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  • Compatible: Win
  • Free PowerDirector Mobile: Android / Win

Do you want to download PowerDirector free? There are a few ways of doing that but some of them come with consequences. In this article, you can learn about the legal and illegal ways of installing Cyberlink PowerDirector free as well as some free alternatives to the software that work equally well.

cyberlink powerdirector free interface

Free PowerDirector Benefits:

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Fast rendering
  • Well-designed UI
  • Numerous effects
  • Multicam editing 
  • 3D and 4K capability
  • Motion tracking
  • Screen recording


  • Will this PowerDirector Free Trial edit videos both on macOS and Windows?

Unfortunately, PowerDirector for PC exists only in the Windows version so far and Mac owners can’t use it.

  • Is there an educational discount?

Yes, there are discounts both for students and for teachers that reach 40% off the regular subscription cost.


  • Is PowerDirector Trial the full version of the program?

No, the PowerDirector Free Trial offers you the basic video editing features, there will be more in the retail version.

  • How do I convert the trial version to the full version?

The trial version is actually separate from the retail one. This means, that after you have tested the software you will have to uninstall the limited version and download the full one instead.

You need to make a purchase through the CyberLink web store. Be attentive and write your email correctly because that’s where you will receive the CyberLink PowerDirector download information together with your personal product key and all the instructions.

  • Where can I find PowerDirector lessons?

The company took care to design user manuals but if you’re more comfortable with videos they have free YouTube tutorials as well.

Another Way to Use PowerDirector Free

Apart from using this great program on your computer, you can also do some video editing on your portable devices. Mobile PowerDirector free access only makes it more attractive.

CyberLink PowerDirector Mobile

  • Rank
  • Reviews: 1,075,415
  • License: Free
  • Downloads: 70+ million
  • Version: Mobile
  • Compatible: Android, Win
  • Free PowerDirector: Win
cyberlink powerdirector free app download from google play
powerdirector free mobile app

PowerDirector Mobile Pros:

  • Editing and exporting in up to 4K videos
  • Speed regulation
  • You can stabilize videos
  • Chroma key background editing

Devices on Android and Windows support this app and this is a great way to create entertaining and engaging videos outside your house. Import a video, make some changes, add the necessary details like text and effects and it’s ready to be exported directly to your social media page in HD. You will see how the timeline interface helps you make the footage look more professional with no effort and little time spent.

Insecurities of Using Pirated PowerDirector Version

Those users who are searching for a PowerDirector for PC free download with crack might not know what they’re getting together with it. Check out this list to make sure you know all the possible consequences of such an action.

  • It’s Punishable by Law

It is illegal to download the software that is not in free access. Committing illegal actions can invoke punishment, which by the U.S. copyright law can amount to a $1,500 fine.

  • Prepare for Bugs

Whenever a program is cracked, the quality of it decreases and in most cases noticeably. To make a paid program function for free, pirates need to change the source code, which normally leads to bugs. Those include slow video processing, problems with saving, faulty export files, and a variety of sudden crashes and errors.

  • No Updates

Each company strives to design new features and improvements for their software but using CyberLink PowerDirector free, you shouldn’t expect to receive those. If you try to connect the illegal program to the company’s server to get the latest feature, you’ll be lucky if you simply fail. Another scenario is when you get penalized for trying.


  • Forget about Customer Support 

Getting any software for free sounds great until something goes wrong and you find yourself in need of help. No customer service is offered to illegal users and considered that you’re working in a cracked program, you might need more of it than ordinary users. Prepare to sort all the issues on your own and spend lots of time doing that. 

  • Get Ready for Computer Damage

A study showed that at least a third of pirated software that’s been shared with other users contained some kind of malware that is activated after PowerDirector download. Such viruses and spying programs can do a lot of damage to your PC. In certain cases, the harm is so bad that it requires hiring a high-paid expert or even buying a new computer to replace the damaged one.

5 PowerDirector Free Alternatives

While this program is much favored by professionals, you can also try free alternatives that work as a great replacement, especially for the needs of beginners and amateurs. Here are 5 great options you can use to avoid problems with piracy.

1. Avidemux

powerdirector free alternatives avidemux USE AVIDEMUX FREE
  • Has everything needed for video editing 
  • Performs converting to a variety of formats
  • Task automation
  • Open-source
  • Rather difficult to master

This PowerDirector free alternative can do the most important tasks, mainly encode, cut, and filter footage. Among the many file extensions it works with are DVD, AVI, MP4, and MPEG. It can do conversion and compression, plus save segments of longer videos using the cutting and selecting tool.

You can easily trim and resize a video, correct colors, and make the footage more appealing. In addition, you can work with an accompanying audio track and synchronize it with the frame rate. The automation noticeably shortens the video editing time, especially for working with short footage.

2. OpenShot

powerdirector free alternatives openshot USE OPENSHOT FREE
  • Many types of transitions and video effects 
  • Supports over 70 languages
  • 4K export without a compulsory watermark
  • Can occasionally crash

Unlike CyberLink PowerDirector video editor, this is an open-source program that’s distributed for free and runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux. The design is fitted to beginners and non-professionals, which means it’s easily understandable and stable.

For a free piece of software, this program offers great features like unlimited tracks, great effects, title editor, animations, keyframes, plus more advanced functions of slow motion and 3D animation.

3. Kdenlive

powerdirector free alternatives kdenlive USE KDENLIVE FREE
  • Open-source
  • Well-designed instruments
  • Can function as an audio editor
  • Timeline works with multi-track and unlimited media files
  • No multi frame-rate editing

This is a popular non-linear PowerDirector free alternative. It is pretty easy to master and operates on open-source code. The software is favored by beginners, especially because of its armatures into more professional programs.

You can use dual monitors, work with a multi-track timeline and a clip list, customize the layout, all that in addition to the basic effects and transitions. The program is capable of editing most file formats used by camcorders and cameras.

4. iMovie

powerdirector free alternatives imovie USE IMOVIE FREE
  • Modern interface
  • Saves progress automatically
  • Green screen editing
  • Convenient footage trimming
  • Limited work with audio

A specialized alternative of PowerDirector for PC is this program for iOS. With its tools, you will be able to produce professional-looking footage with a studio logo and credit rolls. The creative side of this software allows users to either produce Hollywood-like trailers from scratch or do the same with the help built-in templates that can be filled and customized to look unique.

The interface is intuitive to use, the instruments allow working with 4K video; the results can be immediately played on Apple devices, projected on a screen, shared on any social media, or uploaded to video-sharing platforms straight away.

5. Shotcut

powerdirector free alternatives shotcut USE SHOTCUT FREE
  • A large selection of exporting formats
  • Chroma keying, filters, effects
  • Supports 4K resolution
  • 360 VR or 3D are not available

Another great alternative that doesn’t look very impressive from the first glance but as soon as you get to the tools, you forget about a clumsy UI. This open-source code program offers some of the paid tools of the CyberLink PowerDirector video editor and Adobe Premiere Elements. Above all, you can comfortably edit 4K videos in HD and work with other high definition resolutions. The list of readily-available effects reaches 40 items, the irreplaceable Chroma key among them.


Don’t forget that every video needs color grading! Use these 3 free LUTs to enhance your next video project.


nature free lut for videographers nature free lut for videographers

This LUT will give your videos with coastal, mountain landscapes and wildlife scenery a unique look.

Blue Matte

blue matte free lut for videographers blue matte free lut for videographers

Use this LUT to give your videos a matte look with a blue tint.

Cross Process

cross process free lut for videographers cross process free lut for videographers

This LUT is a quick way to achieve unique cross processing coloring in your projects. It’s a universal look, that is going to upgrade any photo.

Download PowerDirector Free

download powerdirector free Download Powerdirector Free for Win Download Powerdirector Free for Android

Download one of these versions of PowerDirector video editing software to start making professional color grading even on your smartphone without paying for the annual Adobe’s subscription or wasting much money on additional visual effects.

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