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Have you tried to download this video editor and suddenly saw PowerDirector torrent, meaning you can get this program without paying for a license? In this article, I will tell you why you shouldn’t use PowerDirector torrent and also will enumerate risks you are running if you use illegal software. Read till the end to see the list of absolutely safe and free alternatives to PowerDirector.

Why Is PoweriDrector Torrent So Demanded?

PowerDirector is a professional video editing program, which you can use to create movies and slideshows. It provides three multimedia editing modes: a full-featured editor, a simplified editor, and a slideshow maker.


This program is one of the best software for video editing. However, there is serious minus – it is paid, and not everyone can afford to buy it. That’s why, PowerDirector torrent becomes more and more popular.

Why Should You NOT Use Torrent Files?

In the modern world, all technologies are developing very fast. When the number of development companies grows, the number of hackers and crackers also increases. Therefore, the US government is supporting and promoting copyright law that will protect the work of developers and copyright holders. So, if you use PowerDirector crack, or distribute this program, you will be criminally liable for this. The minimum penalty is a fine (quite a big sum), but with a higher level of violation, you may even end up in jail.

PowerDirector Torrent Disadvantages

By downloading a licensed product from an official source, you extend the validity period of your software, thereby paying for the good work of the developer company. But when you download PowerDirector 18 crack or any other hacked version, you will have to face a number of problems. Below, I have prepared information about some of them.

Lack of Updates

If you buy PowerDirector licensed version, you are automatically added to the client base, and you will receive the latest updates, for more convenient work with the software.

Using a hacked version of the software, you cannot get updates and you will always work in one version full of errors.

It Is a Criminal Offense

If you download or install a hacked program, such as PowerDirector 14 torrent, you violate the copyright law. You can be prosecuted and fined several thousand dollars or end up in jail.

Program Crashes

If you have come across the software which has “torrent” in its name, it means that hackers have cracked it. When a program is hacked, its source code is changed or modified, so editing your videos in PowerDirector hacked version for PC will be very difficult.

Uploading files to the program will take long, and you’ll have to deal with constant freezes.


When downloading pirated software from a torrent, you endanger your computer. So, getting and installing PowerDirector torrent file, you also upload hidden viruses to your computer. Your antivirus can handle some kinds of viruses, while others can seriously damage your computer, and personal data stored on it.

How to Get PowerDirector Without Torrents?

If you go to install PowerDirector legally and free of charge, and be sure of its serviceability - use my method. The only minus you have to put up with is a limited number of functions.

PowerDirector free trial version offers only the basic functions, while the full version has more features and tools.

Free Trial

You can use the trial version for 30 days. The countdown begins from the moment the program is opened on the computer. Use this method to test the software and learn about its main functions.

Free Alternatives

If the trial period has finished and you still don’t want to buy the full program version, I suggest you pay attention to several good and free alternatives.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

adobe premiere pro logo
  • Simple and understandable interface
  • Supports hotkeys
  • Convenient work with audio files
  • Steep learning curve
  • May work slowly with some formats

Instead of downloading CyberLink PowerDirector 17 crack, you can use Adobe Premiere Pro – a legal program that allows you to perform video editing of any complexity. The program is rather convenient, has a customizable interface, all the necessary tools for image processing, creating titles and a high-quality encoder.

2. OpenShot

openshot logo
  • Exports in 4K without a watermark
  • Supports many video effects
  • Can work with many popular formats
  • Heavy file on the output
  • Sometimes lags

OpenShot is a free, non-linear, open-source video editor that combines vast functionality and simplicity. The program is designed for beginners and non-professionals, which means that it works stably and is easy to understand.

This program offers great features like an unlimited number of tracks, cool effects, a title editor, animations, and key frames.

3. Kdenlive

kdenlive logo
  • Convenient layout of tools
  • Ability to customize functions
  • Supports resizing
  • Lacks function to add text

Kdenlive is a free drawing program that allows you to share your canvas with other users in real time. It has a built-in chat that helps you communicate with other users.

The program works on all platforms, has the function of recording, playing and exporting drawing sessions. You can work with text and simple animations. It includes all the necessary functions and tools that you need when working with a drawing.


If you want to get better and more professional videos, use free LUTs. I prepared some of them to help you achieve the desired result, while saving a lot of time.


freebies for powerdirector freebies for powerdirector

To get a beautiful cinematic effect, I recommend you to use this LUT. In this way, you can add saturation and contrast to the frame.


freebies for powerdirector freebies for powerdirector

This LUT offers a quick way to get unique and consistent color grading in your projects. It can liven up any video by adding more color and brightness to it.

Film Blue Night

freebies for powerdirector freebies for powerdirector

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