10 Free Real Estate Flyer Templates

10 Free Real Estate Flyer Templates

Free real estate flyer templates are very important for promoting properties in the personal and digital form. In this article, you will find great real estate flyer templates using which you will be able to create nice promotional flyers and succeed in your real estate business.

Top 10 Free Real Estate Flyer Templates

The FixThePhoto experts have created 10 free real estate flyer templates that you can easily download and use for your advertising flyers. Each template on the list focuses on a particular aspect of a listing to help you with your marketing strategy.

1. Open House Flyer Template

open house flyer template

If your aim is to create a flyer for an Open House event, use this clean and stylish realtor flyer template. It demonstrates the best choice of exterior and interior photography and emphasizes necessary information about the house.

2. Coming Soon Real Estate Flyer Template

coming soon real estate flyer template

This is a sophisticated, top-quality realtor flyer template with a nice and minimalistic look. It will help you easily sell the property as its design is one of the best in the whole collection and provides nice flexibility of designs. Use this template to create flyers for different properties that are coming to the market soon.

3. For Rent Flyer Template

for rent free real estate flyer templates

This for rent poster template allows you to draw the buyers’ attention by using a lot of amazing commercial real estate photography of your listing. Get this template and you will be able to attract clients with big photos, detailed property information, bright colors, interesting design.

4. Just Listed Flyer Template

just listed free real estate flyer templates

This free real estate flyer templates type will attract the buyers’ attention with the interesting use of contrast – bold typography, a neat layout and a lot of white space. With this template, you will be able to create a nice, accurate and qualitative flyer. Simply place four beautiful shots, for instance, real estate aerial photography as well as the description of the property. Finish it with your branding to give the flyer a stylish and modern look.

5. Residential Property Flyer Template

residential property free real estate flyer templates

If you need to create a flyer for residential property and your aim is to attract families, your flyer should be bright, full of information and not entirely minimalistic. This real estate flyers free template offers you place for 4 photos of the property and a lot of space for you to type in the details about the property, its neighborhood, schools nearby, etc. The flyer has a simple look which will make it easier for potential buyers to focus on the good sides of the property.

6. Modern Property Flyer Template

modern property free real estate flyer templates

This free real estate flyers template is ideal for commercial real estate agents whose specialty is modern, urban properties. It is a perfect template to promote modern houses. If you deal with such a listing, this template will help you a lot.

7. High End Real Estate Flyer Template

high end free real estate flyer templates

With this template, you can make flyers that will emphasize the beauty of your house. Use amazing high end real estate photography to make your property remarkable for potential buyers. You will see that the price is placed at the top of the template and you can easily notice it. The template is an ideal variant for properties that have nice exterior and interior along with a reasonable price.

8. Country House Flyer Template

country house free real estate flyer templates

The majority of realtor flyers templates are for city houses. But there are only several qualitative templates for properties in rural areas, for instance, this one. It shows all the good sides of living in the countryside and demonstrates a cozy atmosphere, calm and peaceful lifestyle.

9. For Sale Flyer Template

for sale by owner flyer examples

The red color instantly attracts people’s attention. If you want to put a “For Sale” sign on your flyer, this is one of the best free real estate brochure templates you will find. With this template, you can use pictures of the house with the appropriate real estate photography camera settings.

10. Commercial Flyer Template

commercial real estate flyer template free

This plain but sophisticated template will help you demonstrate the best of a traditional style house. There is also a lot of space for you to type in a description of the property and a large headline to attract everyone’s attention. This is a very interesting realtor flyers template because it has a simple design and an unusual layout.

How to Create a Real Estate Brochure Tips

I have collected 5 helpful real estate flyer marketing tips using which you will be able to create outstanding flyers, attract potential buyers and impress them more than competitors.

1. Create Flyer Around Your Target Audience

If you want to create an effective real estate agent introduction flyer, you need to take into consideration the target audience. When you fully understand their aims, pain points, demographic info, etc., you will be able to easily decide how to design your flyer.

Whether you are selling houses to Millennial first-time buyers, residential houses for families or luxury houses, you should remember the saying: The moment you speak to the world, you speak to no one.

2. Choose Your Wording Wisely

realtor flyer wording

The way you formulate the sentences and the language you use for your flyers can influence the sales. There are particular words that make houses sell for higher prices than stated in the listing. One of such words is “luxurious”, which tends to raise the initial price to more than 8 percent. In order to increase your sales, use the words provided in the image above.

3. Share Flyers on Social Media

To get the most out of your flyer, make it in a JPG or PDF format and upload it to the social network accounts that you use most often (for instance, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Remember to send real estate flyers by email to your network of buyers and to everyone in your area of influence who can share information about your listings. It can also be quite money-saving since color printing costs 20-50 cents per print today.

4. Distribute Flyers at Open Houses

It’s a great idea to distribute your flyers at the Open House events so people can have something to remember your property by after seeing plenty of different houses. You need to have a lot of them with you. 53% of all buyers tend to attend Open House events.

5. Attach Flyers to Your Yard Signs

Demonstrate real estate flyers to passers-by, housebuyers who are attracted by the Zillow app or people walking with their dogs in the neighborhood and agreeing to give your flyers to friends or family members who are looking for a house in that district.