15 Brilliant Real Estate Postcard Ideas to Promote Your Business

15 Real Estate Postcard Ideas to Promote Your Business

A real estate postcard is a type of small, one-page mail sent by agents to gather and cultivate leads, and get their name out there. Akin to traditional postcards, most modern real estate postcards are printed on glossy 5.6” by 4.1” double-sided paper and contain either the agent’s contact info or information about a listing or neighborhood.

Top 15 Real Estate Postcard Ideas

The average person’s mailbox is filled to the brim with random flyers and booklets that they don’t ever really look at, so unprofessional postcards typically are thrown in the recycling bin without ever being read. Here are good examples of real estate postcard marketing ideas that will help you avoid that fate.

1. Real Estate Agency Postcard

real estate postcard ideas agency

See how this professionally-designed postcard covers both the sale and all relevant listings? Advertising your services while adding a personal feel to them is a time-tested tactic.

2. Real Estate Agency Promotion Postcard

real estate postcard examples

Real estate postcard templates like this one can become an essential part of your advertising campaign, allowing you to pitch your services in a trust-evoking way. If you want to increase its effectiveness further, try personalizing the postcard for each client.

Make use of the multipage function to design and edit postcards without the need to create everything from scratch. It allows you to alter the text and add images. See more real estate flyer templates for designing more promotional material.

3. Real Estate Agency Service Postcard

real estate postcard ideas mockup

Occasionally, the only thing a property owner needs before they begin selling is a confirmation that what they’ve learned about the market state is true.

Designing a postcard that offers free, no strings attached, market analysis is a great tactic for receiving responses. Send out this postcard when you’re entering a potential farm area.

4. Business Meeting Real Estate Postcard

real estate postcard example

This postcard is a great fit for marketing campaigns that offer business training. Its main distinguishing features include a minimalistic design, terrific fields that list the speakers, and the price and event location sections.

5. Acquaintance Real Estate Postcard

real estate postcard ideas introducing

The efficiency of postcard marketing for real estate agents that want to introduce themselves is often debated, but as long as the postcard has a personal feel to it, the reception should be positive. This postcard can be freely adjusted, allowing you to add more personality to the introduction.

6. Minimalistic Design Real Estate Postcard

postcard real estate ideas image

Buyers are always interested in potential deals. Even though bank-owned properties aren’t as promising as in the past, they can still prove to be a thriving area.

By highlighting the value of bank-owned real estate, your postcard might attract more reserved or hesitant buyers. Even though this template was designed by FixThePhoto, you can add your own text and customize the information to present your offer.

7. Real Estate Company Postcard

best real estate postcard ideas

Akin to the previous introduction postcard, this option puts an extra emphasis on your achievements and was created to make sure everyone knows you’ve entered the neighborhood. Every time you make a sale, spread the news.

Adding a portrait photo to the postcard increases your visibility and that visibility should be accompanied by a message saying that you’ve successfully closed a deal and are ready to do it for other potential prospects as well.

8. Welcome Real Estate Postcard

top real estate postcard ideas

Entice your potential clients with a promise of a better feature in a thriving new neighborhood. This brochure template has a pleasant blue-centric design that will make your postcard more eye-catching. The picture on the card will also make it more recognizable and colorful.

9. Real Estate Advertising Postcard

great example of real estate postcard idea

Real estate postcard ideas like this one are perfect for presenting your agency in a professional, clean, and simple to read manner. Employ shapes to structure the card and arrange the content in a visually pleasing, logical way.

By combining colors and text, you can design a postcard that isn’t any less effective than those filled with images and over-the-top color schemes.

10. Elegant Real Estate Postcard

real estate postcard ideas list

Created for real estate companies and individual agents, this stylish template relies on B&W accents and offers a ton of space for images. If you’re using this as a real estate agent introduction postcard, feel free to add a bit of individuality or your interests to the design.

If you’re a fan of historical buildings (given they are commonplace in the area), you should definitely mention it. This will help potential clients connect with you on a personal level instead of treating the card like soulless spam. Check out real estate transaction checklists that can become helpful too.

11. Real Estate Agency Welcome Postcard

creative real estate postcard idea

Regular people don’t tend to think about their houses as valuable commodities that can be leveraged unless they’re reminded of that fact. Even though such real estate prospecting postcards may seem generic, their strength is that the value proposition is placed in the most prominent position.

If you send it to a hesitant property owner that has financial struggles or is considering retirement, such a postcard might just be the final push they need to call you and hear you out.

12. Personality Real Estate Postcard

personality real estate postcard idea

In the business world, letting potential clients know who you are as a person and professional can be crucial for gaining their trust and respect.

You can use that fact to your benefit by taking this template, adding your portrait to it, thus ensuring you don’t come across as a faceless business entity.

13. Black and Yellow Real Estate Postcard

black and yellow real estate postcard ideas mockup

Given how competitive the real estate industry is, all companies and agents have to go above and beyond to get their slice of the market. If you’d like to gain an edge on your competitors, do the extra work, browse through real estate postcard ideas, and use this template to create the perfect card for sending to prospective buyers.

Change the text, add a tagline, business name, contact info, and use the available customization tools to make the postcard unique and more appealing.

14. Just Listing Real Estate Postcard

colorful real estate postcard idea

Download this stylish listing brochure and have postcard mailers for real estate agents deliver it to your prospective buyers. It’s equally well-suited for realtors and architecture companies and the customizable layout gives you plenty of space for house, office, and business images.

15. Home for Sale Real Estate Postcard

top real estate postcard idea

This template excels at its primary function – advertising property. It’s used to promote and showcase the listing, not the agent behind it, and it’s very effective when sent to potential buyers that are interested in the property that is for sale and not what might be seen as a self-promotion postcard, which can be the case with some real estate postcard ideas mentioned above.

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