InDesign Tutorials to Improve Your Skills

I’ve collected the best Adobe InDesign tutorials on YouTube that really work. From basics to EPUB designs and many other stuff in-between, there’s a high chance you'll find a project that you would never even think of.

1. Get Started with Adobe InDesign

If you’ve only recently started to learn this program, do yourself a favor and watch this tutorial that covers such InDesign basics as what is an INDD file, InDesign plugins, and who is this software aimed at.

It’s an extremely straightforward explanation that also demonstrates several timesaving functions, which will make your life easier on numerous occasions.

2. How to Add Page Numbers in InDesign

Does the idea of adding page numbers fill you with dread? That’s a common reaction, but after watching this tutorial, you’ll never have to wonder how to use Adobe InDesign for page numbering again!

3. Creating Your First Document

Once you buy InDesign, it’s time to find out how exactly this program works. This handy tutorial explains how to create a new project and goes over all the available options you have when deciding how exactly you want the new document to look like.

4. Quick Guide to Master Pages

The basic concept of a master page entails that whatever is added to it, it will also be added to other pages applied by the master. They’re very handy for making sure your design is consistent and increasing your workflow speed. This tutorial on Adobe InDesign basics teaches you how to use them.

5. Using Keyboard Shortcuts

These hotkeys can save you a ton of time and give a significant boost to your workflow. Watch this tutorial to make your work in InDesign even more efficient. However, you should remember that it only works with the legal version of the product.

With pirated software, like InDesign Crack and InDesign Portable you can expect to deal with a lot of problems.

6. Placing and Formatting Images

This Adobe InDesign training video will walk you through the process of using graphics in this program. It’s divided into 4 steps that cover how to add graphics, move, resize, and reshape them. You’ll also find out about linked graphics and text wrapping.

7. Typography in InDesign

This 8-minute guide offers a simple insight into how to use typography. The video covers 5 simple tips that will help you design creative layouts by using type. The video is easy to digest and very brief, and if you like its style, you should check out other similar InDesign tutorials on the same channel.

8. How to Outline Text

Unlike InDesign alternatives, here you can master text outlining very quickly. This video will teach you how to easily convert text into outlines using InDesign. It’ll also explain when you should use this feature and when you should avoid it.

9. How to Turn Off Hyphenation by Default

InDesign is a terrific tool that includes a plethora of both automatic and manual features. That said, some of the automatic tools like hyphenation can sometimes be more of a nuisance than a useful addition. This tutorial explains how to understand, control, and turn off this feature.

10. How-To Find Overset Text Frames

Whenever text is too large for its frame (overset text), you have several methods of dealing with that issue. For starters, you need to locate the places where you have overset text, and this tutorial on how to use InDesign will help you do just that!

11. Using Spell Check

Nothing screams unprofessionalism like a typo, which is why the developers implemented a top-notch spell-checking tool. Watch this video to see how you can ensure your documents are mistake-free by using spellcheck, dynamic spelling, and autocorrect.

12. How to Create Sections and Section Markers

If you’re looking for InDesign tutorials on creating sections, you should watch this video. It also explains how to set page numeration for each section and add markers, so that the program formats the pages in a single section automatically.

13. Import a Word File to InDesign

If you have no idea how to import Word documents into InDesign while mapping its text styles, this YouTube tutorial is a must-watch for you, as it covers both the import and synchronization procedures.

14. Create a Table of Contents

Designing a table of contents is among the most useful and common things you do in InDesign. If set up properly, it automatically adjusts its structure whenever you change the document, and the program even allows you to create several tables of content in a single project.

15. How to Insert Discretionary Line Breaks

If you’re looking for free InDesign tutorials, don’t miss out on this one. The creator explains the purpose of a discretionary line break and shows how to add it. The video also demonstrates how line breaks help you deal with problems that sometimes appear when using the program’s special space characters.

16. How to Use Multiple Page Sizes in a Document

This tutorial was created to teach you how you can set several page sizes in a single document. The author explains how to use the Pages panel and Page tool for achieving that goal. This technique is essential when designing book spines, business cards, banners, or gatefolds.

17. Create a Neon Text Effect

Backlit neon text is the perfect effect to introduce a bit of 80s glamour to a design. This InDesign tutorial demonstrates how to create this effect in less than 10 minutes. Moreover, the skills you’ll gain here are easily applicable to other projects as well.

18. How to Create Paragraph Styles Quickly

This guide teaches you how to use existing text for creating paragraph styles, as well as how you can improve and update them until you get those styles to look exactly like you need them to.

19. How to Print a Page Range

This tutorial is a must-watch for users, who have trouble printing a range of pages from InDesign. It will teach you how to quickly and easily print specific pages regardless of how complex the numbering method you’ve chosen is.

20. How to Set Up a Book Cover

If you’re looking for InDesign tutorials on how to design a book cover, you should definitely watch this one. It’ll teach you how to separate pages for the front, back, and spine and ensure you can easily adjust the cover should the spine size change.

21. Magazine Design Tutorial

This is a must-see guide for everyone learning InDesign, as it covers most features you are likely to use. The video teaches you how to design both interior layouts and covers for magazines by using InDesign free so that they look as professionally-made and eye-catching as the latest issues of GQ or Cosmopolitan that you can see on a stand.

22. Creating Business Card

Even though a business card is typically small, it can do wonders for promoting your services. This program lets you design stunning, print-ready business cards in a matter of minutes. This guide will give you the much-needed initial push by explaining how to use the standard sizes for business cards.

It can also be a great start for implementing your real estate postcard ideas.

23. How to Create an Interactive EPUB

This program wasn’t just developed for designing print documents. The most recent version of InDesign is great at creating EPUB projects and putting out eMagazines, eBooks, and interactive PDFs. Instead of looking for an InDesign tutorial PDF, check out this video on EPUB projects instead.

24. Creating Three-Page Magazine Spread

Elevate your magazine design skills to the next level by discovering how to use InDesign for making a 3-page magazine spread. The guide is twenty-two minutes long and it covers every aspect you have to know to undertake such a project.

25. Creating Invitation in InDesign

If your goal is to design attractive layouts, this Adobe InDesign tutorial is the video for you. The program’s UI is perfectly designed for easily putting together professional print designs by doing foiling, die-cutting, and embossing.

InDesign is also an ideal tool for designing stylish stationery like wedding or party invitations, and this guide teaches you how to do all of that.

26. Creating a Trifold Brochure

Are you searching for InDesign tutorials that could help you spice up your advertising designs? This video will teach you how to create flyers and brochures without any hassle and prepare them for single, double, and multi-page print.

The creator specifically focuses on designing a trifold brochure and making a mockup for it in Photoshop.

27. How to Create a Calendar

Calendars are fantastic for establishing a schedule and staying organized. Additionally, when you create them yourself, you can make them look in the exact way you need them to. The guide takes you through each step you need to take to create and customize your calendar using InDesign scripts.

28. How to Create CV/Resume Template

Designing a resume in this program is incredibly easy and you get to pick what kind of column layout, color scheme, and fonts you want to use. If you’re unsure where to start, it makes sense to use a premade resume InDesign template.

In this tutorial, you’ll find out how to create a terrific template that is easily customizable and looks stylish and trendy.