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Are you thinking of embarking on the path of piracy and have already begun to search for Luminar torrents? Do not rush to be illegal, read this article and find out the reasons why you should not use pirated Luminar software. You will also learn about Luminar alternatives that are not inferior to it in performance and are absolutely free.

Why Do Photographers Look for Luminar Torrent?

Luminar is a photo editor with a fairly simple interface and the capabilities of professional photo editing software for PC. The developers of this program claim that Luminar 4 performance is equal to Lightroom.

I agree that it has enough functions and tools that provide the same capabilities as Lr. However, the tools added in the 4th version make the picture editing experience more pleasant. Besides, such features as automatic sky change makes the program stand out in Luminar vs Photoshop battle.


As a result, such a powerful program simply cannot be free and you have to pay a small amount for it. The sum is equal to 9 months of Lightroom subscription.

Yes, you pay only once and get the program forever, but many users are outraged even by this fact. They want to get it for free and start looking for a Luminar 2018 keygen or another way out.

Luminar4 can replace expensive software but this does not mean that it will be free. You will need to pay $89 for the latest version and it's cheaper than any Adobe product. If you have Luminar 3 license, you can upgrade it for $74 and get a set of Looks (similar to presets in Lightroom) as a gift.

4 Reasons not to Download Software from Torrent Trackers

It is not illegal to use torrents. But you should definitely avoid downloading Luminar in such a way. Read my short list of reasons why I don’t recommend it.

Torrents Are NOT Safe

Some distributors of torrents intentionally offer malware, and some do not even realize the danger that is hidden in it. You should also know that a BitTorrent client can be uploaded from a device that already has viruses. As a result, the files you download are also at risk.

Some time ago, users could exchange files with each other via such services as Limewire, Napster and so on. But over time, copyright issues began to arise. Movie and music companies were suing people because of copyright infringement.

Besides, downloaded files with malware led to computer infections. These are the main troubles that you can face if you install the pirated Luminar 2018 torrent or any other illegal program.

Lack of Updates

Many software developers use special approaches to verify the license. You can use the software for some period, but with the next update, it stops working if you do not pay for it.


However, even if you disable the Automatic Update feature, this will not be an ideal solution. On the one hand, your program will not stop running. But on the other hand, you will not receive patches that are pushed through software updates.

Constant Malfunctions

Your computer may stop working correctly if you install pirated software. Downloading illegal torrent often leads to these problems. The most unpleasant thing is that you cannot contact the support service for help as the software you use is not a licensed product of the company.

Once I installed the program on my PC and after working for only a few hours it crashed.

Bugs and Insecurity

Pirated software is similar to a lottery. You never know what this torrent will bring to you next time. Today you open the program and it works, tomorrow it may simply refuse to open.

Half of the functions may simply stop working because of some kind of software malfunction and you just have to endure it or even delete it. These problems may arise almost constantly. So if you are ready to test your nerves and do the work 10 times longer than usual, go ahead!

What Does the Law Say about Luminar Torrents?

According to the federal copyright law, when buying a program, you cannot create any copies except an archive backup. In other cases, the copyright holder should give you permission to do it.

Therefore, any copying of the software and its sharing will be considered a violation of the law if you do not have permission for these actions.

1. Damages to Copyright Holder

Since software developers incur losses due to the distribution and use of pirated versions of their products, they have the legal right to demand compensation from individuals or companies in case if their guilt is proved. Therefore, by downloading Luminar torrent, you expose yourself to the risk of being sued.

I would like to note that all users who got illegal copies distributed by the accused may be also brought to justice.

2. The Federal Penalty

Copying any software without permission is a federal crime. These types of offenses are closely related to downloading pirated copies of films and music.

It is worth noting that not all penalties end with the compensation to copyright holders. In some situations, offenders must pay federal statutory damages.

Compensation for copyright infringement may vary. In some cases, the amount of the fine is up to $150,000.

3. The Criminal Piracy Penalty

Even stronger sanctions are applied to those who sell pirated software. If the guilt of an individual or company is proven, they can pay a fine of $250,000 for selling illegal programs. Besides, some of such criminals may be imprisoned for up to 5 years. They will also receive a permanent record of a felony.

How to Get the Program for Free?

If you decide to be a law-abiding citizen but still do not want to pay money for download, then there is one way to use it for free.


You can get the free version of Luminar 4 officially for 14 days. You will not be able to edit RAW files but all other functions will be fully available. Follow the link above to download Luminar, then enter your e-mail and start using the program for free.

Free Alternative Programs

If you need a convenient program for color grading, but you still don’t want to pay for Luminar 4, I recommend you the following free programs like Luminar.


ribbet logo USE RIBBET FREE
  • Absolutely free
  • Works without download
  • User-friendly interface
  • You can organize, create and share libraries with other users
  • Additional options are paid
  • Lots of adverts

Ribbet is an online photo editor that does not require registration, download or installation. But, unlike many similar online programs, this Luminar torrent alternative offers fairly good tools and features.

There are simple instructions for beginners on how to upload images and use tools. You will also find color filters and collage making tools. When you finish, you can download the image to your computer, send it to Facebook or cloud storage.


darktable logo USE DARKTABLE FREE
  • Non-destructive photo editing
  • Open-source
  • Contains all tools for basic image editing
  • The program doesn’t always work properly
  • It is not suitable for serious projects

Darktable is a program for viewing and editing image files in RAW format, which is designed to store image data that has not undergone any processing. Darktable is a great application, not only because it is free. Many other similar open-source programs provide the same functionality but they do not have such an intuitive and simple interface.

Unlike other applications, Darktable is a tool developed by photographers for photographers. You can adapt its interface to your workflow and do it every time in a new way.


rawtherapee logo USE RAWTHERAPEE FREE
  • Open-source
  • Ability to edit RAW files
  • Its catalog is well-organized
  • Sometimes lags
  • Lack of tutorials

RawTherapee is an open-source program that has been developed for editing RAW images. The program has a set of tools for color correction, adjusting white balance, brightness and contrast, as well as functions to improve image quality and eliminate noise automatically.

This software has a simple and intuitive UI along with a great set of image editing tools. So, if you don’t want to pay for Luminar activation key, you can benefit from this fast software that provides excellent opportunities for working with RAW files. In addition, you can edit and manage images from different libraries.

Freebies for Luminar

Luminar, like Lightroom, has its own kind of presets. They are called Looks. If you want to save on their purchase on the official website or you are already tired of the filters available in the program, I suggest you download the Looks created by our retouchers for free.


freebies for skylum luminar freebies for skylum luminar
Download Free Looks

Luminar is a godsend for landscape photographers. It has a large number of automatic functions, such as sky auto-replace or golden hour tool. But before that, for general color correction, I recommend using this Look.


freebies for skylum luminar freebies for skylum luminar
Download Free Looks

Surprisingly, but black-and-white image post-processing is not as easy as it sounds. You need to work perfectly with the light, as the color is gone. Take on this Look and turn color images into b&w in one click.

Travel Collection

freebies for skylum luminar freebies for skylum luminar
Download Free Looks

Here is a special set of Looks that is suitable for those who often need to enhance their travel pictures. They will add cool effects to the pictures, making them more attractive.

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